JCS Letter to all US Military

Hi Benjamin!

I was just wondering what you think about the recent JCS letter sent to all US Military personnel where they are saying that Biden will be their new Commander-in-Chief?

Signed by General Mark Milley the Chairman also. Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward seem to think that the JCS has betrayed Trump and will be removed with people waiting and ready to replace them whenever.

It’s strange how General Milley had refused to hand over the nuclear codes to Pelosi but then decides to go ahead with the other 7 Generals, signing this letter.

Do you think that Mark Milley and the JCS are with Trump or do you think that the swamp does indeed run this deep?

Many thanks for all your hard work during these crazy times!




My understanding is that Donald Trump is opposed by most of the world’s intelligence and military groups because he is standing in the way of “an improved system for running the planet.”

I am hearing that we are dealing with a group headquartered in Switzerland that is above the level of visible governments.  Its members planned this ongoing fake pandemic at least as far back as 2012.  Remember Donald Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner is a member of Chabad, a Jewish death cult that supports the 90% depopulation plan.

Biden, or his CG image, is totally unacceptable to the rank and file so there is always the possibility that a third party will become president.  However, the war is raging and we will not know for sure until the dust settles.

The bad actors are cornered rats fighting for their lives and must not be underestimated. We need to keep up the offensive.

There are sensitive things I cannot talk about but we have key names of people who need to be removed and are taking action.












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Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, I beat cancer with only a 30% chance of beating it. All my doctors thought I was a dead woman walking. My surgeon told me whatever you are doing keep on doing it. I had an entire program I came up with to help me. Believed right off the bat that they had a cure already but their not telling us. Jim Willie who lives in Coasta Rica emailed me to tell me soursop leaves or graviola leaves kill cancer and they have great sucess with it in Coasta Rica. Chop the leaves up real fine & make tea.… Read more »

Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, I am confused by your last news letter, please explain yourself. To me it isn’t logical. The edomite Jews believe in the Talmud a very wicked book that speaks of nothing but evil and that it is ok to hurt others in the most dispicable of ways. Then you say the 10 commandments and the God who originated them is bad. How can that be when the ten commandments are all about treating others right and against murder? I think you are being brain washed by these illuminati people who you meet with. Explain the gnostic illuminati. Aren’t they… Read more »

Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, I sure hope if some help is coming for the American people it happens very soon. I am hearing of all kinds of bad plans they are implementing and I hope if or when help arives that it won’t be to little to late.

Victor Fletcher

Ben:: You mistakenly state in Canada that people are not dismembered. However, my tabloid paper 1999-2017 suffered three arson attacks that saw my three staff EACh burnt out of their homes and my car blown up. Last year I lost an informant to murder. Twice, using the same red Mini with white white top that tried to ram me at high speed on the 404 expressway. And more. http://www.torontostnews.com The remote-controlled Mini incidents happened 2015.

Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, I like your news letter and have great respect for you as a smart talented man who helps others and your modest. You have many scum bags on this blog. Also some good people. But I don’t agree with your stupid little arrow system where all the psyco’s can comment and vote for or against others. I will never read or give any of my power away again to theses losers, my mistake. I also am a good person who saved many peoples lives and did all in my power to help others. I am proud of my trach… Read more »

Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, I have been trying to research Jeff Bezos but I know you are better at this than I am. Concerns-richest guy in the world along with Bill Gates is he another Satanist? I have heard he is. Do you think he is trying to install himself permanently as President? Also read that he is a hugh control freek according to at least one person who worked for him. I don’t trust him a very smart guy and a manipulator so what does he plan for us? Jeff was manipulating his family and situation as a kid. You don’t become… Read more »

Marilyn Grammatico

Any updates on Trump being President?

Marilyn Grammatico

things are sounding good but 2 concerns. 1st I really don’t want the standard of living in the US to drop 80% or none of this going to help us. Are things going toward a better solution? 2nd I am hearing about all kinds of bad fall out from dictator Biden and his executive orders. I am really confused about the whole thing. How are they even able to pull this off being a fake? When can the nightmare stop? 4th I really don’t have a clue how to fight them effectively anymore-my old ways no longer work. Don’t say… Read more »

Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, From where you sit which one of the senerio’s are we going towards of the 3 you mentioned? One other question. Why are you talking about the space force? I am more interested in getting our own planet where we all live back on course.

Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, Biden/Kamala were installed in the white house today. This is a big win for the Khazarian mafia and the Communist Chinese party. I don’t understand how we are winning? Maybe you guys are winning the battle and losing the war. If the USA goes down the whole world goes down with it. This is the plan so they can next install the NWO when everyone is so desperate they will agree to anything. They have tremendous power that is for sure. I don’t want you to blow your cover in any way but I hope to hear something good… Read more »

Mark Wall

Hi Ben, I find your take very interesting. I’m trying to figure out what is going on and between, Q, Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, Robert David Steel, and many others, it all seems great. You see to have a different take but still leaning good. Mike Adams just came out saying this is all a PsyOp and really Binden will get in and hand over the country to China. So any help in figuring out who has reliable info would be helpful. On a side note, can you provide any sources for your belief that Chabad is a “Death Cult,… Read more »

Elizabeth Roberts

Mark, if you heard Mike Adams put this out, you are correct, but it was an incomplete reading of the article. (1/14/21 @ Natural News)

He gives two scenarios, with the first being as you describe. If one reads on, the second scenario is the one agreed upon by Steele,Parkes, et al.

Richard Mullock

I’m thinking that Chabad could be part of the equation, but I think other elements are at work. I listen also to those same sources you have mentioned. The group that Dr. Charlie Ward associates with has a very optimistic view of coming events. And these people are those I like to gravitate towards. But I also listen to Mike Adams. He’s very interesting to listen to but his comments are somewhat “coloured” by his religious beliefs. I have no idea who or what his sources are, but it is my opinion that his views are somewhat narrow. As for… Read more »


Thank you Ben. Seems the article ranking only works for me when I touch it by accident. Computers and Technocracy are not my(maybe our) friend(s).

Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, I am now wondering if Donald Trump is supporting a Jared Kushner plan? This guy is evil and part of his family so sure hope he isn’t going for that? Jared has always been a big concern he is evil and sneaky. Not trying to ask questions that you really can’t answer, looking forward to your news letter. The suspence is great because what ever happens it will impact all of us and it is very concerning. Thanks for all your hard work.

Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, Thanks for the up date. I am going to waite and see what happens not in my control anyway so nothing else to be done. I have been worried that if Biden gets in fake or other wise that the military would support him thinking that it was legit and do they have a choice? Any leader who didn’t, couldn’t that come back on them personally other wise? It appears to me the only way they can defy them is all or none basis, but I really don’t know.


Personally I feel the letter from the JCS does not include the US Coastguard which indicates it is incomplete and unfinished as well as undated.


Yup the Swiss based Octagon Group full of Khazarian Mafia Ashkenazi,including Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles


better to incentivize private enterprise
than presume to systematize

Elizabeth Roberts

Agreed. Meritocracy rests on individual sovereignty and win-win scenarios.


If Trump is opposed by most of the world’s intelligence and military groups because he is standing in the way of “an improved system for running the planet” – – well, that’s status quo, right?

It’s a given the entrenched bureaucracies and fiefdoms oppose him, because his clarity, integrity and effectiveness make them look bad, and they have paychecks on the line.


Situation Update, Jan 14th, 2021 – An astonishing theory: FEMA and the US military will save America at its final hour – NaturalNews.com

“The US military says it will only follow lawful orders…”

Here’s hoping.
Thank you Ben.

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