US Election Outcome Jan. 20th and Beyond

Dear Ben,

After reading M’s letter, it appears that M, myself, and certainly many other of your subscribers are desperately seeking some specific clarity as to the next 6 days and the plan for  USA Inc.  While you responded about the breakup of the US.   I would have to guess that would be something that would take place after the next 6 days    ( yes? / No? )

You and many other sources are saying over and over that  ALL the evidence is in Trump’s hands and the nature of said evidence is solid and overwhelming.   So what’s the hold-up?  We are in our last 6 days? And I would think that if the evidence isn’t disseminated in some manner,  in masse in the next 2-3 days,  then “THE PEOPLE” will not have time to digest & firmly grasp where the new reality is heading.  It’s obvious that major media is censoring Trump at every turn to try and keep things under wraps.  So what’s next?

What are your sources telling you?  What are some specific things, occurrences, etc. that your subscribers could watch for so that we may get a better handle on what’s really about to go down?

Approaching good news – I read an article about the space program and a new energy source to help get the rockets, etc. to where they want to be and at the end of the article there was mention of this same new energy source being able to provide virtually free energy to the world!  Something you have brought up before.

Best Regards,



To be honest, I do not think anyone knows what is coming next with 100% certainty because it is literally DO or DIE for the Deep State Bad Actors in the closing stages of the revolutionary play.  That said we may see a lot of  “suicides” with no investigations in the coming weeks and months.

I say this because I am in daily touch with the CIA, FSB, Defense Intelligence Agency, MI6, P3 Freemason sources, etc. and they do not know what is going to happen with 100% certainty.  It may well be the Final Act for the Deep State Bad Actors who are ruthless and evil beyond imagination.

As a White Hat, we are instructed not to reveal sensitive information into the public spotlight too soon.  We are chosen as a negotiator and public face because we are not afraid to die for the just cause of bringing the truth to the world in whatever manner possible.

Please understand, secrecy is necessary to provide operational security in these final stages when any leak could alert the Deep State international swamp criminals to the venom that awaits them, with the massive sting operation that has been years in the planning.  The WDS has an ongoing operational exchange with Pentagon White Hat sources in order to provide security as well in Asia.

There are some indications the Deep State realizes that Trump is not just looking for reelection, he’s completing the work of JFK who got knifed in the back by Bush Sr. and the European Banksters, when he tried to end the CIA and Fiat-Debt-Based “Currency” Insta-Magic-Credit System. Let’s call it the FDBC- IMCS for short.

Perhaps Trump is just a frustrated patriotic businessman who was recruited to become President and complete the White Hat triangle of Constitutional power necessary to defeat the dark enemy of mankind and bring in a new age of awakening and freedom from financial slavery.

Catching the corrupt MSM and social media swamp creatures going way over the line into electioneering, with whatever fabrication necessary to demonize Trump and the Patriots, may prove to be a key element of the sting operation.  And now the net is tightening as the share prices of Twitter and Facebook plummet.  Print media and broadcast networks are also in line for a complete housecleaning.

The Deep State is making its last stand now that its members realize they’ve lost at the political game of chess.  The report on election interference by a foreign government is still due to be released.

Trump is cleverly taking back control of the Constitutional Republic and destroying the central banking system like Andrew Jackson.  He’s freeing the country from financial slavery, which, through the power of pubic awareness of a global audience, may eventually cause all the other BIS central banks to fall like dominoes around the world.

All half-a-dozen countries, including Canada, involved in the election fraud are being identified with power-outage special operations and curfews.

When all is said and done, as a Canadian who has traveled and lived throughout North and South America, I envision a unified region of cooperation through the exchange of goods and services for mutual benefit.

But still, the revolutionary play has time left to feature Pelosi’s closet being opened with the investigation announced Jan. 6th into her father, initiated by JFK.  It’s starting to look like Trump will follow what JFK tried to do and finish the job.

One scenario could have the internationally-coordinated Biden election fraud revealed before Jan. 20th, which under the EO of 2018 would make the election null and void and bring in an interim military government.  This patriotic military government, operating under the laws and rules of the Constitution, would finally have a chance to look at all the “MSM nonexistent” election fraud.  During an interim period, military tribunals will expose the right and left Deep State swamp criminals and a new political party emerges – Great America.

On March 1st, the investigation into the 2020 election fraud is concluded and the actual results are certified.  On March 4th, Trump is inaugurated as the first president of the United States of America Republic.  It’s really a shame, but due to the China Virus the U.S. Corporation and the Federal Reserve Bank both declare bankruptcy.

Another scenario might feature a 70% purge of the Deep State Actors in the Senate and House, facilitating November 3rd, 2021, Senate and House elections using paper ballots.  The shocking revelations of the Cabal’s U.S. political and global crime syndicate spawn a worldwide phenomenon of awakening.  This is the result of weeks of military tribunal evidence shown worldwide over the Emergency Broadcast System and all nationalized media found guilty of electioneering on behalf of a foreign power in a federal election, in violation of the 2018 EO.

It’s now public that Pelosi’s laptop data got retrieved during the staged event on Jan. 6th.  And I suspect it’s no coincidence that Trump delayed his speech by one hour to make sure it would be distinguishable that his supporters were still listening at the rally, at the same time Antifa stormed the Capital.  The sting has collected evidence of bused-in, with DC police escort, antagonists dressed up in Trump supporter gear with Confederate flags.  Credits perhaps to Soros Jr. who has a budget for good Insurrection-OP scriptwriters.

It now appears the Trump Sting operation is in the closing stages.  If successful, it may hold the promise of a historic transformation into the next evolution of the planet, with a financial system that doesn’t burden workers with unnecessary interest on a nation’s money supply, created as virtual-world, credit debt “money of account,” to be repaid with real-world goods and services “money of exchange”  and additional compound interest.  For anyone not familiar with the power of compound interest as a financial weapon, please Google it at your own risk.

Having said all that, based on everything I am hearing we are dealing with a group that is above the level of visible governments and headquartered in Switzerland.  They planned this ongoing COVID-19 campaign at least as far back as 2012 in order to reduce the world’s population by 90% and enslave the rest.

The problem is that they have control over most of the visible leaders on Earth through a combination of bribery, brainwash, and blackmail. This means we need to remove the heads of state for most of the G7 countries in order to deal with this. My understanding is that this process is underway but the problem is so many people have been conditioned into following orders that we need to let the current system collapse further before it will be possible to reboot it.

Joe Biden was rarely seen in public during the entire so-called election campaign, and it’s uncertain if he even exists mentally or physically anymore.  Has anyone seen him recently taking a group photo with the Joint Chiefs?  Realistically, there is no way they could ever accept him knowing he is a traitor to his country multiple times over, even before the 2020 election fraud.  It’s truly amazing the depths that the Deep State will sink to, to make sure Biden gets presidential immunity from prosecution and the big hairy plug remains in the bottom of the swamp.

My understanding is that the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and associates, made a deal with China “to elect Biden,” and then remove him after a short interval and put Kamala Harris in power.  They must have felt they had to do this or watch their USA Corporation go bankrupt.

In any case, the battle is raging.  There is a lot of stuff I cannot talk about but we have specific actionable intelligence that could end the COVID campaign.

To summarize there will be chaos and systems collapse over the coming months in the West, and only then will something better emerge.


p.s. Since “Nothing Can Stop the Storm” I would point out that this Memorandum signed by the Joint Chiefs doesn’t appear to be dated, making it technically incomplete at some intermediate stage of certification, and may become known as “The Trump Card” for posterity when the storm hits.  Make your enemy think you are at your weakest when you are at your strongest in the Art of War.



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Joseph Still

All I do know, The One Infinite Creator, the oldest Soul, is not “dead”, nor in “Heaven”, he’s flesh and blood, and he too, is just as angry, if not beyond angry, with what’s happening in EDEN. The Laws of Life and Death, are constantly being violated and denied, as is The One Infinite Creator’s existence. This world/paradigm is built upon deceiving the everyday citizen, yet, the idiots “in charge”, think they’ve been given “consent”. How?? The Truth to Creation and Our Souls aren’t taught openly, in public, so “informed consent”, does not exist. Even the “clergy” is guilty of… Read more »


During the past 4 days, I’ve had two people call me, one a family member and one a friend. They have been following everything and they can’t believe what’s been going one. They have had a break through and are suddenly aware of how bad things are. Let’s hope everyone has the same situation. Remember the commercials from the 70’s, you tell two friends and they tell two friends, and so on and so on…..


Not sure what is going on with Gab for me. It seems like it is hit or miss. I understand it seems to be getting overwhelmed. If I try to post a comment, anything I do takes forever, it is so you cannot even type a single word. Not sure what is going on, but I doubt others are having this issue. Is this another form of censorship being hoisted? I hope not.

Richard Mullock

I too have noticed problems with Gab. So I’m sure that this is a systemic situation affecting probably every subscriber’s attempt at posting comments, let alone reading any. RM


VT being backed up by “journalists” at CNN – seems legit (NOT)

Tubbs Ventura

I posted to show what they are saying. That Duff guy really dislikes Trump.


Duff guy traitor


This is satire, however I did get a good laugh out of it.

Melody Pokorny

Total MSM BS!


A followup to my last reply. Mike Lindell does have a very interesting tweet regarding the issue of voter fraud evidence.


If you ever listened to Duff, he goes round and round in circles trying to promote his firearms and whatever point he wants to make. Never really discloses much of anything worthwhile listening to. Again, my opinion, take it or leave it.

Richard Mullock

Alegadly?? I think you mean allegedly. And it is that! Speculation abounds both pro and con. But President Trump has all his “ducks in a row”. He is in control and what he has planned will come about to the detriment of the corrupt politicians on the left and the right. The deep state and the globalist cabal will crumble and fall apart. Just watch! RM

kovanesian cristian

Green Zone’ in the heart of DC: Secret Service sets up lockdown perimeter days out from Biden’s inauguration as 20,000 National Guard troops mobilize, razor wire is installed and the National Mall is shut down to fortify Washington

Last edited 6 months ago by kovanesian cristian

Things that make you go hmm….

kovanesian cristian


clint koevort

what storm mr president
“you will see”

John Shepherd

Sir, Could you possibly enlighten us in the U.K. what to expect broadly, and any timeliness
We are, and always have been led by muppets, furthering their own pockets, but is the final outcome an opportunity to strip away all the ‘british’ laws, and let us use our common law constitution and our bill of rights 1688 that remains standing fro before we were corrupted.
Many thanks for you insights, light in the darkness.


not sure he can do what you ask. But Queeniepoos vacating Buck Palace indicates the transfer of power has been underway for some time. The optics of it all must be right so my guess is weeks after it all comes out in the States. There is probably some ET and AI involvement and this will have to be preceded by masses of authoritative disclosure. It would probably mean the complete reformation of the media and political system to start with and then the educational and financial system and then just about everything else. My guess is it may take… Read more »


I was hoping Ben would give us a little extra this week. Thank you Ben!


Cant wait to see Boris Johnson removed. He has trashed our country along with Handcock,Whitty, Vallance, and Fergason

Marilyn Grammatico

It sounds like good news. I am going to trust that it will be ok. The way it appears now with the deep state players and all their bad plans for us it has been deeply disturbing to say the least. Not easy to trust with all they have put us through, but I am assuming Ben will inform us as much as he can as things progress.


This is a bad idea to ‘wait for systems to collapse’. “Order out of chaos” is an evil plan, of which I’ve never seen anything good come out. We must prevent the systems collapse & houseclean them before they go out of control. Even if they require doing some extra-judicial killings or extra-constitutional activities, they’re totally worth it. The constitution has been perverted in order to attack the USA this time, & the criminals must be held accountable. Our court systems have been bought off, so military tribunals are a must. Military must do whatever has to be done in… Read more »

Last edited 6 months ago by vijeetgv

What you describe is the collapsing of the old system. Housecleaning is not sufficient; the underlying FDBC- IMCS system is corrupt and must be replaced. It is like razing a building before raising a new one in its place.


Exactly, in fact you don’t just raze the building, you completely destroy and remove the FOUNDATION as well before building anything new in its place


Thank you Ben thats almost the exact scenario I have taken on board, except there wont be a fresh election initially (as Trump will soon be proven to have 80% approx of the vote) but Trump will be interim presdent of the Rebumblic alongsde a temporary military government while all is revealed to the world with Video confessions documentaries EBS etc. Later there will be elections with a new secure voting system for non-politician types who have the peoples interests at heart so no more political parties !

Elizabeth Roberts

Much historical precedent in times of turmoil. A gap, wherein things are sorted out, w. no official sovereign or head of State.


The one thing that is a constant in politics is that money is the root of all evil. An energy source that does not pollute or even deplete resources like Tesla described, who could be against something like that ? The usual bunch of rich polluters, enslavers and misery profiteers= a hidden agenda of an- INTERNATIONAL CABAL OF BANKS. Imagine no electric bill ever= Tesla did ! George Westinghouse corrected that mistake and George Bush Sr. took all his papers and gave them to the CIA (OSS then). Others say it was not him but Otto S working for Adolph.… Read more »

Last edited 6 months ago by rays
Joseph Still

Tesla “died” right? Does death even exist? Think. Body expires, but the Soul lives on. The modern “religious” leaders, are not Spiritual Leaders, they are simply individuals that lie, cheat, steal. Energy, does have an infinite source, my Soul. Yes, I know how it sounds, but it is the Truth. With Infinite Energy, you can manifest infinite Matter. Sadly, this “society” and its “sciences” and “medicines”, even the political parties, businesses, governments, All make the empty claim that they are “men of God” or “women of God”, yet there is no faith in the immune System, only faith in flawed… Read more »

Last edited 6 months ago by Joseph Still
Elizabeth Roberts

As well, who indeed could be opposed to a system of health which utilizes quantum healing/regeneration technology, utilizing the body’s own original cellular templates? Think Tesla/plasmic energy/so-called “medbeds.

Answer: Why, none other than the pill-pusher/sawbones/radiation poisoning Western medical system! (Follow the $$$$$$$.)

Last edited 6 months ago by robzombie

What you have been able to reveal is much appreciated, Ben. Thanks!


God Bless you Ben and all Cafe members, its GO TIME