Benjamin Fulford – Robert David Steele

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Marilyn Grammatico

If Trump really loves the American people he will do all in his power to put us 1st. Anything else would be very selfish.

Marilyn Grammatico

Jared Kushner is an evil jerk period no if and or but about it. I understand that Trump won the election and I have supported him all along but… I can not support Trump if it is going to cause extra great suffering on the American people. Trump has to agree to good things or I don’t want him. He needs to come clean with the truth and if he will play ball great.


So Jared Kushner born into the satanic family is BAD but satanic pedophiles born into satanic pedophilia different story, and lets save them, got it

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Yitzi Tuch

Hi. Sorry I’m sending this not related
But chabad Is not a death cult.
It has only done endless good for humanity.
The last rabbi who died in 94 was a saint
Only building and shining life force to the whole world.
If some arrogant rabbis have degraded t nations of t world.
Shame on them. They are the real degradation.
The real Jewish nation are being experimented on in Israel full force

If you want info on how chabad are pro life for all humanity I can send tons


I know and totally endorse what you are saying

Fawke N BullShout

What was that only have 2 or 3 choices, fawke off, bet i can find 10-12 potential choices to every 1 choice you come up with. Also CIA never retire, do they? Why didn’t he deal with this shit when he was there for ? Years, same Q Trump asked of the DemonCrats. Just says, all just ice ignore the bs go back to living, fight honest zero blood fight. Do not like word bloodless aka bloodlust. Opposite words same sounds. Why do they hate fawke off so much? It means something to them. Pisses them off. Fake off. To… Read more »


Agree once CIA always CIA. His rhetoric is drab and nothing new. No new ideas etc. There are many potentialities to the World problems and United States problems. We the People of the globe need to work on this.

I thought I would post this info, as it sounds very important…


Elisabeth II is leader black vampire dracos. All is in light when everybody knows what happen in dungeos of buckiham. Tyranny came in Tyre about 4000ekr this time line and from unholy6. Rotschild and ALL king familyes are archonic puppets. Archon= in old greek means KING. Any draco family is not trusted before all those archonic corrupt is in up in light and love Creator.

Fawke N BullShout

RDS sounds like salesman, CIA NASA POLITICAL sickness. They all have it. Beware suits salesman with gifts and big smiles and oodles of compliments. That’s RDS first minute. He is what he is, bought. Just my perspective of government sales people.

Fawke N BullShout

Take their money far away, stop letting them use your savings. Move savings to company’s familiar to you, in community that you purchase from buy investments like raw materials mining cryptos gold silver. And for goodness sakes get out of any and all international bond funds, why, suspect who they finance with negative returns continuously. Call them leakers, causing investment to require additional 2+% over their fees to be profitable. They steal every angle. Move the money do take away the money and move to good corporations, stay away from all NASDAQ that’s dying setting up for whole new system.… Read more »

Fawke N BullShout

So we got charter rights and freedoms being shit on too. W.e.

Fawke N BullShout

RDS aka CIA OP. Good to hear his perspective, but never trust,, not one word, will lead to nothing good.

Marilyn Costello

The original Constitution was developed for a “Great Law Of Peace,” coming directly from a divine source, the Creator God Almighty. It has been compromised for money and power and changed into a corporation. This Constitution is so important that most countries across the world have adopted it to govern. The cannibalistic and war monger people called the Iroquois Nations came together after they united to overcome war, wickedness and sorcery as they threw their hatchets or buried them under the Great White Pine Tree of Peace. If the cabals of the world can come together to form one mind,… Read more »


I wanted to reach through the screen and punch Robert David Steele in the face and tell him to shut up! He cut Benjamin off every time he started talking and he could never finish any of his sentences.


As usual, BF almost appears “naïve”! For a while he was pro-Trump, and now his “Asian secret societies” and what he calls the “P3 Freemasons” have reminded him what he was put there for, right? In other words, he is swimming in and out of the stream, according to what best suits him! The only subject he hasn’t changed his mind about is, the need for this world to improve, to “stop environmental destruction, stop poverty etc…” and for this the need of a “world planning agency”. So, the other “Power faction” wants a “world federation”?…I don’t know how THEY… Read more »


thanks. you saved me a lot of keystrokes.

I agree with the proposal BF proposes regarding cleaning up world environment and helping the common man/woman, but not the idea to unify some 12 countries (Canada/US, Central Am through Argentina).

Seems like we should stop the globalists/NWO cabal so we can voluntarily disintegrate country and cultural borders to form a new hemispheric order.


The Fact that The First (4) Years Was Spent Largely On the Military Removal of Cabal, Deep State and CIA&FBI Bases… Many Being Full D.U.M.B.S. (Deep Underground Military Bases, had better not get lost in this talk…


I’d gladly work for the people with common sense and transparity. Where do I sign up! 😉

Elizabeth Roberts

WOW! Smoke coming off my chromebook!! “Bottom up or top down”…?
Any way to do some of both?? Roundtables; consensus rule; sovereignty of person…
(Actually the true meaning of “an-archy”- without an archon, or ruler.)

Posted 1-17-21 if anyone is like Ben in the video asking WTF (I get it) WE ALL WANT ANSWERS. So please copy the link and read. Action supposed to be taken in 48 hours. JUST SAYING.


You keep saying “our economy” needs to decline. The economy of the people of the United States does not need to decline, what needs to decline is the economy and living standards of the monopoly owners and the politicians! Let me reiterate this for you in kinder terms…these politicians and these monopoly owners including their family members, need to be the homeless, plus they need to be stripped of any future advancements no matter how diligent they may be. On truth and reconciliation: it could work in some cases where they do the cotton picking and land plowing. They shouldn’t… Read more »


The American people owe nothing to China or nobody! US Republic needs to take all these politicians and monopoly companies and take all their wealth including their families entire wealth and rebuild USA and everywhere thats been destroyed by them evils. All evil people need to be terminated, door knobbed, hung, suicided, fire squadded, idk eliminated or whatever you want to call it. China needs to recompense for all the stolen intellectual property they have stolen, move the hell out of our country, stop being greedy to the point to where they slave people to build crap, literally crap. “Well… Read more »

Marilyn Grammatico

I think that because he was elected president and because he fought hard and took out the deep state, put up a wall to protect our country, rescued thousands of trafficed children, Donald Trump should have an opportunity to be President. I don’t have all the answers, but he likes to negotiate deals why not give him that opportunity to do so? Our monetary system has to be fixed because this is what got us into this mess in the 1st place. I don’t like sending our soldjers to fight all the wars for other countries and this has been… Read more »

Marilyn Grammatico

If our standard of living went down 80% that would be devistating. If you had $2000 a month to live on you now have $400 a month to live on. $4000 a month becomes $800 a month. My husband was friends with a physical therapist from India. It was so crouded where his parents lived in India that he slept on the balcony because there was no room. He also slept inside his closet because he was more comfortable being in a small enclosed space. Some may not believe what I am saying that is up to you but we… Read more »


Entropic Function of Universe Versus Extropic Function of Universe… Our Present Society operates in an “ENTROPY ALLOWED ONLY” Modality. It’s not simply the Spiritual /Religious concept of polarized Evil. A Human Soul is a Multi-Dimensional Being… Completely beyond the simple Linear construct of Bi-Polar linear Good and Evil… Once Humanity can See extropic Functionality as well as Entropic Functionality, then the Generative Nature of the Universe can be perceived. At Present Neither Religion or Academia Allow for Conscious Expression of Extropic Function of Universe… That is likely the very issue that has locked the Secular segment of society into perceiving… Read more »


Yes, entropy is happening. This is another simple sign the end has come. Everything has a beginning and everything has, thank the divine, an end. Take it or leave it. This experiment is a huge “failure”. All one has to do is see the pedophilia, “dog eat dog”, cannibalism, all the toxins everywhere, war, war, war, greed, materialism, hiding the truth at any cost and on and on ad nauseum. This Universe is a sty. This Universe will never be allowed outside of Itself. It was Created by Malevolence. Any beauty is coupled with traps or is being drained. This… Read more »


Anyone or anything exposing the filth or stopping the filth is fighting an uphill battle. In a real divine place the opposite is true. This makes it obvious who is running things. Nothing works for the betterment of all. It is not surprising people are atheists given how this Universe is run by Evil, which constantly paints itself as good. Lipstick on a pig, just look up how they are trying to paint Ambromovic and others now. Hiding the filth under the carpets. Hollywood and their cannibalism, as if they are so benevolent. Lies, upon Lies, upon Lies. It is… Read more »

Tubbs Ventura

General Flynn, in his own words: Trump will make it happen.


thank you for clarifying the more realistic number on missing kids.


what about the Perbright Institute??? what about the Pilgrim Society??? the brits are dangerous.


Ben and everyone, Very good interview with RDS. He can be very demanding and you attempted to show him how it feels a couple of times. He wiggled out of the holds, but nice attempt. As always take or leave my belifs. The world is being pushed to Technocracy and I want nothing to do with it. I continue to hang onto my gnostic beliefs and wait for all Evil to be exposed. In my beliefs over 71% is Evil. Only a small minority are left worth saving and this will happen. There is no answer for the physical because… Read more »


Entropic Function of Universe Versus Extropic Function of Universe… Our Present Society operates in an “ENTROPY ALLOWED ONLY” Modality. It’s not simply the Spiritual /Religious concept of polarized Evil. A Human Soul is a Multi-Dimensional Being… Completely beyond the simple Linear construct of Bi-Polar linear Good and Evil… Once Humanity can See extropic Functionality as well as Entropic Functionality, then the Generative Nature of the Universe can be perceived. At Present Neither Religion or Academia Allow for Conscious Expression of Extropic Function of Universe… That is likely the very issue that has locked the Secular segment of society into perceiving… Read more »

Tubbs Ventura

Mitch the bitch. This explains his current stance. How many took money from these frauds?

Mitch McConnell Received Donations from Voting Machine Lobbyists

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I’m not convinced Biden is CGI, when he’s walking in circles in a mental stupor… that’s the sad state of his mind.

David Webster

Biden is a clone the real one was executed is the rumor abound.. Look closely and compare to a year or two ago. NOT the same man at all!


the aged mentality act is an easy cover for a CGI bot that might not be perfect….


I wasn’t tired of his bed and curtains, lol. I like how genuine he is. Come on Robert, dont be so pretentious.


We are on the very cusp of the change. RDS and Ben are not factoring in the US Military into their analysis (or maybe that’s what they can’t discuss right now). Space Force is in place…..and where is there a large stationing of troops? I think Ben’s various sources don’t see what is about to happen or they dont want to say. Trump built up the military for a reason and these outside people (overseas etc. with non military background) don’t see how things are in the US on the ground level.The people want their Constitution. The people want our… Read more »


Very well said!


The rest of the world doesn’t want Trump now? I don’t believe it.

Now Ben seems to be anti-Trump. wtf.

Stopped viewing at 6:50…Moving on.

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Still sounds like one world bs. Who cares if the rest of the world doesn’t want the President Trump, he is who the people of the United States want. He is going to get We the People in some form back. Not buying that the Queen is not part of this plot. They rely heavy on what the taxpayers pay in. Just like the Worthless Congress & Senate use for their get rich plan. Ben, the reason the president did not accomplish all he wanted is: His Traitor, Treasonous, cabinet did not back him. Who gives a rats if his… Read more »

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My internet friend from England loves Trump.


I quit watching also. More anti-Trump crap I choose not to listen to. And what about the Nesara/Gesara that is rolling out? It is for the entire world, not just America. The earth will be healed. Period.


Yeap! Unfortunately, even BF can’t be 100% honest with his “info”, because he is (in unknown ways to us…) under “control”! That’s why he is not allowed to criticize the Queen(at this point probably a clone of hers…) nor, say too many bad things about China! (unless they are irrelevant stuff to his “Asian secret societies” pals…) who…In any case, don’t particularly like the CCP anyway!


Hi Ben.
Do you remember about 6-8weeks ago I posted a vidio from Utube about “Swissie” The Octagon Group?
After that I noticed you started talking about this group. Clearly it is the Nazi 4th Reich in disguise, based in Switzerland and populated by Kazarian Mafia such as the Zionist Ashkenazi Klaus Schwab, DAVOS Cabal, and supported by Prince Charles, another Khazarian in disguise.


The GOP is DOA now. The RINOs tried to kill Trump and his politics and Mitch the bitch set fire to his own party by not backing Trump all the way. As of now I will be a third party vote waster again . GOP has gone back under deep state control and we no longer have a voice. We know the Vatican has more money than God and I don’t think God wants that at all ! God is love not cash ! Cash only buys one type of ‘love’ as Hunter Biden has demonstrated online ! Ben, your… Read more »

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RDS= darn that short edit time !
Even RDS don’t want to be president, who really wants a target on their back like Trump has had for four years !

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