Benjamin Fulford – America 2.0


Link to banned Japanese YouTube video

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Ben, I did not enjoy this interview. I do not care for Mr. Adams and his dislike for President Trump.The only person who can pull the United States together is President Donald J. Trump.Love Mike Flynn, but Americans won’t follow him with the same zest and love they have for President Trump.As for the US combining with Canada–I don’t think Canadians will go for that.As for cleaning out Israel,I have no doubt that will happen under President Trump.As always, I appreciate your sacrifice and hard investagative reporting to bring us the news.The best is yet to come.Stay safe.


Do want to thank you for weekly input! I have been following since your Icon was a white hat on the right side of page. Sort of looked like a Dick Tracy caricature. Cannot remember but believe there was white hat/black hat?
Thank you for adding to my ongoing need to know!

Thomas Laiche

Hey Ben. I agree with most of what you say, but when you cut to the chase, doesn’t it come down to which is the least bad group of criminals! Trump is getting rid of some of the human traffickers, but he is putting us in bed with people who are just a different kind of very very bad…

Also, the asians don’t really own all that gold that they claim is generational, and thus theirs. If you follow that gold back a few thousand years it all belonged to a different group of slave drivers.


Can you name a couple of these “very very bad” people, I’m curious – I know the satanist hated him and so did all of media and big tech and he’s not actually in any position of power at the moment. As far as human-trafficking- it was more like eliminating entire strongholds of caged children to be raped tortured and even the sacrifice of little ones including babies to harvest adrenochrome or organs from places like planned parenthood to underground facilities

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At this point I’m so discouraged I hope the solar flash really happens!

Marilyn Grammatico

Don’t like Kushner wicked man. Don’t like Ivanka anything for money. Trump a mixed bag but anything is better than what we have. He did some good but no real other choice given. The wall, rescued kids & sex slaves . Did some bad things too-vaccines, Israel 1st, kushner. Hate how they treated him no one deserves that. psychopaths/sociopaths.

Francis Morey

Ben, you are from Canada, do you know why it is that bad in Quebec? The people here are being treated like sheep. We have been under a curfew for almost two months now, worst place to be in North America. What the hell is going on?


“The reason the people” like Trump, is the hope for change. Our school systems do not teach children the truth, only bs brainwashing, the media is full of self gratifying liars, law & order is a thing of the past, racism is used by politicians for nefarious means. Borders need protection until laws are put in place & enforced. Tired of being told the US owes money, what happened to all money we sent to rebuild after the wars? Wars we did not start, get the money back our stolen taxes paid the Queen of England. Apparently we lost the… Read more »

Marilyn Grammatico

We think we get our 1st job after high school or as a teenager-not true. Our 1st job is when we are 6 years old in the 1st grade. we spend long hours there, eat lunch there, have our peers there. Then we are evaluated on how well we obey them, are punshed if we don’t obey them, have to keep our mouths shut and are fired if we don’t do it right; you know their reeducation camp-repeat the last grade. No wonder we don’t think for ourselves after years of brain washing. I believe in home schooling!.


I do think for myself, have for the past several decades, my Mother was only person I feared growing up. Was a rebel then, still am. Being 81 & they say useless eater, I say the useless eaters on the planet are the useless rich echelons who can barely think, let alone work.
Went to a country school then small rural school until, I graduated. We pledged allegiance to the Flag every morning before lessons started.. Agree with you on home school today.


Also never knew the word racist until I was in mid twenties. The only thing I heard growing up was & I quote, If you’re too lazy too work, pretty.much according to Mom you were just trash & deserved nothing.


Wow Marilyn !!! You certainly put it in it’s exact Niche… Let’s not forget the endless Toxic Drugs administered because Students fidget aft endless hours of low grade clerical work under lighting systems that damage the brains direct chemical producing capacities… For College, Hire an enthusiastic Retired Professional, in Math, English, several foreign languages, and what ever major / majors you want to pursue… Then Stock a small rented warehouse building as a Classroom / Laboratory… You will spend 1/4 of your college fee’s, learn 5 times as much, Have fun doing it, Have a Real Social Life, and time… Read more »

Michael Forte

Thank you Ben, great stuff as usual. There are so many moving parts. I feel like so much of what’s troubling the American citizens comes down to who really is in charge of the U.S. right now? From watching the video it’s still hard to understand who is currently in charge of America.. It’s also very hard to understand who may or may not take control( meaning will we see a change in control)? And if so who/what will they be? Trump Flynn – or the actors who are currently in place? Personally I think Pompeo would work well. After… Read more »

Tubbs Ventura

If Biden really is a computer graphic, it’s impossible for this not to leak. The greatest fraud in U.S. history along with 9/11. At least one of these alleged computer graphic characters has to be exposed, if true, that would lead to an investigation of the other alleged cg which would lead to a Biden investigation. But, I doubt this is fact.

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If its true, it will stand. There are a lot of good CGI people out there that will catch the errors if its fake.
I agree on 9/11 as well, Bldg 7’s collapse via fire only is not one that any structural engineer can straight-face explain !


Acc. to such a Theory CNN Teleprompter reading Pundits would all feel a mandatory duty to their nation and Scream out, “Soros Made Us Say This !!!” If Ben has anything Down Pat, it’s his experience with who owns all the Media, and sorry, but it’s not a Free Press anymore… Maybe for 30 years now it has been essentially non-existent… I believe when the first Solar Flashes happen, that there will be many changes in the Pundits, because they will all become UN-Enslavable at that point…They will be fired and replaced on a daily basis, and finally only CGI… Read more »

Tubbs Ventura

Interesting take.


17:51 “Everybody understands that we are in a very dire straight, the future looks grim no matter how you look at it” – I’d have to disagree, It’ too bad he thinks this way, I prefer – The Best Is Yet To Come, I wish you had intervened Ben, it looked like you were about to – thank you for the update and as always I appreciate the risks you take to get this info out and i pray for your safety


If there are dark forces that feed off of off our negative energy that we generate as many (myself included) feel, those forces do well when we just flat give up. Its soul sucking if you lose faith and hope. Its when we refuse to give in , the stuff people call miracles truly happens . Sometimes in our day to day matters , mind over money is what matters most yet money is subjective. Money worries can be soul sucking , freedom from worry is true freedom. I agree with you, think positive and pray for help and guidance… Read more »

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You Bet Arugala ! I keep Focusing on Forming Light Field Dipoles around the Planet as an Aegis of Light and Love… The Draco and the Negatives can not continue here… Then we will Mass Manufacture Light Bearing Elements in mass via Torsion Field Technology, and Infuse them into the Conscious Gaia Mother, Until She Achieves Full Super Consciousness… Super foods and Sun Gazing will replace Weaponize dross… Next will come all the other planets, and moons… All will become part of a 5D Superconscious Morphic Resonance Macro Consciousness, and then we can start doing the same for the Sun… Read more »

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making the world better!!!! with revenge. 🙂


i mean, you know, in a good way sort of thing….

Matthew McQueen

Samvartica is right around the corner so don’t sweat the little stuff. Love anyone and everyone you can and trust Management (higher power) for the rest is my way. I can truly say in this divine moment I am happy.