Fukushima 10 Years After

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Today is the 10th anniversary of some extraordinary secret communications I had with an American top secret black operative agent who was stationed, and left to die inside Fukushima Reactor Unit 1. Why the hell he was put there just ahead of the event no one will ever know, but it has everything to do with the larger conspiracy. A few days later I was notified that he had died. He did communicate he had a terminal dose of radiation exposure, and that radioactivity levels were off the charts and so much worse than being reported in the media.

Leland Roth

https://youtu.be/FhkwVInXrc4 Chernobyl today 30 minutes long🎶 ‘ “Personally, it is my conviction that all sentient  beings are immortal spiritual beings. This includes human beings. For the sake of accuracy and simplicity I will use a made-up word: “IS-BE”. Because the primary nature of an immortal being is that they live in a timeless state of “is”, and the only reason for their existence is that they decide to “be”. No matter how lowly their station in a society, every IS-BE deserves the respect and treatment that I myself would like to receive from others. Each person on Earth continues to… Read more »


10 years is a long time. the people involved have been known for a long time including Netanyahu and others so why is it taking SOOOO long? also years ago I remember that there was a I million dollar bounty put on the heads of many of these unsavoury people and nothing heard about any body claiming the bounties. a lot of talk but no results it seems


Absolutely Imperative ! Thank you Ben for Calling Out the Inaction Agenda Group… I would like to mention that Americans in General Love the Japanese People ! From their Culture to Their Astounding Ethical Resolve and Moral Backbone… As for America the White Hats here calling for Patriots to Stand Down are Going to have to Explain the Coming mRNA Auto-Genocide… Already those who die from this Bio-weapons attack comprise the Numbers for a Categorically Substantial Genocide… That is just the ones who have the first injection… Frankly the Complete lack of Even One Main Stream Media Group having been… Read more »

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Anyone have a subscription to Ancestry.com and can look into this? I’ve seen memes claiming Bill and Melinda Gates died back in 2013, if someone with a subscription can confirm this that would be awesome. Thanks.


I have a subscription and have looked into these ridiculous claims. Someone with a subscription published a family tree of the Gates family in 2013, and thus published the dates of everyone living to that current present time. I have looked at this tree directly in Ancestry, and nothing is implied that anyone died in 2013, but simply that they were all living in 2013. So I would advise everyone running on this meme, to get real and not look ridiculous.


If you can get a screenshot for me, I can make it a meme.


What you recon on this interview?
Is it really possible that gavi and gates has got Immunity for any crime and thats why he get away with things he is doing and saying ie. Cover the sun bs?

I cant believe is so hard to make people disappear?


Bernadette Cameron

Benjamin, what about the Christchurch earthquake, it was February of the same year?

Stuart Clark

Thanks Benjamin … agreed it’s time for the curtain to come down on the controllers.. good work .. even my mother who’s 85 asked to hear about your reports .. people have had enough .. Godspeed the new age & a more benevolent leadership for humanity & this precious world …

Nick Brewer

Thank you Ben. It is truly enheartening to hear your words. I would be pleased to help if I can.


The Isrielly Company must have charges and made certain that there were redundant paths of certainty for the complete failure of backup systems…. Even Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania, U.S. was again completely Fabricated… The Case there was the stoppage of a safe and productive nuclear system. Ben, if you wish I will discuss in detail… Sadly Robert David Steel is Telling All patriots to Stand down in the U.S., and without a united front All the GMO and Pedophile Tyrants will exterminate 90% of the populace here in no time at all… 3-6 Months is no time at all…… Read more »


In earlier reports Ben concerns of sabatoge were directed at a U.S. owned monster of a mega company , namely The Bechtel Corporation. My brother worked on their dead end construction of 5 Nuclear power plants near the old Hanford works area north of Tri-cities , Washington ( Richland , Kennewick,& Pasco) Not a kilowatt from any of them as they ran out of funding.. That was 1979. The next Bechtel boon-doggle he worked on was the construction of vast underground facilities for the Denver , Colorado Airport. Most of the areas he worked on were never officially used once… Read more »


Funding shift from the Fraud Nuclear Plants into the Colorado D.U.M.B. Access Airport for the Khazarian Pedophiles… Also the Nuclear Plants were always able to act as simple Seeding facilities… NASA uses this method as well… Embed High level Radioactive material in a Transformer Core, and pass a minute RF / AC electrical signal through it… The Radiation immensely magnifies the Voltage of the RF / AC… The end result a Generator… So the Reactors only ever needed to run for a short time to induce radiactive breakdown in the Uranium that is embedded in the transformer core… The Nations… Read more »

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Aimee Curry

Hanford used to operate under my step dad’s professional licenses. His name is Charles N. Jackson. He worked for BECHTEL. He was test and qualify they nuclear engineers.


Ben, my father was a Nuclear Engineer and Mathematician at Westinghouse Inc for 30 Years… We discussed Nuclear Reactor and power plant design all the time. Ben, No Engineer willingly put the Backup Generators for Fukushima at Ground Level in a Known Tsunami Zone. Which Directly Means the Plan was in place at least when the Reactor was Built… The Isrielly Company that came in just before the Nuclear Generated Tsunami.


Someone like your Dad should have been an advisor to the engineers that put the Indian Point, N.Y. nuclear power plant @ the intersection of two major fault lines, i.e. the Hudson River and the Taconic Mountains both have major fault lines make a giant X and Indian Point on the Hudson river just north of New York City is exactly on the X !

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He and Dr. Muzumdar Designed the 1960’s U.S. Electrical grid using Geometric Code on Linear Computers…. IBM Model 360’s using FORTRAN… He continually stated that the designs of our nations reactors were being utterly compromised… The Westinghouse designs generally had no design flaws, and were specifically made to shutdown as a dead-mans switch function…. No operators, No Electric power to controls etc… Then Reactors would shutdown using completely safe methods… Any reactor or generator that requires active control actions to be done when a catastrophic failure was eminent were and are in his and my opinion Designed for a weaponized… Read more »


IBM took over the area I grew up in and as and as an honors student I had a few friends that were the sons and daughters of those who designed the computer chips for our ICBM’s in the 1960’s Were any of the parents of my classmates former NAZI’s? Oh hell yeah= I partied with them and met a lot of ” Ex” Nazis when I met their Dads. Some had surnames the same as major German Industries like Schlumberger for example. (another clue as to who runs the show here as well) I had a hard time getting… Read more »

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After reading up on Dr. William Tompkins discussion of the M.I.C. S.S.P., as well as Dr. David Adair’s discussion on his A-51 work on first strike I.C.B.M’s I would say that the paperclip German’s Children were getting specialty tutoring and also they were intentionally infected with nano-A.I. that was augmenting their acumen in all subjects… Esp. after the 1952 DC Flyover and Surrender… I was approached by a probable Paperclip agent… a Sly old Elder German, while in the U.S.A.F. and I had started reasoning with my C.O., that we should be converting over to Extropic Forms of Energy, such… Read more »


I noticed that this 2018 publication of this paper on a plasma compression fusion device has listed other publications on the subject by Drake , Thompson (2018) and Campbell (1997).
These are all names I am now familiar with from the book by Ben Davidson THE NEXT END OF THE EARTH.
I do know they are part of the cutting edge in their respective fields, each of them.

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Aimee Curry

The “Jews” in power in Israel and all the other deepstates around the world are also NAZI’s. Look up a HAAVARA COIN.


Swastika & Star of David.
I like the swastika symbol !
It has appeared in about every single culture on this planet since the beginning of time.
20 years of hi jacking by Hitler and Comppany and a powerful healing symbol of the ages is Kaput= that is bad I think.

Aimee Curry

Israels RAD company controls all the energy grids.


Thank you Benjamin for sharing the truth.

Francis Morey

Thanks Benjamin


There is a big difference between revenge and justice – I say removing all evil (baby raping monsters) from this planet is necessary, exterminate, execute, hang, shoot in the back of the head – all seem fair since their number of “collateral damage” is well into the millions and has been going on for hundreds of years and their victims deserve no less than justice – I see no way to re-educate them, all that would do is help them to re-group, figure out a way to stay in power – psychopaths, all of them

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Yes indeed


Agreed wholeheartedly!

Aimee Curry

Totally concur.


Waiting to see any result. The idea of peaceful surrender, or allowing such individuals to live strikes me as very _off_. The catalog of murder, mayhem and destruction worldwide – not enough? The number of them has to be small. Their minions are many, but their minions are always weak bullies. Root out the core – leave it on the dry pavement to die. What other path makes sense.

Aimee Curry


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Julie von Tell

God Bless you Ben for fighting for truth!


Sending light to all involved.


Thank you for the explanation . It means a lot to me.


I will not forget this tragic diamond anniversary Ben.
This is worse that Hiroshima & Nagasaki combined as that was an open act of a declared war and this one is part of a secret undeclared war on all humanity.