Canadian medical perspective on pandemic

Thanks for your reply Ben!
Wow!  Your sister must be red-pilled by now then!  I’m glad I’m not alone in my stance.  I certainly won’t get vaccinated either.
Some doctors in Ontario have been speaking up publicly on social media, but the Ontario College has been persecuting any doctors who go against the government/MSM narrative.
Early on, I couldn’t get a single member of my med school class to even look at the real science behind this pandemic, or the benefits of HCQ or Ivermectin in the treatment of respiratory viruses.  I sent out links to the research about HCQ and Coronaviruses, and not a single classmate replied to even discuss it.
Not to mention the fact that masks are totally ineffective in preventing the spread of respiratory viruses!  My nursing friends say the ICUs are at a normal activity if not a little slower than usual, but the news keeps saying our hospital system is on the “verge of collapse”.
So now most of my relatives and virtually all of my med school classmates think I’m a “crazy conspiracy theorist”.  As for me, I am ashamed of my profession going along with this criminal charade!
My friends who are originally from Communist countries all recognized the bullshit and propaganda on the news.  They know it’s a power grab by the government. They say it’s just like it was in Russia or Romania under Communism.
  My other friends from Africa and India were scared of the pandemic at first, but as time went on, they also concluded that it’s B.S.  They are quite familiar with what a real pandemic looks like, and they know this isn’t it.  No dead homeless people in the street etc…
If the original Covid-19 strain did exist, I think it probably disappeared amongst the hundreds of other circulating Coronavirus strains within a few months after it was “released”.  It burnt itself out and was replaced by more benign strains of Coronavirus.  The rest of this has been statistical manipulation and lies.
The vaccines they’re rolling out are terrifying.  If you recall, I’m a retired M.D. with an M.Sc. in Microbiology and Immunology.  My Master’s project was in molecular genetics and I actually met Jonas Salk when he gave a talk at the University of Western Ontario.
I’ve sent this below to all to my friends/relatives:
Just to re-iterate, these are the different ways the vaccine could harm people:
1. Immediate anaphylactic (acute allergic) reactions to adjuvants in the vaccines known to historically cause problems.
2. Acute (within days to weeks) auto-immune reactions due to circulatory inflammation and antibodies causing low platelets and blood clotting problems.  This would result in strokes, heart attacks and organ (liver, kidney) failure. Note that when these deaths occur suddenly in seniors, it’s often attributed to “old age” and no autopsies are done.
3. Delayed immune reactions (months to a year later) due to pathogenic priming of the immune system by the vaccine. This was seen to happen when they tested previous mRNA vaccines in animals.  Months later when the animals were exposed to a different strain of Coronavirus or even some other respiratory virus such as influenza, they responded with an overly aggressive immune response (called a cytokine storm) which resulted in widespread life-threatening inflammation in the lungs and major organs of the body.
  Expect the MSM to blame this on a new “more virulent” strain of virus, therefore raising the pressure to get more people vaccinated. In reality, these deaths will actually have been due to a delayed side effect of the vaccine.
4. Long-term (over years) auto-immune diseases caused by “Covid antibodies” and T-cells cross-reacting to proteins within the body. Results could be an increase in conditions such as autism, juvenile diabetes, ADHD, OCD in kids, and inflammatory bowel disease, inflammatory arthritis, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, etc… in adults.
  The other possible effects could be fertility issues in both men and women, which we’ve already been seeing increased rates of in developed countries where vaccination rates are high. (Eg. lowered sperm counts with poor motility in men, endometriosis and increased miscarriages in women.)
It is easy to predict these above health issues simply by looking at the design of the “vaccines”, which really are more properly described as “gene therapy”. However, we also have the experimental data that was generated in animal trials when they were attempting to develop mRNA vaccines for the SARS virus…they abandoned these trials because most of the animals died when they were exposed to viruses a few months after vaccination.
Ben… at this point, it appears many people will be getting vaccinated, so I’m not going to try to warn people anymore. It’s falling on deaf ears, and I risk alienating most of the people I know with my “conspiracy theories”. I hope those of us doctors and scientists who’ve had grave concerns about these vaccines are eventually proven wrong. I really do.
I fear we won’t be.
P.S.  I agree with China deserving 20% of the global resources.  However, I wish the CCP weren’t in charge.  My Grandpa Lee and his father escaped China after the Kuomintang party was overthrown.  They hated the Communists, so I grew up with a personal bias against the CCP, though I love the country and its people.  (I was last there in 1997)
Dear M,
The problem with your medical colleagues is that the medical bureaucracy, like the medical associations or the college of physicians, is that the top people in these organizations are cabal agents who must obey or be fired, ostracized, de-licensed, or killed. That is why we are going after the heads of these organizations now they have become openly and obviously criminal and even genocidal.

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1 year ago

Wow, I don’t know how I missed this post but I’m sure glad I came back to reread past articles!
Thank you M!

Marilyn Grammatico
Marilyn Grammatico(@afgmjgyahoo-com)
1 year ago

Ben, Jim Willie says Graviola or sour sop tea made from the leaves is very sucessful in Coasta Rica to kill cancer. I used a book to treat my cancer Called: “The Doctor Who Cures Cancer” by William Kelly Eidem. The doctors name was Emanuel Ravince. The medical community did not want a cure for cancer because of the hugh profits they make. What interested me about the book was he found with cancer the body PH is way out of range from normal and it is stuck that way. It is kind of long winded-talks about his life and… Read more »

Karlus Trapp
Karlus Trapp(@kluras)
Reply to  Marilyn Grammatico
1 year ago

Are you referring to Dr. Emanuel Revici Well known medical maverick who lived to be in his mid 90’s. Had an office building on the upper west side of NYC with a laboratory. Reveici successfully treated cancer patients who were sent home to die, AIDS patients and even had a cure for drug addiction. He treated me with non-toxic chemotherapy for a non-malignant brain tumor.. and here I am 40 years later.. Your post sounds like Reveici.

Gregory Elmo
Gregory Elmo(@elmo)
1 year ago

Joseph, You will find what your seeking at COS in Clearwater, FL

Joseph Still
Joseph Still(@joseph-de-panther)
1 year ago

The sheep wonder around in darkness, “worshiping” “false idols” (ideology/philosophy). Why??? How??? Let me explain. Please, do not “argue”, and tell me what you “know”. You all know what an extremely evil-erroneous, vile, ignorant, life-form, (and in this case, it’s plural. Very plural, as in millions of “them”) “tell you to know”. Darkness, comes from deceit. Intentional lies, theft (of the wrong mf world), and cheaters (“they” were taught the Arcane Truth to Life, yet do not Teach/Learn it to You/Us/Wi). Let me tell you a story from an ancient Life, of mine. Your “history” knows me as Enki, the… Read more »

Joseph Still
Joseph Still(@joseph-de-panther)
Reply to  Joseph Still
1 year ago

Lord-Learned on retarded dogma* I apologize for my bfts(big fat thumb syndrome🤓)

Reply to  Joseph Still
1 year ago

Thank you!

1 year ago

Hi Ben… The Container ship blocking the Suez Canal, can have enough containers cut up into a piece wall assembly to be riveted, bolted and welded together onto the top of the lower level lock gate for that section of water…. raising the water by 5 feet should be sufficient to dislodge the container ship… Only allow military to control that ship and no more ships of that company allowed through. Also simply using a heavy lift chopper to lift the containers off may allow it to float up, and it can also remove most of its ballast… Ben, this… Read more »

Matthew McQueen
Matthew McQueen(@mcqueen)
1 year ago

WOW what at letter..and response..I am schooled yet again.
Thank You M for your courage and your integrity. People do need to know.

Tubbs Ventura
Tubbs Ventura
1 year ago

I appreciate Ben’s Covid reporting.

Leland Roth
Leland Roth(@hubani)
1 year ago

Repost #474833 Of course, this ongoing genocidal plan-DEM-ic was is particular fostered ESPECIALLY over now a year ago by a certain demunist black female NY attorney general by making ALL information on the vast curative effects of IONIC SILVER killing ALL Sars viruses & it’s close less worst cousin – coronavirus IMMEDIATELY upon interaction with it then March 10th, 2020 now then verboten info for internet landlubbers 🎯 ” Colloidal silver is a completely natural, liquid mineral supplement found in almost every health food store in North America. It is much like mineral water, except that in this case,… Read more »

Matthew McQueen
Matthew McQueen(@mcqueen)
Reply to  Leland Roth
1 year ago

They were curing near death SARS patients with large doses of vitamin C given by IV. Now they have Lipsomal Vitamin C which you take orally. It allows the body to absorb amounts equal to IV by coating the C molecule in Fat derived from Lethecin, The body can absorb the C through fat absorbtion and not get distroyed by the stomach. It is easy to make and way cheaper.

Last edited 1 year ago by Matthew McQueen
Leland Roth
Leland Roth(@hubani)
Reply to  Matthew McQueen
1 year ago

Lol ‘way cheaper’?¿ Not if one has been supplying for years now ‘free’ ionic silver water for many, many poorer friends Mathew🛸

Wealth is True Health, but thanks for updated vitamin C update p.o.v.

Awhile ago in this blog I also reported on Citricare killing Morgeon’s disease as well as simple coronavirus, too, also quite cheaply🎶

PS.Loads of vitamin C in this cheap seeds extract, too💰

Last edited 1 year ago by Leland Roth
1 year ago

Many times I am tempted to give up trying to educate friends and family. They are now OPENY saying I have mental Health Issues! I have 5 horses, and I know well enough that “you can lead a horse to the trough, but you cant make it drink”, but I still offer them the oppertunity

1 year ago

I wouldn’t touch this, or any vaccine for that matter with a barge pole, I am encouraging as many as I can to stay away from it.

If this person is a member of this blog, I want to thank you for a very concise and easy to understand description of this very dangerous vaccine and it’s probable side effects, including death!

I have sent this out to as many people as I can in the hope it will wake up as many as possible!


1 year ago

The Government trained me to follow MSA (Mining Safety Adm. ) and OSHA guidelines as to what makes the proper fit for any safety mask ( i.e.-no face hair hair like bushy beards) and what type of protection level different face masks provided. A mask for viral protection has far greater standards of protection than a simple dust mask. The rest of my federal Government has totally ignored the very guidelines that OSHA adheres to. I watched my friend wear two masks with big flapper type air valves so she could qualify for a ride from her Social Services agent… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by rays