Letter from Israel

Dear Benjamin,

I follow your videos and newsletter ever since the beginning of the scamdemic and find it outstandingly accurate.

However, I am Israeli and I do not understand who are the zionists that you keep talking about.

In Israel, zionist is a term used to define the jews that returned to Israel after 2000 years in exile, following the Jewish faith Zion was the land promised to the Jews by God and temporarily taken for 2000 years.

IN Israel, the use of the term Zionists does not refer to any violent group of people that seek the destruction of others as suggested by you.

Can you kindly define who are the zionists, who is heading them, where do they operate from, what are their goals, whats their relation to Israel so also do they pose any threats to the Israeli citizens otherwise who do they target and why?

Thank you,



Dear PC

First of all, rest assured that the people of the world will guarantee there will never be another holocaust. The Jews will be allowed to live peacefully in their own homes now and forever.

Now for some hard truth. First of all, a holocaust is a burnt offering to Moloch, otherwise known as Ba’al or Set. This is known to the Christians as Satan. During World War II, the Jews of Europe were killed as a burnt offering to Moloch.

The people I sometimes refer to as the Zionists are a specific group known as the Sabbattean or Frankist Jews. These people believe that it is up to them to make the prophecies of the holy books come true. They were funded and headed by the Rothschilds and other prominent pseudo-Jewish families. When the Jews of Europe refused to accept financial incentives to move to Israel, these people used one of their family members, a certain Adolf Hitler (Saxe Gotha) to force the Jews out of Europe on pain of death.

Imagine if a group of Chinese people were brainwashed into believing they were the true Franks and that France was their ancestral homeland. At first, some of these Chinese fanatics moved to France and bought land around Brittany. Then when the locals refused to move, they started burning their villages and forcing them out.

In China meanwhile, many of the Chinese Frankists did not want to leave their ancestral homeland to go to France. For this reason, their rulers set up a dictator who started killing them and forcing them to flee. At the same time, the rulers bribed leaders in other countries not to accept them. The only place they could flee to was their “ancestral homeland,” of France.

This is what happened to the Ashkenazi Jews, including members of my Polish and German Jewish family who were either killed or forced to flee their ancestral European homeland by the Nazis (National Socialist Zionists). They opposed the Sabbatteans, saying only God did God’s work and it was blasphemy for humans to try to take on this task. That is why they were persecuted and killed.
The Jews need to understand it was Satan-worshipping pseudo-Jews who were behind the holocaust.

The worst part of it is that these are still trying to start a war between Gog and Magog in order to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the survivors. I did not read about this on some sort of internet “conspiracy site,” I was invited to join them in this plot by representatives of David Rockefeller. I have the tapes to prove it. There is plenty of other rock-solid evidence showing this plot is very real.

The forensic trail shows that the leadership of this cult of death has its headquarters in the Rothschild family complex near Zug, Switzerland. They are now being systematically hunted down and brought to justice.

Another thing the Jews need to realize is that the inhabitants of the Ghettos were not only Jews. The most persecuted group of all were the atheists, who lived in the Ghettos as well. Another group was descendants of the Carthaginians, who practice child sacrifice. They appear in the Book of Ruth. It was the murder of children by this sect that was often the trigger for pogroms and persecutions.

The true ancestral homeland of the Khazars or Ashkenazi Jews is roughly correspondent with present-day Poland and the Ukraine. If the Ashkenazi really wish to return to their ancestral homeland, then that is where they should go. The Palestinians are the original inhabitants of the region who at a certain point in history converted to Islam.

However, the Jews in Israel are now living in their spiritual homeland and deserve to be allowed to continue to live there in peace. They just have to reach a fair deal with the Palestinians. This could be done either by giving them Israeli citizenship or creating a viable Palestinian homeland. Israel also needs to make peace with its’ neighbors.

In any case, out of respect for the peaceful and law-abiding Jews in Israel, from now on I will stop using the term Zionist interchangeably with the Khazarian mafia, the term I use to describe the Satanic cult pretending to be Jews, Christians, Muslims, etc. I will refer to the specific group that is trying to provoke Armageddon as the Chabad death cult.

However, the Jews need to learn there is no such a thing as a Goyim or a Gentile. God does not choose a people, we are all god’s children.

In conclusion, as far as I am concerned, I am fighting to free my people from thousands of years of enslavement by a Satan-worshipping cult.




Dear Benjamin,

How do you explain that Bibi is still up and running looking like himself, sounds like himself and acts like himself?

He is alive alright. Take a look at his page. He holds meetings with others and is being himself. I do visual – it’s him alright.




Dear PC

My Mossad sources in Israel say otherwise. Please don’t believe everything you see on a screen.

I will issue a correction when I get human intelligence indicating he is still around. Otherwise, I stand my ground.





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Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, Read this article on King World News Website. Title I’ve lived In Minneapolis my Entire Life. I’m Leaving Friday. I No Longer Recognize My Home Town. My comment: A freaking nightmare! When 1st of all will it Stop Getting Worse? Lets start there! Any comment would be greatly Apreciated. Thanks. MG

Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, Good news letter. Really wish you the best in your work trying to fix everything and sorting it all out. I don’t trust anything especially evil wicked people. As I see it you are way to optomistic. If we could only legislate morality but that is not possible and usually it turns out badly when we try to. I don’t get how anyone can force someone else to play nice, have good intentions and still keep our freedoms at the same time. They can read our minds now possibly and that is not a good thing. All our technology… Read more »


Hi Ben, During this last year I became aware of Sholom Aleichem aka Sholom Rabinowitz 1859-1916 who’s stories and newspaper writings and books were used to create the movie FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. He was born and raised in that area between Russian and Germany that has been caught in so many wars over the past centuries. Upon his death, it is said that more people turned out for his funeral in NYC than any one else. I love his writtings and learned a lot about life in the small villages scattered in that area. It is surprising to me… Read more »

Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, Having login problems? Questions. Deep state having a party-Michigan highest in the country new lock downs when will it improve or go away. Also abusing white cops killing 2 birds with one stone. Hating on cops and hating on whites. when will this stop. Any info appreciatged. Best regards, MG

Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, This blog has become very strange as of late and I need some normal. Probably make someone mad but if you’re ok with this you must be strange too.

Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, Is something special going on with Michigan? We have the highest covid. Our Governor is deep state I hear so do you know anything?

Alexander Jin
  1. there was no holocaust
  2. all jews in isreal are fake. they are ethnic khazars… not jews !


Last edited 24 days ago by Alexander Jin

Power Elite gone completly mad!!


I have read this before, not sure where, probably here. It is a good timely reminder from BF. We need to understand who the TRUE enamy is, and BF explains it well! “They” reside here in the UK, at Waddesdon Manor in Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire, England (see Picture of Rothchild and Boris Johnson below) “They” are getting worried now that their puppets in the British Governement (Home of the Balfour Declaration of 1917) have had a Private Prosecution been layed against the British Governement, who, on instructions from the Rothchilds and the rest of the 13 Illuminati Families, to use Britain… Read more »

Johnson and Rothchilds.PNG

Of course the marauding Turkish Mongols deserve to keep the land they stole and murdered for, cuz it’s SPIRITUAL. esad. I really hope they get what is justifiably coming to them. Really do. Spoken as an indigenous North American.


turkish mongol luciferian FILTH = The Chosen


And did you know our Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s grandfather (on his own admission) is likewise related to the Turkish Mongols and on his Mother’s side his Great Grandfather was a Lithuanum Ashkenazi Rabbie! With impecable breeding like this it is no wonder the Rothchilds appointed him to oversee their latest project to offer up the ultimate sacrifice of 7 Billion Souls to Moloch. (see Georgia Guide STones and Degeal.com). Johnson pictured here infront of Waddesdon Manor in Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire, England (just up the road from me here in England) with Rothchild just after being appointed leader of the Conservative… Read more »

Johnson and Rothchilds.PNG

This is an old post! Why are you reposting it Benjamin??


Here it is, from October 2nd 2020. Letters to the EditorOctober 2, 2020 Who are the Zionists?By Benjamin Fulford Letters to the Editor  31 Comments Dear Benjamin, I follow your videos and newsletter ever since the beginning of the scamdemic and find it outstandingly accurate.  However, I am Israeli and I do not understand who are the zionists that you keep talking about.  In Israel, zionist is a term used to define the jews that returned to Israel from after 2000 years in exile, following the Jewish faith Zion was the land promised to the Jews by God and temporarily taken for 2000… Read more »

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Tubbs Ventura

Looney Tunes🐷. Ben, why don’t you join that other Fraud, RDS, on his goofy tour that nobody cares about?

Last edited 26 days ago by Tubbs Ventura

FWIW tubbes v you show us much about your true intentions here. When/with so much death at our doorstep….and more. I have not visited your Kim site, not cuz she is or is not correct, but cuz your attitude shows me you have a way to go, as do all of us. I take no joy in this conclusion, but was hoping for a different outcome, perhaps more 💗 from a Kim follower, an understanding. Prove me wrong. It does not matter what I think or judgement, but —we must all come to similar conclusions I.e. improving upon the human… Read more »

Last edited 26 days ago by belle3
Tubbs Ventura



specifically which one are you refeering to?


No response on when black box is to be released. Drawing no conclusions?? Always a red flag. How will they deny the finding of over a 1,000 children dead/alive upon opening the containers?

If you can’t believe LSM not reporting the truth who can you trust? Lol.

Good find. Thanks.

Last edited 25 days ago by belle3
Fawke N BullShout

Well stated all. The problem is employees government and public and private have sold soul to the corporation, willing to do whatever is needed to meet financial goals. Yes planned murder every year from flu and such has been running for years. I suggested employees need to understand they are strong in numbers now for unions as many corporations desperate for employees as many retire. This is part of the reduction from baby boomer exit so no pensions are paid. How much is that to corporations? I took mine in cash. Move your money Be the wave,do not be caught… Read more »


already done at 50!!


I can answer something more about this from my own akasickh reocrd and my many timelines. This is ofcourese is not accurate all timelines because everything is multidimensional in Creator Love and Light. Those zion groups firs t source is archonic soulles commander know as yehova who give so called ark those baal and moloch servants know as levi priest jewish tribe. Those baal moolok extermely archonic bloode palestinian tribe start to wonder to conquer our light tribe here in north. There came also extermely light Creator heart jewish tribe. There is many mother from this bloodline from our incarnation… Read more »


Draco Allies????….care to explain what you mean by that please


A critical question for Benjamin:

Many commentators are warning, like ex Pfizer VP Michael Yeadon, that the jabs administered to much of global populations as we speak, are not safe and may contain some dark technologies. You have stated this also.

How can you be so certain that a Holocaust is not already underway with the vast application of these methods?



All orchastrated out of the City of London by The Rothchild/Rockerfeller alliance along with the other hanger oners in the Illuminati Famillies as Fritz Stringmeier explains

Joseph Still

If the True Owner of this Planet does not get it returned, All Who are guilty in its theft, will cease to exist, that’s fact. I enjoy watching everyone else’s “plan” for the Planet, I personally created. The One Infinite Creator was told to F-off, by 90% of the thieves that came to my world. Yet, I see everyone else laying claim to it. Hypocrisy at its finest. How many individuals in this paradigm, think they are Infinite? Only 1 Soul is, yet everyone ignores what is Taught, Life after Life. I’ve researched enough on WW2, I see clearly who… Read more »

Matthew McQueen

I’m not feeling the Love here.. I believe our Creator is beyond gender but you obviously are not.

Last edited 26 days ago by Matthew McQueen
Fawke N BullShout

Watch the con tracts and justice are for soliciting money from public for wrong doing, who makes big bucks in these cons for money.
Pharmacy, farm a city
Our sub conscious, i suspect translates as syllables as does not get our dialect.
I am trying to do more wise short words, like conjunctions and such with multiple syllables. See if can communicate that way. Sure been tried, but not by me yet.
Maybe build special dictionary.


What FACTUAL evidence do you have for all your statements please


Leo Wanta is that you?


I like the analogy. Lays it out.

Yitzi Tuch

As I explained a few months ago.
Just bcuz Jared kushi had som so called chabad rabbi – he was involved with says nothing . Chabad hav nothing 2 do with ths cults u r talking about.

Leland Roth

I would love to hear u Yitzi ~ explain away the Rothschilds role in Israel’s creation as one being full of lov…? Also I agree in general with rays, of course, #476947 whereas my distinction is EVERYTHING ULTIMATELY is Soul in various forms down in M.E.S.T. realities ~ including A.I.s like Data of ‘Star Trek’ fame. Where is the proof most loving sentient beings ask? What animates ALL down down here in M.E.S.T. (Matter, Energy, Space, Time) realities? Even those trees, rivers, buildings in one’s dreams we ALL have whether conscious of them or not 24/7. Everything down here is… Read more »

Last edited 27 days ago by Leland Roth
Yitzi Tuch

We dont celebrate Rothschild and his state. Its embarrassing Same as humans are born through similar pathways as our waste exits. So too the birth of our existence at this time period. – out of exile – takes place through very insane covered up means. 1 reason is: we failed as a nation to do our job … we are a speck looking close up at 1 side of a coin. When we grow – we can take s step back and see 2 sides of t coin Our lives are full of paradox… 2000 years ago we were warned:… Read more »

Last edited 26 days ago by Yitzi Tuch
Kevin Osborne

There are United States politicians with no heritage in that line who have referred to themselves as “Zionists”. In that sense it is a supporter of Israel and the implications are lost on an American public unaware of the influence on US policy by those who use the Israeli shield to justify theft and destruction in the ME and elsewhere. Regardless it is just a word and the less well defined any word is the less usefulness it holds and the more it can be used as a weapon.. “Racism” in the United States has become such a word. I… Read more »

Yitzi Tuch

Terminology is thrown around too often.
We all waking up and getting clear who’s who.
But the media sews the hate .
Many family and friends have worked together with arabs for decades.
We all know our strengths and compliment e/o.
Facebook etc… breeds hatred…
T arab youth are brainwashed.

In south Africa too. Apartheid was a nazi invention.
The whites and blacks I grew up around were best friends.
Media and control frieks are in the way.

We are the people.
We are good and loving.
Blessings to all


Did I miss Information I genuinely ask this as I cannot quite comprehend an AI having a soul. You know the breath of life GOD put in the flesh beings it created.


AI? Of course has no soul! What are you trying to say?


In the paragraph above where Leland is replying to Yitzi. 477048. If I read wrong please set me straight. I have respect for Mr. Roth’s knowledge.
Would ask him direct, however can tell I am a waste of his time.
Realize I sound judging, but he comes across like Wm. F. Buckley (bit of a snob). Do not mind, was raised by one. Just, I too am wanting the right path back home, so not have problem humbling to ask questions.

Yitzi Tuch

Benjamin. I bless u. Thanks for all t work your doing. I’m happy things are slowly getting clarified. Trust me. We have hardly even began to live. The bliss will be – when the wisdoms Of all nations join together . We will all soar to great heights. Correction: 4 PC. Zion is not the land It is a : mount Zion Where jesus last supper room is. T tombs of t kings of judah Are somewhere down there. Tzion also hints at: Tzadik and yavan uniting. Which is the righteous and the analytical wisdom ( yud.vav. nun.) Measurements… Uniting.… Read more »


Great break down of the terminology of the Chabad death culture. Once people realize we are all children of God perhaps the insanity will end. The politics of division perpetuate a world of never ending conflict and when that game ends, war will be no more .


Indeed….this finaly World War WW3 is taking place in our Blood Streams.It seems to me those who have been jabbed have NOW been Sacrificed

Last edited 25 days ago by horesman