Benjamin with Red Dragon Geopolitical Update – Goldfish Report

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What’s been lost is people’s instinct to face a threat head on and eliminate the threat by whatever means is necessary. If anyone demands anything against humanity, don’t comply, do something about it.Human life is very fragile–even to the evil ones.No one is so sheltered they can’t be gotten to.The fear of dying is very powerful to most people.Either the US military will succeed, or we, the people, will succeed.I do not follow laws written by insane people for insane purposes. Do what you have to do and keep your mouth shut.Just do it.I believe that was what the Ambassador… Read more »

Cheryl White

I have my Canadian Passport thank you, which gives me the RIGHT to travel FREELY from place to place without hinderance. The Vax Passport is a bunch of bullshit & you know it! I will NEVER accept this type of Nazi style control over my body to travel or buy food or whatever!

Kent McKee

Need a transcript of the entire GF report…I miss TOO MUCH from the bad audio, the rapid accented dialogue and just the pace at which come guests talk….its like listening to a foreign language sometimes….Louisa, I enjoy everyone of the GF reports but I’m not hearing or understanding so much. Especially the Ambassador….his voice is like Henry Kissingers, too deep and accented to catch at time….and he doesnt talk into the microphone….

Kent McKee

Like the Ambassador’s input but miss half of what he’s says due to his very low pitched voice and accent. Wish he would SPEAK UP.


Does not enunciate well, mostly a mumble but I love what I can understand.


Lou has asked a very simple but a brilliant question on ET’s. Benjamin’s answer was so sensible it was extremely impressive. My training allows me to discern a lot of nonsense that had been dished out to believers and people that don’t rely on their inner vision. Unfortunately the Alien agenda is a distraction that sways the public focus away from the real problem. The incarnation of the Beast, the two fold fight btw the forces of darkness and their fight against humanity. We need more of these interviews with Lou, Steve and the Dragons. Must watch!

Tina Short

So who is running the Biden show? Is it the Chinese or Cabal? This is so confusing. Wondering when this declass going to happen? If the Cabal controls the gold back currency, then we’re still under Cabal control. How does that help humanity get out from under Cabal control?

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Cheryl White


Fawke N BullShout

Great show, scream facts and truths. Remember, giving this charade energy keeps it going. With Ontarii police 86% said no to enforce lockdowns hopefully will inspire others. They’re in union cant fire them without lots legal just-ice games they play. Con tracts scams from start to finish. If have issues with someone or government t decision go see them and CON Front the CON tear the system down by moving money to gold silver cryptos anywhere but banks as they use our money wastefully through corporations. Do not invest in huge global conglomerates, unless completely benefitting the community. Then become… Read more »


Reply to Joseph Still Joseph, you have recently appeared on the scene with some unusual revelations and comments and about a week ago you mentioned that if anyone wanted to contact you you are available. I would very much like to learn more of who you are and what you are but you have not given any link for contact. Your commentaries are certainly more of interest than a lot of the nonsense espoused by many of the people making comments so I would like to learn more about what you have to share with those of us who are… Read more »


I am also curious, but will look within for answers.

Rebecca Price

We didn’t really talk about it. But I think the american dollar is backed by souls and bodies of people/children. The cabal deals in humans really.


Ben says the leaders have to follow by way of blackmail and bribes. I think there is a third way…..(the clintons love that one!) threat. ……….also think this has been the reason for Trump’s uncharacteristic compliance with the biden wing of the clinton cabal.


I got an email that talked about what’s going to happen when half of the world dies in a year or two. No more crematoriums, no more truck drivers to deliver food, no more farmers, no more ERs, etc. The video says to stop consenting, but it could possibly be too late?


Can you share that info please?

Kent McKee

Saw this elsewhere and it left me shaken….if it comes true, half or more of the dumbasses on our planet will be gone and they havent a CLUE what they have done to themselves.


yes, clif has forecast from his data analysis, that there is a coming time of doctors fearing for their lives, as humanity burns down the hospitals and butchers the medical community. this summer actually… you see the moment it leaks out that there are real issues, its every man and woman for them selves.

Rebecca Price

Yes. As a nurse, i have thought about the backlash on the medical community coming down on us.

Kent McKee

Sorry Nurse Price but the medical community has been skewering us for decades with their fake illnesses and ‘cures’….cancer ESPECIALLY egregious. They made their bed, let them take some licks too.


yes a wonderful start is fred hutchinson cancer research in seattle… total ponzi full of shit fake cancer research…. sitting on real estate worth hundreds of millions, but i doubt they pay taxes… a huge chunk of the facility is fund raising! oh wow….. this is the kind of “medicine” that needs to go now.


American Cancer Society has been fleecing since 1912 and some states’ chapters are spending over 95% on admin costs.

starve them!!

Joseph Still

It’s not too late. Think “it”. Watch the movie. How did the children defeat “it”???? By standing up to it and not being a damn Sheeple. Folks, not joking, inside Us All, there is a powerful, primitive Force, meaner than most can imagine. There is one Species, HuMan, yes, tall Whites, The Nordic are Real, originally from Planet earth/dirt, which is truly named Eden. The 3rd Planet in this Star System. That’s fact, swallow the pill. I could go deeper, but won’t. Neanderthal is the original Race, and One created this world, alone, after my last assassination, in 1963. I’m… Read more »

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I have some idea of the Negative Entities that use A.I., to avoid Karmic Law and Recycling on a mandatory basis… Humanity has been brainwashed down a Entropic Path in every way shape and form… Some of us Understand Extropic Function of Multiverse…Personally I see visions of Humanity and Positive Terrestrial’s, and E.T.’s Building a Hybrid Dyson Solar System. Completely Defensible against any future Negative Types… It will require no mining as Hu Man’s can Extropically Synthesize all needed materials from the infinite resource of the Aether… Secondly we will Revitalize all Our Planets and Moons and sun as well… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by ALEXANDER FEDEROWICZ

Now that’s exciting news AF. Thank you.

Fawke N BullShout

Yup and o’m with mother nature, but not her, but of her. Suspect similar like you. We are all each part of whole, each different like snowflakes,stunningly beautiful.. Seriously 3d snowflake, not flat anymore watch the snow fall, have you noticed clumps over small flat flakes. Nope, me neither. When does, o might believe. To stop the corruption feed everyone, ie giant tax returns for all. Jubilee money, then everything changes, will know people that truly love to serve and those that are bullys and love to use. Temptation vs inspiration what motivates you. Bully vs compassion what do you… Read more »


So, Joseph, Ra, or… You claim to have been crucified as Christ. What do you say about the Farsight remote viewing session that says Christ wasn’t crucified. He and his apostles knew what was coming and substituted a man named Simon who resembled Christ.


Farsight is iffy to my way of observing. He has strange-looking eyes which no one here has brought up. I thot it was my eyes at first. Hence, is he reading some dystopian future timeline? I try not to empower any energy output to his ilk of remote viewers. I’ve tried. He can do better, am disappointed, but all are not on same page who want to follow his vision. To each their own, but use discernment.

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Jack Stark

Another party, another cry in the shower.

Aimee Curry

It must have been pertinent it has been censored.