Nakai Tenzan retraction

In my April 5, 2021 report I wrote the following:

His name is Nakai Tenzan and he is so despised in Japan that even gangsters shun him.  He went into hiding after an associate of his told me he had bragged about killing my webmaster with a cancer-causing poison.  He also once tried to get me to drink orange juice laced with amphetamines so he could film me in a high state and use that to ruin my reputation with Asian secret societies.  

Tenzan has previously interrupted my public speaking engagements to tell the audience that the murder of 90% of humanity was inevitable and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

The fact that he has come out of hiding now probably means the Rockefellers could not find any other assassin to do their bidding in Japan.  He needs to be hunted down ASAP and taken in for vigorous questioning.  If anybody can provide actionable intelligence for taking down the mass-murdering Khazarian Mafia, he is it.  He is now hiding behind the banner “World religion the Vatican,” and “Unify Shinto, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity.”

However, make no mistake, he is a cold-blooded murderer.  Actually, no he is not a “cold-blooded” murderer because he definitely takes great pleasure in torturing and killing people.  He and his associates need to be all removed from circulation before they participate in another mass murder event.  The fact that these people have come out of hiding and are openly meeting in Kyoto is also a strong signal that some sort of mass casualty event is planned for Tokyo.  They were promised the capital of Japan would move to Kyoto after Fukushima but it never happened.  They seem to expect that this time it will. 

Mr. Nakai, who I was unable to reach for comment at the time I wrote this report (his old phone number was disconnected) called to say I was slandering him and endangering his family.

He said, “I am a Buddhist monk, not an assassin.”  He denied ever having poisoned an associate of mine or trying to get me to have a drink laced with amphetamines. 

He also wanted to know the name of the people who told me what I wrote about him. I admitted that using anonymous sources for information of this sort was not ideal journalistic practice.  However, I said I needed to protect my sources because many people around me have been murdered over the years and that I felt they would be in mortal danger if I revealed their names.

I also offered Mr. Nakai the opportunity to give his side of the story to me on a video that either I or he could post publicly. My view is that a public interview with him would be a good way to start a truth and reconciliation process. 

I would also like to publicly apologize to him for writing the following:

“He is so despised in Japan that even gangsters shun him…However, make no mistake, he is a cold-blooded murderer.  Actually, no he is not a “cold-blooded” murderer because he definitely takes great pleasure in torturing and killing people. ” 

It seems my emotions got the better of me when I wrote that and I will ask to have these portions of what I wrote about him deleted from my blog.

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1 year ago

You didn’t get it wrong, Ben, you were right the first time. He’s not a man, he’s a cowardly weasel. He won’t come out in public cause that’s how these people are.They have to be taken off the planet by any means necessary.

Reply to  windyfrostt
1 year ago

Totally agree! But what’s wrong with Ben?…It looks like he has been threatened into writing this piece of “apology” by the guy in question, OR ELSE!…Well, if a video interview did “materialize”, I’d be curious to watch it and hear the kind of conversation that would ensue! Sorry to say this, but sometimes I notice or feel that Ben has “multiple personalities” disorder! Of course, he is not the only one.

Youssef Mouhssine
Youssef Mouhssine(@almyzen19)
1 year ago

An honest soul is always ready to admit he/she made a mistake.
The question here is, what would your reaction be, Ben, if your initial statement happens to be true ?

Blessings to you and your readers ✨

Leland Roth
Leland Roth(@hubani)
Reply to  Youssef Mouhssine
1 year ago

What would yours be Youssef?

Youssef Mouhssine
Youssef Mouhssine(@almyzen19)
Reply to  Leland Roth
1 year ago

Hi, every situation is unique, and I’m not in his boots, but I hope he can find a way to accurately gauge that individuals’ honesty.

Considering that Ben wrote in a previous post that this information war he’s been on for a long time, cost him the woman he was living with and a child, so I can only hope from where I am, that he can conjure up a way to accurately assess tha individual’s honesty, as well as the honesty of the people who gave Ben intel on the guy.

Leland, have a nice day!

Joseph Still
Joseph Still(@joseph-de-panther)
1 year ago

This world needs to truly “wake up”. Denying the existence of Life outside of Our Realm, and yes, We live in a Realm, The Oldest Realm. Your Soul, regardless of what body, is self-aware energy. The elite F—k faces, do not want any of You to know that. Time, is a “man made” concept, and is about. Black-Holes are not “what” You’re taught. Not even close. They’re extremely Evolved People, not giant space magnets out to “destroy” everything in their path. We feed off of energies, or I should say, My Oldest Family does, I don’t need to feed off… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Joseph Still
Mark Keegan
Mark Keegan(@warringtonwolf)
1 year ago

Wise is the man who admits their mistakes. That raises you credibility with me Ben. There is of course the nagging thought you were right but unseen forces have dictated this response. Worse it could be someone else’s words. Either way no worries here.

1 year ago

Prayers for Ben and his family / friends…….for safety and well being.

Robert James
Robert James(@bob)
1 year ago

The USA is so deeply corrupted and infiltrated by Chinese shills it is taking time to get rid of the traitors and enemy agents. But operations at Gitmo and probably elsewhere are at maximum.

I am starting to wonder if the mass media is much more insidious than known. Nearly all of the most intelligent people I know seem to be brainwashed. In the late 1960s, there were reports on “subliminal suggestion”. And I’ve seen no reports since. This makes me suspect that there has been much more development on such manipulation of us by the Deep State.

Reply to  Robert James
1 year ago

Back when hillary clinton was running for pres. and a few years afterwards, my best educated and smartest friends supported her. I could not believe they were so brain washed. Am seeing more & more a divide in the US. BUT, the numbers are on the good side. Higher education seems to be the place where the serious brain washing happens.

Reply to  Robert James
1 year ago

How do you know, “…operations at Gitmo and probably elsewhere are at maximum”? If that info comes from Q, X22, the White Hats, Trump the Trojan Horse, etc., it could all be a sham to make us think Gitmo is at a maximum… Where’s the proof?

Reply to  suncrystal
1 year ago

Yes I know this isn’t proof, but it’s a hellava lotta fun to read.

Tricky Von Dicky
Tricky Von Dicky(@trickydicky)
1 year ago

It sounds like even after retraction Nakai Tenzan is not on your Christmas card list or getting an invite to your birthday party !!!!

1 year ago

First Comment. 🙂 The USA Election was stolen. 🙂