FCCJ Has Abandoned the Soul of Journalism⁉︎


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Yitzi Tuch

I cant access any of those videos he posted.
Can someone just give a few sentence summary what unfortunate
Incident happened 2 our beloved Ben.


About a year ago, the Indian Virologists said they found 4 x HIV spike Proteins on the Covid. https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/archivos_pdf/uncanny-similarity-unique-inserts-2019nCoV-spike.pdf If this is correct, then the mRNA Injectables will have the same Spike Proteins. Our British Gov., has predicted 60-70% of deaths next winter will be from the “Vaccinated”. Read Clause 56 on Page 18 https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/975909/S1182_SPI-M-O_Summary_of_modelling_of_easing_roadmap_step_2_restrictions.pdf This fits in nicely with Boris Johnson’s Fathers , Stanley Johnson’s plan of Eugenics as he is on record as saying the ideal population for the UK is 10-20 Million….a reduction of 50 million by 2025 if Deagel.com is to be believed……similar population crashes throughout… Read more »



I pay $11/month to hear him rant about not wearing a mask? That’s what it took for him to realize this press club is full of nothing but hacks and liars? HA. Ok.

This week’s “update” is bs. If you disagree; you’re an idiot.

Margaret Yohe

I do not think this is his normal weekly update. They come out on Mondays. This is a Sunday message


looks like you just condemned yourself

Sari Hendershot

Later in the day on Monday it usuallly appears.


That’s your take-away from his short, succinct, non-ranting statement? The fact that your first statement of concern was an $11 payment is so self-centered.


the “derrrrr” in your name fits you well…

Diana Zybala

Rooting for you Ben. Sorry hear about the unfortunate incident.

Sari Hendershot

Diane what type of accident ifyou please


Yes, you are right. There are many legs to this Propaganda Beast; History, Science, Religion and Philosophy are all part of the Demonic System. Clif also explains some of what is going on. Although his taking of psychedelics is contacting the Failed spiritual beings. “Do not consult the dead about the living.”-bible verse. We live in a Matrix, which is run by machines. Is it so hard to think of many of the humans as machines? Not all have souls, many are just cyborgs, controlled by this propaganda. Look what humans can do with AI. Now, these things are controlled… Read more »

Marilyn Newland

We fully support you Ben, and know what you are up against. You are a much needed hero. Stay safe always 💞


YES!!!! let em’ have it Ben


This is the only site I read! Your in my prayers for protection.

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Ben you better watch it, or you will find your Audience Setting up a Real Time Award Ceremony over in Tokyo… Essentially You are Now a, “Correspondent of International Wars”… This should be a Title awarded only to Correspondents and Journalists who have Held the Line Against Global and Global Political Corruption. Often, as in your case with real risk to your own person and in your case several colleges were slain. You were highly fortunate to have the good medical sense to keep away from Chemo-Therapy ! However, at present we are all in the fray… Time for Awards… Read more »

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Atrayah Janhe

Thank you for your commitment to true, clear, concise journalism Benjamin, as well as for your service to each of us who read your material and those who are the beneficiaries of all that you have contributed.


Ben, You are 100% on Target with media… Thank you for Your Service. That’s something normally said to Military who served in a conflict, but Being that myself, I now suggest that your actions merit such status.

Fidel Archibeque

Why can’t I see the article?

Karen Daigle

As a former journalist who is appalled at the corruption in news and print now , I salute you!


Mr. Fulford, do not despair. You are better than those simpletons. Have you ever considered starting an international news coalition to teach/disclose truth? Maybe it is time to “lean forward in the [news] saddle” and “shoot straight” for truth’s sake. Release ALL THE DATA that the “Deep State” tries to keep quiet. There are more of us than them.


Thank you Ben for standing up for truth and integrity, in a time when the msm gives us neither.


Sorry to hear that Japanese Journalists are the same as American Journalists now.
Even the media voice of the right is a joke in America now. When I watch the UFO debacle its surreal as if 75 years of UFO sightings and incidents never occurred and some faux agents that are really CIA shills are going to give us a watered down version of the UFO phenomena and call it cutting edge reporting like it all just started yesterday.
You are right= true Journalism is dead.


Thank you Ben for the explanation as to how US so called govt. has managed to turn our entire print & TV news into propaganda for the 4th reich. May the Force be with you….Blessings come to you ten fold from the suffering you have endured to be a real journalist.


You go Ben! Whoooo!!! Righteous Fire!!!


Good for you Benjamin. Stand up for what is right. like it or not, as time goes by, we all will have to make choices re things like the vaccination by big Pharma which is designed to damage and or kill the recipient, not far down the track the “mark of the Beast” which will involve people to be executed if the refuse it, and so on. We will all soon get the chance to stand up and be counted for what is right.


excellant works mr ben……bravo zulu……the new world order religion is apparently not interested in science and truth at all anymore absolutely-as heavy brainwashing conditions of human minds that have manifested over the years – now follow orders like some buck private in boot camp -obediant/adherant/compliant/enforcing anything the proclaimed cabal orchestrated heroes and experts and deities carted up to the podiums to read from the teleprompters from hell – the civilizations standing orders of the day…..someday this war is going to be over…..


Remember all the videos of adoring Germans giving Hitler the ‘ol heil hitler salute. Fascists need that constant adulation/ complete and constant obedience. ……..