People from Around the World Coming Together

Hi Benjamin!
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Stuart Finlay

Hi Ben, reading a book called the Gold Warriors, by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave, about the recovery of Yamashita’s Gold in the Phillipines post WW2.
Unbelievable! Have you read it? Your weekly posts are right on the mark. Best regards, Stuart Cairns Australia


Museum of Modern Art in New York might be interested in something like this. I have no idea who to contact, but I remember that they have art shows covering different types of historical art for their exhibitions…


Good morning Cafe,
Early today – hope you are all well. Been busy keeping track of events. Thank you Ben for all your good work!


Morning …

Matthew McQueen

A world class Art museum is all I can think of..This reminds me of Geo-Art like Cristo’s work or the Aids Quilt. It really is an awesome work of “Art” on a grand scale. An on line preposal package sent to the major Museums of the world is probably your best chance of keeping this thing going..Wonderful work for sure..Love Love Love to you and yours in this wonderful project.

Fawke N BullShout

Wow stunning pictures from what i saw,could upload all to web asrock photos for all to use for free, please do not add to the slumlords of the web, ie google group, took the web and slum lord out with cheap and and continuous harrassment then go on. Going to the google monopoly social media is like running gauntlet in sin city or when travel to poorer and children attack for money and knickknacks, my opinion web is no place for garbage. Keep that garbage local not all people like what they be selling. 🌞🙈🙉🙊🍁🐸