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2 months ago

Supreme court will not hear the Brunson case obviously your sources don’t know what there
talking about

1 year ago
Margaret Sue Bozgoz
Margaret Sue Bozgoz(@sbozgoz)
1 year ago

Ben, based on Justice Anna, the United States is dissolved see: I have been trying to fight DC since 2018 as my husband is an JAG Ethics attorney who worked for the VA in Washington, DC. We live about 26 miles away from DC. We visit DC often. It is closed.

Ken Ross
Ken Ross(@kenrossprintgmail-com)
1 year ago

Ben, as a long time sub and supporter, and as a 65 year old American jew, who am I enslaved to?

Mark House
Mark House(@intelligent1)
1 year ago

Pulling the Plug is the goal is it not? Ending FIAT money ends the WEF psyops and the military can beat (read destroy) the KM.

Leland Roth
Leland Roth(@hubani)
1 year ago

I am not a huge fan of MMS anymore for me, but this was posted in a Dr. Scott Jenson for Minnesota Governor Facebook comment section…. “🚨MMS WILL ELIMINATE ANY REMNANT OF THE DNA ALTERING TOXIC C@VID-VAXX!NNES FROM YOUR BODY! IT’S NOT TOO LATE IF YOU’VE TAKEN THE JAB THROUGH FEAR OF LOSING YOUR JOB! IT CAN BE REVERSED! IT’S A TRUE MIRACLE MINERAL SOLUTION! *MMS* Google search Jim Humble! He is the Industrial Chemist who discovered the MMS (MIRACLE MINERAL SOLUTION) formula. He has worked in 3rd world countries throughout Africa as a water purification engineer and came up… Read more »