Letters to the Editor Sept. 30th 2021

What happened?? Did Takaishi Sanae change her name to Fumio Kishida ??


It turns out my two sources were wrong about Takaishi Sanae becoming Prime Minister of Japan. When I asked them about it, they said it turns out Takaishi was a proxy for Abe Shinzo and the people behind Abe wanted her in place to help cover up his crimes.
Kishida is backed by the bureaucrats and is considered to be a kind of compromise candidate between factions. Political instability is likely to continue in Japan because basic conflicts between factions have only been papered over.


In other news the Taliban have been shut out of the western corporate media so in the interests of freedom of the press we will be posting some of their press releases such as the following:

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Theo Powers
Theo Powers(@theopowers1)
1 year ago

Dostum is a dirt bag. His Loyalty shifts with the wind.

1 year ago

This Video could be seen as way out but it offers explanations of everything we see outside the heart and why we give away our freedoms. Why we see such evil.

1 year ago

They really are Pigs and Americans need to see these reports any way any how! Thanks Ben . We will all spread it!

1 year ago

I read a small amount of farsi. The labels on their heads says, “koony” (meaning “homo”) 🙂 – it’s not precisely “homo” as this doesn’t exist in farsi except as an English loan term. “Assie” is what the word actually is – more like “these two are ‘butt buddies.'” (pretty amusing)

1 year ago

“It turns out my two sources were wrong about Takaishi Sanae becoming Prime Minister of Japan”

Admitting mistakes. Bound to happen in his line of work. BUT admitting mistakes is very rare trait. Or maybe western journalism is not allowed. Don’t know. Anyway……..This is the reason I have followed Ben Fulford for years and years.

As well as his knowledge about world wide politics and finance.

Last edited 1 year ago by martha
Gloria Molnar
Gloria Molnar(@gmolnarsilcom-com)
1 year ago

Thank you so much Ben, for the freedom of the press. I am confused and have several questions: I assume the Taliban article is in no way connected to the Japan Prime Minister news? Is Dostrum still alive, that was 20 years ago? Who even wrote the yellow article, it is not clear at all, I doubt the Taliban wrote that. The uniforms and article are not clear, are they NATO militaries, French, UK, USA, who? What service branch is Gen Miller-definitely not in any way associated with, or same as, the USA Chris Miller that we are currently aware… Read more »

Jada M
Jada M(@jelly)
Reply to  Gloria Molnar
1 year ago

I definitely agree with the need to be very specific down to the last detail when reporting…it is of critical importance especially now. Verified factual information is key to understanding every aspect of our world because for too long we have all just gone along with what we have been told, having blind faith in every available source and look how that worked out for us.