Letters to the Editor

“Good Afternoon,

Today I again canceled my subscription. the comment is entertaining sometimes, but when I read things like Pfizer was taken off the nyse, it reads like the company was delisted.

it was apparently a small issue of bonds and nothing to do with the stock. Grand headlines, but I don’t get how or why you say things the way you do. Gives a lot of pause and doubt to some of the more substantial claims make in your letters.”



Thanks for alerting us to the mistake. In this case a CIA source told us that Pfizer had been delisted and sent us the link. However, we did not check it carefully enough. We always issue corrections or clarifications when we are made aware of mistakes. We are grateful to readers who point them out.

-Benjamin Fulford

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Neil Holland
Neil Holland(@f15kiwi)
1 year ago

Hello Benjamin, I wish to understand more about who “we” are in your comments. I went to the About page and it is mostly about your journalism. The video interview generates a 404 error so I could not view that. I don’t know who the “we” are that you are working with. I’m all for gaining back our liberty (I’m in the USA and originally from New Zealand) from the Kazarian Mafia/Deep State/Global Elite/World Economic Forum. I was pleased to see that the Durham investigation and his filings have produced enough evidence that President Trump has filed a lawsuit against… Read more »

Ian Campbell
Ian Campbell(@ian-c)
1 year ago
1 year ago

I understood they self delisted. The primary reason being they know the future reveal of their crimes and horrible product in the form of the CoVid 19 vaccine is going to destroy their stock. In lieu of allowing that to go away on a public measure that will accelerate when so easily seen through finance media, therefore they retain a small level of control. Is this a valid explanation? Is it legal for the company to do this? I don’t know these answers.

1 year ago

Hello Ben, I have several questions that I find difficult to gain any answers for much less validate answers as irrefutable truth. I enjoyed the interview with Kim Goguen, and yet there were several mystery elements expressed(and I agree with your position re ‘seeing’ the proof with our own eyes). Re: “HR”–from my knowledge base, the definition is a simple “House of Representatives” re “bills” that must be passed into legislation. If there is another lexicon outside of the commoner’s reality matrix which defines HR as “Hall of Records”–how are we to validate this without access to the Vatican libraries?… Read more »

ROBERT MCCONNELL(@infoparli-com)
1 year ago

Update. Robert Steele. Dead or alive? If alive where is he?

1 year ago

Hi Benjamin, hope everything is well for you…. I was thinking not to mention, but after reading above lines, maybe I should mention it. The Japanese SINDO stuff looks so fake for Japanese people. The OFUDA has strict rules and people can’t put so randomly… Also, recently you type ‘there’ as ‘they are’ a few times, and I don’t think you typed it, could be a voice translator app until I read a whole fake this blog.( Some people could do it.) For Sindo, maybe some people might have tricked you, so I don’t know what the manipulation means… Anyways… Read more »

Thomas Thornton
Thomas Thornton(@tom)
1 year ago

Ben,thought you might have contacts. You said Ukraine Nazis have hostages. Does military, police have aerosol ANESTHESIA? Concept is put them all asleep, take hostages out, kill all Nazis.

Saul Meshach
Saul Meshach(@agentfreaknasty)
1 year ago

According 220 IQ Dr. Deagle, who worked on the most TOP SECRET gov programs including our space fleets says that the put OFF WORLD Organisms in chemtrail for depopulation., Here is the Video. Hell of a INTEL drop. I recommend you watch the whole thing…..#Agentfreaknasty

Chemtrails contain intelligent Micro-Organism that is from another planet. Minute 32:00
NWO, Chemtrails, Planet X, D.U.M.B.S. – Dr. Deagle 2006 – “Monster Fauci” (bitchute.com)

Reply to  Saul Meshach
1 year ago

The vid was the website… however, I’m glad people notice these chemchem matter… beacause I found only 1 source…

1 year ago

It has been 12 years for me…reading Benjamin. Facts have been confusing. Sometimes, yes they are. Just when I think I know what’s going on a curve ball comes in to confuse the situation again. And we have lots & lots of situations. We are lucky to have Benjamin. I thank my lucky stars we have him to report to us – and we have to because he has had attempted hits on his life. Thank you, Dear God, or whoever that keeps Benjamin around for us. If we did not have BF who would be there to fill that… Read more »

Jada M
Jada M(@jelly)
1 year ago

But that’s not journalism though, is it? If you are not vetting your source’s information, triple checking the validity before publishing and instead rely on paid readers to locate the errors for you because you didn’t do your due diligence. It often seems like you are publishing material, often repeated material, for the sake of filling the weekly quota. While I do appreciate your blog over the last five years, surely you understand that as we are all living in a very precarious time, where all our lives are at stake in enormous ways, with nefarious agendas taking place from… Read more »

Reply to  Jada M
1 year ago

Ben is not a journalist. This is not a journal. It is a newsletter – the product of one man and his resources. I would set my expectations differently if I were you.

Reply to  nephre
1 year ago

From the About section
BenjaminFulford.net is a geopolitical news and discussion website from reporter and investigative journalist Benjamin Fulford. 

For me the disinformation that has been put out there lately from Ben is putting strain on my patince

Reply to  Jonas
1 year ago

I signed up again when I heard he was having Kimberley Goguen, I signed back up. AI????? You don’t have to go very far to find out who she is and where she lives. Huge disappointment, Ben. I think you need to give it another try, but do your research first.

margaret parlane
margaret parlane(@maggie7)
1 year ago

canceled my subscription?? Really? You don’t deserve to be a member quite frankly. Benjamin is out there every day getting us as much news and information as he can, he’s Not God!

Reply to  margaret parlane
1 year ago

Look, the complaint is reasonable and demonstrates the importance of making claims one can verify versus not. As mentioned (above) Ben is just a guy publishing a newsletter having limited resources and perhaps more honestly for it. Mistakes can be expected. That said, making such claims has a bad effect when shown to be wrong or misleading. We all hope that whatever Ben is, he is honestly and earnestly reporting what he knows.

James Moore
James Moore(@posplayr)
1 year ago

I believe Clif High also posted the same that Pfhisor was delisting their common stock. I was alerted first to the error by one of the comments on this blog site.

Reply to  James Moore
1 year ago

The point is, when this sort of accident happens, it crushes credibility.

Robert Jirava
Robert Jirava(@rjirava)
1 year ago

Although errors are annoying when they occur – no matter who makes them – I have learned to stop and reflect gently on them. I also think this very sobering thought: the errors being made on this news “blog” of Ben Fulford’s (what few there are) are miniscule compared to the blatant lies and untruths that we have been fed from the legacy media. I will remind everyone that many of the readers here (I include myself) are easily jaded by mistakes, as we have been mollycoddled for years by the legacy media – with their news anchors wearing beautiful… Read more »

1 year ago

Thank you, Mr. Fulford, for answering all those questions straightforwardly, simply and clearly. That is so refreshing compared to the most common response elsewhere which is no response at all or a response in some politicalese which is effectively no response at all coupled with self-serving bull shit.

Bernard Lynch
Bernard Lynch(@drbernardlynch)
1 year ago

What I thought was they applied or filled out a form to be delisted.