Military fireworks expected to usher in Year of the Rabbit

Some huge military moves worldwide are expected to usher in the Year of The Rabbit which begins on January 22nd on the Chinese calendar. “A new, formidable military year is coming, which will change the world and every person,” an Asian Secret society source promises. Pentagon sources predict a simultaneous massive offensive by China on Taiwan and Russia on Ukraine. However, we are hearing from Russian, Asian secret societies and other sources that there could be a simultaneous offensive by Russia, China, North Korea, Turkey, Iran, Serbia, Belarus and the secret space force to overwhelm all Khazarian Mafia-controlled military forces. Western Europe would fall within a matter of weeks while Taiwan is certain to surrender without putting up much of a fight. It is doubtful the South Korean military will fight much either against their compatriots from the North. Israel will also have to cut a deal before it is too late. We also hear from Secret Space Force sources that nuclear weapons will not be allowed to detonate during this conflict.

The Year of the Rabbit is supposed to be one of fecundity and reproduction so why war? The situation reminds me of a Jaguar I saw on a National Geographic documentary; it grabbed, killed and ate a large Cayman (Amazonian crocodile) to get ready to go off to mate. In this case, we need to remove the reptilian predators from the body politic before the world can start a prosperous new age.

This is happening beyond any doubt. Latin American sources tell us the death of Pope Maledict XVI on December 31st was a game changer. Maledict was one of the chief architects of the March 11, 2011, Fukushima mass murder event. He also orchestrated the murder of Pope Francis and his replacement with a rubber-masked impostor. The fact only Vatican City and the United States voted against an international move to protect the environment means he also pulled the strings for the Biden horror show in the US.

Vatican sources say that on his death bed Maledict said “Quite soon, I shall find myself before the final judge of my life…as I look back on my long life, I should have great reason for fear and trembling.” The source says Maledict was hoping a last-minute recant would be his get-out of Hell for free card but, Karma does not work that way. Mass murder and child rape is not something that you can get away with just by saying “sorry.” By the way, most of us do not have “great reason for fear and trembling,” about our actions. I know that when I go to meet my maker, if he tells me to “go to hell,” I will tell him to “go to hell,” because my conscience is clear (Okay except maybe for a few awkward and embarrassing incidents).

In any case, with the Pope dead and the Rothschilds trying to negotiate a surrender, it may be possible for the KM-controlled West to throw off its’ shackles and reach a deal with the world liberation alliance before the military fireworks go off. 

Speaking about military fireworks, CIA sources in South America explain that President Jair Bolsonaro submitted to election theft by the Satanist Lula because

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