Author: Benjamin Fulford

Sabbatean mafia plans to stage nuclear terror, blame North Korea.

The Sabbatean mafia that illegally seized control in the West is planning to stage nuclear terror attacks and blame them on North Korea, intelligence agency sources say. Google chief Eric Schmidt and basketball start Dennis Rodman recently visited North Korea as envoys of US President Barak Obama, MI6 and Japan-based North Korean sources say (shortly after Schmidt’s visit to North Korea, there was an attack on South Korean banking and media websites that was originally blamed on North Korea and China turns out to have originated in the US, most likely courtesy of Google).

The visits were aimed at encouraging North Korea to make nuclear provocations so that it could later be plausibly blamed for nuclear terrorist attacks carried out by the Sabbatean mafia, the sources say. To under-score this, the Mossad linked website had an article last week that basically threatened a North Korean nuclear terror attack unless Israeli interests were served.

Here is, in part, is what it said:

“So long as the Obama administration sticks to its current separate policies on Syria and Iran, Iran and Korea, Moscow and Beijing won’t lift a finger to apply the brakes to Kim Jong-Un before he drives the world to catastrophe.”

This is not even a fig-leaf of plausible deniability; why would North Korea risk nuclear annihilation to serve Israeli interests?

Both the official North Korean News Service and the pentagon are dialing back tensions even as the Zionist media continues its hysterical campaign to demonize North Korea. The fact of the matter is that two Sabbatean/Zionist/Nazi submarines have been sent to carry out nuclear terror attacks to protect Zionist’s fascist rule of the West. The Navy Intelligence information/disinformation site Sorcha Faal says the submarines are likely to attack either Yokohama (i.e. the US Yokota naval base in Yokohama, Japan), Busan in South Korea, Portland Oregon or Los Angeles.

Nobody will be fooled though and the Gnostic Illuminati are promising a retaliatory attack against Jerusalem if the Sabbateans try to pull off another nuclear terror attack. A South Korean government official also said his government knows North Korea is not planning any attack.

The same cabal is spreading bio-weapons in China, dumping nuclear waste in Japan and threatening to trigger an earthquake in California in a sign of vicious desperation.

The desperation is being triggered by an international dragnet that is closing in on them from all directions.
The attacks against the cabal

are being carried out by multiple intelligence and police agencies using various covers. For example, the US agency backed hacker group anonymous has hacked Israeli database and found the names of 30,000 Mossad agents around the world. These names have been forwarded to the relevant authorities. Anonymous has also announced an attack on Israel’s web presence.

The other big agency attack against the Sabbateans took the form of a release by the “International Consortium of Investigative Journalists,” of the names of holders of offshore bank accounts worth $32 trillion dollars (over twice the US GDP). Before the website was taken down and put up again in sanitized form, it released the details of accounts held by people like Barak Obama, Tony Blair, the Governor of the Bank of England, Hillary Clinton etc. For example, the Obama offshore account totals $30 billion and is held under the name Henry Ansbacher.

Another attack was the release by Wikileaks of millions of documents linked to arch-cabalist Henry Kissinger including such juicy Kissinger quotes as “the illegal we do overnight, the unconstitutional takes longer.”

The financial attack on the cabal is also intensifying. The widely reported physical gold shortages, such as the line ups at gold outlets in Thailand, are being caused by cabalists desperately trying to use their fiat paper currencies to buy physical gold. In the case of Thailand, the Saudi Royal family and their buddies the Bushes are working with Japanese crime syndicates to buy Thai and Persian royal family gold.

The wife of the Prime Minister of a major Asian country even phoned this writer last week to ask where gold could be found (Hong Kong, Switzerland and Indonesia was my best guesstimate answer).

In Japan, the big monetary easing announced by the Bank of Japan last week is actually a massive move to protect Goldman Sachs and the Rockefellers, according to the executive of a Japanese securities company. Goldman Sachs is in severe trouble in South Korea, Japan and elsewhere and is using yen in a desperate move to keep itself afloat, he said.

“The entire South Korean financial system is controlled by Goldman Sachs and it is imploding under bad debt,” he said. A South Korean government official denied this.

However, a White Dragon Foundation delegation to Seoul was recently shown photographs of large amounts of gold for sale supposedly held at a secret location in South Korea. However, the South Korean side, including representatives of the 6 largest conglomerates and the South Korean government, were unable to provide a photograph of a recent newspaper being held in front of the gold.

There is also a desperate move by North and South Koreans in Japan to liquidate their yen holdings and either buy South Korean won or gold before their money is confiscated by the Japanese tax authorities, the executive said.

The Japanese monetary easing and the attempts to grab Korean assets are a sign of desperation by cabalists stooges in the Japanese political scene who see their Sabbatean bosses being pulled down above their heads.

Until this battle is finally over and the cabal is dealt with, the world faces real risks of another major terror attack. Asked for his reaction to the ongoing takedown of the cabal, a senior member of the fascist P2 freemason lodge said “take a look at the radiation in Fukushima and the flu in China.” He then continued, “millions will die in America on the West Coast.”

Here is a counter prediction: “thousands will be arrested or killed until the cabal surrenders.”

Plasma ball spotted over Mt. Fuji, HAARP attack suspected

A powerful plasma ball was spotted over Mt. Fuji and photographed by this writer. The photographs clearly show the plasma burning over the massive volcano.


The photograph above and the one below were taken from Shinjuku, near the Tokyo government office buildings.


The photographs have raised suspicions of a HAARP attack by the cabal aimed at setting off an eruption of Mt. Fuji.

To prevent this attack on Mt. Fuji from escalating, retaliation has begun with the stimulation of volcanic and earthquake activity around the Atlantic Canary Islands using highly classified technical means.
Scientists have noted that if the La Palma rock formation in the Canary Islands falls into the ocean, it would trigger at 100 meter tsunami that would hit the East Coast of the United States, large parts of Southern Europe, West Africa and South America.

To avoid escalation, the White Dragon Society strongly urges the cabal to cease all wars and peacefully surrender its criminal control of the Western financial system.

The precise nature of the plasma ball spotted above Mt. Fuji has been determined by Japanese experts to be

the sun. More specifically, the pictures above are of the sun setting over Mt. Fuji and were taken by this writer last fall and saved for the April 1st edition of this newsletter.

However, all jokes aside, the cabal really did threaten multiple times to trigger an eruption of Mt. Fuji using nuclear bombs that have been buried in four locations around the base of the mountain. The threats were withdrawn after counter threats were made to hit the La Palma rock formation with nuclear missiles. This is the kind of criminally insane activity the current leaders of the West engage in. The actual ongoing volcanic activity at the Canary Islands, however, appears to be entirely natural in origin i.e. an act of God.

There is also a lot of seismic activity taking place in the financial world. The shutting down of the banks in Cyprus has apparently dealt a nasty blow to many groups of gangsters including, Sicilian, Calabrese, Camorra, Turkish and Russian mafia groups, according to an Italian P2 freemason lodge source. The more well connected gangsters were able to move their money out to Malta, Morocco and Tunisia, the source continued.

Higher level players were able to take their funds out of Cyprus and into Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Luxembourg, according to an MI5 source. Honest businessmen in Cyprus, for their part, got thoroughly shafted.

The Cyprus money grab has triggered, as mentioned last week, an escalating shift of funds out of Italy, Spain and other EU countries. Political chaos and unrest is also continuing in many European countries, notably Italy, which remains without a proper government.

Both MI5 and P2 sources believe the situation in Cyprus was a proxy war between the Germans and the Russians but it is not clear at this point who got the better of the battle.

However, the announcement by the 180 nation BRICS alliance last week that they were going to start a new development bank to replace the IMF and the World bank is expected to signal an intensifying financial boycott of the Sabbatean mafia controlled NATO terrorist states. The Russian move out of Cyprus before the banks were shut down is definitely connected to these moves.

These same 180 nations have also publicly called for a fundamental reform of cabal controlled global institutions like the UN and the BIS.

There is also a lot of high level intrigue continuing in the UK. The announcement that Jonathan Evans, the head of MI5, was resigning and being replaced by Andrew Parker, was highly irregular, according to an MI5 source. “Usually such a change is announced months in advance and a successor is announced weeks in advance,” the source says. The sudden announcement may be connected to the fact that Evans was clueless about the planned nuclear terrorist attack on the London Olympics, the source speculated.

The other big development in the UK last week was that Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent and head of the Freemasons, had a stroke. This is unlikely to be a coincidence given the highly intense struggles that are taking place throughout intelligence circles these days.

Speaking about intrigues, a very obvious and concerted campaign to feed alternative news media, including this writer, with misinformation is continuing. Once trusted sources have informed me of things like “Henry Kissinger had a stroke”, “Hillary Clinton had been arrested” etc. We could not verify this information and sure enough, shortly after the information was sent our way Kissinger and Clinton both appeared at public events.

The report we made last week about senior Japanese pseudo-right wing politician Shintaro Ishihara being brutally murdered came from a trusted source at Japanese military intelligence. Ishihara, however, appeared on Japanese TV today after a mysterious two-week hospitalization. The intelligence source insists the person seen on TV was a body double but we have been unable to verify this at the time of writing.

However, we can confirm from sources extremely close to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that he has come down with cancer and suspects he was hit with a cancer causing virus during his recent visit to the US. Abe is now taking hemp extract and has been advised by this writer to take 5000 IUs of vitamin D3 per day and 1 gram of vitamin C every six hours to counter-act the cancer causing virus.

There are also signs of a financial crisis brewing in South Korea, North Korea and Japan. This crisis has several interlocking dimensions. First of all, the Japanese government is considering passing a bill to tax all assets worth over 50 million yen (about $500,000) owned by South and North Korean nationals living in Japan. Since Korean gangsters seized large amounts of prime real estate near train stations during the chaos after WW2, huge funds are involved.

That may explain why a several Korean groups are now offering to trade yen for won at a huge discount to the official exchange rate, according to a South Korean CIA source.

That also explains a lot of the North Korean saber rattling in recent days since the North Koreans secretly control huge swathes of the Japanese economy and are understandably reluctant to have those assets seized by Japanese taxmen.

In addition, there is a huge credit card debt crisis brewing in South Korea, according to a veteran Japanese securities company executive. South Korean women are being sold into prostitution around the world to pay for their credit card debt, he says, but this option is not available for other Koreans. He expects a major credit card debt crisis to hit Goldman Sachs in particular, very hard.

The other crisis in South Korea has to do with bank loans, he says. Bank officers in South Korea with the authority to approve loans have been taking personal commissions of 10% or more on the loans they approve. This corruption is also leading to a bad loan scandal, he says.

The executive further made an interesting comment saying that “the people above me were Hillary Clinton and Henry Kissinger but they have lost power and we are not sure who is in charge now.”

On a final April 1st news note, Pope Francis has ordered a comprehensive review of the source material of Roman Catholic doctrine and has already made a startling discovery. It turns out that in the year 401 a monk made a mistake in copying documents from the original council of Nicaea. He left out the “r” in the world “celibrate.”

US President Obama now directly implicated in 311 nuclear and tsunami terrorist attack against Japan

Investigations into the nuclear terror threat against the UK Olympics last summer and into the March 11, 2011 nuclear and tsunami terror attack against Japan have netted a lot of big fish and is starting to zero in on US President Barak Obama, according to MI6, Japanese military intelligence and Japanese royal family sources. Among people now being questioned are George Bush Sr. and former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone of Japan, the sources say. Nakasone was taken into custody by six pentagon types last week and is undergoing questioning, a Japanese royal family source says. Also, Japanese Zionist politician Shintaro Ishihara has been reported missing by his family and yakuza sources say he has been tortured to death (in the official news says Ishihara has been hospitalized and is not receiving visitors). Obama was implicated because he orchestrated the illegal ouster of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in 2010 when Rudd started warning of an imminent nuclear terror threat to Japan, according to Australian police sources. The affair, referred to by investigators Ruddgate,

amay be the one that finally ousts the cabal.

Rudd was ousted 3 days after an Australian agent, named Alexander Moore, went to the Australian embassy in Tokyo with proof that a nuclear weapon had been smuggled into Japan for terrorist purposes. The embassy forwarded the proof to then Prime Minister Rudd as well as to US President Obama. Obama then ordered the ouster of Rudd in order to allow the nuclear and tsunami terror attack on Japan to continue as planned, the Australian intelligence agency sources say.

The man operationally in charge of the terror attack on Japan was Christopher Stevens who was the “ambassador Stevens” tortured to death in Libya last year. Since then, as previously reported, several dozens of top US military and CIA officials have been fired, as part of the investigation that has now netted Bush Sr. and Nakasone.

A related investigation into the nuclear threat against the London Olympics last summer is also closing in on the guilty parties. In particular, Sir John Scarlett, former head of MI6 and top Nazi in the UK, is going to be detained and his network shut down, according to MI5 and Scotland Yard sources. Scarlett is the man, MI5 says, who put together the “dodgy intelligence file” justifying the invasion of Iraq.

Underneath Scarlett can be found Sir Jeremy Haywood, who as Chief Cabinet Secretary, controls all the bureaucratic institutions in the UK, including the police.

Reporting to Haywood is Sara Thornton, Chief Constable of the Thames Valley police. Thornton was in charge of police special operations and was promoted to Deputy Chief Constable in August 2003 two weeks after Dr. David Kelly was killed in her district on July 17th. Kelly was the UK bioweapons expert who was killed after telling the BBC that the case justifying the invasion of Iraq was based on fake evidence.

Thornton is now leading a witch hunt in the UK aimed at covering up her superior’s role in the plot to hit London with a nuclear bomb.

The plot to bomb London failed thanks to warnings by patriotic MI6 agents. The 550 kiloton Ukranian Granitza warhead that was supposed to be used for the attack was taken out of the UK by Serbian drug smugglers, according to Eastern European intelligence sources. The bomb is now in Jerusalem, these sources say.

Scarlett, the man who, at the very least knew about the planned London nuclear terror and failed to act, reports to J.P. Morgan. Among other things, the intended nuclear attack on London was supposed to take out the City of London financial district so that the British would be forced to give up the Pound Sterling and accept the Euro, the MI5 sources say. J.P. Morgan had made big bets based on such an outcome.

Scarlett and his group also framed the head of the anti-terrorism division of the SAS, as a part of the ongoing attempt to cover their tracks.

However, with their uber-bosses like Bush and former pope Ratzinger and Tony Blair out of power, it is only a matter of time before Scarlett and his Nazi crew are removed from the picture.
The Russians are also intensifying their attack on Nazi influence by confiscating German assets in Russia to retaliate for the EU grab of Russian money in Cyprus, according to a senior P2 freemason source.

There are also moves in the work to force the Germans to give up on the Euro by hitting their car exports. “If you stop their car exports, then the German trade surplus vanishes because they have nothing else,” an FSB source said. It is also possible they will start “finding” multiple problems with German cars sold to the 180 nation BRICS block.

In any case, the “solution” to the Cyprus crisis did not really save the Euro because it involves capital controls. That is like saying citizens of Kansas cannot send their US dollars to other states while pretending it is business as usual.

The fact that the EU leaders have grabbed private bank deposits to pay of bankers has not been lost of savers in other parts of the Euro Zone. Serious capital flight has already begun in Spain, Portugal and elsewhere as savers there take their euros out before they are seized.

While the Euro crisis smolders on, the cabalists are still desperately trying to start World War 3. As predicted, chemical weapons have been used in Syria by the Nazi/Zionist cabalist Muslim brotherhood and their allies like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a desperate attempt to start their Messianic World War 3.

Syria is now “a killing field, especially for children” according to a Western ambassador to Syria. “The situation is too horrific to even conceive, children are being trafficked, sold into slavery, cut up into pieces for transplants; all sort of horrors, the worst imaginable,” the career diplomat said.

However, the Zionist terror is not expected to be able to last much longer. The pentagon and the good guys in the intelligence and military organizations around the world are on the case.

New Pope, new Israeli government, new Bank of Japan Governor on March 19th

It may be just a coincidence but it may also be a sign that something big is about to happen. There will be a new Pope, a new Bank of Japan governor and a new Israeli government taking office on March 19th, a date of occult significance for Asian secret societies (and also, by sheer coincidence, this writer’s birthday).

Pope Francis has already made it clear the soon to be reformed Vatican bank will now be spending its money helping the poorest and weakest people on the planet. Haruhiko Kuroda, the new BOJ governor, also supports plans to use Japan’s overseas assets, the world’s largest, to finance a major campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. The new Israeli government is bankrupt and cannot finance anything but perhaps they are about to become serious about peace for the first time since that troubled country came into being.

There are also many reports of bad guys dropping off the radar screen recently.

In Japan, for example, the Zionist slave and war-mongering right-wing crypto-North Korean pseudo-nationalist politician Shintaro Ishihara has gone into hiding, according to Japanese military intelligence. This is clear a sign the entire post-war cabal apparatus for secret control of Japan is falling apart. In the US and Europe the arrests and resignations are continuing as well. See this site for a partial list:

As far as Queen Elizabeth, (who like the Pope supports a big push to end poverty), is concerned, this is what an MI5 source had to say:

“She is well. She has some ‘lingering’ symptoms which she said last week that the doctors can’t explain. This serves to confirm our previous reports of avoiding the Rome trip [for security reasons].

She has missed some public appointments in the UK also but is working hard behind the scenes.”

However, the biggest change in the past week has been at the Vatican. Pope Francis, the first Jesuit to become Pope, chose March 19th to formally take the job because it is the feast day of St. Joseph, the guardian of Jesus. The name Francis was chosen for a series of reasons, according to a P2 freemason source. First of all, St. Francis of Assisi, among other things, introduced the concept of caring for nature to Catholicism. Another namesake, Francis Xavier, was the top Jesuit for Japan and India. Finally, the third head of the Jesuits, Francis Borgia (from the aristocratic Italian family) challenged corrupt popes.

The Jesuits are also featured as prominent fighters against Satan, notably in the movie the Exorcist, which was supposedly based on a true story.

However, there is also a spooky side to the name because the Pope’s family comes from Rome and one of his birth names was Peter. For believers in the prophecies of St. Malachi, it means he is Peter the Roman, the last pope. The prophecy of Malachi, according to Wikipedia, ends thus:
“Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End.”

If Pope Francis is serious about reforming the Vatican bank, he will confront the Satanic cabal that has illegally commandeered the Western financial system. The last time somebody tried to do that, the cabal staged the 911 terror attacks to preserve their financial control. It is thus extremely urgent to make sure the cabalists are prevented from any attempt to destroy Rome and its priceless cultural and social heritage.

Questions have also been raised about the new Pope’s involvement in Argentina’s dirty war. This writer’s father was Canadian Ambassador to Argentina during the dirty war and as a result I was a front line witness to those events.

The first thing to note is that the Jesuits have been slaughtered en masse several times in Latin America for helping the poor and downtrodden and thus learned to be very careful when dealing with the military wing of the Roman Empire in South America. To get an idea, please watch the movie “The Mission.” The dirty war, in which 30,000 people were kidnapped, tortured and killed was just the latest in an ancient history of Roman military slaughter.

When I was there our next door neighbor was kidnapped twice. We had a 24 hour Argentinian special forces guard stationed at our house. One of them showed me his notebook from the police academy; it was filled with instructions on how to make bombs. He said he had been told to set off bombs so the military government could blame it on the “terrorists,” and so justify their fascist government. He also said that he and his buddies grabbed leftists, hippies as well as “known criminals or troublemakers” and killed them in order to “make Argentina safe.”

Once, when some of the junta generals were at our house for dinner, my mother asked about the fate of some “leftists” who had recently been arrested. The general (I cannot remember which one) said “torture must not be handled by Sadists, it needs to be done rationally and without emotion.”

During a bus trip down to the South of the country, me and a friend talked about things like Carlos Castaneda (of the Don Juan books) and marijuana. The bus was suddenly stopped by military policemen who came into the bus, pointed machine guns at us and dragged us off the bus. If I did not have a Canadian passport saying my father was a diplomat, we would have been tortured and killed. In our case, we were let go after they searched us thoroughly (and took whatever they liked). It turns out the police went after us because the lady sitting in front of us did not like our conversation and informed on us.

There were also cases at the time of things like people getting rid of rival suitors by calling the police and anonymously accusing them of being communists or the like.

What I am trying to say here is that the actions of Pope Francis as a Jesuit during the dirty war needs to be seen in the context of the times.

The people of Argentina have now attained justice by putting these generals behind bars with common criminals. Let us see if the American and European people can do the same thing, starting with the Bush crime family.

Other than the new pope, the other major development has been the bank run in Cyprus. The bank run that was triggered by a government plan to confiscate 10% or more of savings has been widely reported and there is no need to regurgitate that here. What we can add from our sources is that the Cyprus case is a money grab by desperate cabalists. There is also some sort of link to the fact, according to a Vatican P2 lodge Middle East expert, that Russians have been taking gold and other assets out of Europe via Syria. The Cyprus money grab may be a counter-attack against the Russians, who have been active in Cyprus. However, a different P2 source says the events in Cyprus are a precursor to an upcoming attack on the German financial system. “The end of the Cabal banks is scheduled for March 31st,” he says.

The recent mass resignations (the Pope, Queen Beatrix, Senator J. Rockefeller, CIA head Petraeus etc.) are a sign that this time it might be for real. It is thus clear financial warfare that continues at the highest level and that the good guys are winning.

However, we must remember that many predicted dates of change have come and gone without the promised events taking place. We must not let up the pressure until the cabal fully surrenders and humanity is freed.

Asian or Roman pope next Also, North Korea seeks political union with South

This week the papal conclave starts and two well-connected insiders each have a different version of who will be pope. A senior member of the Italian P2 Freemason Lodge and of the Teutonic Knights says that, in a move to court Asia, the next pope will be Cardinal Louis Antonio Tagle of the Philippines. However, a European based CIA source says it will be a Venetian nobleman by the name of “Anthony Scola [the Cardinal of Milan], count on it.”

While this is going on, North Korea is making public nuclear threats to South Korea while secretly proposing a union between North and South Korea with Northern political leadership and Southern economic control, according to Japanese military intelligence and North Korean yakuza sources.

The Sabbatean Mafiosi, who were pushing for a unified Muslim/Christian one world religion secretly controlled by Satanists are, for their part, still desperately trying to start World War 3 in the Middle East, this time by using a false flag chemical weapons attack in Syria, according to Mossad sources.

There is also a squad of cabalist assassins stationed in Rome now trying to make sure certain large drug money laundering institutions like Bank of America,

Baine Capital, Mellon Bank and some other major Chicago mob (Obama) interests are not bankrupted by reforms to the BIS and the Vatican Bank, according to a P2 Lodge source. With the criminal persecution of former Prime Minister Berlusconni and the fall of the Bush family and their ally Ted Turner (of CNN), among others, these “Khazarian Mafiosi” are like cornered, dangerous animals, the source adds.

If the reformist faction of the Vatican succeeds in selecting Cardinal Tagle, who is of mixed Castilian, Chinese and Philippino descent, then there could be trouble. Tagle is one of only two candidates for Pope who has not been implicated in sexual scandals, according to a group representing victims of sexual abuse by priests.

Tagle is also backed by the just retired pope, “those that count among the curia,” and the old Genovese banking aristocratic families, according to an Italian aristocrat. He would be certain to reform the Vatican Bank and thus put an end to money laundering at this institution. This would be part of a push to force all of the world’s banks to accept Basel III reforms and would put an end to large scale illegal financial activity by Khazarian mobsters.

Scola, however, represents the “Merchants of Venice” group of old Italian black nobility including the highly secretive Del Banco family (the original banksters), according to MI5 and Japanese underworld sources. Some of the Del Banco family changed their name to Warburg a long time ago and were among the principal founders of the Federal Reserve Board. Recently some members of the Warburg family have been found hanged in apparent “suicides,” according to MI5 sources.

If money laundering is completely stopped at a high level by the BIS and the reformed Vatican bank, then the $2.5 trillion per year, mostly Sabbatean mafia controlled, illegal drug business would be in serious trouble.

Since these people have a fleet of submarines at their disposal and still have at least three 500 kiloton class stolen nuclear weapons it is conceivable that they would react to the announcement of a truly reformist pope by blowing up Rome. That would fit with the prophecies of St. Malachi (possible origin of the word “malarkey?”) but would be a major tragedy for humanity as a whole.

On the other hand, selecting an Italian as Pope would anger the vast majority of the world’s Catholics who are anxious for a non-European pope and real reform of that troubled institution.

The political situation in Europe is also moving rapidly against the old world order a man like Scola would be seen as representing. Turmoil there is intensifying by the day, with the latest being the rise of an anti-Euro political party in Germany.

The legal moves by the owners of the historical treasures that have been illegally used to support the Euro are also coming to a head and will make sure the status quo ante cannot be maintained.

The British Commonwealth also put out a signal against the cabal last week when Queen Elizabeth announced “core commonwealth values,” agreed to by 54 nations (population 2.5 billion people) of the commonwealth. “This is a clear sign that the Commonwealth is not dead,” an MI5 source said. “This could help with a major re-balancing in Asia to reduce cabal and EU interests,” he added.

That is why the Khazarians (Sabbatean Mafia) are so desperate to start a big war to try to avoid their impending doom.

This brings us to the threat of an invasion of Syria by Turkey, Israel, Jordan and the United States in response to a false flag chemical weapons attack as advertised on the Mossad linked website Debka.

However, the Russians have clearly drawn a line in the sand at Syria and the Pentagon has repeatedly rebuffed cabal attempts to start World War 3 in the Middle East. The Jews in the United States are also sick and tired of the criminal activities of the rogue Netanyahu gangster regime in Israel.

It is worth remembering that the symbol of the flag of the rogue state of Israel is the star of Lucifer and that the mobsters who put that symbol of the flag have been weapons, slave and drug dealers for thousands of years.

Right now, for example, they are using their mercenary war to against Syria to get slave girls. “The girls are being trafficked by the Jordanians to the Saudis, Qataris etc.,” says a Western diplomat just returned from a visit to a refugee camp in Syria.

In Afghanistan too, President Kharzai last week openly accused the US military of collaborating with the Taliban, in a move that was definitely not part of the script he was supposed to read to the assembled corporate slave press.

Everybody who still has an independent working brain and pays attention knows the US military is in Afghanistan waging a fake war with their Taliban allies to support the $500 billion a year Sabbatean mafia run heroin business there.

The situation in Asia, meanwhile, centers on negotiations between China, Japan, ASEAN, South Korea, North Korea and Taiwan to promote greater regional political and economic integration.

As a part of this, North Korea has been using its US supplied nuclear weapons as a bargaining chip to force an end to the artificial division of the Korean peninsula. They are proposing a North-South link based on Northern political control and Southern economic control.

The Chinese are also adamant that the Okinawan archipelago was part of China until Japan seized the islands in 1895. The White Dragon Society is proposing that Okinawa once again become an independent kingdom and that both China and Japan pay for a US military presence there to maintain the neutrality of the Islands. Okinawa could then become Japanese/Chinese free trade zone as it has been historically
Of course, Japan will have to remove the Sabbatean slave politicians still in power here before such a deal could become possible. That in turn will await developments in the West. The horse trading continues.