Author: Benjamin Fulford

Many signs point to imminent, bigger than Lehman financial tsunami

Veteran financial market observers will tell you that anomalies in the financial markets last week point to some sort of black swan event on the horizon.  This could be—cross your fingers and knock on wood—the signs of the long-awaited implosion of the U.S. Corporate government.  It could also be the signal for a new Bretton Woods-style reboot of the world’s financial system.

To understand, take a look at these two graphs from September 19th.  The first is the Repo market, and the second is SOFR (Secured Overnight Financing Rate)—the replacement for Libor.

The Repo market is basically a market where banks etc. use long-term high-quality financial instruments like U.S. government bonds as collateral to borrow here/now cash.  The second is the rate at which banks lend to each other.  The jump from 2% to 10% in the Repo market in a single day either means insiders think U.S. bonds are about to become worthless, or else some huge bank is about to go bust and so nobody wants to hand any cash over to them.

The second, SOFR, moved 282 basis points, in a market where people typically freak out over a move of even 20 basis points.  The SOFR move, at the very least, indicates that a mega-bank or several mega-banks could not get money from other banks.  This sort of move was last seen at the time of the Lehman shock.

The privately owned Fed has been trying to calm things down by offering to dish out $75 billion per day between now and October 10th.  That’s interesting timing, because the U.S. Corporate government has a payment deadline on September 30th and would be given until around October 10th (or the 17th at the latest) to come up with the money if it failed to pay up on September 30th.

A British Royal family member explained, “The financial industry has been bankrupted by …

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Australian PM Morrison Visits Washington:  So What?

Dear Benjamin:

I don’t want to cry wolf, however I am wondering if the current visit to the USA by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison could be the harbinger of a major event.  Today, Morrison is near the beginning of an atypical “week-long state visit” to the USA, the first visit by an Australian PM for several years.

While a visit by an Australian Prime Minister to the United States may be barely newsworthy in any other context, certain overseas trips by Australian officials have previously coincided with events of global significance.  To wit:

  1. Then Australian Prime Minister John Howard was “coincidentally” in Washington on 9/11, and shortly thereafter was the first U.S. ally to commit troops to Afghanistan and Iraq.  Some say Howard took Australia in early, thereby providing “moral” support to Bush 43 so he didn’t have to take Australia in big;  and
  2. Former Australian Health Minister Tony Abbott was “coincidentally” in Bali in 2005 when the second Bali bombings happened.  Abbott was reported to have helped the emergency responders and to have coordinated assistance for the injured Australians.  This did his career no harm;  he subsequently became Prime Minister himself.

Morrison’s visit occurs against the background of Iran being blamed for attacks on the Abqaiq and Khurais oil refineries in Saudi Arabia, Trump’s announcement of stationing of additional troops in Saudi Arabia, and rumours of a September/October “financial event.”

Add to this Morrison’s incredibly sucky (if diplomatic) “God Bless America” toast at the state dinner in his honour and Trump’s ”man of titanium” obsequiousness towards Morrison at a joint press conference, and it would appear that the ducks are starting to line up for, well, something.

That’s all I have for now.  Take care.


Thanks for the heads up, EB.

Australia needs to suck up to the U.S. more than most countries, because they need their help in order not to become a Chinese colony.

For the U.S., running out of allies, it makes sense to bring in such a beholden place first.  It could be they are planning a gold grab in the Solomons and Bougainville to help stave off U.S. corporate government bankruptcy.

Taiwan to China in Solomon Islands

Hi Ben,

I’m KH, your subscriber, living in the Solomon Islands.  I guess you are aware of the news in the title.  I just want to share local views to put it into perspective.

Yesterday, the cabinet of this country decided to switch diplomatic relations from Taiwan to China.  It shows how the Western control is fading and China is taking over in the Pacific.

Despite polls that showed 80 percent of Solomon Islanders and over 50 percent of Parliament being against breaking relations with Taiwan in favor of China, most shops in cities and towns in this country are already owned by the Chinese.  Now people here are worried about even greater Chinese dominance.

An aid deal of $500 million USD by China was reportedly the main reason for this switch.  But the Solomon government has money.  Every year, a lot of funds remain unspent because of lack of management capacity.

Also, logging is destroying the forests of the Solomon Islands, despite the fact that it is the main source of government income.  The majority of the logs are exported to China.  Accelerated loss of the beautiful nature is another concern.

Best wishes,

Thanks for the information.


Fact-checking about Khomeini

Your post said:

“However, did you know that Ayatollah Khomeini, the leader of the Iranian revolution, was actually of British-Indian heritage and the son of a British Petroleum employee?  The Rothschild-owned BP was then known as Anglo-Iranian Oil.”

A basic fact check will tell you that Khomeini’s father died in 1903.  And he wasn’t British.

Also, Anglo-Iranian Oil wasn’t founded until 1908.

Apart from the factual inaccuracies, I enjoy your fantasy fiction.



We are dealing with an Internet that is increasingly full of disinformation.  Maybe the Wikipedia version of history you cite is right, maybe not.  If I had more resources available, I could send somebody to check the paper birth records.  For now, I will just post your comment and let readers decide for themselves.

In any case, apart from the link I posted as evidence for the claim about Khomeini, my sources in the Iranian royal family have long claimed Khomeini was a Rothschild agent sent to overthrow them.