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Hello, readers! Welcome back to another thrilling episode of Beyond Blue Beam. Today, we journey once more into the realms of mystery and intrigue. Is it fiction, or is it reality? “Red is grey and yellow-white, but we decide which is right and which is an illusion” (The Moody Blues). The choice is yours! Share your thoughts in the comments, and feel free to contribute any additional information you have. Get ready for an exhilarating journey into the unknown. Relax, and enjoy the read, as we explore today’s episode together.


This week, we delve back into the enigmatic history of Tartaria and the intriguing theory of the Great Mud Flood, which some believe was a global event. We then continue with a captivating video, “The Rocks Were Alive”. We’ll also revisit the early automotive inventions of Henry Ford, including his innovative hemp car, and the fascinating story of a Hydrogen-water-powered car from 1970’s France. Next, we investigate the use of frequencies to levitate rocks, a topic that blends science with the seemingly supernatural. Finally, we close out with riveting UFO videos and more. There’s a wealth of information in today’s episode, so buckle up for a fascinating journey through time and space.


The Tartaria mud flood video of buildings.


“The Rocks Were Alive”. Video with stone people who were human from time immemorial.  


The Henry Ford Hemp automobile.


Revolution on Wheels: The Hydrogen-Water Powered Vehicle of 1974 France.


Engine Lubricant on Your Plate: How They Tricked the World into Eating It!.


Defying Gravity: The Mysteries of Rock Levitation Through Frequencies.


UFO Videos

1. Unidentified object spotted in the sky over Russia a few days ago. 


2. Alien artifacts uncovered in various South American Countries 


3. Anti gravity craft seen flying overhead in Florida, USA May, 2024


4. 2 Bright light orbs seen over Colorado, USA 2024


5. A large anti gravity man made craft seen in the sky over the Mid West of America 2024


6. A live video of a UAP going into a portal. January 18, 2023 at the Subaru Hawaii Telescope Station


7. Numerous orange colored orbs seen over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil- May 2024


8. A UAP apparently landing on the surface of the moon. Could this be for one of the mining operations taking place by private corporations like Lockheed/Martin or Northrop Grumman? You decide. 



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