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Hello readers, welcome back to another episode of Beyond Blue Beam. Today we journey into the realms of mystery and intrigue again. Is it fiction or is it reality? “Red is grey and yellow white but we decide which is right and which is an illusion” (The Moody Blues) You decide! Share your thoughts in the comments. Also please feel free to add whatever other information you have to add to the article in the comments. Meanwhile, relax and enjoy the read.


Today we discuss several different topics. buckle up for an interesting journey through time and space.  There is quite a bit of information in today’s new episode.


Secrets of the Frozen Frontier: Captain Robert Scott’s 1912 Antarctic Odyssey



Time’s Echo: Ancient Technologies Mirroring the Modern Age



Ancient Innovation: India’s Terracotta Tube Water Cooler – Nature’s Air Conditioning



Hidden Gateways: Discovering Secret Fake Rock Entrances to Underground Tunnels



Tesla’s Legacy: Exploring Energy Coils in Russia and the UK


Early Innovators: Solar and Electric Cars from the Past You Never Knew Existed


Safeguarding Earth: The Protective Power of the Magnetosphere

Earth’s magnetic field shields us from the solar wind, a stream of charged particles from the Sun. This shield, known as the magnetosphere, redirects these particles away from our atmosphere. It’s a crucial defense, preserving the stability of our atmosphere and protecting life on Earth from harmful radiation. Understanding the magnetosphere is vital for space exploration and mitigating space weather impacts.


1967 Sighting at MacDill AFB.

In this presentation, Michael Schratt highlights the statements of U.S. Navy combat veteran Jack D. Pickett who claims that he saw four U.S. Air Force jet flying wing discs parked at the MacDill AFB scrapyard during September of 1967.


Non-Human Intelligence Exists, There Is Zero Doubt | Col. Karl Nell



UFO Videos

1. A bright flashing UAP seen over New York, USA 19.05.2024


2. 3 bright Orange Orbs seen in the sky over Midwest USA May 18,2024


3. A bright UAP behind the clouds over central Mexico 25-05-24


4. Several bright orange colored orbs seen over San Diego, California 5-28-2024


5. An antigravity man made craft seen over Argentina  May 20, 2024


6. 4 light orbs seen in the night sky near Santa Fe, New Mexico USA May 29, 2024



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