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Global Currency Reset

Dear Benjamin,

For the past few weeks your sources keep mentioning a Global Currency Reset that’s supposed to happen when exactly?  And what is it all about?  Appreciation of precious metals?  And what’s going on with the price of these?  Aren’t they still rigged?

There is also a website called “” that recently caught my attention.  Are the prices of gold and silver mentioned there true or what?  I invested long ago in gold and silver since you mentioned it as a good strategy and I am getting a bit distressed two years later.

Thank you for your time and effort and excuse any temper of mine.  Nothing personal with you.  Keep up the good work.


Hello CD,

First of all, I do not know exactly when or if the global currency reset will take place.  It is highly placed Pentagon sources who tell me it is imminent.

As far as gold and silver are concerned, they have a track record going back thousands of years of protecting wealth.  The same amount of silver can buy the same amount of grain now that it could 4,000 years ago in ancient Sumeria.  The same amount of gold could get you a tailor-made suit in ancient Rome, 19th Century England, and present day New York.

I am not a financial adviser, but it sure looks like the stock bubble really is finally bursting now, so my advice is that if you seek to preserve your wealth, keep your precious metals or buy real estate that can earn enough rent to pay any loan and still turn a profit.

Request for assistance: SEAN-DAVID MORTON and MELISSA MORTON

This is war, folks.  They are jailing alternative media personalities on trumped-up charges.  We need to hunt down and bring to justice all those who participated in this frame-up operation.  –BF

Hello Ben,

My friend Sean-David Morton has asked me to forward his letter.  I recall hearing your interview on his Internet broadcast, “Strange Universe Radio.”  Sean is at the nexus of having the IRS Targeting of Conservatives case re-opened and also revoking the Chevron ruling allowing Administrative Law to supersede Constitutional Law.

We would ask to enlist your support if you would be able to assist Sean in getting this letter to the attention of President Trump, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Members of Congress, or the media.


Ken McCoy

Letter as follows (also attached):  Letter_SDM_20181101

Donald J. Trump
President of these united States of America
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20500

RE:  Pardon request for DR. SEAN-DAVID MORTON and MELISSA MORTON, both vindictively prosecuted by IRS/DOJ CONSPIRACY and wrongfully convicted by elements of the DEEP STATE to ALTER 2012 and 2016 ELECTION OUTCOMES.

RESPONSE TO Presidential request to be informed of horrendous administrative abuses by the IRS and DOJ against supporters of the President for political purposes.

Dear Mr. President,

My name is Dr. Sean-David Morton.  We met, sir, when I appeared ON STAGE with you at your presidential campaign rally in ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA in 2016.  I’m a lifelong friend of Congressman Dana Rohrbacher (R) Orange County.  From the very beginning, starting in 2015, I PREDICTED ON MY TOP TEN RADIO SHOW THAT YOU WOULD WIN IN A LANDSLIDE AND BECOME PRESIDENT, although I was roundly mocked by everyone else in the media.

My INTERNET radio program was in the top TEN of over 10,000 stations worldwide, second only to ALEX JONES, with a global audience going out to millions.  I’m a writer/producer/director and investigative reporter for programs like HARD COPY, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES, SIGHTINGS, STRANGE UNIVERSE, Geraldo Rivera, and dozens more, with HUNDREDS of radio and TV appearances and speaking engagements all over the world, supporting YOU and your agenda to make America great again.

I had the Nevada rancher BUNDY FAMILY, whom you pardoned, on my radio show from the beginning and supported them in their fight against the lies of the DOJ.

Please help us now, as you helped them, so we can be out of here to HELP YOU!

YOU specifically asked for any of your political supporters to come forward that were TARGETED DURING THE CAMPAIGN.  When the IRS Lois Lerner emails came to light, the U.S. Congress asked if political foes could be prosecuted for “FALSE” statements (LERNER put the quotes around the “FALSE”), which Lerner SAID was a way to target Democratic opponents and “THOSE CRAZY RIGHT-WING RADIO TALK SHOW HOSTS.”  (Lerner emails, Congressional Record.)

We were criminally prosecuted less than 2 weeks AFTER the Congressional investigation closed and the Congressional subpoenas were ignored and expired, and the PLOT TO JAIL CONSERVATIVES or DEMOCRATIC OPPONENTS COMMENCED.

WE are the ONLY ONES who have a link to the specific IRS POLITICAL TARGETING and to their nefarious PLOT TO JAIL CONSERVATIVES TO STIFLE FREE SPEECH AND FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION.  This is also a TEST of the infamous CHEVRON CASE, which challenges near-unlimited ADMINISTRATIVE AGENCY POWER, which is why I believe you nominated Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.

WE are the only ones whose cases infer they did NOT stop targeting political foes after the Congressional IRS investigation ended–could it be closed so abruptly to ensure the long-term political plot in 2011/2012 was continued?

WE WERE INDICTED and TARGETED in a VINDICTIVE PROSECUTION as a political tactic hatched earlier as known in the LOIS LERNER emails describing the [election campaign] as an OBAMA/HOLDER plot to jail vocal conservative leaders and to silence certain movements who claim FEDERALISM and want to make America a better place.

It is because of my investigative journalism, my lectures, and my work in RADIO and TELEVISION and books that DEEP STATE forces within the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE and the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION have put my sick wife Melissa and me in prison for YEARS!  Literally, as it states in my sentencing document, as a “DETERRENT AND EXAMPLE TO ANYONE THAT WOULD QUESTION THE VOLUNTARY INCOME SYSTEM OF THE UNITED STATES,” which I have NEVER DONE!

In fact, Obama appointees DOJ prosecutors VALERIE MAKAWITZ and JAMES C. HUGHES prosecutions were SO HATEFUL and it shows on its face prima facie evidence of VINDICTIVE PROSECUTION.  I did a site and conducted lectures and webinars to ask my friends and supporters for donations to help pay for my appeal.  ON THE RECORD, these prosecutors CONTACTED the GOFUNDME.COM WEBSITE and demanded that the site SEND THE DONORS’ MONEY BACK, along with a LETTER intended to STOP and DETOUR any help and to CHILL my relationships and DEFAME me with all of my friends, family, and associates trying to HELP US, stating that I was attempting to, and I quote Valerie Makawitz and the DOJ here, “THWART THE WILL OF THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE.”

Not in the long HISTORY of the DOJ have I ever heard of these dark, evil, dastardly, and scandalous tactics being used.  This has GOT to be the MOST VINDICTIVE PROSECUTION THAT HAS EVER BEEN!  It just shows the sheer psychopathic nature of Valerie Makawitz and her accomplices.  They did not want us to win or be able to fight them AT ALL COSTS, or even to raise the funds to allow us DUE PROCESS and further access to the legal system.  THEY WANTED US TO BE USED AS EXAMPLES of what they would DO to your supporters and makes it obvious that Valerie Makawitz and the DOJ would stop at NOTHING, including violating all ethical rules and EVEN BREAK THE LAW TO DO IT!

I BEG YOU for a pardon for my sick wife Melissa and myself!  We were unjustly and illegally prosecuted and now are both rotting in federal prisons for “CRIMES” in which the DOJ said there were “NO VICTIMS AND NO MONETARY LOSS TO THE GOVERNMENT.”

This was all a SET-UP and a vendetta carried out for publicity against your supporters by DEEP STATE ACTORS of the Obama Administration, such as LOIS LERNER, ERIC HOLDER, MARK EVERSON, the IRS, and the DOJ to try to ALTER THE OUTCOME OF THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.



Lead DOJ prosecutor is Valerie Makawitz, under Sandra Bowen, who both worked on Obama’s campaign in Los Angeles and were both appointed by Obama.  Makawitz’s husband, Mark Makawitz, is another Obama appointee as a Military Tribunal judge, the first to be appointed with NO EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER.  They all KNEW we were supporters of you, and that we were selectively and vindictively prosecuted, or HEAD-HUNTED, as being in the freedom movement who spoke out against government conspiracies and oppression.  Co-Prosecutor James Hughes, also an Obama appointee, also worked for the GSO.

They specifically tampered with the jury pool by using a DOJ database to choose a jury pool of only those who would be most likely to convict us.

In fact, Melissa and I were NAMED AS VICTIMS in three other IRS targeting cases of ALEXANDER ADAMS, BRANDON ADAMS, GARRET ADAMS, and GORDON HALL.  Then, suddenly the DOJ decided to persecuted US, WHO WERE THE VICTIMS, and now the “main architects and perpetrators” of THEIR 1099-OID tax process, which consisted of filing the IRS’s OWN documents and returns, available in programs like TURBO TAX.


The IRS TARGETING for political purposes BEGAN in EL MONTE and LAGUNA, both Southern California cities.  The PROGENITOR of these investigations and prosecution were IRS AGENTS PETER LU and JOHN SMITH.  Turns out “JOHN SMITH” was an alias for Agent JOHN LUCERO, who was the main player in the vindictive and selective prosecutions of those in the TEA PARTY and SUPER-PACS that opposed Obama in 2012, and then were pro-Trump in 2015-2016.  So it all stared with “JOHN SMITH.”


Judge Stephen V. Wilson illegally denied a VOID DIRE vetting of the jury or the opportunity to QUESTION potential jurors on their experience and prejudices.  We found out WHY.

The LEAD JUROR, JUROR #1, Leticia Sanchez, turns out has a long criminal record, was operating under an alias, and has been associated with VIOLENT PRO-IMMIGRATION GROUPS, LA RAZA, and even has connections with MS-13.

Turns out KATIE INGEBRETSON, JUROR #6, worked on the Obama Presidential campaign with DOJ PROSECUTOR VALERIE MAKAWITZ in 2012.  Ingebretson described herself as a harmless “green consultant.”  She in fact RAN BARACK OBAMA’S CAMPAIGN OPERATIONS in what were described as “BATTLEGROUND STATES.”  She used what she learned about using the INTERNET for political gain and opened a communications and government relations firm in Los Angeles.  As a POLITICAL CONSULTANT for Obama, she was the lead manager of the re-election campaign that was known to be WHY the IRS TARGETING began to sway the 2012 election campaign WHICH SHE RAN… and SHE was chosen to be IMPARTIAL on our jury?  NOT SO MUCH!  She has in fact given TED TALKS on “INFILTRATION OF ENEMY POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS!”

More specifically, as an investigative journalist and in my best-selling “SANDS OF TIME: 40 YEARS IN THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT” book series, I exposed and blew the lid off the top-secret base called AREA 51.  KATIE INGEGRETSON was the ASSISTANT TO THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE.  So do you think SHE had an agenda in convicting us?



Witness #1 against us was one MARK W. EVERSON, who was the 18th Republican candidate in a field of 17 THAT RAN AGAINST YOU for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.  He was the 46th COMMISSIONER OF THE IRS beginning in 2003.  Everson stated, “Trump’s policies are reckless, be they stripping trillion in revenues from the Treasury and bankrupting the country, or countenancing nuclear proliferation, to name two of the worst.”  The Obama targeting of conservative groups BEGAN UNDER HIS WATCH!  Everson also was put in charge of reorganizing and “updating” ALL government databases.  HIS WORK resulted in the hacking and loss of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of taxpayer Social Security numbers and the financial records of all these U.S. citizens.

He also testified that it was Alexander Adams, CPA and his sons BRANDON and GARRET ADAMS, licensed tax preparers, who filed ALL of our IRS tax documents, that THEY were the “Architects and perpetrators of the scheme,” and that they had the licenses of the IRS FIRE SYSTEM NUMBERS allowing them to file the 1099-OID’s… meaning that WE COULD NOT have done the actual filing, as claimed by the DOJ.


Presented himself as an IRS “computer expert,” yet he was apparently ON THE STAND UNDER OATH operating under an alias, because we can find NO INFORMATION about this “expert” ANYWHERE on the INTERNET.  He testified that he went through “hundreds of thousands of records” in our computers and could find “no evidence whatsoever that the Morton’s defrauded anyone.”


A paid DOJ “Expert Witness” on banking and bonds who claimed that he had testified in some 76 cases on bonds and banking.  Yet Mr. Kerr did not know even the basic fundamentals of what he claimed to be an expert in.  He knew nothing of the United States bankruptcy of 1933, did not know that the Federal Reserve was a PRIVATE ENTITY, and did not KNOW what a W-4 employment form EVEN WAS.


Claiming to be an IRS TAX EXPERT, did not know the FIRST THING about 1099-OID returns, what they were for, or how they were even processed.  And she claimed to NOT KNOW what a 1099-A was or an “Abandonment and Acquisitions” form, which lets banks know that you want funds returned that were ORIGINALLY GENERATED by the taxpayer, that were used by the bank to fractionalize funds they loan out.

So this is the ROGUES GALLERY that were used to target and vindictively persecute us.

The Los Angeles DOJ originally offered us both MISDEMEANOR CHARGES of less than a year, then told us, “That offer is RESCINDED because we have been told that DONALD TRUMP and JEFF SESSIONS want to be TOUGH ON CRIME!” knowing that we were supporters of you in your efforts to defeat the DEEP STATE and SAVE AMERICA, as this WAS the DEEP STATE in a massively publicized case fighting back against a very PUBLIC SUPPORTER of you and what you are doing!

Then I got 71 MONTHS, nearly 7 YEARS, and my poor wife, who had a debilitating STROKE when they read the verdict where she was DEAD FOR FOUR MINUTES, got TWO YEARS in prison!  Our family was torn apart, our possessions were looted, and we have been left with nothing.

WE BEG YOU FOR A PARDON!  IF ANYONE DESERVED ON IT IS US!  I got MORE THAT THE MAXIMUM sentence because the DOJ claimed I “WAS TO BE MADE AN EXAMPLE OF,” as one of your supporters, and that my sentence was to be an example and a deterrent to others.

This was NOT a “TAX EVASION” case.  It was literally IRS paperwork, filed by a CPA and LICENSED TAX PREPARERS, and paperwork with which we assisted other people to send to banks to help them with crushing debt.

THE CASE IS CURRENTLY UNDER APPEAL, AND I STILL FEEL THAT YOU ARE OUR LAST HOPE!  What was DONE to us was all part of an insidious plot to ALTER THE OUTCOME OF THE 2016 ELECTION, using publicity by targeting your supporters.

MR. PRESIDENT, I believe you have the responsibility to support and defend the people that supported you and to save them from this GOVERNMENT TYRANNY AND INJUSTICE!


Your devoted supporter,

Dr. Sean-David Morton
PO BOX 74549
Tucson, AZ 85734

Naiem Giladi

Dear Ben,

There is a great article online (nigh on 10 years) by Naiem Giladi entitled “The Jews of Iraq.”  Giladi (now deceased) was a former Zionist.  In that article he testifies in his own hand to having thrown grenades at innocent Jews in Iraq in order to convince them that the state was out to get them.

Note:  We located the article here:

I highly recommend the article and I was intending to clip out relevant paragraphs and send them to you apropos of the incident in Pittsburgh.  Unfortunately I am traveling now and cannot clip the paragraphs for you as hoped.

As you may remember, I also live in Pittsburgh and I consider you to be my friend as well.  Although in fact people may have actually been murdered, having traveled close to the area and having been alerted via phone, I felt it had the ring of a well-practiced drill.

Irrespective, I wasn’t in the synagogue, so I can’t provide you with better info.  Obviously the event was the only conversation on the street.  As I had lunch with friends in a local restaurant during the alert, I can only say that many people were scared out of their wits and huddling indoors.  That said, the orthodox community seemed largely unfazed (good for them), strolling casually to and from their services.


Could somebody in Washington, D.C. please help this woman

Hi Eva,
What I can do from here in Tokyo is publish your emails to me with the comment below:

Could somebody in Washington, D.C. please help this woman.

For your review.
Here is an evidentiary chain I have documented (probably too much detail, but I wanted to be transparent).


Hello Benjamin,

Just to start, I’m in D.C. sleeping in an airport with no one and nowhere and no money.

I’ll condense and allow you to ask questions where you want information.

I’m Canadian, married to U.S. Navy Seal William Brockbrader who has been missing for 3 years.  I feel he was forced back in to active status by McCain and before he left, something was done to him to forget me.  I believe he went along with this knowing I would not give up and hoping it would buy time for more to come to the surface and keep me safe.


  • My husband disappeared;  Last seen:  Feb 7, 2015;  Officially missing:  March 1, 2015.
  • I was in Canada after a near-death car crash without American medical coverage;  went back to Canada crossing and days later received news of his status.
  • Strange things started to happen;  my car was stolen;  family behaviour became abusive and I had confusion about why.
  • I was approached by a male RCMP Stacy Moines at a church service after speaking to the pastor.  Stacy said he was high up;  RCMP Number 2 under Justin Trudeau (Justin’s handler?) and “ALL THESE GUYS WERE HIS.”  He said he’d be able to look into my husband and asked to meet for brunch to learn details.  We met for about three days discussing everything.  I was very grateful for any help or direction.  After listening, he suggested I speak to Senator John McCain;  write to him;  call him;  and so I did so, unaware of anything about McCain other than what Stacy said:  “He signs all the budget checks and will know.”
  • Stacy said McCain was “a kingmaker.”  I had no knowledge of this term;  it meant nothing to me.
  • He bought me a $300 sleeping bag.
  • I signed papers;  presented my marriage certificate and sent it to McCain’s office.
  • McCain came back saying my husband was not DOD and not FBI.  Okay, I don’t have training so really I just want help.  If what my husband is doing is so important, fine;  I just need to be safe and have the normal ability to have autonomy that was not so easy in Canada.
  • Stacy offered a number of nice suggestions as how he could plug me into help (a union-certified electrician course and benefits).
  • Stacy made one strange comment that he’s had a hard time finding a Christian wife.
  • I was open to the union course;  however, as it was starting in the summer and my relationship with my son was stressed, I stated that my son was the priority so I was not sure if he’d be open as well.  That was my condition.
  • I mentioned I was going to leave Edmonton to go to Calgary to see my son and collect my belongings on the lawn (snow) after the car was stolen (one of the many strange things).
  • Stacy went into a rage in the church lobby, smashing his fist on his legs, yelling no, no, no.  Red flag.
  • Stacy saw two elders come sit down near us to put him on notice and that calmed him down.  He now offered to rent me a car (very kind).  He did so and I signed on as a secondary driver legally.
  • Upon arriving in Calgary and speaking with my son, he stated he was not interested in a union trade certificate summer course.  When I told Stacy we were not going to move, he went into a rage, demanding that I drop the car and hung up.
  • I then proceeded to call the car rental to notify them that I had their car, that the primary signer was in a rage, and that I had two days of errands left.  I stated the date I intended to return the car.
  • Stacy then called the car rental company and said he had received that message from me and “DID NOT TRUST ME,” as recorded by Enterprise in their internal notes.
  • Stacy then proceeded to issue an illegal arrest warrant against me (for driving without consent) the day before the car was to be returned.
  • The car was returned as promised with a full tank, no issues.  The car rental company had no issue with me and had never seen this before.
  • Stacy abused his power—the arrest warrant—when he felt I would not move to his jurisdiction.
  • This warrant made me even more vulnerable and needs to be vacated.
  • After Harvey Weinstein was arrested and news articles printed that he was “a kingmaker,” it started to make sense that Stacy’s intent as indicated by his wife comment was that he was going to potentially use his position to force me to have sex or be involved in some way in the sex trade.
  • In 2017, I went to D.C. to get help.  I contacted Robert Steele, who then replied he was working in macro so could not help me in micro.
  • I’ve now sought asylum in the USA (not officially).  I’m in D.C. with no money, nowhere to go, and can’t get River to reply.
  • The arrest warrant is bogus and needs to be vacated.

I need some financial assistance, a place to stay that is safe, etc.

My husband I feel is undercover, potentially part of who is taking Saudi down.  But I’m not sure;  he told me nothing.

Please advise, as this RCMP is a bully and abusing his power.  I’ve asked repeatedly to resolve the matter in good faith with clean hands, but no response.