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Urgent Request from Brazil

Hi Ben, how are you?

I don’t want to take too much of your time, so I’ll try to be brief.

In your last report (October 1, 2018), you spoke about Jair Bolsonaro, the right-wing candidate for Brazilian Presidency, as follows:

“Bolsonaro represents the Nazi/Zionist faction that has been looting Brazil’s resources and impoverishing its people, and so obviously they would be very scared of losing power.”

I totally believe you, but then you posted that letter from a Bolsonaro supporter that goes totally against that information and makes him a hero—the new Trump.

I can tell you for sure he is more a Nazi/Zionist than a new Trump.  He gets his support from the Evangelical Church, one of the most corrupt institutions in Brazil.  He supports dictatorship and the use of torture and he is not even ashamed of saying it on TV.  Because he knows his radical comments are not very welcomed to a good part of the population, he’s been skipping the debates with other candidates on TV even before he got stabbed.  Instead of debating, he’s using all his forces through fake news, using Whatsapp and Facebook groups, to blind his followers from reality.  He blames the media for everything, so that people only believe in his words.

It’s a very sad situation, especially when you know that the media was always actually against Dilma and Lula, and that’s why it got to play a huge role over the impeachment of Dilma and putting Lula in jail without concrete proof of anything.  Lula was by far the favorite candidate for presidency in 2018 and that’s why they did it.

On May 28th 2018, you posted another report that supports the fact that Bolsonaro is the bad guy, not Lula:

“Another blow against the Bush/Nazi faction of the cabal may come soon in the form of a military coup in Brazil, Pentagon sources are saying.  Here, a truckers’ strike has paralyzed the economy.  This is expected to be the trigger for a military coup that will restore former presidents Dilma Rousseff and Lula da Silva “from Zionist usurpers who seized control of the central bank in 2016,” the sources say.”

I kindly ask you to urgently communicate with your trustworthy sources to know what is really going on in Brazil and if possible give us a small report before this Sunday, as it is the Election Day.

For your information, your report from October 1st speaking about Bolsonaro was not even published in the Portuguese version.

This has never occurred before and I am afraid the Zionists are blocking it.  That’s very serious, because there are a lot of people who get informed from alternative media like yours, and the Bolsonaro team knows it very well.

Thank you for your attention and for your great reports always.


OK, I will publish your letter and all I can say is that I hope the people of Brazil make a wise choice.

Much appreciated, although my intention was never to try to convince you of anything, but to push you to give us some information from your sources who know what is really going on.  At least people will get another perspective from my comment and get to make their own conclusions out of this.

It’s important to point out that Lula took millions of people out of poverty threshold, and that probably made the Zionists very mad, as these people would finally be able to have access to education, making them a bit harder to be enslaved and manipulated.

But with the Zionists in control of the mainstream media in Brazil, they were able to trigger the wrath of the middle classes against Lula, painting him and all his party as the bad guys (which many probably are, but not necessarily Lula).  And that’s how we got to the point where people prefer to have a dictatorship in place instead of having Lula’s party back.


Who’s the head of the Rockefeller clan?

Dear Ben,

I’m writing to ask how can we trust the WDS?  Duke Mehal Rockefeller is the current head of the Rockefeller clan, and is still trying to push the fake New Age Without Christ spirituality and can be seen wearing a white dragon ring.

How do you reconcile this?

Are we supposed to sit back and let the same families rule in the background?  Is Duke Mehal part of the P2 Lodge?  Why would Asian secret societies support a Rockefeller still?  Because the Rockefellers still have a base in China.  They wouldn’t have announced David Rockefeller’s death unless there was someone else to take his place.

How do you reconcile this?


What is your source of information?  As far as I know, Mel Rockefeller, the son of Nelson Rockefeller, is the new head of that clan.  Hillary Clinton is actually Hillary Rockefeller, and we are removing them from power as you can see in the news.

I have never heard of “Duke Mehal Rockefeller,” and if he exists, he was nothing to do with the White Dragon Society.  It sounds like a psy-op to me.


Letter from Brazil

[Translated from the Portuguese below.]

It would be great if you could update yourself on what is really happening here in Brazil, as it seems to me that you are being misinformed.

The electronic ballots used here in Brazil were commissioned to be a tool for manipulating elections to public office.

The election of Dilma was already defined eight years before the public vote with the Electronic Ballot Boxes.

His best-positioned opposition competitor was already celebrating with his constituents, but they were all taken aback when Dilma was inexplicably elected.

It was the most discharged case that happened in terms of public voting.

Lula’s elections were also glaring frauds.

Bolsonaro said he would accept nothing less than victory, because all serious polls, including by US officials, take Bolsonaro’s election in the first round.

The great majority of the population has their victory certain, because the public manifestations are something never seen in the history of the Earth.

No penny was spent on his campaign, nor for his transportation.  Everything is authentic and spontaneous on the part of the population.

What actually exists is that the Black Kabbalah is in all key positions;  for example, the HIGHER COURTS:  STF, STJ, TST, TSE e STM, Congress, and Planalto.

There are also traitors in the upper ranks of the Armed Forces, whom I know have already been set aside.

The armed forces are moving throughout the territory of Brazil and no longer respond to the President and the Maximum Station of each Army.

Bolsonaro was actually stabbed and was sent to the Albert Einstein Hospital, because if he had gone to the Syrian Lebanese he would surely have died at the surgery table.

Syrian Lebanese sent four doctors, without anyone having asked, to serve him in the Santa Casa de Juiz de Fora in Sao Paulo, where he received the first aid.

These four doctors were not accepted by the family.

His killer was unemployed and had a bricklayer’s job, but he had rented a room for two weeks and paid cash in advance.

We found in his room 4 cell phones and 1 notebook.

In his account had been deposited R $ 350,000.00 Reais (Reals).

When he was arrested, four of the most expensive lawyers were sent to his defense.

The Maldita Mafia (Black Cabal) wants to eliminate him.


October 02, 2018

Seria muito bom se pudesses te atualizar sobre o que está ocorrendo realmente aqui, pois parece-me que estás sendo mal informado.

As Urnas Eletrônicas utilizadas aqui no Brasil foram encomendadas para serem ferramenta de manipulação de eleições aos cargos públicos.

A eleição de Dilma já estava definida oito anos antes da votação pública com as Urnas Eletrônicas.

Seu concorrente opositor melhor posicionado nas pesquisas já estava comemorando junto aos seus eleitores, porém todos foram pegos de surpresa quando inexplicavelmente Dilma foi eleita.

Foi o caso mais discarado que aconteceu em termos de votação pública.

As eleições de Lula também foram fraudes gritantes.

Bolsonaro disse que não aceitaria nada menos que a vitória porque todas as pesquisas sérias, inclusive feitas por entidades dos EUA dão como certa a eleição de Bolsonaro já no primeiro turno.

A grande maioria da população tem como certa sua vitória porque as manifestações públicas são algo nunca visto na historia da Terra.

Não foi gasto nenhum centavo na campanha dele, nem para transporte do mesmo.  Tudo é autêntico e espontâneo por parte da população.

O que existe de fato é que a Cabala Negra está em todos os postos chaves;  como por exemplo, TRIBUNAIS SUPERIORES: STF, STJ, TST, TSE e STM, Congresso e Planalto.

Também existem traidores no alto escalão das Forças Armadas, que pelo que sei, já foram postos de lado.

As forças armadas estão se movimentando por todo o território do Brasil e não respondem mais ao Presidente e nem ao Posto Máximo de cada Exército.

Bolsonaro foi esfaqueado realmente e foi encaminhado para o Hospital Albert Einstain, pois se tivesse ido para o Sírio Libanês certamente teria falecido na mesa de cirgia.

Sírio Libanês encaminhou 4 médicos, sem que ninguém houvesse pedido, para atendê-lo na Santa Casa de Juiz de Fora, em São Paulo, onde recebeu os primeiros socorros.

Estes 4 médicos não foram aceitos pela família.

Seu assassino estava desempregado e tinha profissão de auxiliar de pedreiro, porém tinha alugado um quarto pelo período de 2 semanas e pago adiantado em dinheiro vivo.

Foram encontrados em seu quarto 4 celulares e 1 notebook.

Em sua conta tinha sido depositado R$ 350.000,00 Reais.

Quando foi preso encaminharam 4 advogados dos mais caros para sua defesa.

A Maldita Máfia (Cabala Negra) quer eliminá-lo mesmo.

Stance on alternative lifestyles

Hi Ben,

I’m a follower of your work with the Dragon families and even administer a group on Facebook dedicated to your weekly updates along with the fight against the cabal.  I have a concern, however.  You appear to be sounding increasingly prejudiced toward the LGBT community (and you have many people who support you from within that community, many of whom are GOOD people.)

So my question is:  are you homophobic?  I have noticed you often speak about people of this community as if we’re a product used to depopulate the world rather than actual Human Beings!  As a note about the mention of “promoting homosexuality,” there is a difference between promoting and actually educating people to lower stigma ALONG with giving people of such equal rights to everyone else.

Also, please stop placing the subject of paedophilia directly after speaking about homosexuality.  It appears a calculated move which anyone with half an education knows paedophilia is in no way related or similar to homosexuality.

I would like to hear your response in these regards/concerns.

Yours sincerely,

Hi D,

First of all, let me say up front, I am not homophobic and furthermore, I have personally had, and enjoyed, same-sex experiences.

My problem is not with the LGTB community and people wanting to live alternative lifestyles.  They deserve to be treated as a normal part of the social spectrum and given the same rights as others.

My problem, in the case of Canada and many other countries, is that alternative lifestyles like polygamy that produce lots of children are criminally punished, while all forms of sex that do not produce children (masturbation, prostitution, homosexuality, etc.) are actively promoted.  Yes, this same Canada whose Prime Minister is actively promoting homosexuality is criminally punishing people who practice polygamy.  This is true in other countries as well.

The other problem is the historical practice of simultaneously promoting and prohibiting homosexuality in organizations like the U.S. military and the Catholic Church.  In the U.S. military, Nazi groups affiliated with the Bush clan, for example, forced people to have homosexual experiences in order to be promoted and then used the threat of exposure of these experiences to blackmail the same people into obedience or else face court-martial.  The U.S. military put an end to this by ending the ban of same-sex love, which was what I recommended they do.

The Catholic Church needs to do the same thing, but so far, they refuse.
In Canada, during the Cold War, there was an interior decorator working in the Department of External Affairs who was suspected of being homosexual by the Security Department.  They worried that he would be blackmailed by the Soviets because of this.  For this reason, they confronted him and asked him if he was homosexual.  He said, “Of course I am.”  Since he was open about it, they decided he could not be blackmailed and so was not a security risk and let him be.

In the UK, former Prime Minister Edward Heath was filmed by the Soviets having sex in a London hotel room with a 14-year-old boy.  He was blackmailed by this and as a result, signed over British sovereignty to the Communist EU.  That was a security risk.

A big issue that still needs to be addressed is the whole issue of older men having sex with teenage boys, a widespread but highly taboo practice.  In many cases, older men use a position of power to sexually abuse young boys.  In other cases, it is completely consensual.  Society needs to openly discuss this and figure out what sort of stance to take on this issue.


Justice for Brian Aberle

On behalf of Brian, thank you for reading about how the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office has been treating him:, some of which is copied below.  To follow links, please view that blog page.

Guilty Until Proven Wealthy

My name is Brian Aberle.  I am a chemist and plant medicine researcher.  I have professional experience in oncology with Siemens Medical and management-level experience in health care systems at Kaiser Permanente.  I research natural plant medicines that are alternatives to pharmaceutical anti-depressants.  I publish a website about my work:


I also research plant medicine to cure neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, which are generally treated with a class of medicine called Acetyl-Cholinesterase-Inhibitors (or AChI’s).  I published a Ph.D. level thesis outline titled “Neurodegenerative disease cure 2018” at where I publicly answer chemistry questions about my work.  I have posted answers about how to properly neutralize caustic mixtures for environmentally safe disposal, as well as more advanced questions about how to isolate individual alkaloids such as harmaline found in Syrian Rue.

Shortly after I relocated to Ashe County [North Carolina], deputies of the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office illegally searched my home and found marijuana.  Most of what they illegally seized had been decarboxylated, which makes it orally active and has been found to be the most effective form for cancer treatment or use as an AChI medicine.  Although it was discovered illegally, and their illegal case against me weak, I was placed on probation for possessing it.

I was assigned to a probation officer named Timothy Moretz.  When I introduced myself to Officer Moretz, I explained to him my work in chemistry and how I research the effects of plant medicines on neurotransmitter levels in the brain—how anti-depressants such as SSRI’s, SNRI’s, and MAOI’s work by raising serotonin and DMT levels, which exist naturally, or endogenously, in the human brain.  And that some plants such as Yopo contain both serotonin and DMT.  Timothy’s response to me was that “the world is overpopulated” and that “advancements in healthcare and medicine are to blame.”

After being on probation for about a month, my home was once again illegally raided and illegally searched.  On June 21, 2018, Timothy Moretz overstepped the law and, with nine other officers, came into my home unannounced and for two hours illegally searched my house.  One of the officers produced a small amount of mushrooms from within my freezer.  Officer Moretz presumed them to be hallucinogenic, whereupon he arrested me and had me charged with a felony.  For these fraudulent charges, the Ashe County District Court set my bond at $50,000.

I was then thrown into an isolation cell at the Ashe County Detention Center, and for 41 days I was deprived of phone access as well as the communication kiosk during my weekly trip to the shower.

Once Timothy Moretz had me falsely imprisoned, he returned to my home that very evening to trespass onto my property and continue his unlawful ransack of my papers, plants, my laboratory—my entire home.

Within a few days, state labs confirmed that the previously and illegally seized mushrooms were NOT hallucinogenic, but long before I would get out of involuntary solitary confinement—let alone released from these baseless charges—Timothy Moretz got a search warrant, absurdly based based on a statement I made to him about plants and urine containing DMT.  He returned ten days later with his absurd search warrant, and as Michael Sheron from the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation described it, a “fiasco” ensued.

Upon the execution of Timothy Moretz’s search warrant on June 26, no shortage of emergency services were summoned:  What Timothy presumed to be an explosive device turned out to be just an oil lamp and an incense burner—as confirmed by the bomb squad, who were there after being dispatched to respond to Moretz’s emergency situation.  Both fire departments from the city of Todd and Fleetwood were there, as well as the Ashe County Rescue Squad:  Timothy also presumed that my chemistry equipment was a meth lab, but when the NC Health Department got there to dismantle his meth lab, they could find none.  Andrew Blethen of the Department of Health stated that “under current decontamination laws, the local health department can only enforce cleanup of meth labs.”  And so the state did not (any further) dismantle my lab—thank God.  NCBIS was also on scene.

I had in my inventory many different legally-obtained plants, seeds, tree resins, chemicals, and equipment used for the making of medicine crucial to my research.  In total, 138 items were confiscated and destroyed.  For all of the Sheriff’s Office’s destruction, they claim to have found LESS than 1/10th of a gram of DMT with serotonin in it.

After Timothy’s fiasco on the 26th, and while I was still in isolation, he then had me falsely charged with three Class A felonies, this time for allegedly manufacturing and selling DMT—charges even more ridiculous than the first.  However, because Timothy had upped the ante with felony charges, my bond was then raised from the initial $50,000 to $300,000.

On August 23, 2018, reported on the evening news that the Ashe county Sheriff’s Office has been charged with “False Arrests” and “Malicious Prosecution,” amid other charges of misconduct, including forcing deputies to lie in statements.  I can personally testify that these allegations are only the beginning of the corruption within the Sheriff’s Office.

Please share this injustice with other medicine research groups or Internet groups concerned with human advancement, or truth and liberty.  The criminality going on in the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office must be exposed.

Thank you for reading, and God bless.  Call the District Attorney and ask about my case.

Again, the blog page with full links is at: