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Letters to the Editor

“Thank you for another affirming report that assures we are

I want so much to believe you, but a weakness in the white hat
progress to victory troubles me.

If I am a Swiss soldier we are asking to arrest the psychopaths
assembled in Switzerland and rid the world of the very monsters
who openly plan to kill us, I have to be sure the white hats and
the elders will protect me and my family from the real possibility
of torture and death, not to mention the loss of my career and

I will have a nagging feeling I may not have the support and protection
that would give me confidence to “do the right thing”.

Something in the predictions of white hat victory suffer from a
longstanding noticeable lack of real action that would inspire me to make a hero’s

In 1980, the Georgia Guidestones were erected on a hill in Georgia
proclaiming a set of ten guidelines inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages and a shorter message inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts.

And what do these inscriptions declare?

In the briefest and boldest words possible, the guidestones tell the world exactly
what the monsters in the Switzerland meeting took days to review and refresh.

That they will kill all but 150 million of the people on earth and enslave the rest.

No warplanes circle above these blatant and defiant promises of enslavement and death.

No soldiers patrol their perimeter to protect them.

In 42 years, other than a little graffiti, they have stood unchanged, daring
all patriots and lovers of life to do something about it.

As that Swiss soldier considers turning on the very leaders who are paying him well,
I have to ask myself:

“Why am I being asked to risk my life and my family when there is not one patriot
or white hat in the entire United States with the conviction and courage to blow those
19 ft tall abominations into a pile of rocks?”

And if I am Klaus and his minions continuing our plans without interruptions to carry out
our declared program of murder and enslavement of the entire planet, I would smile
at those who keep announcing the white hats are winning because they can’t even remove
our beloved Georgia Guidestones–a stationary unprotected target fearlessly declaring
annihilation in the faces of all humanity for 42 years.” –Anon

Destroying the Georgia Guidestones would be like destroying the concentration camps. It is better to keep them as proof of the malivolent intentions of the Khazarian mafia who seized power in the West.
In any case, my message to the Swiss soldiers is that freedom is something worth fighting for. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, “if you are willing to give up your freedom for a bit of security, you deserve neither.” – Benjamin Fulfor

Letters to the Editor

“Babies that gestate apart from a mother’s womb will have no
emotional or psychic connection with her.
This plan is the wetdream of the transhumanists and must never
happen because it will produce parentless humans without
the natural development of normal healthy motherly love.
They will always feel detached from humanity and open
to cold, calculated control and programming.
Transhumanists long to replace mothers.
Never encourage this in any form.
It brings the end of our species.”
Mothers can tell their own children from others even when blindfolded and only touching the back of their heads with the tip of their fingers. This shows how strong the bond between mother and child is. – Benjamin Fulford

Letters to the Editor

Hello Ben:
     When I do a search on these people ruling us, all kinds of Reptilian stuff comes up. I’ve found shapeshifting, blood sacrifice, adrenochrome, Pedophiles, eating babies, if fact the inside of the Vatican looks like a Reptile. When I dowse these people souls, I get Reptilian. So, my question is. What do you think would happen if everyone learned, we are being ruled by Reptilians?
My view about reptilians is that it is that extra-ordinary claims require extra-ordinary proof. There has been no such proof put out about so-called reptilians other than fake videos. My view is that the reptilian story is disinformation put out by David Icke, He takes the very real proof that the central banks of the West are privately owned and then tacks on the story “they work for reptilians,” to make sensible people ignore the truth about the FRB etc. He fails to provide any real proof about the existence of these “reptilians.”
However, If there were reptilians, then they obviously have to hide their presence or else the people would revolt at attack them. That means they are weak.
Also, I think the reptilian story is a good metaphor for the Satan worshiping Khazarian Mafia families who own the central banks. They are weak and that is why they have been hiding. Now that they have been exposed, they are being removed.
-Benjamin Fulford

Letters to the Editor

My question is: is this KM the same entity I’m researching who often refer to themselves as a fraternity of brothers known as Jesuits? – Anon
The Jesuits are definitely involved. Peter Hans Kolvenbach, the former head of the Jesuits, bragged to me that he was Satan’s representative and was responsible for the terror attack against Fukushima on March 11, 2011.
However, under Pope Francis the Jesuits seemed to have changed their tune and were taking a softer line.
Now, Francis has been replaced with an impostor and whoever controls the Jesuits is clearly a senior member of the Satanic Khazarian Mafia as is proven by their actions. I hope genuine Christians in their rank and file will revolt against the fake Francis and his puppet masters. – Benjamin Fulford.

Letters to the Editor

“Ben.. Can not help but wonder if the Galactic Federation of Worlds and Jupiter Agreements or Artamis Agreements have something to do with this transaction. He works for the Earth Alliance and the GF of W’S now to benefit humanity as we ascend and rebuild a far better world.. It would make sense in certain ways.. Suppose we will find out soon enough..

And in case you did not hear yet Charlie Ward announced the beginning of the good financial reset I think it was Saturday last..Then during a rousing speech at the Ohio Rally, Trump or his double announced that there will be a huge announcement about his stollen election I think its sometime this week. His speech was all about how they have located and found millions and millions of fake ballots for Biden and he is saving the outcome of this for this upcoming announcement. It sort of looks like Biden is on the way out and Trump is returning shortly Have to wait and see ..but obviously something is in the works if a huge announcement is to be announced about this..” -Anon


These guys have been saying “your check is in the mail” for decades. I will believe it when I see it. In the meantime, we keep fighting to overthrow the whole damn bunch of them until they are permanently removed from control of the financial system. That is the key. – Benjamin Fulford


“Agreed the destruction of the present fake financial system is the key and it is slowly happening..Drip by drip….Today Israel replaced the Fiat USD with the Yuan as the new Reserve Currency there…Israel?? Americas biggest Parter in Crime??”


That’s interesting. I noted the Mossad propaganda site Debka has been down for a while. Something is happening. – Benjamin Fulford