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Request for further info on failed coup and Obama

An attempted coup against U.S. President Donald Trump has failed and several senior U.S. politicians, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, are likely to be arrested or executed as a result, MI6 and Pentagon sources say.

What exactly did they do in this failed coup attempt?

They also bragged that the now executed Barack Obama was their man.

If Obama was executed or is dead, why is this not big news across the globe?  Do you have a second source on this story?

I’m just asking some of the normal questions a reader might ask.  I look forward to your extended explanation.


Thanks for the questions.  First of all, I admit I do not have all the answers.  There is a lot of fog surrounding this undeclared U.S. civil war.  All I got from MI6 when I asked why Pelosi, Schiff, etc. suddenly flew to Jordan was “failed coup.”  What I do know is this:  Pelosi and Schiff tried to impeach Trump and failed.  There was also a failed assassination attempt against Trump on October 17th in Dallas, where Kennedy was killed.

Also at this time, there was a huge campaign in the corporate media to promote comments by General James Mattis and Admiral William McRaven attacking Trump.  While I did not explicitly say so, I assumed readers would infer the possibility that Mattis and McRaven were induced by the cabal to try to get military support for an effort to oust Trump.  Time will tell whether this was true or not.

As far as Obama is concerned, I have addressed that in a reply to a Letter to the Editor that you can see elsewhere on this website.


Obama question

Hi Benjamin,

I read your updates before I even get out of bed most Mondays.  Thank you so much for all that you do!

One question that’s been bugging me—why was it SO EASY for them to get to Obama and execute him so swiftly without his name spending any time in the headlines for his wrongdoings, when the Clintons have been overtly criminal for aeons and are still walking around so freely?

Why was Obama so easy to get to?  And do you have any idea about how this is going to be spun publicly?  Where is his family?  People are going to lose their damn minds.

Thank you again,

Hi N,

The only reason I can think of that Hillary Clinton is still alive is that she has powerful protection.  I was once told that arresting her would involve a firefight with about 20,000 elite hired bodyguards.  However, now that the reserves have been mobilized, that should be possible.

As far as Obama is concerned, we need to see how this plays out.  His father was Frank Marshall, a Communist, so my guess is that Obama was a Communist plant and that is why they got him for treason.  However, there are a lot of questions and even though many people have told me he was executed, there was no public trial and there is no video available of his trial and execution, so many question marks remain.

There’s a lot of disinformation and fog of war out there, so it is even possible that “Obama” or his computer graphics or his look-alike will be trotted out in public to discredit all the people who reported his death.  Time will tell.

However, it is clear the good guys are winning.


Enough of your bullshit already.  America is not indebted, period.  It is the most ripped-off nation of all time.  We know about the Pope and the Queen’s governmental services corporations.  China is a worthless secondary creditor to those foreign-owned, bankrupt corporations.  The national debt is the national credit that is owed to the American People, not lazy, sneaky China.  China can’t wipe its own ass, for crying out loud.  They’ll get nothing and like it.  The Pope, and your boss, the Queen, will pay their own debts this time.  I believe Anna von Reitz has already educated you on these matters… too bad you didn’t listen.


The US has definitely been ripped off and looted by the privately owned Federal Reserve System.  You need to nationalize it and issue your own sovereign currency ASAP.

However, if you just look at physical trade and nothing else, you will see that ships have arrived in the U.S. full of stuff to be delivered to the American people and then have left empty for the past 40 years.  See what happens if you try to get stuff from or Walmart and not pay for it, but the U.S. has not being paying for its stuff for more than 40 years and the world is getting sick and tired of it.

Trump is right in saying the U.S. needs to manufacture and export more, but that will not be possible as long as you keep using the Fed’s UN dollar, mislabeled as the “U.S.” dollar.  Tariffs are only a tax on the American people and will weaken U.S. competitiveness.  Ask the Argentinians how tariffs turned them from the world’s richest nation into a third-world country.

As far as the Queen is concerned, she is only a symbol;  the real power rests with the people.


About subscription fees

How can Ben Fulford claim to be a good guy supporting Trump when he’s charging 11 bucks a month for his cut-and-paste articles?  Shameful PAY-triotism with a sneaky nod to the Freemasonic number 11.

Please address this in your Letters to the Editor, as even mainstream media don’t have fees like this.


The fee is typical of specialized newsletters and is what allows me to do the work necessary to gather the information I share with my readers.  I used to have a free mailing list for people who could not afford to subscribe, but the volunteers running it burnt out.  Now what I do is allow anybody to post the newsletter in full on the Thursday after the Monday that subscribers get it.  You can find it on sites like or


A new source from Brazil

Hello Benjamin:

I am a reader of your site.  I’m from Brazil.

I’m sending you an article which talks about an attack that happened on the northeast coast of Brazil.  Tons of oil from abroad are killing our coast.  Could this have anything to do with the Dark Kabbalah [Cabal] attacks?  A boycott is happening with my country’s environment.  Could this be related to an alleged internationalization of the Amazon to control the world’s food and water production?

I would like to know if the content of your articles could be more related to Brazilian politics.  Could you make references to our situation?



Thanks for the information.  My understanding is that Bolsonaro works for Nazis who seized Brazil in order to get its resources and thus avoid bankruptcy.  Bolsonaro’s shooting during the election campaign, his treatment in an Israeli-linked hospital, and his friendship with Benjamin Netanyahu all show that he is a Nazi.

The destruction of the Amazon is a crime against humanity and I hope Bolsonaro is arrested soon.  Right now, though, the main battles against the cabal are taking place in Washington, DC and Israel.  After they are defeated there, Bolsonaro will be taken down.