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State of the Stolen Election

Dear Benjamin,

I have to say I am really confused about what is going on with this stollen election.  I need your input on if in the United States we are winning or losing this war?  Robert Steele makes the case that Trump will arrest, prosecute and take office for 4 more years.  I really need for this to be the case but the truth is the truth.  I just read an article on Silver Doctor that says we are losing and they have won.

This article is also very compelling.  Title:  The Establishment Against the American People:  America’s Color Revolution”.  According to Robert S., Trump has all the evidence getting Pelosi’s laptop and many others.  When I heard that I thought we had won, but now, I don’t know my own name anymore.

This is sooo… hard!  I would rather know the truth no matter what.  Please weigh in ASAP either by e-mail or to all of us.  Tell us what you know at this point.

Thanks, M


Dear M,

The story I am hearing is that the election theft has been traced back to the Venetian black nobility i.e. the Black Sun (Mike Pence is their servant) and United States Corporation is finished. It is bankrupt and nobody can fix it. The question is what will replace it.

One faction wants to break the US into several small countries (Texas, California, etc.) Another wants to restore the Republic of the United States and renounce the debt. That would mean a huge drop in US living standards and the closure of US military bases overseas.

The one I am pushing for is to create a Republic of the United States from Argentina to Alaska so that something even more powerful and better than the US Corporation emerges. This would also involve the restoration of real democracy and a round-up of all the criminals who hijacked the US in the first place. This United States would have all the natural resources of Brazil and Canada etc. so it would not have to borrow from the Chinese to stay in business as is the case now.



Dealing with the Khazarian Mafia and China

Comments on UN, NESARA, Pope etc.

Dear readers,

I will try to address your concerns.

Reader: I have lots of questions for you Ben, mine are in English

1. Why do you now stand with, defend and exalt the UN like its peacekeepers have not been charged in Africa (and many other parts of the world) with child rape

Never have I stood with or exalted the UN. My view is it needs to be replaced with something that actually helps the planet. The UN is a privately owned Rockefeller front that should be kicked out of the US ASAP.

2. Why are you talking about the “reset” like it doesn’t involve the vaccine, microchip and tracker? We want NESARA – not the same thing

The WDS supports a reset that does not involve vaccines or microchips. It involves ending the current system of debt slavery that rules the West. NESARA was a good idea that has been used by criminals to con people out of their money.

3. Why do you talk about redistributing wealth like it does not actually mean stealing from one to give to another – blatant communism

We are talking about a one-time write off of debt and redistribution only of those assets that were stolen from the people through Federal Reserve Board fiat fraud. We are not talking about taking money from genuine entrepreneurs who create value and employment.

4. Why talk about the elite pedovores as if they are victims and we should “go easy on them” because you said, they were born into it, and didn’t know any better

What we are saying is that these people were born into a cult and either had to go along or be killed. We advocate eliminating the hardcore members who actually tortured and killed children but re-educating those whose only crime was to be born into these families.

5. Why do you talk about Pope Francis as if he has changed his ways and has suddenly decided to help his fellow man, same goes for the Rothschild Family – there are no “good” Rothschilds, they hate us, we are like bugs to them, their words not mine

My father worked with Pope Francies in Argentina during the dirty war and they helped save 20,000 people from the death squads. My father, who was Canadian ambassador to Argentina at the time gave them Canadian passports and Bergoglio (now Francis) helped smuggle them out of the country.

I do not agree with everything that he does but he does talk about saving the environment, world peace, and ending poverty, things I agree with.

6. I guess if you were going to turn on us, now would be the time, but to pull this on your own subscribers, to keep calling Trump a child rapist while failing to point it out in every single sick sadist listed above is absolute hypocrisy, I trust my discernment, following someone who makes fun of those who believe in Jesus was where I went wrong.

If the allegations about Trump are false, then I apologize for discussing them. However, if somebody publicly accused me of raping children, I would sue them. Why doesn’t he sue them?

Dear Ben,
VT has been anti-trump all along.
The report that Trump has cases of pedo, does not check out, or believe me, the left would have used it.
We were very surprised you fell for it.
No one has done a thing re human trafficking, UNTIL trump.
He is a hero in that regard and the only leader who has faced it.
your fan, jw
BF- Point well taken. The original source for these allegations was the Wayne Madsen report but I got it second hand via the virulently anti-Trump Veteran’s today. Staffers there tell me Gordon Duff has recently “gone off the reservation,” with Covid hysteria etc.
In any case, Trump shouldn’t ignore these public allegations but sue and have the truth out in a court of law based on facts.

Finally, about posting video links in Japanese, I just want my readers to know I have people who follow my work in Japan as well as elsewhere and this was intended for them. Japan is a key battleground country because if we can liberate the country, then it will be much easier to liberate the US.




The People Need to Decide

Dear Reader,
You make many good points. My readers can look at them and decide what they think.
However, I do want to clear up one misunderstanding. It was not me who recommended Robert David Steely and Cynthia McKinney, this was the recommendation of groups like the Knights of Malta etc. Their view is that both Trump and Biden are compromised and until real integrity can be restored to the election process an interim leader who is neither of the above is necessary.
My view is that the people need to decide.
However, I also think Meritocracy is needed as a safety mechanism because as Lincoln famously said: “you can fool all of the people some of the time.”
Lee Kuan Yew had a great system for running Singapore’s meritocracy. He got people in government to recommend who they thought was most competent. The rule was they were not allowed to recommend themselves.

件名: thank you for your video plotting and taking over America

Dear Canadian Fulford,
I am full of vim and vinegar this morning as I think about the video you left on your website. I’m sorry. For one thing it does distress me that any other country thinks they can have a right to decide what happens in America…. then i take a breath and remember that America has significance for the whole world.  Like it or not, I have to deal with that.  Let’s talk logically because I am not happy. I shall say things here as they came across to me. and if I’ve made assumptions, I apologize. You’ve talked about nominating your buddy Mr. Steele for American’s throne (aka office of presidency). My issues with this are as follows (throughout the bulk of this email) in no particular order. I have only seen the guy on video maybe one or two times. We don’t know him. And the way you talk about this, it’s like you nominated him and suddenly he’s president? Things don’t work that way in a democracy. I’m sure you know that. if you simply placed him in office, as it sounds like you want to do, that would be an act of tyranny and if you were successful we would know that America fell. This is not the way to win the hearts of Americans. In that case, you would be worse than the Zionists whom you claim to not represent. If Steele wants to be president he needs to campaign just like anyone else, run for president and be voted on. After being properly and officially vetted. Anything less than that is an insult to America.
Furthermore, Steele has the competition of at least three others who have more right to be considered simply by the fact that they put in their time. Two of these people, respectively, represent the parties of Green and Libertarian. The other person you have completely overlooked and said nothing whatsoever about, and yet, throwing away this person, as you have so causally done, could lead to civil war in America. And you consider yourself ready to dictate whom we place on the throne? Stop considering only the world at large and consider America as well, please. The Baruch (aka African-American) did not vote for Biden. They voted for Harris.  When you said that Biden was to be taken down for treason, you did not mention Harris. Is she going down for treason too? If no, does she lose her office simply because her running mate was taken down for treason? Simply because she’s female? You dismissed her?  Rethink this please. Civil war in America will not do anyone any good.
I heard a few attitudes, like America deserves this because of what they’ve done in ______.  I disagree. I live here. I have lived here all but 8 years of my life. Americans are deceived and lied to. It was 10 years into the war before the bulk of us learned that we were fighting a war in Afghanistan.  We don’t know half of what our government does, we only discover things after the fact (in one case 10 years after the fact). None of us agree with what our government does. On top of that, America is not responsible for everything our troops do. Our troops have been spotted wearing UN logos and carrying out UN objectives. The American people don’t know what is going on in this world. I don’t believe they deserve to undermined like this.  I think it could be said that perhaps they lack in intelligence, and need to wake up, but they have been lied and deceived in so many ways and so many times, they don’t know which what is up or what to believe.  And we don’t seem to have what it takes to clean office. In this we are fighting both scripture and law. Who wants to fight God on who serves in our government?
Another thing is that you appear to have decided that America and Canada are to be annexed. You didn’t present any reasons why we should want this? Again, to simply annex would be an act of tyranny.  And you would wipe out Canada’s way of life? Their ties to the UK? By adjoining them to America you bridge them to the EU.  For all your protestations of innocence you sound like the empire builders. I’m sorry but your presentation didn’t yet win any converts.  We need more info.
Also, a word about McKinney. I watched a handful of videos with her last night after watching your video. I was unable to find a current day video of her, though  there were a number of videos made in which we only hear her voice and they throw up a picture. I found one video posted 2014 (goodness knows how old it is) and I decided that while I like her a lot, I have no evidence that the 2014 McKinney is the same one who made those videos today.  That should be carefully checked. The timbre of her voice and the way she presents herself  differs, and the flatness of her convictions do not shine through on the photograph only video.  Also, she spent all of her time talking about the past. I want to hear campaign promises and projections for the future.
Just a suggestion but if you really want to win the Baruch vote, place Steele as the running mate. Our next president is going to be female.

Hidden history of the City of London & Washington D.C.

Dear Mr. Benjamin Fulford,

Rockefeller, Davos, IMF, and World Bank, CFR, Rothchild, are responsible for the C virus. The biggest con of my life

Sir, Madam, Here is the evidence. This C virus scenario has been in preparation and under study for many years. See the 2010 Rockefeller Report.  It is not disputable, since the information comes from the official patent registers in the Netherlands and the United States. And we have all the documentation

BIG UPDATES: 3rd deposit found with OBVIOUS PRE-PLANNING!

As we have shown in previous exhibits, the whole Covidiocracy is a farce and a simulation long prepared by the World Bank / IMF / Rothschilds and their Lemmings, in partnership with Rockefeller.

Our latest discoveries complement these previous revelations. first recorded: Netherlands, 2015

Source: Dutch government website on the patent register   Info (text copy):

A method is provided for the acquisition and transmission of biometric data (e.g. vital signs) of a user, where the data is analyzed to determine if the user is suffering from a viral infection, such as COVID-19.  The method includes using a pulse oximeter to acquire at least the pulse and the percentage of oxygen saturation of the blood, which is transmitted wirelessly to a smartphone. To ensure the accuracy of the data, an accelerometer is used in the smartphone to measure the movements of the smartphone and/or the user.  Once the exact data is acquired, it is uploaded to the cloud (or host), where it is used (either alone or with other vital signs) to determine if the user is (or is likely to be) suffering from an infection. viral, such as COVID-19.

Depending on the specific needs, the data, changes to it, and/or the determination can be used to alert medical personnel and take the corresponding action.

second recording: us, 2015

Detailed information below. GOOGLE PATENTS DOWNLOAD (PDF)

ONE KEY DETAIL STRUCK ME ABOUT THESE RECORDINGS: They were both filed and updated years ago, but they were scheduled to be released to the public in September 2020. This is proof enough that they knew in 2015 what was going to happen in September 2020!


Source Before presenting the technical details of the patent, let’s consider the inventor’s Facebook for a moment: Did you notice something?   Patent Info (full copy):    Title: System and Method of Using, Biometrics and Displaying Biometric Data US  Patent Application 20170229149 Kind Code: A1    Summary: A method is provided for processing and displaying a user’s biometric data, either singly or in combination (in sync) with other data, such as the user’s video data for a period when biometric data has been acquired. The method includes storing the biometric data so that it is linked to an identifier and at least one timestamp² (e.g. start time, sampling frequency, etc.), and storing the data video so that they are linked to the id and at least one timestamp (for example, a start time).

By storing the data in this way, the biometric data can be displayed (either real-time or delayed) in synchronization with the video data, and the biometric data can be searched to identify at least one biometric event. The video corresponding to the biometric event can then be displayed, alone, or with at least one biometric element of the user during the biometric event.

Claims: What is claimed is:

1. A method for identifying a video corresponding to a biometric event of a user, said video being displayed with at least one biometric element of said user during said biometric event, comprising: receiving a request to start a session; using at least one program running on a mobile device to assign a session number and start time to said session; receiving video data from a camera, said video data comprising video of at least one of said user and the environment of said user for a period of time, said period of time starting at said start time; receiving biometric data from a sensor, said biometric data comprising a plurality of values ​​on a biometric element of said user during said period of time; using said at least one program to link at least said session number and said start time to said video data; use of said at least one program to link at least said session number, said start time and a sampling rate to said biometric data, at least said session number being used to link said biometric data to said video data, and to minus said sampling rate and said start-up time being used to bind and said start time being used to relate individual values ​​of said plurality of values ​​to individual times in said period of time; receiving said biometric event, said biometric event comprising a value or a range of said biometric; using said at least one program to identify a first value of said plurality of values ​​corresponding to said biometric event; using said at least one program and at least said start time, said sampling rate and said time period to identify a first time in said time period corresponding to said first value of said plurality of values; and displaying on said mobile device at least said video data during said first time with said first value of said plurality of values, wherein said first time is used to show said first value of said plurality of values ​​in synchronization with a portion of said video data which shows at least one of said user and said user’s environment during said biometric event.


This request is a continuation of the ser. n ° 15 / 293,211, filed on October 13, 2016 which clarified,


This application is a continuation of Application No. 15 / 293.211, filed October 13, 2016, which claims priority, pursuant to Section 119 (e) of 35 USC, over  Provisional Application No. 62 / 240.783, filed on October 13, 2015, which requests are specifically incorporated into this document, in their entirety, by reference.


1. Field of the Invention

The present invention relates to the reception and use of biometric data, and more particularly, to a system and a method for displaying at least one biometric data of a user as well as a video of the user when the at least one. biometric data is measured and / or received.

2. Description of related art

Recently, devices have been developed which are capable of measuring, detecting, or estimating, in a practical form, at least one or more measurements related to physiological characteristics, commonly referred to as biometric data. For example, watch-like devices have been developed capable of measuring an individual’s heart rate or pulse and, using this data along with other information (e.g. age, weight, etc. ), to calculate a result, such as the total calories burned by the individual during a given day. Similar devices have been developed to measure, detect or estimate other types of parameters, such as blood pressure, breathing patterns, breathing composition, sleeping patterns, and blood alcohol level, to name just a few.

These devices are generically called biometric devices or biosensor measurement devices.   As the types of biometric devices continue to develop, the way in which biometric data is used remains relatively static. For example, heart rate data is typically used to give individual information about their pulse and calories burned. On the other hand, blood alcohol data is generally used to give a person information about their blood alcohol level and to inform them whether or not they can drive a motor vehicle safely or legally. As yet another example, a person’s respiratory rate (measurable for example either by the sound level in decibels or by changes in the level in decibels over a period of time) can be monitored by a doctor, nurse or medical technician. to determine if the person has sleep apnea.

While biometric data is useful in itself, it would be more informative or dynamic if it could be combined with other data (e.g. video data, etc.), provided (e.g., wirelessly, over a network, etc.) to a device remotely, and / or searchable (for example, allowing the rapid identification of certain conditions, such as a high heart rate) and / or crossed (for example, using biometric data to identify a video section illustrating a specific characteristic, or vice versa). It is, therefore, necessary to have an efficient system and method capable of achieving at least some, if not all, of the aforementioned advantages, and also capable of merging the data generated in automatic or manual form by the various devices. , which often use operating systems or technologies (e.g. hardware platforms, protocols, data types, etc.


Rockefeler , Davos , le FMI et la Banque mondiale , le CFR ,Rothchild , sont les responsables du C virus. La plus grande escoquerie de ma vie

Monsieur, Madame , 

Voici les preuves . Ce scénario du C virus est en préparation et à l’ étude depuis de nombreuses années . Voir le rapport  Rockefeler  de 2010.

Elle n’est pas contestable, puisque les informations proviennent des registres officiels des brevets aux Pays-Bas et aux États-Unis. Et nous avons toute la documentation 


Comme nous l’avons montré dans les expositions précédentes, toute la Covidiocratie est une mascarade et une simulation préparée depuis longtemps par la Banque mondiale / le FMI / les Rothschild et leurs lemmings, avec le partenariat de Rockefeller. 

Nos dernières découvertes viennent compléter ces précédentes révélations. 

premier enregistrement : pays-bas, 2015 

Source : Site web du gouvernement néerlandais sur le registre des brevets 

 Info (copie textuelle) : 

Une méthode est prévue pour l’acquisition et la transmission de données biométriques (par exemple, les signes vitaux) d’un utilisateur, où les données sont analysées pour déterminer si l’utilisateur souffre d’une infection virale, telle que COVID-19. La méthode comprend l’utilisation d’un oxymètre de pouls pour acquérir au moins le pouls et le pourcentage de saturation en oxygène du sang, qui est transmis sans fil à un smartphone. Pour garantir l’exactitude des données, un accéléromètre est utilisé dans le smartphone pour mesurer les mouvements du smartphone et/ou de l’utilisateur. Une fois les données exactes acquises, elles sont téléchargées vers le nuage (ou hôte), où elles sont utilisées (seules ou avec d’autres signes vitaux) pour déterminer si l’utilisateur souffre (ou est susceptible de souffrir) d’une infection virale, telle que COVID-19. En fonction des besoins spécifiques, les données, les modifications qui y sont apportées et/ou la détermination peuvent être utilisées pour alerter le personnel médical et prendre les mesures correspondantes. 

deuxième enregistrement : us, 2015 

Informations détaillées ci-dessous. 



Ils ont tous deux été déposés et mis à jour il y a des années, mais il était prévu qu’ils soient rendus publics en septembre 2020. 

C’est une preuve suffisante qu’ils savaient en 2015 ce qui allait se passer en septembre 2020 ! 



Avant de présenter les détails techniques du brevet, considérons un instant le Facebook de l’inventeur : 

Vous avez remarqué quelque chose ? 

Info Brevet (copie intégrale) : 

Titre : Système et méthode d’utilisation, de biométrie et d’affichage des données biométriques Demande de brevet américain 20170229149 Kind Code : A1 

Résumé : Une méthode est fournie pour le traitement et l’affichage des données biométriques d’un utilisateur, soit seules, soit en combinaison (en synchronisation) avec d’autres données, telles que les données vidéo de l’utilisateur pendant une période où les données biométriques ont été acquises. La méthode comprend le stockage des données biométriques de manière à ce qu’elles soient liées à un identifiant et à au moins un horodatag² (par exemple, une heure de début, une fréquence d’échantillonnage, etc.), et le stockage des données vidéo de manière à ce qu’elles soient liées à l’identifiant et à au moins un horodatage (par exemple, une heure de début). En stockant les données de cette manière, les données biométriques peuvent être affichées (soit en temps réel, soit en différé) en synchronisation avec les données vidéo, et les données biométriques peuvent être recherchées pour identifier au moins un événement biométrique. La vidéo correspondant à l’événement biométrique peut alors être affichée, seule ou avec au moins un élément biométrique de l’utilisateur pendant l’événement biométrique. 

Réclamations : Ce qui est revendiqué est : 

1. Procédé pour identifier une vidéo correspondant à un événement biométrique d’un utilisateur, ladite vidéo étant affichée avec au moins un élément biométrique dudit utilisateur pendant ledit événement biométrique, comprenant : la réception d’une demande de démarrage d’une session ; l’utilisation d’au moins un programme s’exécutant sur un dispositif mobile pour attribuer un numéro de session et une heure de démarrage à ladite session ; la réception de données vidéo provenant d’une caméra, lesdites données vidéo comprenant la vidéo d’au moins l’un dudit utilisateur et de l’environnement dudit utilisateur pendant une période de temps, ladite période de temps commençant à ladite heure de démarrage ; la réception de données biométriques provenant d’un capteur, lesdites données biométriques comprenant une pluralité de valeurs sur un élément biométrique dudit utilisateur pendant ladite période de temps ; l’utilisation dudit au moins un programme pour lier au moins ledit numéro de session et ledit temps de démarrage auxdites données vidéo ; l’utilisation dudit au moins un programme pour lier au moins ledit numéro de session, ledit temps de démarrage et un taux d’échantillonnage auxdites données biométriques, au moins ledit numéro de session étant utilisé pour lier lesdites données biométriques auxdites données vidéo, et au moins ledit taux d’échantillonnage et ledit temps de démarrage étant utilisés pour lier 

et ledit temps de départ étant utilisé pour lier des valeurs individuelles de ladite pluralité de valeurs à des temps individuels dans ladite période de temps ; la réception dudit événement biométrique, ledit événement biométrique comprenant une valeur ou une plage de ladite biométrie ; l’utilisation dudit au moins un programme pour identifier une première valeur de ladite pluralité de valeurs correspondant audit événement biométrique ; l’utilisation dudit au moins un programme et au moins dudit temps de départ, dudit taux d’échantillonnage et de ladite période de temps pour identifier un premier temps dans ladite période de temps correspondant à ladite première valeur de ladite pluralité de valeurs ; et afficher sur ledit dispositif mobile au moins lesdites données vidéo pendant ledit premier temps avec ladite première valeur de ladite pluralité de valeurs, dans lequel ledit premier temps est utilisé pour montrer ladite première valeur de ladite pluralité de valeurs en synchronisation avec une partie desdites données vidéo qui montre au moins l’un dudit utilisateur et de l’environnement dudit utilisateur pendant ledit événement biométrique. 

Description : 


Cette demande est la suite de la ser. n° 15/293,211, déposée le 13 octobre 2016, qui clai 

Description : 


 Cette demande est la suite de la demande n° 15/293.211, déposée le 13 octobre 2016, qui revendique la priorité, conformément à l’article 119 (e) du 35 USC, sur la demande provisoire n° 62/240.783, déposée le 13 octobre 2015, lesquelles demandes sont spécifiquement incorporées dans le présent document, dans leur intégralité, par référence. 


  1. Domaine de l’invention 

La présente invention concerne la réception et l’utilisation de données biométriques, et plus particulièrement, un système et une méthode pour afficher au moins une donnée biométrique d’un utilisateur ainsi qu’une vidéo de l’utilisateur au moment où la au moins une donnée biométrique est mesurée et/ou reçue. 

  1. Description de l’art connexe 

Récemment, des dispositifs ont été développés qui sont capables de mesurer, de détecter ou d’estimer, sous une forme pratique, au moins une ou plusieurs mesures liées à des caractéristiques physiologiques, communément appelées données biométriques. Par exemple, des dispositifs ressemblant à des montres ont été développés, capables de mesurer le rythme cardiaque ou le pouls d’un individu et, en utilisant ces données avec d’autres informations (par exemple, l’âge, le poids, etc.), de calculer une résultante, telle que le total des calories brûlées par l’individu au cours d’une journée donnée. Des dispositifs similaires ont été mis au point pour mesurer, détecter ou estimer d’autres types de paramètres, tels que la pression sanguine, les habitudes de respiration, la composition de la respiration, les habitudes de sommeil et le taux d’alcoolémie,pour n’en citer que quelques-uns. Ces dispositifs sont appelés génériquement dispositifs biométriques ou dispositifs de mesure à biocapteur. 

Alors que les types de dispositifs biométriques continuent à se développer, la manière dont les données biométriques sont utilisées reste relativement statique. Par exemple, les données sur le rythme cardiaque sont généralement utilisées pour donner à un individu des informations sur son pouls et les calories brûlées. Par ailleurs, les données sur l’alcoolémie sont généralement utilisées pour donner à une personne des informations sur son taux d’alcoolémie et pour l’informer si elle peut ou non conduire un véhicule à moteur en toute sécurité ou en toute légalité. Autre exemple encore, le rythme respiratoire d’une personne (mesurable par exemple soit par le niveau sonore en décibels, soit par les variations du niveau en décibels sur un intervalle de temps) peut être surveillé par un médecin, une infirmière ou un technicien médical afin de déterminer si la personne souffre d’apnée du sommeil. 

Bien que les données biométriques soient utiles en soi, elles seraient plus informatives ou dynamiques si elles pouvaient être combinées à d’autres données (par exemple, des données vidéo, etc.), fournies (par exemple, sans fil, sur un réseau, etc.) à un dispositif à distance, et/ou consultables (par exemple, permettant d’identifier rapidement certaines conditions, comme un rythme cardiaque élevé) et/ou croisées (par exemple, en utilisant des données biométriques pour identifier une section vidéo illustrant une caractéristique spécifique, ou vice-versa). Il est donc nécessaire de disposer d’un système et d’une méthode efficaces, capables de réaliser au moins une partie, voire la totalité, des avantages susmentionnés, et capables également de fusionner les données générées sous forme automatique ou manuelle par les différents dispositifs, qui utilisent souvent des systèmes d’exploitation ou des technologies (par exemple, des plates-formes matérielles, des protocoles, des types de données, etc. 



Prepare for Change – Fall of the Cabal – Planned Chaos

Dear Benjamin,

Hope you are well and I thank you for the wonderful articles you have been releasing the last few months. Your level of understanding of the real world keeps growing exponentially and has become evident in your weekly newsletters. I Salute You!

We are still working on the new website which we hope to release soon. We are also working diligently on other very interesting projects but I’ll discuss those with you when done 100%. I can assure you that you’ll be pleasantly surprised!…. but today I am asking for a small favor in the form of your kind support in the way of helping us share as far & as wide possible our PFC original “Planned Chaos” series we just launched this past week.

PFC has just put up two new videos and have corresponding articles out and continuing all week. The series, called “Planned Chaos” examines all the events taking place this year with the understanding that they are coordinated and through the lens of our intel, research, and work of many in the community. We believe it’s time to connect the dots in a compassionate way for those who are in the process of awakening – and to try to reach others in differing camps.

Our examination is the result of a team of great volunteers at Prepare for Change. With the election coming up, there’s not much more time to get out this info that will bring others to an awakening and have an impact on their thoughts going into the voting process.

We hope that we have an impact like the “Fall of Cabal” series that presented a lot of deep nuggets that make you go, “huh?”

Media exposed video:

Covid exposed video:

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Thanks so much Benjamin,


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World lockdown plan leaked

Hi Benjamin,
Have you seen the latest Henry Makow post regarding some pretty scary info which has apparently leaked, concerning Canada, titled: “Viral; world lockdown plan leaked”! Could you have a look at it and tell us if it is true?

Also, regarding rumors of Chinese soldiers (and/or other ones) having their boots on Canadian soil… i.e. small Pacific island just East and off the coast of Vancouver Island, and also, Stanley Park in Vancouver. Can you please offer any knowledge or intelligence regarding foreign combatants on Canadian soil, regardless of whether or not, they have been invited or are here under some agreement?


Dear M,

Henry Makow is a very important source of information. We met once in Ottawa and I have total respect for his work.

What is really going on, according to high-level sources, is that there are two factions fighting at the highest levels of world power. One faction connected to the Rockefeller and Rothschild families exercises power through the IMF, World Bank, and many of the fortune 500 companies. They are the people pushing the vaccine agenda combined with digital currency. They want to enslave humanity for the benefit of the members of their Satanic cult. Justin Trudeau is a member of this cult, through his Sinclair mother. He is fighting for his life now, which is why Canada is going through a dark time.

However, I know the Canadian armed forces are probably the best such force in the world and I guarantee you they would not go along with the agenda described in the link. Also, I have been asking friends in British Columbia to check on the Chinese troop rumor and have not been able to confirm it. If it was true, there would be plenty of evidence that is not forthcoming. There is just a video of some Asian troops on an exercise in Canada and they could be Japanese or Korean both allies. I will keep checking though.

In any case, another faction, that includes the British Commonwealth, the Vatican faction under Pope Francis, the Pentagon, and the Asian secret societies are fighting this agenda. They are pushing for a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and explore the universe. They want to create a meritocratically staffed future planning agency to carry out this work. This faction is winning but the battle is far from over.

The next few months will be crucial so we all need to do our parts.

Best regards,

Benjamin Fulford


Who actually controls the US Navy?

Dear Benjamin,

I would like to ask you about the United States Navy, if I may. My Dad spent the majority of his life in close association with the USN, he truly loved the Navy and was still in the reserves when he died. During the war, he was stationed in North Africa, and Italy, where he was active in planning several important invasions. I know that he worked for Naval Intelligence, and I know a bit about what he and his associates did for the war effort, but actually, he spoke very little about his war-time activities.

As a younger guy, I did not “push” to find out more, I just assumed that some things were secret, and left it at that! However, after becoming “awake” I have had many curious thoughts about the Navy, and the actual part that it plays in the “big picture.”

Could you kindly tell me who actually controls the US Navy, and give me some insights into what it actually does?

My guts tell me that it is involved with much more than meets the eye!

Thank You so much for your assistance in this matter.




The US Navy has inherited the traditions of the British Navy.  After becoming the absolutely dominant force in the oceans, they began ensuring the free flow of commerce, fighting pirates, and mapping the oceans among other things.

It was US Naval intelligence that was attacked on 911 because they were opposed to the Nazis who carried out that dastardly and criminal act.

These days they want to make sure no single power, e.g. China, tries to block the free flow of trade and shipping.

In the future, they have the right institutional DNA to lead space exploration.

It was no coincidence the Starship Enterprise of Star Trek was named after a US Navy aircraft carrier.

In short, they are the good guys.

Best regards

Benjamin Fulford