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Who is negotiating these treaties?

Dear Benjamin,

I have followed your updates for several years now and I must say, today’s post was a complete 180-degree reversal of previous reporting.  I would love to know who these people are that are making these decisions and negotiating these treaties.  The world wants justice and an end to the status quo.  Instead, we are seeing the agenda of the New World Order progressing.

Why is it you are not advocating for humanity?  WTF dude?  You have a direct line to these clowns and yet you go along with the plan like a lemming?  You should be creating a voice for the common man instead of a voice for the criminal cartels.  When did you choose the dark side?


First of all, I report the world as it is, not as I wish it to be.  Right now there is a huge push going on to change the international structures that were built after WWII, and so I am reporting it to my readers.

Second, I have always said I support creating a future planning agency to carry out a massive plan to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and release the hidden technologies in a responsible manner.

Special letter to the editor from member of founding family of Federal Reserve Board

Benjamin, until the following issue is seriously addressed and corrected within the U.S. military and USA leadership, nothing is going to significantly change.  The ongoing chaos and seemingly never-ending problems that are keeping the USA “stuck,” as it is now, are that Donald Trump and current key individuals within the U.S. government and military leadership are somehow being controlled by the Zionists/Mossad.  They have unwillingly sold out through blackmail.

I am sure most of them, given an opportunity, would want a way out and will turn around and fight to save America and join the fight to destroy the cancerous New World Order (NWO) who tricked them into such uncomfortable situations, but for now all they want is to save their own reputations and skins, and the only way they can do that as things are is by following the Zionist orders.

We need to turn around and change this to our benefit because of their positions of power and the intricate and deep knowledge they possess of the enemy.  We seriously need to help turn those who are now foes into friends instead.  As things stand now, the Zionists blackmailing them keep ordering them to support and give Israel unlimited aid financially and militarily at all costs.

Little do most people know that Israel IS THE CENTRAL GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS OF THE NWO.  This is why our very own corrupt U.S. senators and members of Congress bow instantly to the commands of the Elders of Zion.  This is also why all the Zionist puppet-country leaders around the globe bow to the state of Israel, because Israel is the puppet master and everyone must always sing by its dark tune.

What Washington and the Pentagon must realize is that the Zionist global cartel headquartered in Israel IS the New World Order movement.  Until the U.S. military realizes that as an undeniable fact and makes it a priority to defeat and forcibly remove all the Zionist leaders, presidents, and prime ministers scattered around the globe who were strategically put into key positions of power in key countries, and put new untainted country patriots in their place, we are just endlessly going around wasting time and doing nothing in a vicious cycle which resembles something like trying to pet and contain in a door-less cage a violent and rabid beast that in reality needs to be put down.

The answer lies in offering immunity to all the key leaders in government and military positions, with the condition that they will be removed at some point to give room to a new, fresh, untainted, uncompromised, and clean leadership.

I honestly don’t see a faster way to move things along in any significant way.  I know we all want justice, but we are not talking here about just the repercussions of a single crime being committed.  We are talking about achieving total and final planetary liberation from thousands of years of physical and spiritual slavery.

Unfortunately, Benjamin, not everyone is as honest and valiant as you to discuss their past in a public forum as you have done.  Luckily, you are a single man and you are a free soul who also happens to be a freedom fighter.  Most world political and military leaders are in a much different position where the public perception means EVERYTHING to their lives, political positions, and professions.

We need to understand that everyone makes mistakes and therefore everyone deserves another chance and a way out IF they genuinely want redemption.  Sadly, most people caught within those unfortunate cycles of evil, as I call it, and are afraid, because no one want to see their lives and reputations destroyed and ruined, their loves ones hurt, incarcerated, or worse, even killed.

I make these statements based not on my perception on what I have read in alternative media channels, but based on my own personal life experiences, because there was sexual abuse and pedophilia within my own family while I was growing up as a small and innocent child.  I am one of those few lucky ones that decided to run away from home at a very early age to put an end to the cycle of evil instead of keep perpetuating onto others as was done to me, my siblings, and loved ones.  Yet I wouldn’t like to see any of my family members’ tormentors punished, killed, or even imprisoned.

Why?  Simply because I realized the true root of that evil and therefore I forgave everyone.  I forgave them because I realized that they were doing it because the same or worse had been done unto them throughout their lives by their parents, grandparents, and so on, but they just were simply afraid and not as strong as me to be able to break free of such dark evil.  They were in reality just victims like me—sad victims of a system that cannot be broken with more evil, only with unconditional love.

My grandmother used to confide in me as a child the horrors my grandfather used to inflict on my father as she was forced to watch.  So when I was abused, instead of getting angry, I used to feel compassion and be thankful that at least I was not being treated as bad as my poor dad had to endure throughout his entire childhood.

They were completely broken and eventually gave in.  I ran away at 11 years old and eventually learned what love really is.  Knowing love motivated me to become a freedom fighter like you, and here we are trying to fix a deeply broken world with an equally dysfunctional mirror system.

In conclusion, most people had the opportunity to grow up in normal loving families, and to them it will be kind of hard to understand what I am trying to say here, but as loving humans we must realize that certain part of our population wasn’t as lucky as them and instead they have been broken and traumatized through satanic brutalization since birth to eventually continue perpetuating the system of evil we are now trying to overcome.

The only way to stop, for good and for all, this madness of insurmountable dark evil is by giving them a chance to find a way out of the only thing they have ever known, which is their current cycle of evil they seem to be stuck and entrapped by, and just offer them a well monitored opportunity of redemption.  They will also at some point need to be medically and psychologically treated to overcome whatever damage was done by traumas they need to overcome.

Part of the answer to put an end to this complicated obstacle lies within the following article, and I unfortunately believe it to be an absolute truth.

You can share that information anyway you want, especially with the high military echelons.

Let me just make perfectly clear that only a portion of those compromised can be helped or salvaged.  Perhaps a majority of those are now “helping” behind the huge apparatus of evil, but there are many who have irreparably damaged and those are now set in a mode to kill “everything and everyone” that does not comply with their “programming.”  Those must be eliminated and shot on sight for the good of humanity.

What’s happening with George Soros?

Hello Benjamin,

I don’t know if this was covered in your latest bulletin, as I haven’t read the entire article.  There are rumors floating around that George Soros has been indicted/arrested, or at least his assets frozen.  Have you heard anything yourself?


Hi VP,

As I have repeatedly said, I was told George Soros was killed over a year ago.  After I was told that, his children put out a press release saying they were dividing his fortune among themselves.  All we have seen since then are CG (computer-generated) representations of him.

I even called the Soros organization to confirm this and they were unable to provide me with proof that he is alive.

However, what may have happened is that the people who were still using him as a front had their assets frozen.  This may mean we will soon see an “official” death notice put out.


Coverup of the Hercules Cave discovery by Alberto Canosa

Dear Mr. Fulford,

We are pleased to offer you the press releases from Alberto Canosa about his discovery of the Hercules Cave in Toledo, Spain.  Please follow this on the Facebook page of Virtu Pontes Sánchez to stay informed about our upcoming event.

Best regards,
Press Office of Mr. Canosa

Press release from Alberto Canosa:

After several unsuccessful attempts to contact the Mayor of Toledo, Spain, Mrs. Milagros Tolón Jaime, and despite sending her some documents confirming the importance of this meeting with her, she has refused to make an appointment.  Therefore, I’m obliged to present the necessary documentation, a total of 50 documents, to the General Anticorruption Attorney and organized crime, with the hope definitively to resolve the theft of my discovery of the Hercules Cave in Toledo.

In the past, José Manuel Molina, former mayor of Toledo, stole the archaeological discovery called the Cave of Hercules in Toledo under duress and threats to my lawyer, Oscar Marín, and myself.

I believe that this discovery must be made public because of its historical importance and the demonstration of the true history of humanity.  It is the heritage of humanity, and bearing in mind that it is my responsibility to show the world everything in this place.

I attach the registered letter and its acknowledgment of receipt, as well as my first two press releases.

The most important document is the press release of October 1, 2018.  You will find my invitation to meet again in Toledo on January 26th, 2019 to reveal my discoveries in Toledo (this meeting was unfortunately cancelled).  If you are interested in knowing more about our research, I am sending you links to the video of my collaborator and researcher, Virtu Pontes Sánchez, about her discovery in Jordan:

… as well as a summary of the same in English:

You can provide this information to biologists to confirm the accuracy of the information provided there.

Alberto Canosa

Great press release of the 1st of October 2018

Second press release – Special press release

Prosecutors Special Office against corruption and organized crime

Certificado de la carta envida al Fiscal anticorrupción


Hi Ben,
I think you or your Vatican source have been fooled by an ICO scam.  The adrenochrome ICO thing cannot be real.

First of all, it is a simple Squarespace website registered via GoDaddy with a video on YouTube.  How hard do you think it would be for the authorities to find out who is behind it and shut it down?

Secondly, the website claims to be creating a secure cryptocurrency on the Ethereum platform, but nothing on Ethereum is secure.  All transactions on Ethereum are visible to the entire world by design.  People on the Darknet use private cryptos like Monero and Zcash.  They would never use Ethereum.

It’s difficult to say why this website exists.  It is well-produced.  It could be a Darknet joke like the ICO for Jamie Dimon coin with advisor Benis Fartman.  It could also be anti-crypto propaganda.  One of the banking cartel’s arguments against cryptocurrency is that it can facilitate illegal activity.  They need justification for maintaining tight control over the financial system.  In this sense, you may be helping to spread their propaganda.

The page could also represent a real scam.  Perhaps there are greedy people who think they are smart because they have heard of adrenochrome and who want to try to profit from it.  The website could be a way to scam those people.  It could even be a way for the authorities to ensnare those people.

Of course it could also just be the work of a demented individual.  There are a lot of things that it could be.  What it cannot really be is a serious project.  It wouldn’t even make economic sense to create such a currency anyway.  The world does not need a currency dedicated to that stuff, just like it doesn’t need a currency dedicated to dentistry.  (There actually is a currency called Dentacoin.)

I would advise you to be careful when commenting on the crypto space.  It is a complex arena and is a minefield of different kinds of scams.  In 2017 one of your sources said:

“As we both know, the real creators of Bitcoin (not the alleged Satoshi Nakamoto, the Japanese computer science inventor) built a back door into the system from the onset.  When the time is right, they will empty ALL of the Bitcoin wallets as a start and walk away with more than $100 billion, which is the value of Bitcoin now.  Probably it will be much more, especially if they hack all the rest of the blockchains.  Who is behind the curtain, pulling the levers—the real Wizard of Oz?  The same group (different alphabet-soup characters) that created the Internet so that sensitive data could be sent over cyberspace undetected, from base to base, quickly and quietly.”

This statement is provably false and demonstrates a deep lack of understanding.  If Bitcoin wallets started to be drained, it would hit the news very quickly and the price of Bitcoin would plummet.  There is no way to “walk away with more than $100 billion.”  If you steal Bitcoin, then you need to find someone to sell it to.  But who can you sell it to in a chaotic scenario where all Bitcoin wallets have just been hacked and drained?  It’s nonsense.

I am available anytime if you want to consult on cryptocurrency.

Best regards,
General Milan

The source who said they would take money out of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies said this at a time when they were all reaching record highs.  Subsequently they all crashed to a fraction of their peak prices.  It sure looks to me like someone took money out of the cryptocurrency world.  It is also a fact that the semiconductors used to run the cryptocurrency financial ecosystem all have back doors built into them that the authorities can access.

My view is that only physical assets in your own possession and well hidden are safe from the powers that be.