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Going thru some easy listening with Limbaugh, and he’s going on about how the Democrats will not be able to get rid of Trump.  Well, some time ago you stated that the cabal had pictures of Trump doing something in the realm of Epsteinology.  Why wouldn’t the cabal wait until the first or second quarter of 2020 to drop the pictures, thereby getting rid of Trump and killing the economy so they can come to the rescue?


What I heard was that the military was going to forgive Trump his Epstein troubles if he went along with them.  However, the rabbit hole runs deep and Trump is surrounded by a lot of Rothschild types.  He seems to flip-flop, depending on who he talked to last.  Let us see how this plays out.  Only his actions will tell.  So far, though, there has been no 9/11 or Fukushima truth, no jubilee, etc., so he is acting like controlled opposition.


Good morning from West Coast of Canada

Hello Benjamin:

I hope this e-mail finds you well.

I continue every Monday to see your posts;  they are like a highlight of my week.

My question to you is how in the world did Justin Trudeau ever get into office again?  It is truly unbelievable.

I was a little ticked off when I heard Thomas Williams say you were out of Langley, along with Anna Von Reitz.  It’s very, very difficult for nobodies like me to know, except that what you post rings true.

There was a earthquake in Bern, Switzerland.  Any connections to the banksters?

I sure like along with you Simon Parkes from the UK.  He actually mentioned you and confirmed what you had posted on a certain subject was indeed true!

Just curious.

Thank you kindly, Benjamin.


Hi J,

Trudeau was re-elected based on traditional voting patterns in Eastern Canada.  If Canada had a presidential system like the U.S., he would have lost because of overwhelming disapproval of his policies in Western Canada.  In particular, they are angry because he bowed to fake environmentalists sponsored by Rockefeller-controlled oil companies and prevented the construction of pipelines.  These pipelines would allow Canada to export to Asia, and I have calculated they would raise average Canadian living standards by 20%.

As far as me being CIA is concerned, that is false.  I have always been an independent journalist.  However, in my efforts to remove the corrupt, bribed, and blackmailed leadership that is destroying the West, I have reached out to white hats in the Pentagon, CIA, MI6, FSB (KGB), etc.  Many of them agree on the need to remove the criminals who have hijacked so many governments.

At the end of the day, if we cannot get the men with guns to take action, our civilization is headed for disaster because of the incompetent, criminal gangster governments.


Global ruling class


“A negotiator for the ruling Western elite, for his part, said, ‘The global ruling class have no objection to the People if they show themselves capable of understanding and taking on the challenges of running a planet.’ “

As we are in the midst of a removal of “the Western ruling elite,” it remains to be seen who negotiates with whom and just how they are to enforce any world governance without the U.S. military overseeing its structure and the quality of those who decide what constitutes “merit,” and if that all-powerful body is capable of even-handed treatment of all of mankind.

The above quote of the negotiator is a perfect example of the incredible hubris of a “class” that has certainly not “run the planet,” but has raped it and murdered millions for their own gain.

Only the spiritual strength of the People has kept this planet functioning, if you can call it that.  The transition from the brutality of the elite to a planet governed with equanimity and wisdom will take time, and only the military’s devotion to country and constitution can provide the security that will allow the People to create the world they want, not the world the elites say they will allow them to have.

Only America has that military and that Constitution and the will to forge a governing system no longer open to corruption.  Once done, the rest of the world can follow our example.

The “elites” can talk among themselves all they want.  The People are awakening to the responsibility they should never have surrendered, and once the cabal rulers have been eliminated, your sources will be from the People, and not the “very high level” you admire so much.

In the meantime, we need men and women who have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution to manage things so we are not conned again by arrogant, spoiled elites.

Make no mistake, Ben, the swamp that is being drained is global, and our freedom depends on those determined to break the back of the criminal class you like to quote.


Hi D,

The first thing you need to understand is that I report the world as it is, not as I wish it to be.  My job is to talk to people who are actually in power, not who I wish were in power.

The U.S. military is a meritocracy and will remain a key player in world affairs even after the U.S. corporate government and the oligarchs who own it are removed from power.




This notion that some politicans like Hillary, Netanyahu, Obama, and Pelosi have been replaced by clones smacks of hyperbolic, hysteric, histrionics from a sophomoric reporter, not the former editor-in-chief for Asian affairs at Forbes, especially since cloning would require a lot more than some plastic surgery, and these people are seen by the entire world and their associates every day.



First of all, P, you are engaging in what is known as a straw man attack.  You attribute ideas to me that I do not have and then you attack them.  While many of my sources keep insisting cloning is real, I have always said I stick to Occam’s Razor and look for more probable explanations.

The view I have, and this is based on fact-based reporting from real sources, is that they take people who look like famous politicians and alter them with plastic surgery to make them resemble whoever it is even more.  The other thing they do is use computer graphics to create fake TV images of these people.

Do you remember how Hillary Clinton was stuffed into a van during the Presidential election campaign and reappeared a few hours later 40 pounds lighter?  That lighter person was identified as a known lookalike.

The other thing you are doing is engaging in what is known as an ad hominem attack.  You attack me, and not my reporting, with insults like “hyperbolic, hysteric, histrionics from a sophomoric reporter.”

This is slander and I could sue you if I were the type of person who liked to sue.

My question to you is, “Are you a paid troll or just brainwashed?”


Amsterdam plane hijacking?


You might want to look deeper into the stories that came out today about a “false alarm” airplane hijacking at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport.  I live in Amsterdam, and we got phone alerts around 7:30pm about a serious situation on an airplane at Schiphol that might put citizens in the surrounding areas in danger.  It said that the situation started a little after 7pm.  Then around 8:30 they said it was a possible hijacking.  It took until after 9pm before the news reports said everyone was safe—nothing to see here.  That was only after they say they evacuated a whole terminal and the Air Europe flight in question.

Then the story started to change.  The non-Dutch press started to say it was a “false alarm” and the pilot “pushed the wrong button.”  If it was just a simple press of the wrong button, why did it take two hours for them to say everything is safe again?  Why evacuate the whole airport terminal and bring in masses of emergency vehicles?

The stories also started to move the times of the events.  I’ve seen reports say everything started after 7:30pm, or even 8, but if that were true, we would not be getting text alerts on our phones at 7:30.  The resolution time was also moved up to 8-8:30, which makes it sound more plausible as a false alarm if it only took 30 minutes or so to clear up.  But if it was resolved so quickly, the local news outlets wouldn’t have waited until 9pm to let people know.

The emergency level they declared around this was pretty serious.  It’s not something that people would have ignored or taken lightly.  It would have been important to let people know that things were alright again as soon as possible.  And I guess it also worked to keep people away from the airport.

This reminds me of those stories of people being secretly extradited through the Denver and New Jersey airports after reported fires and power outages that mysteriously took out all their backup power options.  I don’t have any concrete evidence that anything fishy was going on here, but it just seemed pretty suspicious.

Thanks for all the good work you do!


Thanks for the information.  It may have something to do with the Dutch royal family who were involved in the Malaysian Air 370/17 crime.  I will make inquiries.