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Arrests and executions?


I’m having trouble reconciling the 10/21/19 newsletter.  I could see how Pelosi and Schiff unexpectedly leaving the country could be construed as something important.  But how do you get to arrests or execution?  As biased as the MSM is, I’m sure that either one of those circumstances would produce a headline somewhere!  I also thought I read that you said Barry had been removed.  No news on that one either.  Are we going to be inundated with “clones” and the MSM will (a) be too dumb to notice, or (b) drink too much Kool-Aid to give a damn?

How or where does someone who’s not in with the powers that be or their info stream get even an inkling of confirmation?

Here’s another confusing scenario:  Cummings’ death, with no earlier news reports of any sort of illness or health issues was unexpected and sudden.  You state that it was an execution.  If so, wouldn’t his wife, who has been mentioned as a successor to his position, be aware of this circumstance and be worried about her own safety?

Help me, Ben;  help us all.


You make valid points, but please understand that we are dealing with a hybrid war, and control of information to the public is a vital part of that war.  This means sometimes there is the fog of war and we cannot be 100% sure about what is going on.

As far as Pelosi and Schiff are concerned, the only direct intelligence I got from MI6 as to the reason for their sudden flight to Jordan was “failed coup.”  We need to see if they are back in Washington and appearing in public.  Ideally, we need somebody who is actually there to physically check.

Computer Graphic imitations of people like Obama are getting harder to spot, but as time passes it becomes harder and harder to keep up the pretense.  For example, George Soros CGs are no longer being made and his son appears instead.  Don’t be surprised, though, if they make a new CG in response to this comment.  They actually do things like that.

As far as Cummings or people like George Bush Sr. or John McCain are concerned, a public announcement of their death means they have decided not to keep up any pretense, other than that they were not executed.

If Cummings’ wife is innocent of any crimes, she should have nothing to worry about.

Anyway, I will post corrections and new information as needed to try to keep my readers on top of things to the best of my ability.

Thanks for your readership.


Recent appearances by Michelle Obama and Clintons

Hi Benjamin,

For your information, here are the links about Michelle Obama’s recent presentation at the Videotron Center in Quebec City and the Clinton appearances (at least twice) at North Hatley in the eastern township (in the province of Quebec in Canada):

You can add them for your viewers to review.


Thanks and will do.


Sean David Morton: Stripped, Beaten, Denied Rights in Prison

Hi Ben,

I am a paid subscriber to your newsletter and sending the following, as you have helped spread the word about Sean’s unjust prison sentence before.

Please see the message below from Sean’s wife, Melissa.  She sent this out October 18 on Facebook.  Sean was preparing to make a case for compassionate release and file his motion on Oct 25.

Please spread the word FAR and WIDE.  Contact anyone you know in the media!  This needs to get out there!

No one had heard from Sean for a week.  He was finally allowed to use the phone today.  He has been in the “SHU,” a Special Housing Unit, for the past week.  He’s totally isolated, not allowed outside, no phones, no computers, and can’t read because of being legally blind, etc.

Last Friday he used the computers to ask friends to write letters of support for him to the judge, for his upcoming hearing on November 18.  He has an answer due on Friday, October 25.  As he was being dragged away, they told him this was “solicitation.”  But it’s completely legal, as he is his own attorney and he can absolutely do that!  He is being denied the right to defend himself.  This is obstruction of justice.

They beat him up, stripped him, and made him sit in a freezing room for hours.  They won’t give him his glasses or medications.  They ransacked his locker and threw out his medications and eye drops, eye patch, etc.

He needs everyone to call the warden at the facility and complain about the cruel punishment and being denied the ability to defend himself.  This might also be something Judge Wilson should be made aware of.  He needs everyone to raise bloody hell and get him out of there ASAP so he can file his response on time.  He tried to get a federal defender and they denied him.  He is being targeted, abused, denied his rights, etc.  He is a human and no one deserved to be beaten and abused.  This is simply cruel and unusual punishment!

His counselor is Mr. Romero and the warden is Barbara Blankensee.
9300 Wilmont Ave.
Tucson, AZ, 85734


Thank you and if there’s anything you or your audience can do, we’d all appreciate it.


We will publish your letter and hope Mr. Morton gets justice.


More questions about Obama

Hi Benjamin!

So, wasn’t Obama supposed to have been “executed” in Gitmo?  Then what’s up with having dinner with Robert de Niro?  Or is it all “bla bla bla…”?  Seriously, are all these “people” who should be dead, resurrecting or have a few clones or doubles always lined up to fool the sleeping sheeple on and on?  (the Clintons, Kissinger, etc.)  I’d be curious to know WHO gives you these sort of infos, to then make you lose credibility!

Barack Obama Dines With Robert De Niro After He Said Trump Should Be In Prison

Any thoughts?


Hi I,

It’s too early to tell if this was a trap and Obama was never executed, or if they are putting out computer graphics to make it seem he is still around.  We shall see.


Request for further info on failed coup and Obama

An attempted coup against U.S. President Donald Trump has failed and several senior U.S. politicians, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, are likely to be arrested or executed as a result, MI6 and Pentagon sources say.

What exactly did they do in this failed coup attempt?

They also bragged that the now executed Barack Obama was their man.

If Obama was executed or is dead, why is this not big news across the globe?  Do you have a second source on this story?

I’m just asking some of the normal questions a reader might ask.  I look forward to your extended explanation.


Thanks for the questions.  First of all, I admit I do not have all the answers.  There is a lot of fog surrounding this undeclared U.S. civil war.  All I got from MI6 when I asked why Pelosi, Schiff, etc. suddenly flew to Jordan was “failed coup.”  What I do know is this:  Pelosi and Schiff tried to impeach Trump and failed.  There was also a failed assassination attempt against Trump on October 17th in Dallas, where Kennedy was killed.

Also at this time, there was a huge campaign in the corporate media to promote comments by General James Mattis and Admiral William McRaven attacking Trump.  While I did not explicitly say so, I assumed readers would infer the possibility that Mattis and McRaven were induced by the cabal to try to get military support for an effort to oust Trump.  Time will tell whether this was true or not.

As far as Obama is concerned, I have addressed that in a reply to a Letter to the Editor that you can see elsewhere on this website.