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The Vatican and the Royal families

Hello Benjamin:

I am a subscriber of your paid newsletter, and I have been wondering how or why you present the Vatican and the Royal families as the “good guys” against the Deep State, as in my opinion all are rotten satanist pedophiles.

I say this referring to this book (here is the table of contents):

Each chapter is backed up by a lot of sources.  Read the chapter about the Vatican, Jesuits, CIA, U.S. Army, …

The British Royals had ties with Lord Savile.

The Netherlands Royals have a really bad pedophilia reputation.

Belgium is not better.

So which Royals were you referring to?  Or rather, what would back up the fact that you consider the Vatican to be the good guys?

Freemasons seem to be the tip of the iceberg in this satanist world.


It is a complicated situation.  The Royal families and the Vatican were heavily infiltrated by Satanists, but a major purge has taken place.  A whole slew of Royals, including Queen Beatrix of Bilderberg (the Netherlands), the King of Spain, the King of Belgium, the Emperor of Japan, etc. were forced to abdicate.  Also, the Vatican has purged over 4,000 pedophile priests, including Pope Maledict.

Another way of looking at it was that the elite was divided between an eternal “war on terror” faction that wanted to kill 90% of the population and a “CO2 = Global Warming” faction that just wanted to hit the 90% with a carbon tax.

The White Dragon Society formed an alliance of convenience with the Global Warming faction to stop the planned genocide.  Now that the genocide has been stopped, the WDS is trying to convince the “good” (or less evil) part of the elite to go along with a plan for a massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.


Article regarding the Rothschilds

Dear Mr Fulford:

I would be grateful if you could comment on this article which appeared in the British Jewish Chronicle.

As a Jew and particularly with the rise of anti-semitism, I find it very upsetting and worrying to read anything that could stoke the flames even more.  What if the article below is correct and this family are innocent of all the accusations?

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Dear JS,

First of all, the article you sent me was missing the first several words of every sentence.  If you can get me a link or a full copy, I will post it on my home page for the benefit of my readers.

However, please understand that as a journalist, I try always to get my information from primary sources.  If a representative of the Rothschild family would like to do a public interview with me, I’m sure many people will watch it and judge for themselves.  Too often the Rothschild name is used as shorthand for a group of interrelated families who exert enormous control over the privately owned central banks.

Also, years of research have led me to the conclusion there is a subgroup of the Jews who are not actually Jewish, but worship Satan, Ba’al, Molech, etc.  They appear in the Book of Ruth and carry out human sacrifices.  They hide behind the Jews and use them like a matador’s cape to distract people from them.

Also, there is a group that I call the Sabbateans who believe that it is up to the Jews to make the biblical prophecies come true and bring on the Messiah.  This group was behind the creation of Israel.  Members of my Jewish family were among those who believed God would do God’s work and wanted to stay in their European homeland.  They were attacked and forced by Hitler (a member of the Saxe/Gotha/Rothschild/Habsburg family complex) to go to Israel.

If you check the history, you will see that Jews were only allowed to flee to Israel in the face of Nazi persecution.  Canada has recently apologized for closing its borders to Jews fleeing the Nazis.

Anyway, the rabbit hole runs deep, but I would be happy to set the record straight for the Rothschilds.


Dear Mr Fulford:

Thank you for replying so promptly.

I hope the attached link works as I am not the most technical of people.  If not, you can find the article in the Jewish Chronicle.  I did a search and it is dated December 11, 2017 under Robert Philpot’s name.  It was reprinted on June 21.

I do hope that you manage to obtain an interview with a Rothschild family member, especially if all that is written about them is untrue.  I hope that it is, but one does not know what to believe any more.

Should you publish this article, it will be very interesting to read the responses to it.

I wish you well in your work and in your life.  Thank you.


Speak to the people


First, I wish to say thank you for your courage and dedication to getting truth out to the world.

In this quote from one of your weekly reports, a major question comes to mind:

“According to senior Pentagon and Asian Secret Society sources, a decision to establish a de facto World government is also being negotiated at the highest levels.  This would not be the Khazarian plan for a totalitarian New World Order controlled by Khazarian gangsters.  Instead, it would involve democratically revamping the existing international architecture so that real-world peace and prosperity would be possible for the first time in human history.”

My question comes from what seems to be a contradiction, and also from the stated goal of “democratically revamping the existing international architecture.”

1.  The contradiction is suggested by the idea that anything negotiated “at the highest levels” to establish a de facto World government cannot possibly be democratic.  Who makes up the “highest levels” that would be even partially inclined to choose a democratic process that gives power to the masses?  And, any World government created by people who have risen to the highest levels in the current world driven by competitive beliefs and win/lose psychology can only be a continuation of the up/down mentality that creates and sustains “highest levels” that by definition cannot relinquish their power and design themselves out of their power positions.

BF:  That is a good point.  The thing is, though, I have to deal with the real world and the existing power structures, because pragmatically it appears to be the only way to make things happen.  However, the analysis by the Swiss group showed that the top of the power structure consists of 700 people, and that means we outnumber them by 10 million to one.  Pressure from the bottom has forced these people to the negotiating table.  Many of the worst top power holders have also now been eliminated, so the remainder now “see the light.”

2.  “Democratically revamping the existing international architecture” presents a daunting challenge:  how to democratically do anything of such magnitude?  The “demos”—the people—are to be allowed/trained to vote on all elements of the new architecture?  Where on earth is there one working example of democracy?  There is none, and yet you envision a global democracy that can decide/vote on what institutions they want to replace an architecture they do not understand with new institutions that are strange to them and beyond the comprehension of a majority of humanity?

BF:  What we are witnessing is real-time, live democracy in the form of the Internet.  The battle is to keep that forum open and free.  Ultimately, I support the idea of a meritocracy.  This would be something like a Eurovision song contest where anybody can try to get to the top and everybody can see who got there and why.

Personally, I admire your idealism.  In this case, however, I long to read your down-to-earth, nuts-and-bolts recommendations on how the above dream can be accomplished.

My view is that only a grassroots movement that is the opposite of anything the “highest levels” can possibly conceive or implement to a humanity exhausted by such elitist “solutions” can bring about real change.  I hope your writing and interviews begin to reveal you are willing to talk to the man in the street and the mother in the kitchen so they understand what they can do with their neighbors and their community to create their own new world.

Looking to any more “solutions” to be handed down to them by the powerful just continues their sheep mindset and hastens the day when their only course is open revolt.

BF:  Believe me, I started this process by talking to “the masses,” and I came to the conclusion the masses are good at expressing discontent when they can feel things are wrong.  However, when it comes to solutions, it is easier to criticize someone for spilling a glass of milk than it is to put the milk back in the glass.  Hopefully, meritocracy will allow for the selection of widely accepted and respected people who have solutions.

Relationship between Dutch royals, Nazis, Bilderbergers, and the EU

Dear Benjamin,

If these Dutch passports were found near Asian dead bodies, it can only mean one thing—that the Dutch Cabal government, through its Embassy in Kiev, has cooperated on this along with the Kiev Nazi whit Victoria Newland, CIA war moron.  This fits together with the intelligence that the coup in Ukraine was committed by the Deep State and the EU to give the globalists a chance to start a war against Russia.  Such a war would conceal the bankruptcy of the fiat money system and create many victims.

Our deceitful politics are 100% involved in this in order to defend the interests (Shell) of a fake king.  This man is not a legitimate heir of the bloodline, but a fraud.

The DNA of his niece, the daughter of the sister of Beatrix, Margarita De Roy van Zuydewijn, has been tested in the Ukraine to see if it matches the Romanov bloodline.  This test indicates that this is not the case.

The UN whistleblower Frans Timmermans had given insider information, and in addition to his function as Minister of Foreign Affairs, has written a book about it.  When people started reading it, they realized he could never have done this in such a short time with his function, which is why the book was taken off the market.  For this, he became the second man in the EU, directly under the alcoholic Jean-Claude Juncker.

The royal family and the EU are die-hard Nazis who are involved in drug production in Afghanistan.  The Dutch Bilderberg Cabinet had previously concluded the Kunduz agreement.  The drug production is distributed by military flights via the Dutch islands in the Caribbean.  Banks have laundered this money for the fake king and his Mafia government in The Hague.

In the Netherlands, hospitals such as the Slotervaart Hospital have gone bankrupt producing heroin for this crime group.

Politicians Edith Schippers, Minister of Health, and her husband were on the Board.

Our entire political structure is so corrupt that they are even given housing for their services, which ruins us as a population.

Pedophilia investigations are deliberately obstructed to protect the Cabal fake royal family;  see the case of Joris Demmink.

The murder of Marianne Vaatstra was ordered by fake Queen Beatrix von Amsberg from the Korlaar brothers, for which € 500.000 was paid.

If you want an idea of what the Dutch Cabal looks like, here’s a photo:

Now the awareness around the world is going to bring about big changes which will disable the whole Cabal.

We can wait for the derivatives bomb to burst, and for the entire fiat debt system to be replaced by a gold-backed value unit.

We are waiting for the derivatives bomb to destroy all the central banks this summer, thereby freeing mankind from the Cabal.

The IMF now admits the downfall.

If the new money system is to be controlled by the QFS to guarantee the gold-backed value of money, it will be the liberation of mankind.

We have almost finished the ride.  The Quantum Financial System (QFS) will take over the central bank system after the crash.  This will ensure that we are rid of the satanists of the Cabal.

The possibilities of a QFS are at a level that our data system can be compared to the Stone Age.  The new Quantum Financial System works with subatomic particles which can even read the personal force field of each person and recognize their intentions.

No wonder politics can’t be a part of this.  All their intransigence to keep us in their power will fail.  Even the EU has been sidelined immediately.

The manipulation by the banks and exchanges will no longer be able to function and can be switched off within a fraction of a second.

Forget the misery that Cabal member Prime Minister Mark Rutte has in store for us.  It’s not going to happen, if you pay close attention to what the QFS can do.

The old system is destroying itself.  The fall of Deutsche Bank will be the redemption for us, where the whole old money system will be gone forever.

If all the sovereign 209 countries participate in GESARA, it means that the corrupt EU does not get any money, because the EU is not a country, but a continent founded by the Nazis.

Dr. Rath’s Lecture on Cancer and the Cause, uncovering the EU.

The approximately 100,000 sealed indictments from the Trump administration will arrest the guilty parties and bring them to justice.  They will never get away with it, because the population could also be left to pick up and kill this Cabal itself.

Due to the actions of Prince Bernhard von Lippe, nobody signed the capitulation of Germany (the Hitler Cabinet) on behalf of the Dutch Head of State or Government, and nobody attended the signing by the unauthorized German General Johannes Blaskowitz and the Canadian General Charles Foulkes.

In constitutional terms, this means that the Netherlands has been a full member of Germany since 5 May 1945.  Since no signatures have been made, this means that the Netherlands no longer exists constitutionally as of 18 May 1940, and after the occupation of the Hitler Cabinet on the former territory of the Netherlands continued after 5 May 1945.

That is why in the Netherlands since then, the prime minister, the ministers, the state secretaries and commissioners of the king or queen, and the mayors have not been elected, but have been sworn in or appointed by the Head of State.

That is why there is no Constitutional Court in the Netherlands, due to the lack of legitimate legislation and the lack of democracy in the Netherlands.

The book also mentions the Dutch submarine K XVII which would have been blown up by Creighton on 7 December 1941.  In a conversation with Ian Fleming, in Chapter 9 memories of the submarine are retrieved and in an appendix, a letter refers back to the incident.

The decision to destroy the Dutch submarine was made when it discovered the Japanese fleet on its way to Pearl Harbor on November 28, 1941.

The Dutch commander, Itz.1 H.C. Besançon, immediately sent an encrypted message to the British Navy leadership.  This message was intercepted by the cryptographs of Section M that passed it on to General Donovan in Washington, D.C. and Major Desmond Morton of the American and British secret services.  Both informed their leaders, President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.  These five people were aware of the imminent Japanese attack, which had to be kept strictly secret.

At that time, 80 percent of the American population were isolationist and strongly opposed to a war with Japan or Germany.  Roosevelt wanted a war with Japan, but could not declare war without a valid reason.  The surprise attack on the battleships in Pearl Harbor would give him that reason.

Queen Wilhelmina, as successor to Adolf Hitler, appointed the first post-war cabinet, the Schermerhom-Drees cabinet, consisting of ministers of the SDAP (in 1946 merged with the VDB and CDU in the PVDA), the CHU’er Lieftink (later PVDA), and RKSP (better KVP), as well as five non-party ministers, two of whom later became PVDA members.

Under her leadership, the Hitler Cabinet was thus continued as an illegal head of state.  This successor Hitler-Kabinet was a fake “Royal” cabinet and is also called the “Emergency Cabinet.”

Editor’s note:  This letter was originally posted as an attachment to the Weekly Report of June 3, 2019.  It has been re-rendered here as a Letter to the Editor, with some polishing.

Who put the nukes in the seabed off Japan prior to Fukushima?

Hi Ben,

It’s good to hear that you read Jim Stone’s stuff.  He’s a very informative guy.

Jim has stated that the U.S. Navy dropped nukes in the bottom of the Japan Trench that caused the tsunamis to hit Japan that did all the damage.

I find it hard to believe the U.S. Navy was involved, taking such a risk of being caught.

Can you comment on that?

Best regards,

PS:  As a kid I grew up in Japan in the late 50s and early 60s and loved it.

It was not the U.S. Navy that put the nukes on the seabed.  It was the deep-sea scientific drilling ship Chikyu that did that under the orders of Mossad and the P2 Freemason lodge.  General Richard B. Myers of the U.S. space command was involved.

The U.S. Navy was a victim, in that the crew of the USS Ronald Reagan was pre-positioned unknowingly near the blast site and as a result suffered from radiation poisoning.