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Letters to the Editor

“Always lose me when making wild unsubstantiated claims. I’ll give you the possibility Elon isn’t the saviour of free speech. Sure.

But to claim his rockets are cgi videos as a money making scam?! The completely insane amount of work and technological advances required for teslas auto piloting system. The fact StarLink is being used in the Ukraine.

Just throws your credibility in everything else you say under the bus. In my opinion.”

-Recent Video Comment

You are partially right, I used Starlink satellites myself this summer to access the internet while in the Canadian wilderness.
However, he has also been caught using computer graphic fakes like when he said he sent a tesla car into space as a publicity stunt when tesla stock prices were tumbling.
What is clear is that Musk is using DARPA technology paid for with tax payer money for private gain.
He is also a proven vaccine and fake pandemic pusher. He is a KM controlled “white hat.”
-Benjamin Fulford

Wests’ rubber masked Halloween political horror show is about to end.

Enjoy while you can the horror show of rubber-masked actors and computer graphics that has substituted for government in the West. As a part of the show, we now have a fake pope, a fake US president, a fake UK King, a fake French president, fake opposition leaders, fake news etc. This is all about to end. It is a mathematical certainty because the entire financial/economic system that underpins it is over a thousand times leveraged and bankrupt.

“Kangaroo government usually precedes war. The worry is the next and inevitable onslaught would be thermonuclear,” warns MI6.

To avoid that Western white hats and the Asian dragon family are now negotiating a benevolent replacement for the collapsing old system. It will start with a jubilee. This will mean a cancellation of all debts both public and private and a one-off redistribution of assets, according to a Dragon family proposal. Another part of their proposal is to have Western military/industrial white hats preside over Nuremberg-style war crimes trials followed by the restoration of democracy, the rule of law and freedom of the press.

The video below of Jeffrey Sachs speaking to Chinese counterparts reflects the tone of the talks.

However, the negotiations are ongoing so do not expect any announcement soon. Instead, batten your hatches and prepare for a geopolitical storm such as the world has never experienced before.

MI6 sees it coming too, commenting “What we view with very well-informed intelligence is the turn of Century type stuff. Regime fall and knowing when it will fall and what to do.” MI6 expects the trigger to be a “Barclays Bank collapse which will bring down Glencore Commodities and all of the world markets…they brought it upon themselves by way of lawyers, spies and assassins we tracked every step of the way…all street lighting in Switzerland is blacked out at midnight so Blitz type stuff.” 

Most top-level experts agree the Western financial system will inevitably collapse. Its’ current state is illustrated below.

For those who prefer technical diagrams, the ones below all show the same collapse from different angles.

“In a bankrupt global system, you reach a point when the value of printed money dies and whatever a leader promises can no longer be bought with fake money which will always have ZERO intrinsic value,” Swiss expert Egon von Greyerz explains. “With over $2 quadrillion (2 and 15 ZEROS) of debt and liabilities resting on a foundation of $2 trillion of government-owned gold that makes a gold coverage of 0.1% or a leverage of 1000X!” he adds.

The last time this system was about to collapse was at the time of the Lehman shock in 2008. Then, the Khazarian Mafia cabal families ruling the West were able to get 700 tons of gold from the Dragon family and leverage it over 1000 times to create 23 trillion dollars. They were allowed to do this because they promised to change their ways and install a black communist known as Barak Obama as president.

That money has run out and now the KM are desperately sucking up to Asia and promising everything under the sun while simultaneously threatening all-out nuclear war etc. to get money to keep their horror show going.

This is judge Anna Von Reitz warning to the Asians about them:

They have been doing the same things and operating the same schemes since the Bronze Age — they introduce the concept of credit, they gain access to other people’s credit, they accumulate debt “in the name of” their victims, eat out the substance of the country they’ve invaded, kill their creditors, and then move on to a new “host”. 






They intend to be Spectators, safely ensconced behind the proverbial “Great Wall of China”, speaking with Chinese Mouth-pieces, talking about the superiority of “their” 5,000 year-old culture— it isn’t their country, isn’t their culture and they are nothing but evil, self-interested, international parasites intent on using China to guarantee their safety while they plot to eat out the substance of China just as they have done to every other country.

Here is some more visual evidence of who exactly we are dealing with:

The movie may be old but, we have multiple high-level witnesses saying such mass sacrifice rituals take place to this day. The current controllers of the fake Biden regime, for example, staged a massive human sacrifice event where beautiful children were killed to inaugurate the new World Trade Center building according to MI6.

The Russians know who they are dealing with because they have been fighting them for millennia. Alexei Pavlov, the assistant secretary of the Security Council of Russia, says “Neo-pagan cults [have] gained strength in Ukraine,” naming one of them as the Chabad-Lubavitch Hassidic movement. “The main life principle of the Lubavitcher followers is the supremacy of the sect’s supporters over all nations and peoples” he adds.

It is not just Russian leaders. US President Donald Trump is also now openly referring to Satanism when talking about a 15-year-old girl “sadistically” murdered at the hands of MS13 members, in a “horrific satanic ritual”.


TV personalities like Lara Logan are also now coming out to claim things like “Biden is Trafficking Kids So People Can Drink Their Blood.”

So horrific are their crimes and so inevitable their punishment is that these fanatics do not intend to go quietly into the night.

Last week the KM sent Henry Kissinger, one of their top leaders, to Japan to issue threats to Prime Minister Kishida, according to Japanese military intelligence sources. He was later seen entering on a wheelchair to the Ichiriki (一力) Geisha house in Kyoto where

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China announces new 100-year plan while the West descends into chaos

The Khazarian mafia-led “rules-based world order” is descending into anarchy and civil war. By contrast, China has just announced a new 100-year plan to enrich their nation in harmony with nature. Unless the West overthrows its Satanic KM leadership, China is going to rule the world, whether it wants to or not. 

Before talking about China, let us start by looking at the civil war raging in the West. What happened there is that after the murder of Queen Elizabeth II (head of the committee of 300), the KM installed either a blackmail-compromised King Charles III or else a puppet look alike. MI6 sources say the murder of Elizabeth was German DVD revenge for the execution of George Bush Sr. and his family. The murder was likely ordered by Heinz Kissinger, according to Asian royal family sources. 

Here is a message I sent to MI6 about Kissinger:

Heinz Kissinger tried to have me killed around the time I first started exposing his boss David Rockefeller. He is also the guy who set up the so-called trading platforms that spoof the financial system to create money out of nothing for the Nazi group he works with. He, therefore, has the strongest motive to prevent any attempts to wrest control of the financial system away from his group, hence the murder of Her Majesty as well as so many other leaders over the years. He needs to be taken in, interrogated and then put on trial. 

Kissinger and his deputy Richard Haas, head of the Council on Foreign Relations, ordered the murder of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, according to Japanese military intelligence. For that reason, an international arrest warrant has been issued for Kissinger, who is a well-known serial killer of world leaders. Haas has already announced he is quitting the CFR, presumably because he has already been arrested or executed.

Needless to say, their Rockefeller family bosses are also in trouble. According to a senior CIA source: “The Rockefeller foundation and the family are going to be thrown under the bus. The rest of the Elites have decided that the Rockefellers will be 

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Letters to the Editor

“Hi Ben, I must say you stirred a pot due to discussing the new Emperor. A comment was made to me how could a Blue eyed red head be depicted as Asian, so I decided to do a bit of research on it. I figured it might be worth a shot, because I did a report on the takedown of Mongolia around 2014 via Rio Tinto, and my other research about Haiti, revealed the Clintons hand in the attack. 

So I will give you a series of research videos I found online that explains an opinion of how the new Emperor could be Asian according to the general extensive Breeding Genghis Khan actually did. I will link the series here, I skipped part 2 because I already understand Tartaria. And I have a couple of nuggets for you as well, regarding the local election.
It is a series so you browse through it.

DNA study of the Khan

Secondly the results of the recent local body elections in New Zealand.

I received this communication through one of our members.


The Good News..
It’s official: New Zealand’s freedom community has scooped up a massive win!
The local body elections special votes have been counted and the finalized results are in, and they’re very very good..
Our tally shows that over 150 candidates succeed in gaining positions on local councils and boards with at least 4 winning positions as mayors and 2 as deputy mayors.
This is unprecedented! It’s a BIG DEAL!
More importantly, it proves what is possible when we come together to work strategically and focus our efforts with intention.
To the bold and courageous leaders who took a stand against the pervasive woke culture, we say thank you!
To those of you who helped start conversations, shared and promoted voting material, encouraged people to vote and voted yourself, we say thank you!
Never in New Zealand history have so many people united in their values and intent gained so much ground in local government so quickly.
This is what driving REAL change looks like, and it’s a beautiful thing!

Be proud of your efforts: they ARE making a tremendous difference. This result is yet another testament to that.


Finally, there is something going down in Viet Nam, where I currently live. the 90 year old leader has said he will purge the government of all the corrupt people, so I can see there is also a purge of the KM here as well.

Last week, 6 major oil companies in Viet Nam , hid their oil reserves and claimed there was no delivery. Turns out they were hiding the oil and waiting for the price to rise. The largest petrol company in VN was praised for redirecting their reserves from around the country to solve the problem in Ho Chi Minh. While the 6 that were hiding the oil had trading licenses stripped for a lengthy time going forward.

VN’s richest woman was jailed last week, along with her accomplice mogul business man husband with extensive business in Hong Kong. They also owned a series of Banks, and the CEO of a branch, in the middle, was mysteriously expired via Heart attack and the gang tried to burn the buildings that held the information and the fire stations were on alert and prevented major fires. The 90 year old leader of Viet Nam said he knew they would try it and had the fire fighters ready.  This matches what happened in the Freemason HQ in Tokyo, which you mentioned.

Could you mention something about Viet Nam in one of your reports. It seems VN has chosen the Liberation of Humanity path.

My info is fairly mainstream, but the media here admits Russia is fighting Nazis and most people understand that.

Thanks for your efforts my friend.

Take Care. “
Thanks for the information which I will share with my readers. Genghis Khan has 18 million descendants and I understand Asian and European royals mostly have some of his blood. This is why the Dragon family is not just Asian. There is also the blue dragion which is Middle Eastern along with the Red Dragon, Golden Dragon and White Dragon.
Humanity itself is under attack to we all need to unite to end this threat.
– Benjamin Fulford

It’s game over, SATANATO has lost, huge repercussions will follow

NATO and its Khazarian Mafia overlords have lost the war in Ukraine and for the planet earth so historical repercussions will follow, Polish, Chinese, Russian, MI6 and CIA etc. sources all agree.

That is why Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said last week “NATO has already been defeated in Ukraine.”

For example, “high-precision strikes on Ukraine’s strategic energy facilities have led to massive electricity outages and forced Kyiv to suspend power exports to Europe,” Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes.

Of course, the Russians are not an objective source but, Polish intelligence sources agree saying “In winter, the Russians will roll through Ukraine to the Dnieper, taking away Odesa and Kharkiv. Russia is not interested in land beyond the Dnieper.” They also note “The EU has started an emergency evacuation of its embassies from Kyiv to the Polish city of Rzeszów (Rzeszow).”

The KM have been reduced to using computer graphics and fake videos to create the illusion the war is still being fought. Here for example you can watch Ukrainian actors dressed as wounded take selfies in Kyiv for Western media live coverage

Now take a look at the Zelensky hologram in the making.

Chinese intelligence also says “80% of NATO forces were destroyed in Ukraine so that is why they are making nuclear threats” (Chinese intelligence also provided details about the power struggle that took place there which we will discuss further below).

The Armageddon threats of course are hollow because neither the KM nor the fake Biden regime, control any nuclear weapons, Pentagon sources say.

There is also more evidence the owners of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation went bankrupt. Two of the biggest owners of that Corporation, as well as most of the Fortune 500 companies, Blackrock and Vanguard appear to have declared bankruptcy.

Blackrock International, Inc. Files for Bankruptcy in Lafayette | BKData

Some readers claim these are not the real deal but, events are unfolding that will make it undeniable the USA Corporation, as well as the privately owned United Nations, BIS, IMF, World Bank etc. are coming down.

To confirm this is true, financial markets may be the first place to see huge events unfold. The US Corporation missed a payment deadline on September 30th and was given until October 14th to find the money before being declared in default. If they did not find additional funding then all hell will break loose.

There is some evidence they did not.

For example, trans-Pacific shipping rates have plunged 75% from earlier this year because the Asians are no longer accepting FRB funny money as payment for real goods.

Also, on October 12, the head of the Bank of England Andrew Bailey said the BOE would stop propping up financial markets on October 14th. Then, on that day, British finance minister Kwasi Kwarteng was fired. After that, policies like unfunded tax cuts for the rich were scrapped.

MI6 sources say the Rothschilds have lost control of the BOE and that a de facto military government now rules the UK. If so, the UK branch of the Rothschilds has now officially lost control of the BOE for the first time since it took it over via insider trading after the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

Now, the Swiss branch of the Rothschild family also appear to be in trouble, The US Federal Reserve Board has recently pumped $9.37 billion into the Swiss national bank in what is likely an attempt to prevent Credit Suisse from going under.

If Credit Suisse goes under, the domino effect would cause most major Western financial institutions to collapse and markets to implode.

These are imploding anyway because the KM has lost control of the internationally traded US dollar. Dragon family sources say that all gold and treasure hoards that once again back the US dollar are now under their control.

This is important because ever since the KM ran out of gold in 1971 the US stock market has become a giant hallucination. As the chart below shows, stock market valuation rose by a peak of 4000% against GDP. If you take into account the fact GDP numbers have been wildly inflated by under-counting inflation, you can confirm the stock markets are no longer connected to reality. No wonder average American living standards have been falling since 1971 while the KM has become super-reach by using central bank fraud to steal from the people.  

The KM are desperately trying to save themselves by switching over to Central Bank Digital Currencies but, since these are also backed by nothing, this effort is doomed to fail.

In one of the most visible recent signs KM rule is collapsing, the French Rothschild colony of France has been unable to pay for oil imports. This (not the reported labor disputes) is causing gasoline stations across the nation to either run dry or ration gas. 

We also noted their slave President Emanuelle Macron has been put under demonic control, as seen by his black eye.

This means the French military and republic are now battling to liberate themselves from Demonic control.

In the US meanwhile, the military white hats are making a move to end the entire Joe Biden horror show. Pentagon sources say a new government headed by

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