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Fake Biden, Fake Ukranian War, Fake Pandemic: is it all about to end?

There are growing signs we in the West are all watching a giant fake show and that the show is about to end. This came up in a conversation last week between a senior Russian FSB agent and a member of the White Dragon Society. “My guess is that we don’t actually have any presidents and all of this is a kind of staged reality show created before our eyes,” noted the FSB member. There is plenty of evidence to back this up.

Did you know, for example, that according to the official Russian Tass News Agency that Ukraine has not declared war on Russia? Also that the Russian gas still being sent through that country is still the main source of revenue for the government of Ukraine?

Also, did you know that Rothschild family-owned trading companies in Switzerland were still selling Russian commodities to the rest of the world?

Furthermore, despite the “embargo,” Russian oil exports to the US continue and are even increasing. For example, in the week of March 12-18, the US bought 70,000 barrels of Russian oil per day, 80% more than the previous week.

Then of course there is all the obviously fake footage about the Ukrainian “war” that is flooding Western TV screens. In the latest example, CNN is reporting a fire in Edmonton, Canada is in Ukraine.

The screenshot below (taken before CNN blurred it out), clearly shows it is the Edmonton fire department that is on the scene.


The Rita Katz studios (of fake Bin Laden fame) are also working overtime filming Rothschild employee and so-called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is working out of his $34M mansion in Florida. The Russian FSB says he appears to be stoned on cocaine, and the footage below certainly makes it seem that way.

We will not delve too deeply into the fake pandemic except to note that mortality rates around the world are the same as in pre-pandemic years. We also note the pandemic does not exist in Africa and other regions whose governments refused to go along with the entire fake event.

High-level sources in both Eastern and Western secret societies say the fake show going on is just part of a process to wake up the deeply brainwashed people of the West. It is being set up as a sort of initiation ceremony for the West. In anthropology, such ceremonies are called “liminal events” and refer to things like weddings or coming of age ceremonies that mark a major transition in life. In this case, the ceremony is being carried out to start a new age of love, progress and harmony with nature, the sources say. This will be made clear soon, the sources promise.

However, before that can happen a very real international military, agency and police crackdown on an ancient Satanic cult that seized the top levels of power in most Western countries needs to be completed.

This campaign is reaching an end as most of the top leaders of this cult, including Hillary Rockefeller (Clinton), Jens Psaki (aka Mark Zuckerberg Rockefeller) and Klaus Rothschild (Schwab) have been arrested. These arrests appear in the form of announcements they have contracted Covid 19 (despite being fully vaccinated) and are “self-isolating.”

Of course, the Khazarian mafia will try to pretend this is not happening by presenting fake versions of their leaders to the public, Below for example are three different versions of Killary.

This is what a Mossad source had to say about Psaki:

She has been taken in again repairing the glitch in her programming. We both have the feeling that the original is “out of service”. After the last round of testing positive 5 months ago and she disappeared for like 10 days. Look at her eyes. They are blank. Like without a soul. A sign of an avatar AI construct.

The members of this cult, also known as Sabbatean-Frankist Jews or the Khazarian Mafia who for years really have been trying to carry out a fake Armageddon. The show we are being subjected to on our screens is their re-enactment of

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Letters to the editor

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has already passed over to the other side, according to a CIA source. He was taken out by the KM satanic cabal. They are trying to come up with a cover story now.  Let’s see how long they keep silent about it.


Spring equinox marks turning point in battle to liberate earth

There are multiple reports coming in from all directions indicating the war for control of the planet earth, one that has been literally raging for thousands of years, is coming to an end. The battle over the Ukraine will be seen by future historians as the last stand of the Satanic Khazarian mafia that has been plotting to turn the entire planet into a giant animal farm ruled by them.

Once humanity is liberated, a massive campaign to make immortality on this earth real is set to begin, white hat sources promise. The quarantine on the planet earth will also be ended and earth life will be allowed to colonize the universe. This will make the Cambrian explosion (when multi-cellular life suddenly emerged) seem like a firecracker in comparison, they say.

The dark side is trying to stop this by killing 90% of humanity and destroying much of the natural world. In other words they are planning ecocide as well as genocide. An example is the push to convert the worlds’ automobile fleet into so-called “eco-friendly” electric motors. To do this, you must dig up 500,000 pounds of the earth’s crust for ONE battery. 

Here is an example where Ukrainian 24 TV Network (Owned By Oligarch Akhmetov) presenter Fahruddin Sharfmal is calling for genocide of Russian children saying “In order to destroy a nation, you must destroy, first of all, children.” He has been taken into custody by Russian special forces, FSB sources say.

By contrast we could use home solar panels to convert water into hydrogen, powering cars that leave water vapour as a residue. This of course would deprive the Khazarian Mafia of a centralized control over energy and thus over the worlds’ economy. They are trying to kill us all before we figure things like this out, hence the ongoing war.

Anyway, let us now look at the current state of the battle to liberate humanity. Here, the biggest move last week was an Anglo-German peace proposal made to Russia last week, according to MI6 and German intelligence sources. The proposal calls for a return to the pre-1914 borders of Germany. It also proposes using the Dneiper river (see map below) as the de-facto border between Eastern and Western Europe.

This was the Russian FSB’s reply to this proposal:

“[Russian President Vladimir] Putin intends to break down the EU into two parts, unite the Slavonic nations and bring an end to NATO. It has been used by the US as an attacking and not a peacekeeping force. 

France and Germany should support this, otherwise they will not get a gas supply.”

In other words, the Russians want to resurrect a version of Yugoslavia and take Bulgaria out of NATO.

The FSB source says the Khazarian mafia also offered a surrender proposal to Russia. The KM say they want to move six million Jews

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Letters to the Editor

“Good Afternoon,

Today I again canceled my subscription. the comment is entertaining sometimes, but when I read things like Pfizer was taken off the nyse, it reads like the company was delisted.

it was apparently a small issue of bonds and nothing to do with the stock. Grand headlines, but I don’t get how or why you say things the way you do. Gives a lot of pause and doubt to some of the more substantial claims make in your letters.”



Thanks for alerting us to the mistake. In this case a CIA source told us that Pfizer had been delisted and sent us the link. However, we did not check it carefully enough. We always issue corrections or clarifications when we are made aware of mistakes. We are grateful to readers who point them out.

-Benjamin Fulford

Dutch Parliament to discuss Geo-engineering

Dear Editor,
In 2006, I started the Stop Chemtrails and Weather Manipulation Now citizen initiative. In October 2021, we reached the required 40,000 signatures to present it to the House of Representatives of the Netherlands. Initially to the Committee on Petitions and Citizens’ Initiatives. On March 22 between 13.45 and 14.00 we are going to offer it to the Committee on Petitions and Citizens’ Initiatives of the House of Representatives. Then it will go through some more procedures before we can start advocating the Citizens’ Initiative in the House of Representatives.
This Dutch initiative has worldwide importance and impact, because geo-engineering is a worldwide operation.
When I heard about it in 2006, I was not surprised; I had noticed the changed skies and sky for some time. And I had already experienced more in my life, so I could place it well. At first there was only a paper version of the Citizens’ Initiative, of which we collected 1200 signatures by then. Later when the signatures could also be collected digitally we collected 43,000 signatures so far via So a total of 44,200. It may sound like a long time, but this time was apparently needed so that people became more aware of what is going on. It is as it is, but I am super happy that we can finally offer it and that the House of Representatives now can not ignore it, there really is something to do. See above:
In these 16 years, I and colleagues have collected many pages of sources through research. We have also compiled a list of 35 experts and people involved who can be heard. Many studies and books have been written worldwide and several scientists have investigated the total picture and/or subareas. There have also been several hearings and conferences about it and the Netherlands signed the ENOD UN Convention in 1983. Since 2006 it has been pushed into the conspiracy corner by the media and we have been called out for ‘aluminium hat’ and ‘wappy’. Since then, despite many requests and emails, the Parliament has never given it serious attention or asked questions about it. Serious attention and action could have prevented much pollution and disease. There are many sources, including military that acknowledge that Weather Modification and manipulation has been going on for decades. With this Citizens Initiative we ask for nothing more or less than the truth and an immediate stop of all activities (Chemtrails/Weather manipulation) in any case above Dutch territory and above the Leeward and Windward Islands. And we ask for a Parliamentary Inquiry so that the politicians, scientists, (civilian) researchers and military personnel involved can be heard under oath.
At the plenary, we will give an extensive presentation and share our many sources.
For this  presentation on march 22, I have written a summary poem, naming all the elements, which I will recite. It is attached as an appendix. You are allowed to publish it in your media or website with my name.
The offering will be on March 22, 2022 between 13:45 and 14:00 and afterwards there will be time for questions from the media in the States Hall of the House of Representatives. The address is Irenepad 1. The Hague.
Kind regards,
Elbert Westerbeek
Initiator and administrator
Citizens Initiative Parliamentary Hearing on Weather Manipulation
Stop Chemtrails and Weather Manipulation Now.

Poem: Chemtrails-Weather Modification-Albedo-SynBio-Mind Control
Again I see those expanding stripes,
and heave a deep sigh.
Who does Heaven belong to, anyway?
Why are you allowed to spray in the sky without our consent?
Who has been taken in by this madness anyway?
The sky used to be deep blue, now a whitish chemical, electromagnetic puddle
blankets and swirls.

Why does the Sun have to be stripped away all the time?
Whereby, for example, algae growth is inhibited,
people lack Vitamin D and are influenced and tamed via harmful waves &
Whales disoriented beaches and forests burning intensely?
Nano particles are found in soil, roots, flowers, lungs and brains?
Why is this, despite many scientific sources, laughed off and dismissed as a

Why do you allow the control of the weather and use it as a weapon?
This seems to be the real explanation for climate change!
In Geopolitics by using weather extremes to impoverish, blackmail and hijack
From HAARP and fanning stripes to the hole in the Ozone layer and Global

New diseases have unfortunately been created,
new types of clouds invented.
But no chemtrails can’t exist can they?
Weather modification already going on for decades, has already raped the
natural weather.

We want the “bio-terrorism” to stop and peel off the onion,
since weather modification is made up of many rings and layers.
The weather now seems out of whack to be able to predict it correctly.
That is why 44,000 residents are now coming to ask for a Parliamentary

This citizens’ initiative is deadly serious!
Go hear the many scientific and citizen researchers.
Stop the depressing puddle mongering, there is no choice.
Don’t let the secret services and defense ring you.

Investigate all available evidence, all sources.
Geo,- Bio,- & space weapons do not belong in the defense arsenal.
Through the UN Convention 1976* it is already forbidden, so do not act so
Heaven and Earth do not belong to the Military-Industrial Complex, but to all
of us!

Elbert Westerbeek, 22-02-2022.
Citizens Initiative Stop Chemtrails and Weather Manipulation Now!
Written on behalf of the presentation to the Dutch Parliament on 22-03-2022.

Letters to the Editor

“I have a question about a contradiction you recently made on Around two weeks ago you said that President Putin was going to invade Ukraine because he was going to try to liberate Europe. But then around a week or two later you said that President Putin was an avatar and that he has been replaced already which is comparable to Biden and many around the world. And now you say that the cabal is trying to start World War III with an invasion of Ukraine. So which is it? Which side is he on? Is he really an avatar who has already been replaced and run by the cabal or is he trying to liberate Europe by invading Ukraine”
Thank you



My understanding is that Vladimir Putin is an avatar who represents the Russian people and the Russian Orthodox church. The most powerful real person in Russia is probably foreign minister Sergey Lavrov.
Russia should go into the Ukraine to remove the criminals there whose money laundering operations keep the fake Joe Biden regime afloat. Russia should also go into France and remove the Rothschild puppet Macron too, I believe.
My understanding is that MI6 and Pentagon brass would not interfere in such a move because it is necessary for planetary liberation.

-Benjamin Fulford


I can’t believe you actually answered my question but thank you so much and thanks for everything you do.

Most people don’t believe that John McAfee is still alive but I do. I have been following his telegram channel and many of the things you have said on your site he also says on his within the same time frame as well . Do you believe he is still alive for sure as I do? Most won’t find the information factual since they think he is dead but I think you might be interested in some of the things he covers on his channel. If you look into it and you’re unable to access it let me know and I can send you updates. Also here’s a picture of a magnet sticking to my 100 year old grandmother’s arm after I told my cousin who watches her that some thing in the vaccine is magnetic and to try it out and it worked. My entire family has taken all the vaccines and boosters and they are now alienating me from the family because I’m not willing to take it as well. Thank God for a lot of the information I have received from you and others so thank you for keeping me safe. Unfortunately no one else will listen to me but you do what you can.



My CIA and Mossad sources both told me that McAfee faked his death and is still alive.

-Benjamin Fulford


Thank you for your previous two replies . You said around a couple months ago that Anthony Fauci has been replaced and is now some form of artificial intelligence. Then weeks later you said he has been executed at Gitmo and the Fauci you are seeing now is a clone. Then this week in your newsletter you said Anthony Fauci is in the witness protection because he is giving testimony about his slave masters like Hillary Clinton and Bill Gates. I find it very confusing.



We are dealing with the fog of war. As a reporter I report what different sources tell me and these sources often contradict each other. It is like writing about a divorce: he said, she said.
However, the Fauci witness protection story comes from the governor of Florida speaking on the record and as a general rule, people who speak on the record are more honest than sources who wish to remain anonymous.

-Benjamin Fulford

As world distracted by Ukraine hysteria, big changes happened

The incredible hysteria and lies being pumped out daily in the G7 Khazarian slave colonies’ propaganda media has distracted the world from truly historical changes. What we are witnessing is the end of a war that has been raging literally for thousands of years. The ancient group of Satan-worshipping families that controls the UN, the Worlds’ central banks, the fortune 500 transnational corporations and much more, are facing something they never expected: final defeat.

Just like the victors of World War II staged a Yalta conference to decide the shape of the post-war world, the victors of the undeclared World War III have already begun detailed planning for a new age for the planet earth. We have talked about this before so, suffice it to say a huge campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and expand into the universe is about to begin.

In a visible sign the post-war order is ending, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, “the five permanent members of the UN Security Council have no right to dictate the fate of the world, and they don’t aspire to do so.”

Now let us look at the final phases of the still ongoing WWIII. Here the Russian military operation in Ukraine has flushed these Satanic criminals out of the closet and into the full view of humanity. On December 2021 Russia initiated a UN resolution condemning Nazism, racism etc. and 130 nations supported it while only two, the US and Ukraine, opposed it. And yet now magically, the Khazarian mafia wants us to believe that 141 nations voted at the UN to condemn the Russian move to deal with these Nazis.

These are part of the same 170 nations that voted to ban fluorinated gas refrigerants just as the Du Pont family’s patent on them was about to expire. Then, in 2016 these same “nations” voted to ban their replacement HFCs again just as the Du Pont patent on them was about to expire.

What all this shows is that these so-called nations are headed by individuals who have been bribed with Swiss bank accounts and threatened with death if they do not follow orders from the KM.

The vote against Nazis caught the KM off guard and so they jerked the chains of these so-called leaders. However, what is now happening is that the slave masters of these slaves voting at the UN are being systematically hunted down and brought to justice.

The real situation can be seen by looking at the lists of nations that support sanctions against Russia versus those who do not. The Middle East, India, most of Asia, South America, Africa etc, are not supporting the isolation of Russia. Basically, if you take the world population to be 8 billion, you see 7 billion supporting Russia and one billion still going along with the KM. 

 Even those one billion still under KM control are also in open revolt against their Satanic overlords.

That is because the Chinese foreign ministry and the Russian foreign ministry have sent proof to the military and intelligence agencies of the planet that the KM and their so-called Biden regime in the US have set up 336 biological weapons laboratories around the world and have been releasing deadly pathogens in an attempt to murder most of humanity. This is not a so-called “conspiracy” blog we are talking about, it is the government of China speaking in public and on the record. 

The Russian GRU (their equivalent of the Pentagon command) sent the White Dragon Society documents showing exactly how the KM operates. They say that when the Rockefeller family, Rothschild Family and World Jewish Congress succeeded in overthrowing the Christian Russian Tsar, they began to artificially create the nation now known as Ukraine. They systematically tortured to death all Russian intelligentsia and leaders in the region. They also engineered a starvation crisis that killed at least 3 million people in order to force the rest of the population into submission. This was accompanied by creating a bastardized version of Russian they started to call the “Ukrainian language.” The leadership of the region was then put in the hands of the Chabad cult. These cultists want to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest.

The Russians say the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill Gates Foundation, the C Adenauer Foundation and The World Jewish Congress financed the 2014 Nazi/Chabad coup in Ukraine. They also financed the bioweapons laboratories condemned by China.

A Russian envoy said “we found that they were taking blood…to create pathologics that can specifically target certain ethnic groups… they were weaponizing the plague, anthrax, and other lethal pathologics”

For more detail watch “Pentagon Bio-laboratories” a 2018 documentary by Dilyana Gaytandzhieva.

The GRU has provided relevant agencies worldwide with a detailed list of names of the actual people behind these atrocities as well as the accompanying toxic vaccine mass murder attempt.

Also, “NATO wanted to unleash a third world war by using nuclear weapons against Russia,” said former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Nikolai Azarov

This means the people behind this are now officially designated war criminals who are being hunted down. There is nowhere on this planet, not Switzerland, not Israel, not Antarctica where they can hide. They will not be allowed off planet either, Secret Space Program sources promise. They say this is the culmination of a war that has raged for thousands of years both on and off the planet.

In Japan too, something very unusual and otherworldly happened last week. Just as the White Dragon Society was meeting with a representative of the Japanese Three Legged Crow Society an ancient stone known as the Sessho-Seki or killing stone split in two, supposedly releasing an ancient spirit. When this happened, sacred tablets, bought at the shrine where the stone is located, fell off shelves and walls around the country.

A senior Shinto priestess explains this means

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Letters to the Editor

“Hello dear Ben,
My name is Alexandre Desmarais, and I am from the region just under Montreal, in Quebec, Canada.
I follow your updates, and I truly enjoy them with my wife and friends, and I thank you for it.
I saw your interview with Kimberly Goguen. I found you were very courteous and respectful toward her. She didn’t give you much space nor enough credit.
I have watched multiple interviews, and I have to tell you that I have been puzzled by her….
She had one, into which she was powerfully challenged by Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot (Kerry could be someone you’d truly enjoy having an interview with!).
My humble counsel to you would be to disregard what she told you, and to not give it much importance. Why? Let me try to explain…
I would categorize what she does as blackpilling.  She’s supposedly the “manager” of the world’s finances or something like that….
She offers the alternate “truth” without the particulars, while denying factual things occurring, and downplaying important, key developments genuinely affecting the dying Deep State. This is exactly what she did with you.
I have never seen her giving ANY importance to Devolution (see at the bottom – to study!!) and other powerful developments that have clearly and INCREASINGLY bothered the Deep State, as the news from MSM would then show us in an OBVIOUS, reactionary manner.
IF this and that development occurring let’s say, are not so significant, then WHY would we see MSM propagandise them? It is as you know very well, because the higher ups do NOT want these to be shown, nor talked about – and Kim seems to be downplaying all of that.
She said Trump is dead and that his family is JUST about collecting $$$ from fake rallies – like WHAT! I almost fell off my chair! I also found that to be utterly degrading to the Trump family, nevermind 1st Lady Melania!
Then what? Kash Pathel is evil. Dan Scavino, General Flynn, Devin Nunez, Mike Pompeo, Mike Miller, Sydney Powell, etc – ALL evil! Putin, doing the Cabal’s bidding?! – she can’t be for real!
I have also noticed that she doesn’t like Trump, and is bothered with the mention of anything concerning him. She is like a more cunning version of Alex Jones. She talks trash about, and portrays Trump as if he just faked it all, and that untold millions have simply been fooled. Once again – then WHY has MSM attacked him SO ferociously to this day? That doesn’t lie…
So I just wanted to share with you my input concerning her, and please continue to keep doing what you’ve been doing – according to sources, intel, facts and striking/notable developments.
I believe that God is and will avenge us from the great evil that has ruled to a great extent on this planet – and as Q said it – the best is YET to come! God WILL glorify Himself.”
Thanks for the feedback Alexandre,
From the contents of what she said, and from other research, my best guess is that Kim Goguen is an AI construct managed by the Rockefeller faction of the deep state.
As a journalist I need to talk to all sides in order to get the truth. I have also learned that friendly interviews obtain a lot more information than hostile interviews. However, just because I talk in a friendly manner, it does not mean I support what the people I am interviewing are saying.
Overall, the feedback has not been supportive of her.
-Benjamin Fulford

Disinformation Notice

There is disinformation being sent out about world leaders like Vladimir Putin wearing freemason clothing. The photograph being used is from an APEC summit in Vietnam in 2006 when leaders were given a traditional Vietnamese garment known as an Ao Dai to wear.