Letters to the Editor

“Hi Ben,

a scan of original (not edited anymore) book of veuve Pierrel, a french
woman noon and scientist from 20s


and the pdf of a (not edited anymore) book “the world beyond the poles”
from 50s.


as long as we are not allowed to go to the poles, we won’t believe
anything about it.

We, the people, are not allowed to go there for good reasons that let us
ignorant about the planet we live and its history,

but are these reasons artifacts only? or maybe something more deep and
far is hiding from our beliefs that will change

the whole astrophysics paradigm and will cause total collapse of the so
called big bang and evolution?”




Thank you for that information. I have tried many times to get to Antarctica or to the Thule Airbase in Greenland to see the secret space force stuff for myself. So far, it remains closed. For that reason I also remain skeptical about anything related to these areas.
However, my best guess is that we live in a digital construct of some sort and that anomalies we find around the world are remnants from previous constructs.
In any case, the best strategy is to concentrate on changing the reality we directly experience with our own senses and not get too distracted with fantastic stuff we only see on screens.
– Benjamin Fulford

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