Mega Black Swan Expected As Western Civil War Nears Climax

The undeclared civil war raging in the West is headed for some sort of mega black swan event climax. The white hats are trying to bankrupt the Satanists and their entire fake US government show. The Satanists are planning some sort of mass murder event to try to stay in power. Both sides might use earthquake weapons and other electromagnetic forms of warfare. The only thing for sure is major fireworks.

The previous attempts to bankrupt the US Corporation were delayed by events like 911 and the March 11, 2011 Fukushima nuclear and tsunami mass murder event. This time signs are either a massive earthquake or some kind of electro-magnetic attack to be blamed on a solar flare are being planned. That is why decisive action against the Khazarian Mafia leadership must be taken before they can stage another mass murder sacrifice to Satan.


Speaking about which today is the 13th anniversary of the Fukushima attack. Most of the perpetrators like top Jesuit Hanz Kolvenbach were hunted down and killed shortly afterwards. However, two of the masterminds, self-described top Satanist Leo Zagami and Israeli Crime Minister Benyamin Satanyahu are still at large. They are being hunted down and will be brought to justice.


However, the war between the two factions is complicated by the presence of a rogue AI. This allows the Khazarian Mafia to use their control of the Silicon Valley computer complex to generate CGI leaders and not rely on surgically altered avatars. Here is an example of how easy it is for AI to generate fake people these days.

California Governor Adam Newsom is an AI-generated GGI according to CIA sources. Computers can now elect these fakes into office by electronically stealing elections. As another example here you can watch a fake Adam Schiff stealing votes from his opponent.



In another example here you can see Speaker Johnson Speaks To Reporters After White House Meeting With Biden, Schumer

This is Tyler Perry’s White House TV set, in Atlanta. There are no close buildings next to the real White House. 

The people aren’t buying it anymore. That is why less than 10% of Americans watched fake Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address. For good reason, this is what happens when the fake masked Biden starts rambling:

“We added more to the national debt than any president in his term in all of history!”  

In the background is a fake masked Kamala Harris. You can see it looks like the mask is literally breathing on its own. (In the video)

The most glaring example of AI abuse is the existence of two Donald Trumps. The fake one handled by Leo Zagami at Mar a Largo brags about vaccinating Americans and promotes Bud Light. The real one is located at the underground military base in Mt. Cheyenne, Colorado and is leading a military campaign against the Satanists.

Here you can see a video of the fake Trump meeting Hungarian leader Victor Orban. Apparently, they have now also come up with a fake Melania. This is the Trump actor who appears at all the fake show trials.

Next, take a look at the real Trump Trump who says it quite clearly.

“Quick trials for fentanyl dealers, child traffickers and Treason followed by immediate execution (It is called military tribunal).”

This is what happened to Victoria Nuland, the de-facto president of the Ukraine. Official announcements say she resigned but our CIA sources say she was executed along with her husband Robert Kagan, architect of the Iraq war.

Vladimir Zelensky may also have been taken out by a missile in Odessa but regardless, he is finished and everybody knows it.

Also, just as this report was about to go live, the White Dragon Society was contacted by French Generals to say a military coup d’etat was underway against French President Emannuelle Macron Rothschild. This was triggered when Macron ordered the military to start shooting civilians and to send troops to Ukraine.

Here you can watch General André Coustou call Macron an enemy of the country,

Coustou was then threatened with a heart attack device by Macron. Killing Coustou would make no difference though because no French Generals are obeying Macron; they are with the Farmers and the French people. The fall of Macron will end Rothschild rule of France.

No matter what though, the entire fake US Presidential and European political theater is about to be shut down.

A hint of this came when the new Financial Report of the United States Government (February 2024) admitted Social Security and Medicare are under funded by $175 Trillion. If you add that to the $34 trillion in debt you see the US government is $209 trillion under water.

This number has been put out before by private economists and the St. Louis US Fed. The important point is the Treasury Department is formally admitting the US Corporation is de facto bankrupt.

Combine this with the fact the Fed Bank bailout program is ending this month. Also, note that moves to keep the US government running only last until the middle of this month. Then add that billionaires are all selling their stocks and buying underground shelters. From this, you can deduce some sort of major financial announcement is coming.

Our own sources in the Japanese royal family say a financial black swan is scheduled for


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