Obama question

Hi Benjamin,

I read your updates before I even get out of bed most Mondays.  Thank you so much for all that you do!

One question that’s been bugging me—why was it SO EASY for them to get to Obama and execute him so swiftly without his name spending any time in the headlines for his wrongdoings, when the Clintons have been overtly criminal for aeons and are still walking around so freely?

Why was Obama so easy to get to?  And do you have any idea about how this is going to be spun publicly?  Where is his family?  People are going to lose their damn minds.

Thank you again,

Hi N,

The only reason I can think of that Hillary Clinton is still alive is that she has powerful protection.  I was once told that arresting her would involve a firefight with about 20,000 elite hired bodyguards.  However, now that the reserves have been mobilized, that should be possible.

As far as Obama is concerned, we need to see how this plays out.  His father was Frank Marshall, a Communist, so my guess is that Obama was a Communist plant and that is why they got him for treason.  However, there are a lot of questions and even though many people have told me he was executed, there was no public trial and there is no video available of his trial and execution, so many question marks remain.

There’s a lot of disinformation and fog of war out there, so it is even possible that “Obama” or his computer graphics or his look-alike will be trotted out in public to discredit all the people who reported his death.  Time will tell.

However, it is clear the good guys are winning.

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