Octagon group, G7 sue for peace but, very nasty surprise still possible

A series of public and private meetings last week confirmed the Swiss-based Octagon group and their G7 subsidiary are suing for peace. This is along the lines –as previously reported here- of a seven-region world council and a future planning organization to take over the functions of the UN, BIS, World Bank, IMF, etc.

However, before this happens there is still the risk of some very nasty Satanic surprises, multiple agency sources agree.

For example, the Black Sun organization is saying they will continue to increase mayhem and threaten an all-out thermo-nuclear war unless a world federation is announced. That is why Russian nuclear-armed submarines, warships and missiles have been stationed in Cuba, Venezuela and Mexico, they say. “The majority of the Russian people want to restrain the US by repeating the Cuban Missile Crisis,” a Russian FSB source confirms.

At the same time, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said member states have started consultations on the need to put nuclear weapons on alert.


In addition to the ongoing threat of nuclear war, the summer solstice will take place on Friday of this week. The Satan worshippers always stage some sort of massive fire sacrifice or holocaust to Satan on or around that June 21st date. Not only that, messianic fanatics in Israel promised to sacrifice a red heifer before June 22nd in order to start the process of building the third temple. Since these fanatics want to provoke “god” into appearing. Mossad sources say some sort of very nasty surprise is in the works but they say they do not know the details.

However in a sign it will not be nice, Denmark’s government is asking citizens to prepare for an attack or other potential crisis by stockpiling supplies of water, food and medicine, and keeping iodine tablets at home.


Secret Space Force sources for their part say Operation Blue Beam has begun with a hologram projection of Jesus Christ


There will be more such appearances culminating with “an alien visitation before August 15.  Thousands will see the ships in the Midwest area of the States. The MSM cannot cover this one…. Photos and videos will be all over the internet and this will go viral,” they say. We shall see, keep your eyes on the sky.

In the meantime, if you look at peace proposals put out by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Octagon group in Switzerland last week you can see the outlines of peace in the Ukraine. Peace in Ukraine would signify an end to the secret war for the planet Earth that has been raging for decades.

Putin’s proposal calls for Ukraine to pull all its forces to the West of the Dnieper River and cede the regions to the East of it to Russia. It also wants Ukraine to be neutral and nuclear-free and for all sanctions against Russia to be lifted. Russia also proposed a new security framework for Eurasia that would include NATO.


Meanwhile, the Octagon group and their 78 client states just finished a big Ukraine peace conference in Switzerland. If you look at their manifesto it basically asked for control of the Zaporizhye Nuclear Power Plant and access to Black Sea ports for exports. In other words, they will surrender but are asking for the lights to be turned back on and for port access.

These proposals show both groups are going along with a secret agreement reached months ago between the Five Eyes and Russia. According to this agreement, Russia will take responsibility for European security. Also, Odessa will be turned into a free port to allow Ukraine to export and import via the Black Sea.

There were related back-channel communications last week between MI6 and the Russian FSB over the situation in Ukraine. As a result of these talks, five-eyes special forces were sent to Ukraine to


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