Benjamin Fulford 11-11-2021 Q&A Interview

This interview is part of Ben’s new weekly Friday interview series where he answers questions submitted by subscribers via the comment section.

These videos were free while we were testing different formats and as we are now sure of their quality, we are adding a subscription for them.

Your feedback on these videos in the comments is taken into consideration and greatly appreciated.

We will be picking and answering the most voted questions from this comment section to be in next weeks video. Please leave a question, or upvote a question you would like to have answered.

These videos are now a paid benefit of the Monthly Subscription+Q&A Interview and Full Access memberships. However, as with the weekly newsletters, we will also allow these Q&A videos to be released for free on Thursdays under the same guidelines as the newsletter.

As always we appreciate our loyal viewers and thank you for your continued support!

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