How often are reports released?

Weekly reports are released every Monday.  The comment forum is then used by readers to discuss and comment upon the report and additional news items as the week progresses.  Special reports and urgent news items are posted on an ad-hoc basis.

How much does this website cost?

Until June 2017 this website cost $8 per month for full access.  In June 2017 the payment system was suspended due to processing issues with PayPal.  While we work on implementing a new payment system the website has been temporarily made free. In the meantime, a cryptocurrency donation window has been opened to allow readers to support Benjamin’s efforts on a voluntary basis. Please visit the Donation Page to make a cryptocurrency donation. Readers who donated in early July 2017 will receive subscriptions equivalent to their donation amounts once the new credit card based payment system is in place.

How can I register?

New user registration has been temporarily disabled while we update the site.  Please check back soon.

What is the White Dragon Society?

The White Dragon Society is an Asian secret society with which Benjamin Fulford is strongly affiliated.

I found some websites claiming to represent the White Dragon Society, are they real?

No.  From Benjamin: “Any White Dragon Society website is an agency trap.  Tell people to stay away, we only recruit face to face.  We trust nothing digital.”

What are the features of this website?  The website looks different from before, what has changed?

Please see the post describing the major upgrade that the website underwent in July 2017.


I can’t log in, what should I do?

Please make sure you have entered your username and password correctly.  If you have forgotten your password, click here to reset it.  It is also possible that your internet connection is protected by a proxy/firewall, which can block access to certain sites or services.  Please check with your system administrator or try logging in using a different computer or internet connection.

How do I update my registered email address and profile?

Please log in and visit the Profile Page.  You can also generate and save a new password on this page.

I was a PayPal subscriber and now my PayPal payment is failing, what should I do?

Please cancel your subscription inside of the PayPal system.  This website has been unlinked from PayPal so your ability to log into this website will not be impacted.


What are the copyright and usage limitations and terms of service of this website?

  1. All of the text, images, video, metadata and all other intellectual property (the “Contents”) of the Service are the property of BenjaminFulford.net and its designated licensors (“Licensors”), and protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws and conventions.
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I have another question, who should I contact?

To contact Benjamin directly please email benjaminfulford@hotmail.com or call +81-90-3439-5558

For technical questions related to this website please email support@benjaminfulford.net