World War II ends as Nazi faction finally defeated

The big NATO meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania last week marked the real end of World War II and the final defeat of the Nazis, according to British MI6, Russian FSB and Mossad sources. This means the Khazarian Mafia, also known as Sabbatean-Frankist Jews, have been defeated in their plan to kill 90% of humanity.

However, the KM faction that wants to turn this planet into a giant animal farm ruled by “a good shepherd,” remains to be defeated. As the saying goes, the sheep spends his life in fear of the wolf but it is the shepherd who kills him. This means that while the genocide has been called off, the battle against digital slavery continues.

From a bloodline perspective, this battle has been between the British faction headed by Queen Elizabeth II and the German Nazi faction related to Adolf Hitler. Hitler’s relatives include former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton Rockefeller and Barack Obama. 

As with the “official” end of World War II in 1945, we have to thank the Russians. Their total victory over the Nazi regime in the Ukraine ended the centuries-old plan KM to restore the ancient Satanic kingdom of Khazaria and rule the world from there.

People in the West know this too. A Twitter poll of British politician David Courten showed 77.5% of voters would prefer to be led by Putin. Note that “Biden” can’t get even 5%, but somehow got 80 million votes in 2020? 

Next take a look at these photographs released to the press of Nazi avatar Vladimir Zelensky being publicly shunned by Jens Stoltenberg, the head of NATO and other NATO leaders. This makes Zelensky a dead man walking.

As you can see from the interview below Zelensky himself now sounds like a defeated head coach at the end of a football season who -speaking in the past tense- says “You gave us huge support. I want to thank all Americans who understand,”

This defeat prompted a US State Dept. spokesman to say:

“We believe the war has been a strategic failure for Ukraine…”  

Reporter: “Don’t you mean a strategic failure for Russia?”

Spokesman: “I’m sorry — excuse me — a strategic failure for Ukraine! Thank you for the correction!”

Even Vincenzo Mazzara from the fascist P3 Freemasons admits: “The NATO summit in Vilnius was the beginning of the end of Western unity on the Ukrainian conflict… fortunately for Russia, China and the rest of the world, including Europe and probably Ukraine as well, this endeavor is unequivocally failing.”

“No matter what NATO does, it will fail. There is no way to reverse this process,” chimes in Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko.

The US military agrees. Zelensky “is in this extraordinarily desperate situation, he is disintegrating. His forces are in ruins, hundreds of thousands of people have been killed for nothing…. There is no leadership in the White House…We are in the hands of a man who is not entirely mentally stable. Increasingly we are becoming a third world country…. Somebody needs to be fired. Obviously we know the man at the top needs to go away. The rest of these people, they need to be held accountable,” says Colonel Douglas MacGregor, the de facto leader of the US military white hats.

More importantly -just like the Nuremberg war crimes trials followed the first NAZI defeat at the end of WWII- new war crimes trials are inevitable.

Remember, the Russian government has presented exhaustive evidence at the UN over the past 18 months proving the US funded biological weapons production at laboratories in Ukraine. In particular, the Russian military has accused “Joe Biden” (or rather his Rockefeller/Nazi puppet masters) of orchestrating bioweapons production through his Ukraine-based bio-lab company Metabiota.

As a condition for peace, Russia is demanding -and is now about to get- a UN Security Council investigation of crimes against humanity via violations of the Biological Weapons Treaty. This is punishable by death.


In case you didn’t connect the dots, the Russian military action against Ukraine put an end to the release of new variants of COVID-19.

Here you can watch Russian General Igor Kirillov brief the public on the US Biological Warfare network and Hunter Biden’s Metabiota.  

Evidence is also being presented in the West. A systematic review of 325 autopsies showing COVID-19 vaccination caused or significantly contributed to 74 percent of deaths was removed without good reason from The Lancet’s preprint SSRN server within 24 hours, adding to an increasing number of censored studies on the potential harms of COVID-19 vaccines.

These clumsy cover-up attempts are failing as even magazines like Science now admit to evidence of vaccine damage.

Meanwhile, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. addressed the elephant in the living room when he tweeted:

“The U.S. and other governments are developing ethnically targeted bioweapons…a 2021 study of the COVID-19 virus shows [it] appears to disproportionately affect certain races…, The furin cleave docking site is most compatible with blacks and Caucasians and least compatible with ethnic Chinese, Finns, and Ashkenazi Jews. In that sense, it serves as a kind of proof of concept for ethnically targeted bioweapons.”

This confirms the KM Neocons Project for a New America Century report calling ethnic-specific bio-weapons “a useful political tool.”

That is one of the many reasons why the KM is going to be taken down hard.

The Khazarian Mafia, with nowhere left to hide, have tried a coup d’etat in Israel in an attempt to turn that country into a modern-day Masada where they plan to fight to the bitter end.

This prompted a schism with non-Satanic Jews. Even the New York Times posted an editorial by Thomas Friedman saying “…when the interests and values of a US government and an Israeli government diverge this much, a reassessment of relations is inevitable.”

More importantly, would be Israeli God King Benyamin Netanyahu, collapsed after his attempted seizure of power in Israel. News reports say he is in the hospital recovering from “heat stroke” but Mossad sources say


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