First ever world revolution about to liberate humanity

What is happening now has never happened before in human history. We are witnessing the first-ever world revolution. The riots in France, the US military disobedience of fake President Joe Biden, the unification of the Muslim people, the collapse of Credit Suisse and many more events around the world are all interconnected signs of this….

March madness begins as Rockefeller/Biden horror show implodes

Don’t be fooled by the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) sideshow, what is really happening is the Rockefeller/Biden horror show is imploding. Let’s be clear, so-called President Joe Biden, Janet Yellen, the Rockefellers etc. are all criminals who are about to face justice. To see what a joke this regime is, watch the so-called “leader of…

Entire KM financial system about to collapse with Credit Suisse the likely first domino

The collapse of the Khazarian Mafia financial system is looking imminent with Credit Suisse the likely first domino. If it falls it will trigger a process that would lead to the collapse of multiple major banks and then after that the World Bank, the IMF and the big Kahuna, the UNITED STATES CORPORATION. A full-fledged…

China calls for end of World War III after massive DEW attack on Western country

Last week China reacted to a massive directed energy weapons (DEW) duel by proposing peace talks to end the undeclared but ongoing, hybrid World War III. The call came after a devastating Tsunami and earthquake hit a UN military base in a Western country in an apparent reaction to the recent earthquake attack on Turkey….

Are they about to announce a world government?

We are hearing from multiple sources that they (=not us) are planning to announce a world government in the near future. Sources in the intelligence community and secret societies say that to accomplish this, humanity is being put through an initiation ceremony. So -according to them- the pandemic and vaccine campaign, the Ukrainian war, the…