Month: August 2010

Special notice

This week’s issue of Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis has been embargoed due to the sensitivity of ongoing negotiations involving the White Dragon Society. A full update on the situation will be provided next week. I’m sorry about it.

Nakasone caught trying to flee Japan in a North Korean submarine CIA sources say

In a sign the secret battle for control of Japan has gone badly for the dark cabal, former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone was recently caught trying to board a North Korean submarine with large amounts of high value financial instruments, according to senior CIA sources. This operation was stopped by pentagon white hats who are now carrying out a massive operation to get control of the entire Chinese periphery, including Japan and Vietnam. The White Dragon Society, for its part, is waiting for the chaos in the West to subside before making any moves.

[onlymembers]Nakasone’s attempt to flee Japan came because patriotic elements in the Japanese military/right-wing/police/yakuza complex now realize his policies betrayed Japan to two decades of economic stagnation. Nakasone and his trilateral clique are also being blamed for forcing Japan’s Health and Welfare Ministry to allow a cocktail of femizing and sterilizing chemicals to be mixed into Japan’s food and drug supply for “population control” reasons.

Nakasone was given 400 trillion yen by the dark cabal in the 1980’s to finance a major campaign to derail Japan’s efforts to threaten US hegemony and become a super-power in its own right, Japanese military intelligence sources say. Nakasone, who is a naturalized North Korean, and his gangsters lost a recent major night-time series of battles against patriotic forces. As a part of this battle Nakasone’s house was surrounded by hostile forces one recent evening even as US military police were sent to protect Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa. Nakasone is in no danger at present but has been told he must go along with the new paradigm in Japan.

The Pentagon and CIA are also now engaged in a major battle to counter-act what they consider to be “excessive” Chinese influence in Japan. Pentagon officials are now stationed within the national broadcaster NHK and other networks to ensure a steady flow of pro-US news, according to officials at NHK and other Japanese networks.

On the Japanese political front, power broker Ichiro Ozawa is on the war-path against Prime Minister Naoto Kan. Ozawa has now decided to avoid using proxies and will aim to personally become Prime Minister. The Japanese right-wing will not block the latest Ozawa moves because he has promised to stop “leaning excessively towards China.” For his part, Kan, who fears assassination, has created some “insurance files” of information, notably concerning the murder of lawmaker Kouki Ishi, in case anything happens to him. Despite this, Kan is not expected to remain in office past September.

The US campaign in Japan is part of an effort to extent its influence to all countries bordering on China. Vietnam is the latest country to agree to allow a US military presence as insurance against becoming a Chinese colony.

The massive, ongoing war-games involving South Korea and targeting China and North Korea are another part of this major US push.

Russia and Pakistan, for their part, have refused to go along with this latest effort and as a result have been targeted with the HAARP electro-magnetic weapon complex.

Despite its fearsome appearance, the massive US saber-rattling is mainly a negotiating tactic aimed at ensuring the best possible deal in the upcoming US bankruptcy proceedings. The US will be forced to default on its international obligations by the time of its September 31st fiscal year end.

Even the cool-aid drinking, brainwashed “journalists” and “economists” who believe the corporate media’s false reality must be suffering from cognitive dissonance at this point. The US government’s fiscal deficit is so huge now that even if all countries that have a trade surplus with the US invest their entire surplus in US government bonds, there will still be an annual shortfall of about $1 trillion. This is being made up by Federal Reserve Board printing presses but that is only a stop-gap measure. Any rational analysis even of the cooked data provided by the US corporate government will reveal the situation to be unsustainable.

That is why a series of meetings is scheduled this week and next to try to sort out US financial obligations prior to the attempt to launch the gold-backed Amero. The issue of exactly who is going to control the Amero, however, remains to be resolved and sorting out this issue is expected to lead to extreme turbulence within the US secret establishment.

China, for its part, realizes that time is on its side and continues to avoid fancy Western “financial products” in favor of real commodities, real estate and other reality based investments. They know that all they have to do is not allow themselves to be trapped into World War 3 and wait for the US implosion to take its course. A senior Asian source says they expect the situation in the West to deteriorate significantly over the next 12-24 months.

Meanwhile, a decision has been made to force the major global media companies to report the truth or else be charged with racketeering, according to sources in the CIA, the NSA, the Japanese security police and the White Dragon Society. The new phase in the battle to liberate humanity is now focusing on grabbing control of the global “story,” away from the war-mongering, lying cabal. Truth will prevail. [/onlymembers]

Amero preparations in full swing, China gets a special deal, the Federal Reserve Board is history and chaos looms

Events continue to unfold at a blistering pace behind the scenes in preparation for the second American Revolution. As a part of this, the US dollar is going to be replaced with a gold-backed Amero at the rate of 2 dollars per one Amero. The Chinese have refused to go along with this so they have been cut a special deal but we are not privy to the details. However, we assume they are getting lots of gold. The Federal Reserve Board will be dismantled although the financial technicians who work for it may remain in place. Apart from that though, many key decisions are expected to be made during some possibly very rough horse-trading over the following few weeks.

[onlymembers] There is still a lot of confusion and chaos in the corridors of Western power.

However, the Pentagon and agency white-hats have been quietly approaching members of the cabal one by one and asking them to step aside. The entire process is now zooming in on Italy, the Italian noble families like the Medici and the Borgias, the Vatican and over one trillion dollars worth of bonds.

The bonds, as we have reported before, are in the hands of Daniele Dal Bosco and whatever organization it is that lies behind him. Dal Bosco was supposed to help make these bonds available to develop forbidden technology and help end poverty but instead absconded with them. For some reason, the entire show-down is now zeroing in on the issue of cashing those bonds.

The obstacles now are a bogus organization known as the OITC and the hopelessly corrupt United Nations. The UN and the Vatican are now starting to cooperate, though so this issue will be resolved before too long. Raw intelligence about the OITC is available on my free website for those who still think it represents anything legitimate.

When that trillion dollars is made available to humanity, it will open the floodgates for an entire new way of running the planet. If the bonds are not returned to their rightful owners, the bond’s rightful owners will make them null and void and issue an entire new set to replace them.

Clearly though, we are now in the last stages of flushing out the leadership of the dark cabal. The people trying to prevent humanity from using that money are being identified one by one. They will have no escape on this planet.

Senior US government officials as well as military brass say the situation is extremely touch and go. They point out that the problems created by the Federal Reserve Board and their clandestine owners go back over 100 years and will not be untangled overnight.

Military brass are also worried that if the United States public learns too much of the truth, too quickly, there will be civil war. That is why the series of meetings due in Washington over the coming weeks are so crucial.

This much is clear though, the Obama presidency will not continue, and he will not be replaced either by Vice President Biden or by Hillary Clinton. It will almost certainly be someone from the Pentagon who takes over as interim president until new governmental and constitutional structures can be put in place in the US.

Europe, for its part, is expected to remain under dynastic family rule because the European populace is too apathetic or indoctrinated to force fundamental change.

In Japan, meanwhile, new facts about its recent history are coming to light bit by bit. Japanese security police and right wing sources have shed new light on what happened to end Japan’s economic growth since the 1990’s. It appears that during the 1990’s the Bank of Japan created 800 trillion fiat yen. Of this 400 trillion was given to Toyota motors. Toyota used this money to create 17 banks around the world that continue to function to this day.

The problem centers on the other 400 trillion yen. This was given to Nakasone and presumably much of it founds its way into the hands of the Trilateral Commission. Prime Minister’s Obuchi and Takeshita were too aggressive in trying to use this money and for that reason they were ordered killed, according to these sources.

We also have learned more about the issue of the Japanese “kidnapped” by the Americans. According Korean war defector private Jenkins, many of these Japanese were not kidnapped but instead were actively spying on Japan for the North Koreans. Many of them visited Japan often using fake passports.

The new revelations from the Japanese authorities also indicate that most of the Japanese Prime Ministers since the end of World War 2 were originally of North Korean descent. The two definite exceptions were Prime Minister’s Tanaka and Obuchi.

In any case, some US heavies will be talking to Nakasone and his cabal soon and this will lead to an end to Japan’s colonial status. The Yakuza and the right-wing are now aligning behind the changes. The critical issue, as always, remains the issue of who controls the money printing presses and this issue has not been fully resolved.

On the political front, the latest talk is that Prime Minister Kan will be gone by September and replaced by power broker Ichiro Ozawa.

The yakua/police/military/right-wing nexus is not going to dig up some scandal in an effort to remove him from power this time around because they recognize Japan needs a strong leader at this time.

Most of the governments of the world now understand what is going and the current crisis remains confined to the G7 countries. There will be inevitable turbulence as the structures they set up to rule the world after World War 2 are reconstituted.

The period between now and the September 31st US fiscal year end will be turbulent and many incidents may occur around the world during the final death throes of the dark cabal.

※Special notice to subscribers. We have been receiving lots of mail about troubles in the forum that accompanies this news-letter. Generally, we are against any efforts to censor the discussion unless it concerns slander, rude language and vitriol. We hope the forum can police itself but if necessary, we will appoint a moderator. Our advice for now, however, is for readers to use their own judgement to identify disinformation and sabotage agents and ignore them. [/onlymembers]

Japanese under-world teams up with Pentagon white hats in war against the dark cabal

Last week the Japanese yakuza, at a secret meeting with the White Dragon Society, agreed to form an alliance with the white hats in the Pentagon and the world’s intelligence agencies. The aim is to find a new legal structure for the Yakuza to operate as a quasi-governmental organization by the time the head of the 50,000 man Yamaguchi Gumi syndicate comes out of prison next April. This means the Japanese military/police/yakuza/right-wing nexus will be fighting both excess Chinese influence and helping rid the West of the dark cabal within its body politic.

[onlymembers]One concrete move against the cabal will be an international legal battle over the rights to Michael Jackson’s legacy. A senior White Dragon Society member believes the trail of responsibility for Jackson’s death will inevitably lead to a branch of the Rothschild family. Jackson had many friends in Japan and these people are out to get justice for him and his family.

The insurance taken out for Jackson in case his last concert tour was cancelled will lead the investigation to the Rothschilds, the source says.

The yakuza sub-contracted extensively for David Rockefeller as well as the Bush Nazi cabal and will be able to provide authorities with much detailed information about their activities once the new political arrangement is reached.

The secretive “committee,” meanwhile, has now drawn up hundreds of arrest warrants for financiers and politicians throughout the West. The committee is still flushing out cabal members and will only make its move when enough of them have been identified to ensure the criminal syndicate behind the Federal Reserve Board is never again able to get secret control over the Western world.

A major operation run by former Fed boss Alan Greenspan is one of the key targets of the ongoing investigation involving intelligence agencies and secret societies world-wide. We will post details of this Greenspan operation on our free website in order to spread the news as far as possible. The trail, however, leads to Italy and certain Vatican factions.

The Pentagon and agency white-hats are waiting for the new financial system to be set up before making their public moves against the Obama puppet regime. The latest news on the new financial system is that Amero plan is being revived. This is why the Canadian dollar is being kept at parity with the US dollar while the Mexican peso/US dollar rate is being stabilized. As I may have mentioned before, this is why Dick Cheney and many others with inside knowledge are buying as many silver-backed Mexican bonds they can get their hands on. The Amero will be backed by precious metals this time and will not be a fiat currency as was envisioned by the original Amero plan.

There is still a lot of horse trading going on about a replacement for the 90% of US dollars that are now held by non-Americans. The G7 are still pushing for an IMF controlled, commodity-backed currency modeled on the Bancor proposed by Keynes in the 1940’s. The White Dragon Society and many of the world’s nations would rather create a new institution from scratch to take over the international dollar.

If agreement is not reached, there will be a competition between the yuan and the Amero for international trading currency status.

Meanwhile, there are now also powerful indications the Euro will not survive past next March. The Mediterranean countries like Italy need to devalue their currencies by 30% at least if they want to become competitive again against Germany and Northern Europe. That means they will have to leave the Euro. There is also serious talk about winding down the European Union and dismantling most of the Brussels bureaucracy. This is still not cast in stone but clearly the Euro will not be able to survive in its present form.

Sources in China, for their part, have provided the White Dragon Society with evidence that Chinese Premier Wen Jiaobao is involved with the Bush family and its CIA faction via his son’s involvement in the Carlyle hedge fund. We are unable to independently verify this information and are wary of involvement in Chinese factional politics but nonetheless, we feel this issue needs to be investigated.

In Japan, the government of Prime Minister Naoto Kan is not expected to last more than a month. Power-broker Ozawa is maneuvering to oust him ASAP and either replace him personally or use his ally Kazuhiro Harachuchi. If so, he has probably reached a deal with the right-wing nexus to ensure he is not targeted again by prosecutors.

The right-wing nexus is still trying to create a new party to replace the now defunct Liberal Democratic Party. Their preferred vehicle now is Yoshimi Watanabe’s “Your Party.” [/onlymembers]

The criminal cabal is creating incidents everywhere in a bid to start martial law in the West

What do North Korean nuclear threats, US military wiki-leaks, harassment of journalists, trouble on the Columbia/Venezuela border, attacks on Chinese oil pipelines, Japanese tankers and other oil facilities all have in common?

The answer is they are all desperate maneuvers by criminal Western oligarchs hoping to start World War 3 and keep themselves in power via martial law. It is also a symptom of the extreme, desperate power struggle now unfolding in Washington D.C. Although some are hoping for imminent announcements the nightmare has ended, this struggle is likely to continue into the autumn and possibly beyond.

[onlymembers]Much of the maneuvering behind the scenes is linked to obscure bonds with astronomical (theoretical) face value.

Although most of these bonds have a legitimate history behind them, giving the owners the right to cash them would also mean handing over vast power now in the possession of the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate.

One example of the type of maneuvering that is going on is that Dick Cheney has been trying to buy all the Mexican peso and Mexican silver-backed bonds he can get his hands on. This implies there will be yet another attempt to revive the Amero plan because only then would owning lots of Mexican pesos suddenly make sense.

The key power brokers in Washington these days are, according to US-based high level intelligence sources (and common sense): George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Dick Cheney, Frank Carlucci and James Baker.

Their latest plan still involves having Vice-President Biden resign soon because of a “brain tumor,” so that he can be replaced with Hillary Clinton. Obama would then be ousted because of his foreign birth and homosexual entanglements.

What these people fear the most is a genuine people-based revolution in the US. For that reason, they must get their hands on large amounts of money to spread around. The Feds are therefore trying to work out a back-room deal with their financial opponents that would allow the Fed to survive in exchange for vast pay-offs.

Insiders aware of this situation are responding by dumping US dollars in favor of anything else. Gold is also being sold to insiders at 28 dollars an ounce, which is why the gold price is suddenly falling.

There is also an intensified campaign underway to stifle dissent with increased discipline of the military, public announcements the US government will kill Americans extra-judicially (as if they have not already being doing just that), and a heavy crack-down on journalists.

The various incidents being fomented world-wide, meanwhile, seem designed to usher in fascist rule in the West:
In South America we have the Columbian puppet-state trying to foment war with Venezuela using doctored satellite photos.

In central Asia the US military seems to have deliberately leaked information detrimental to Pakistan so they can shift the blame on Afghan failure to them even as the US cabal continues to finance both the Taliban and the Nato troops fighting them. Is the planned end-game a nuclear incident?

Then in Asia we have the Chinese government saying UFOs being spotted are of terrestrial origin. These are secret US military air-craft that have attacked Chinese oil facilities, according to a Chinese source.

As reported in our free blog, a KGB source warns of a Weapon of Mass Destruction incident in Tokyo to be blamed on North Korea. Although announcing such plans beforehand often helps derail them, it may be prudent to get out of Tokyo on the August 6th Hiroshima anniversary.

In Japan, meanwhile, secret negotiations are taking place aimed at unifying the rump of the old Liberal Democratic Party with the now ruling Democratic Party of Japan. This would be a marriage of the old money-politics (LDP) with the new regime. Under this scenario Prime Minister Kan would lose power in September.

Holding their cards close and acting passively for now can be found a super-secret “committee” of powerful individuals. They are still saying the swamp must be fully drained before all the swamp creatures can be exposed.

The Vatican is also headed for a major housecleaning. There is much we are being asked not to report at this time but corrupt Vatican officials and others are now under 24-hour surveillance.

The Chinese, for their part, know that time is on their side. They will continue developing peacefully as will most of the rest of the world.

The world will continue to have to watch with disgust as the Western governments continue their mass murder, pillage, drug-dealing and other anti-social activities they like to call “Geopolitics.” Historians will long ponder the causes of this ongoing collapse of the West but those of us on the ground know the cause: rampant greed and bottomless corruption. [/onlymembers]