Month: November 2010

North Korean attack linked to dismantling of North Korean spy network in Japan

Last week’s North Korean artillery barrage against South Korea was a response to the arrest of Yamaguchi gumi Yakuza syndicate number two Kiyoshi Takayama. Takayama was a senior North Korean agent in Japan and his arrest was part of the dismantling of the North Korean spy network in Japan. The arrest also marks a fundamental change in the secret Japanese government and is part of a comprehensive defeat for the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate and their proxies. The Feds have responded by trying to start a war in the Korean Peninsula. They are also threatening to seize Japanese owned-factories in North America, starting with Toyota and Honda.

[onlymembers] In the meantime, anybody who has watched major bubbles (such as the Japanese one) implode, know that just it is just a matter of time for both the European and US financial systems to disintegrate. The mathematics simply do not support either a continuation of the Euro nor a continuation of the Federal Reserve Board under the current regime.

The crisis in the Euro has now moved from the imposition of impossible conditions on the Greek peoples to similar impositions on the Irish. The next targets will be Portugal, followed by Spain, then the Baltic states, then Italy. Italy will take France down with it and that will in turn hit Germany. These countries populations cannot mathematically support the bank’s attempts to keep their giant ponzi scheme going much longer. Raising taxes and lowering wages will mean shrinking economies which in turn will mean the people will have less money to pay the banksters. The obvious solution, as the people of Iceland figured out, is to let the banks go bankrupt and thus free the European peoples from debt slavery.

The head of the Bilderberg group, Viscount Etienne D’avignon, is promising to support the White Dragon Society. This would involve help in recovering the over $1 trillion in Asian assets, as well as considerable German and Austrian assets stolen by certain individuals associated with the Davos World Forum, the UN and the OITC among others.

In the US, meanwhile, the Pentagon has made it very clear now it will not support the banksters and the Satanists in their plans to kill the most disobedient one-third of the US population via injection. Instead, the military will watch the Washington D.C. corporate control grid disintegrate further before they will consider conditions ripe for a military coup against the unconstitutional US corporate government. The one million or so Satanists who were part of the plan to exterminate large numbers of Americans are still actively seeking shelter elsewhere. The most likely destination now appears to be Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. The Bushes and their Moonie allies have purchased vast ranches in prime parts of Paraguay presumably in preparation for exactly the scenario that is now unfolding. However, there are many in the US who would rather apprehend these people and make sure they face justice. Jesse Ventura has apparently gone underground and is one of the leaders of the military resistance.

Meanwhile, back in Japan, preparations are now underway for a major regime change. The scenario now being considered most likely in the political world will be the dissolution of Parliament followed by a general election possibly as early as January. At that point the Komeito party will seek to ally itself with ruling Democratic Party of Japan defectors and members of right-wing parties in a bid for power. DPJ power broker Ichiro Ozawa is considering having his considerable faction join that new grouping.

The arrest of Katayama mentioned in the opening paragraph was actually instigated by insiders in the Japanese underworld as a part of the regime change in the Japanese secret government. The new leadership structure of the Yamaguchi gumi is now secret because intense police pressure is driving them fully underground. Some sort of accommodation will have to be reached with the “official” central government. For now though, the Japanese underworld is actively assisting the purge of Satanists from Japan.

The situation in the Korean peninsula will not be allowed to degenerate into full-scale war. Instead, we will see more posturing as a part of secret negotiations to unify North and South Korea. Russia, China, Japan and the US have all insisted the cold war relic division of Korea be brought to an end.

As these and other events show, the signs are all there that the post World War true global power structure is coming to an end. If we compare the situation to the fall of the Soviet Union, we are now at the stage where regime change in Poland seems imminent. In other words, things are just starting to get intense.

The signs of the final result can be seen in many ways. The Russians have shown a desire to enter a military and political alliance with Europe even as they deepen their relations with China. The Turks have made it clear they will fight Israel if they attack Lebanon. The Americans and the Pentagon are reinventing themselves as protectors of nations on the Chinese periphery. The Chinese, for their part, are making friendly approaches to everybody. The Satanists, meanwhile, are experiencing sheer terror and helplessness.[/onlymembers]

Amero plan is firmly rejected by world leaders, chaos looms in January

Once again this week, a lot is happening in the world and a lot more is about to happen including: the nationalization of Toyota’s North American operations, a total regime change in Japan, Russia allying itself with Nato, the ongoing release of forbidden technology and top secret negotiations involving the White Dragon Society and the Dragon family. Above all, there are signs of major chaos starting in late January as financial power brokers try to settle accounts by a January 30th deadline in a system that is mathematically impossible to fix. In other words, the old regime continues to crumble while the new waits in the background.

[onlymembers]As usual, the United States continued to be the heart of global darkness. In an effort to keep the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate going, President Obama tried very hard during his hectic travels to Europe and Asia to promote the Amero but was firmly rejected. The simple fact of the matter is that the Amero he proposes would just be paper backed by nothing. Even the promise to put control in the hands of the Treasury Department was seen as just a ruse by the powers behind the Federal Reserve Board to remain in charge. This means the plan to replace the US dollars owned by non-Americans with a new currency (probably the Hong Kong dollar) is likely to go ahead. There will be a meeting soon between a representative of the White Dragon Society and the Dragon family to discuss this.

A senior Rothschild family source also insists the Euro will not survive past June of next year because of similar mathematical problems with the underlying assets that are supposed to back it.

Obama last week asked a senior Chinese power-broker for protection from the Khazarians who have vowed to have him killed. He has also asked senior Muslim leaders for protection. It is not clear what answer he got.

The general consensus is that the United States is headed for severe chaos unless the Pentagon steps in and sets up an interim government. This is exactly what is going to happen according to a Pentagon Nazi source.

The Pentagon has already begun playing its hand by forcing Nato to end its policy of hostility to Russia. By including Russia in the Nato missile shield, the US and Europe have made it clear they will do everything they can to oppose the birth of a one-China world.

The military and many world governments are also paying close attention to the impending $1 trillion lawsuit against Daniel Dal Bosco, the Davos World Forum, the UN and others, according to a source involved in the lawsuit.

It now appears that elements of the Italian government, including Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and members of the Freemason P2 lodge were planning to buy a bank and use it to cash many stolen financial instruments, including the $134.5 billion in bonds illegally seized in 2009, as well as Dragon Family assets, German government bonds and Austrian government bonds. Perhaps that is why there was little Italian presence at the just ended Nato summit.

Former Fed Chief Alan Greenspan was also contacted by lawyers preparing the lawsuit and given a copy of a fax allegedly sent from his office that implicates him in a $22 billion fraud. Greenspan said “I have been guilty of many things but not this.” As soon as he was given a copy of the document he called the FBI and reported it as fraudulent.

The lawsuit could be filed as early as this week and it may lead to major changes in the world power structure. However, it is likely some sort of agreement will be reached behind the scenes before the lawsuit proceeds too far.

Big changes have also come to Japan. The arrest of the Kiyoshi Takayama, the number two man in the Yamaguchi Gumi yakuza gang was part of a major campaign by the police to destroy that organization. Many Japanese Yakuza are very upset that the sub-group he heads, the Kodo Kai, was murdering Japanese politicians, financiers and journalists for Khazarian Satanists.

There exists a real danger of a major gang war erupting as a result. The offices of one of the major Yamaguchi Gumi sub-groups, the Yamaken Gumi, was attacked with a hand-grenade in what gang sources say was a conflict within that group.

In any case, the police do have the means to destroy the Yamaguchi Gumi because Japanese anti-gang laws allow a gang boss to be put in jail for a crime committed by a junior gang member. They arrested Takayama on such a charge and any trial he has will be meaningless because the decision to jail him has already been made. When Shinobu Tsukasa, the boss of the Yamaguchi gumi comes out of jail next spring, he will be forced to come to some sort of agreement with the Japanese government.

The White Dragon Society and the Black Dragon Society will invite a Yamaguchi Gumi representative to negotiations this week to try to convert the Yamaguchi Gumi into a different type of organization.

In a related move, the Toyota Motor corporation is under severe attack. According to the president of a major Nagoya-based corporation and a top American billionaire, a decision has been made to nationalize Toyota’s North American operations. They will do this by bankrupting Toyota US through product liability lawsuits.

Apparently Toyota misappropriated about 400 trillion yen in Dragon Family assets back in the 1980’s and used them to set up 17 banks around the world instead of building factories as they promised. There is also a major lawsuit against Toyota in Japan that will be settled on November 26th.

Toyota was involved in the take-over of the Misawa Home corporation during the rule of Junichiro Koizumi and Heizo Takenaka. Misawa founder Chiyoji Misawa insists the take-over was illegal. Takenaka’s brother is a senior executive in the now Toyota-owned Misawa Home.

Both Toyota and the Yamaguchi gumi Kodo kai are based in Nagoya and prosecutors are investigating if and how these two organizations are linked.

In any case, the secret balance of power in Japan has now changed and the most fundamental regime change the country has seen since the end of World War 2 will begin in January, according to a Japanese secret government source.

In a final note, it is now clear the gradual release of forbidden technology has begun. All it takes to confirm this is to look at the hydrogen and electric vehicles being displayed at auto shows. [/onlymembers]

Obama returns empty handed while Papa Bush sends trillions of dollars to Singapore

President Obama’s 10-day Asian begging tour produced nothing as governments of the world refused to provide any more life-support to the US’s corporate government. George Bush Senior, meanwhile, used Obama’s absence as an opportunity to fly trillions of dollars worth of financial instruments and gold to Singapore. This money will be spent on a shopping spree of some sort designed to strengthen the Nazi branch of the US secret government, according to CIA, MI6 and Asian sources. Multiple sources also report the Khazarians are planning something truly awful, including perhaps the mass murder and expulsion of Muslims from Europe. Viscount Ettiene Davignon, Chairman of the Bilderberg group promised to hold a press conference “as soon as the smoke clears.”

[onlymembers] The G20 summit meeting in Korea last week could have been better described as the G19 bashing the US. Obama is considered by other world leaders to be a lightweight intellect with no real power. As mentioned above, Obama’s efforts to beg, steal or borrow money from other countries has been firmly rejected meaning there is little chance the US corporate government will be able to meet a January 30th payments deadline. When Chinese President Hu Jintao visits the US in late January, he will no doubt set some very tough conditions if the corporate government is to be allowed to exist beyond that date. The White Dragon society has pointed out to the pentagon and to other sources that the US corporate government’s debts are not the debts of the US peoples and that bankrupting the US corporate government would be a better choice for Americans than accepting hundreds of years of debt slavery.

The Chinese also rattled the US military establishment in multiple ways last week. They used Electrical Magnetic Pulse weapons to disable a US missile carrier that was planning to attack Iran. The Chinese also launched two intercontinental ballistic missiles, one off the coast of Los Angeles and the other off the coast of New York to demonstrate their ability to bring power to bear on the continental United States. The story being put out that “Pleiadian aliens” stopped the missiles is disinformation designed to cover up the embarrassing Chinese military coup. The Chinese also once again demonstrated that US aircraft carrier fleets are obsolete by having a submarine surface, undetected, right behind a US carrier during a military exercise.

The Nazis, for their part, informed the White Dragon society that they were a power to be reckoned with. A pentagon Nazi source said that during the Falklands war with Argentina the Nazis stole two British warships and fooled the British into thinking they had been “sunk.” It was also the Nazis who sank the Russian submarine Kursk and stole its 42 nuclear missiles. In addition to their underground bases in the US, South America and Antarctica, the source says the Nazis have a major underground installation in Papua New Guinea as well as multiple underwater bases. This group wants to negotiate their own separate deal with the White Dragon Society and their allies.

A KGB source was contacted by a different group warning that a nuclear bomb has been hidden somewhere in Tokyo and is no longer in the basement of the Korean Resident’s Association. The source of this nuclear blackmail is the Federal Reserve Board faction.

The Khazarian Satanists have also begun to issue dire warnings of their plans. They have been hiring Mexican and Philippino police officers to arrest and imprison American citizens after anticipated riots in response to the bankruptcy of the US Corporation and a subsequent attempt to form the American union by merging Canada and Mexico with the US, according to a senior CIA source. This same source mentioned the plan to attack Muslims in Europe and elsewhere.

Signs of a split between mainstream Jews and Khazarian Satanists have also begun to emerge in the US. The airing of unpleasant truths about George Soros on a major TV show is one such sign. Another is the New York Times reporting about operation paperclip and the Nazi presence in the US. The bashing of Obama in the US press is also expected to intensify and ultimately result in either Obama being booted from office on grounds of insanity or else due to a corruption scandal involving Chicago real estate deals by the Obamas.

As these tales illustrate, the power structure in the US and Europe is becoming increasingly splintered and it is becoming hard to track all the competing factions. However, it is clear the European Bilderberg group and Europe have split with the Federal Reserve Board and the US corporate government. Davignon offered to finance the $1 trillion lawsuit being prepared against Daniel Dal Bosco, the Davos World Forum and the United Nations. The White Dragon Society refused the offer because it wishes to remain neutral and said the lawsuit will go ahead only when the lawyers are certain they have an overwhelming case. However, Bilderberg has agreed to provide the White Dragon Society with information about the UN such as who exactly gave it its “license.”

The Federal Reserve Board and their Wall Street buddies, for their part are renewing financial warfare against Europe and the Euro by targeting Ireland and the Baltic States. The Europeans are now actively increasing their gold stocks in order to counter this latest offensive.

In Japan meanwhile, a purge of the Financial bureaucracy and the banking system is continuing. The aim is to make Japan once again an independent country for the first time since 1858, according to a senior Black Dragon Society source. The Japanese political system will remain incoherent and deadlocked until the purge of foreign controlled stooges is complete, he said.

All in all, chaos is expected to intensify in coming weeks as the old order falls apart and the purge of the criminals who infested the global financial system concludes.[/onlymembers]

Red alert for new criminally insane move by Satanic Federal Reserve Board cabal

Multiple reliable sources are warning of an extremely horrific act by the criminally insane cabal behind the soon to be bankrupt Federal Reserve Board, possibly on November 11, 2010: 101109 or 11/9/2010, which has uncanny reverse similarity to 9/11/2001. Remember 9 is a sacred number for the Satanists. Indications for this include: the sudden cancellation of former USSR President Gorbachev’s visit to Japan scheduled to start on November 9, or 11/9, reports Obama will cancel his visit to Indonesia also on the same day, Hillary Clinton’s presence in New Zealand on that day, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit to Houston, Texas on that day to supervise a “nuclear terrorist drill,” and the use of skeletons to create the word Google on Google’s search engine home page. Senior CIA sources also say a nuclear bomb has been prepositioned along the San Andrea fault line. The explosion would be followed by a shut off of all ports connected to Asia and martial law, according to this source.

[onlymembers] The last time the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate was the target of a major corruption investigation was on the eve of September 11, 2001. We all know the horrors they committed to postpone their inevitable date with destiny.

Multiple sources have already warned us of the presence of suitcase nuclear bombs smuggled into Japan from North Korea (these have been disarmed with the exception of one in the basement of the North Korean Resident’s Association in downtown Tokyo, according to Japanese military police and other sources). In addition, we have received multiple warnings the volcanoes on the Pacific rim of fire would be set off by HAARP. We are now seeing multiple volcanic eruptions on the Pacific rim along with warnings of a mega-volcanic eruption in Indonesia. It is worth noting the reason for Obama’s mooted cancellation of his trip to Indonesia is a volcanic eruption.

The members of the White Dragon Society and other decent human beings around the planet will not allow the satanic cabal to carry out such an insane act without repercussions. The individuals responsible for any such atrocity will be hunted down for the rest of their short lives, this is a sacred promise.

In other news, Viscount Etienne Davignon has contacted the White Dragon Society again and promised the corporations and governments linked to the Bilderberg group will “stand in front of you, beside you and behind you,” in what he promises will be an extremely tough battle against what he describes as a “common enemy.” Davignon also claims there are serious problems both with the Davos World Forum, the United Nations and the OITC.

The OITC (Office of International Treasury Control) has also contacted the White Dragon Society promising they will purge their ranks and purify their organization as a prelude to cooperating with the Dragon family on plans to solve the world’s problems. As a part of the purge the OITC’s nominal head R.C. Dam from the Kyrgiz Republic, David Sale and others will leave, the new OITC management claims.

A Freemason source, a direct associate of the new grand master of a major lodge also promises a major purge of the Freemason top ranks is imminent. The source says that if we prove the OITC has no valid mandate: “YOU SHAKE UP THE ENTIRE FINANCIAL SYSTEM OF THE US AND CHANGE THE BALANCE OF POWER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.”

The governments of China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan etc. have all been given financial instruments similar to the $1 trillion in Bonds owned by the Dragon Family that were taken by “Vatican, Italian P2 Freemasonic Lodge Banker” Daniele Dal Bosco. The Dragon Family says got the bonds from the Federal Reserve Board in exchange for some of their gold. It appears the Federal Reserve Board cannot pay back the gold so the whole charade of trying to cash the bonds with the OITC, the Davos Forum and the UN was just a play for time.

We can also divulge more about the secretive Dragon Family at this time that has already been leaked to the public by the OITC and others. The Dragon Family is a group of extremely wealthy individuals who for thousands of years have kept their wealth secret from the various governments of the age. This includes, for example, members of Chinese dynastic families who hid their treasure and fled China after they lost the “mandate of heaven.” These families now want to spend a portion of their wealth to help end poverty, stop environmental destruction and develop the suppressed technologies.

It appears the latest threats of major terrorist acts are a response by the Satanists behind the Federal Reserve Board to the imminent lawsuit against the OITC and their allies. Senior elements of the US military/intelligence establishment and world governments are planning to use the lawsuit as a trigger for action.

The Satanic Cabal has also poisoned one White Dragon member (he survived) and sent 10 armed “plainclothes policemen” to harass another member. This crude intimidation is a clear sign Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate is losing its entire power base in Japan. They had two senior members in the current government Yukio Hatoyama and Ichiro Ozawa who have both been removed from the power structure of the government. A purge of the global financial bureaucracy and the underworld is also imminent. [/onlymembers]

Bilderberg Chairman Davignon contacts the White Dragon Society promising “we are after the same people.”

In a sign events are coming to a climax, the Chairman of the shadowy Bilderberg group, Viscount Etienne Davignon, contacted the White Dragon Society last week saying his group did not oppose the filing of a Rico anti-organized crime lawsuit against Daniele Dal Bosco, the Davos Forum and the United Nations. Davignon also said that “I sleep well at night,” because he was guilty of no wrongdoing. If he is sincere, we would like him to invite various internet journalists to a press conference where he can answer questions about sensitive topics like planned genocide. In any case, the contact is a clear sign the global campaign against the shadowy backers of the Federal Reserve Board Crime syndicate is starting to hit home.

[onlymembers] According to the NSA, there was a flurry of telephone activity last week following this writer’s promise on a interview that the $1 trillion lawsuit involving the Japanese arrested in Italy in June of 2009 (see previous issues for details) would target the Davos World Forum, the OITC, the UN, and the Bilderberg group. Many of the phone calls were along the following lines: “If you let them arrest me, I am going to tell everything I know.” Intelligence agencies now expect many murders and arrests as the people behind the $1 trillion theft try to hide their trail while the good guys try to put key witnesses into protective custody.

The latest news in the lawsuit is that a clear evidence trail has now been traced to Alan Greenspan, the former head of the Federal Reserve Board. This evidence trail was provided by several large corporations who have joined the legal action, claiming they have also been victims of the OITC/Greenspan crime nexus.

Multiple sources including Japanese military intelligence and a senior freemason also say they expect some sort of “big announcement” this week but we were unable to get any details. No doubt it is linked to Federal Reserve Board threats of more “quantitive easing” or dollar creation. Hopefully instead it will be the end of the Federal Reserve Board that is announced.

However, sources at both the Pentagon and MI6 have a much more pessimistic outlook. They both say they expect a “once in 300 year” type event over the coming two months and suggest that people stock up on food. There will be “a total breakdown of law and order in the US” followed by a military coup d’etat, they say. The trigger for this will be the bankruptcy of the Washington D.C. corporate government, they say. There is an end of January payments deadline the US government is simply not going to be able to meet, they say. Perhaps that is why Chinese President Hu Jintao is due to visit Washington just before the end of January of next year.

There are also signs the war-mongering criminals behind the Federal Reserve Board Crime syndicate are split into at least three factions now.

First of all we have the visit by Obama (and his faction) to India with a giant entourage that will occupy the entire Taj Mahal hotel. The entourage apparently includes Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and their various war-loving friends. The aim of this visit may be to provoke a war between India and Pakistan, according to our Pentagon source. The Pentagon is deeply worried their troops in Afghanistan are going to betrayed and turned captive in order to inflame pro-war sentiments for an invasion of Pakistan in alliance with India. “There are signs we are being deliberately set up for a major defeat in Afghanistan,” the source said.

The Pentagon is being deliberately over-stretched in what appears to be a campaign to weaken it or neutralize it, he added.

Hillary Clinton (a different faction) is also on a long Asian tour in search of money to finance a takeover of the US government by her and her fellow Khazarians. She is hoping to get some of the shrink-wrapped US dollar bills sitting in giant warehouses on the China coast, Asian and MI6 source say.

“While both Obama and Hillary are welcome to have a holiday in Asia, neither of them are going to get any money,” a senior Asian source promises.

The third faction would appear to be the European Bilderberg group who are now claiming to be allied with the White Dragon Society against the Satan worshipping owners of the Federal Reserve Board. Needless to say, they will have to be a lot more forthcoming about what they have been up to and what their plans are if they expect to be taken seriously by the rest of the world.

It is also interesting to note the White Dragon Society was offered an exclusive monopoly on all investment in China and that “we could write our own check.” The catch, of course, would be to accept financial servitude to the Rothschild family. It is their time-honored method of seduction of people in power: “We are not interested in power, just leave us in charge of finance please.” Rest assured they have been told the White Dragon Society is not interested in their illusory fiat money.

There is a lot of mischief afoot in Japan as well. The most shocking new revelation is that the Chinese have been infiltrating the Japanese Self-Defense forces for a very long time, according to Japanese military intelligence. The project, going back at least 30 years, involved having beautiful Chinese spies marry members of the Japanese self-defense forces. They would then educate the resulting children with pro-Chinese views before sending them to the Japanese military academy. Graduates of the military academy automatically become officers in the Japanese military. As many as 60% of recent graduates are the product of such marriages, the source says.

This puts an entirely different light on Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara’s recent provocations of China. Maehara was the person who directed a hysterical anti-Chinese campaign after a Chinese spy ship (“fishing boat”) was captured near the disputed Senkaku or Daiyu Islands. The Pentagon strongly advised against making a big issue out of this and secretly informed the Chinese and Japanese governments they would not go to war with China in defense of these Islands. However, we must be very wary of this statement because it may simply be a trap intended to fool China into trying to take the islands by force as an excuse to start WW3.

Maehara also propagated a totally false report that China had stopped exports of rare earth minerals. This so-called stoppage was widely reported in the world’s media. In fact, all that China has done is say that it will phase out export of completely unprocessed rare earth metals to a Western cartel and instead sell semi-processed rare-metals directly to the world’s manufacturers.

Maehara has long been considered in Japan to be a Federal Reserve Board agent who has been compromised by bribes related to weapons purchases. He is not expected to last long in his present job. [/onlymembers]