Babylon has fallen as rent and debt payments stop while debt slaves are freed

The fall of Babylonian debt slavery in the United States is fully underway.  A critical mass of about 30% of Americans are not paying auto loans, student loans, rent, mortgages, corporate loans, etc.  This makes it a mathematical certainty that the Babylonian debt slavery system is insolvent and collapsing.

The fact that the U.S. Treasury has started handing out money – not debt certificates – directly to the people is another sign the regime of debt slavery is ending.

There has also been a massive takedown of pedophiles.  Pentagon sources say:

“It appears that the final batch of adrenochrome may have been spiked with potent coronavirus to kill the bloodthirsty cabal who drink this stuff, while the source, namely children trafficked, tortured, or bred for this evil purpose, have been liberated from tunnels.”

For those of you who still cannot wrap your minds around this, the United States was taken over by a group of Satanists who, among other things, tortured children in order to extract a type of high inducing adrenaline known as adrenochrome.

Here is what Mark Zuckerberg (Rockefeller) had to say about this:

“Although many humans find participating in and observing sexual congress to be both pleasurable and fulfilling I sometimes find it challenging to observe the subsequent removal of adrenochrome from the smaller participants as illustrated in the photograph below.  Ingesting the adrenochrome, however, is as enjoyable a human activity as any I have yet engaged in.”

Notice he uses phrases like “many humans find” and  “a human activity,” as if he himself is not human.

These monsters are all being hunted down and killed and, if you pay attention, a huge swath of celebrities, billionaires, and politicians, etc.  have vanished from public view and will never be seen again.  If Zuckerberg and his ilk are still alive, they will not be for much longer.

Pentagon sources say the USNS hospital ship Comfort is leaving New York City as arrests of the Satanists there are ending.  However, “its sister ship USNS Mercy may take longer in LA because of the large number of ‘pedovores’ in Hollywood.”

We are now starting to get photographs of the abused children from white hat sources in LA and New York.  We cannot verify when these pictures were taken but multiple, credible sources confirm thousands of children were rescued from cages at underground bases.

The first disturbing picture is of…

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an infant boy rescued in New York.  The black eyes are the result of the trauma of being raped, and celebrities sometimes make fun of this phenomenon by making themselves up with “Panda eyes.”

Here are two photographs of unknown date and origin of children in cages who our sources say have now been rescued.

Hopefully, the sheeple will be forced to watch this just like the Germans were forced to after WWII to see what their Nazi rulers did.  It is interesting that the U.S. and Russian governments issued a rare joint statement last week to commemorate when U.S. and Soviet allies met at the Elbe River towards the end of WWII:

“The meeting on the Elbe represented a culmination of tremendous efforts by the many countries and peoples that joined forces…common struggle required enormous sacrifice by millions of soldiers, sailors, and citizens in multiple theaters of war…Workers and manufacturers played a crucial role in supplying the allied forces with the tools necessary for victory…put aside differences, build trust, and cooperate in pursuit of a greater cause…As we work today to confront the most important challenges of the 21st century, we pay tribute to the valor and courage of all those who fought together to defeat fascism.”

The takedown of the oligarchs who presided over this system continues “as Zionist vultures in public companies, hedge funds and private equity are denied stimulus money by [U.S. President Donald] Trump, including the elite Ivy League schools,” the Pentagon sources say.

The American people though will face some temporary hardship just as the Russian people did after the Soviet Union went bankrupt.  When the Russian Republic replaced the USSR there was a huge restructuring of an economy that had been run for 50 years on a cold war basis.  This meant giant factories were shut down in remote, uneconomic far eastern regions, for example.  The result was the temporary displacement and unemployment of many people.

In the U.S., the current shutdown of non-essential businesses is a good indicator of parts of the economy that are not needed for human life.  The most parasitical and useless parts of the U.S. economy are the financial and healthcare industries.  They need to be reduced by at least 50% each.  The military-industrial complex will also have to undergo a painful swords-to-plowshares restructuring.

The negative oil price is shutting out paper oil traders and also crippling U.S. shale production, the North Sea, and other expensive oil production.

That’s why about 40% of Americans are now having trouble putting food on the table.  One of the reasons Trump deployed one million national guards was to make sure all Americans get the basic necessities during this transition period.  The article below shows how the National Guard has been deployed to food banks.

However, once the waste has been removed from the system, a boom such as never been seen before is sure to follow.  Here is what a senior MI6 source had to say about the situation:

“The new financial system has been decoupled from all covert control… This means the attempt to use bioweapons to hack the system has been shut down… The COVID-19 business (Certificate Of Vaccination ID-19) was part of a larger global plan that in essence is good but some stakeholders went too far in their zeal; Mr. Gates in particular.  Holding the world ransom at the end of a tainted needle is not going to work.”

The Satanists, for their part, have not yet surrendered completely and are threatening another wave of electromagnetic attacks.  Below are some of their threats as conveyed by a source who is now under police questioning:

“We are living in end times for sure.  I have told you before that there will be an event that will be known globally between May 3-13.  This is the 3rd electromagnetic wave coming into mother Gaia.  I told you a few weeks ago, that there will be a total of 7 electromagnetic waves and it may take up to 18 months.  When this is over, we will be in the 5D new world.”

Look how the media is putting it out there already:

This is even closer to the truth:

“’We have seen this movie before and are living through it now,” said Peter Pry, one of the nation’s leading experts on electromagnetic pulses; “the electric grid killer that threatens naturally from the sun and from weapons held by China.”

In other words, they are still hoping to stage electromagnetic and other attacks in an attempt to get China and the U.S. to blame each other and start their long awaited Armageddon.

There is plenty of proof now the coronavirus pandemic is a combination of a failed bioweapons attack with a more deadly electromagnetic attack using 5G.  The link below to a scientific article shows how close the correlation to pandemic deaths is to 5G deployments.

NSA and MI6 sources say they are also getting intelligence about some sort of mass murder attack on or around May 11th on New York or Washington DC that the Satanists will try to blame on China.

To prevent further attacks, executives involved in promoting 5G are being steadily removed.  The biggest to go last week was Randall Stephenson the Chairman of AT&T.  Since AT&T also owns CNN, it’s possible this network will finally be forced to start reporting the truth.

Speaking about truth, the newly nominated spokesman for U.S. the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Michael Caputo, has blamed George Soros and the Rothschild family for trying to exploit the coronavirus pandemic in order to promote their own agendas.

The Satanists are also taking credit for the murder of North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un saying:

“They pointed an advanced viral energy weapon at him and irradiated him.  They had a perfect “shot” and the Morgellons started.  The biohazard Morgellons literally short-circuited him by taking over his body and closing down his electrical system.  In medical terms his sodium booster went haywire.  Guess who did this… South Korea when Un came to the border to meet Trump on June 30th, 2019.  Trump knew.  It was a huge setup.  Trump deliberately stayed motionless. Un was made into a brutal psychopath.  His father made him watch murders at a young age so that he would not flinch.”

Of course the real reason they wanted to attack Kim is because he refused to hand over North Korea’s vast mineral wealth to them in order to stave off the bankruptcy of the U.S. Corporation.  It was also yet another attempt to provoke a U.S.-China war by making it seem like the Americans were responsible for his death.

The North Koreans are now saying Kim is alive.  This probably means they have decided to go ahead and use a look alike in order to maintain stability.  “The use of body doubles is usually to provide cover and continuity in the event of anything unexpected,” MI6 sources note.

Thus continues the war of planetary liberation.





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