Benjamin Fulford Talks: Interview June 6, 2019 with Prepare for Change and news about Assange

Hi Benjamin,

Just released this week’s interview:

Also, I’ve seen this video that’s going around on RT:

Looks like him, and if that’s a deep fake, I am impressed!  I don’t doubt your position on him being missing.  I actually think you’ve got a very valid point.  He hasn’t been publicly seen for a very long time now, other than for small things recently which we’re skeptical of.  Odd date, though;  no idea why that’s even there.

With regards to the courts, I did read the legal proceedings by the Judge that are filed on a law website, so it looks as if the trials took place.  However, like you, I am skeptical, as there is a lot of BS.  The only real way to know would be to speak with someone who attended in the gallery.  (Trial dates aren’t really displayed in advance, but anyone on that day could have walked in and watched.)

There’s a part of me that hopes he is okay.  I see him being an integral witness for white hats.  But I also can’t escape your position either.  So time will tell, I suppose.  If I find anything else noteworthy, I’ll forward it on.  This is the site I got some of the files from:

Keep well,

Thanks;  I will post the link to the interview.  Time will tell about the Assange thing, but the original Assange vigorously denied things like 9/11, so it was all a limited hangout psy-op right from the beginning.


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