French role in the Tokyo Metropolitan Water Privatization Plan


麻生彩子さんのご結婚相手は、フランス人のフレデリック・デホンDehon Frédéricという方です。




Japanese to English translation:

Ayako Aso, who married a French person in Paris (Taro Aso), is a married partner of Ayako Aso, who is a French Frederick Dehon (Dehon Frédéric).  Although both Ayako and Frederick were managing art merchants, Mr. Dehon was taken up by the Paris business world and is currently an officer of the French high-tech economic organization of the infrastructure of the France Chamber of Commerce in Japan.  So, Mr. Dehon, who has a relationship with Mr. Aso, advises French companies involved in the privatization of the Tokyo Metropolitan Waterworks business, and even doing some kind of consulting business.  It is said that the pollution treatment of the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident and the water business company of the Rothschild system will play a big role [for] France in the Tokyo Metropolitan Water Privatization plan, but Mr. Dehon is an amateur of the technology at all.

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—Gojo Kiyotaka Project

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