Vancouver Legal Heroin Plan

Hey Ben,

Not sure if you came across this, but I thought you would find it interesting.  Last week, the BC Centre for Substance Abuse released a report calling for “heroin compassion clubs” where addicts can buy heroin from the government instead of someone on the street.  All part of their “harm reduction” strategy.  And here’s the kicker:  all the heroin is being imported from Switzerland.  They won’t release the name of the Swiss company or names of any of their board members due to “security issues.”  So the Canadian government is about to buy millions of dollars worth of heroin from Switzerland and sell it to our country’s most vulnerable, all in the name of safety.

Here’s the report.  Information about Switzerland is on page 24.

Keep up the great work, Ben.  I look forward to your articles every week.

P.S.  Any more information about Neil Keenan?  I really hope he’s not actually dead.


You might be surprised by this, but I actually support legal heroin.  Let me explain why.  I had a friend in Vancouver who was a fisherman who owned his own boat.  One day he was asked by some drug smugglers to recover some heroin they sank at the bottom of the ocean after being chased by the Coast Guard.  He did so and they gave him $1 million plus a kilogram of heroin.  He got addicted.  When he ran out of the heroin they gave him, he quickly ran through the $1 million to buy more.  His wife took the kids and left him after she found him shooting up in the family bathroom and he was unable to kick the habit.

The last time I saw him, he was living in his boat, having already sold the engine (80% of the boat’s value).  He would soon move to a flophouse where he would live with other addicts.

If he had been able to go to the doctor to get heroin instead of the drug dealers, maybe he would not have lost his house, his family, his boat, and his dignity.  The money would also have not gone to the criminals.

The Swiss experiment of giving heroin to addicts resulted in a huge drop in crime committed by junkies and many of the addicts were able to get jobs and eventually get off heroin.

As far as Neil Keenan is concerned, I repeat he is dead and his killers are faking his identity.  They have refused multiple opportunities to prove otherwise.

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