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Letters to the Editor

“The G20 signed on to install vaccine passports for international
This says clearly that the white hats are not winning.
It also says that in order to stop this enslavement of humanity,
the governments of the G20 and all others that have to comply
must fall.
Do your white hat contacts have a plan to do all this?
Can the military be trusted to liberate humanity from
the Great Reset?”
The G20 has been exposed as a mark of the beast Satanic institution and will be dealt with. -Benjamin Fulford

Letters to the Editor

“Ben Be sure you watch and listen to this concerning Bezo’s. Musk, and Branson and their part in our new Space Program.

Ben you need to listen and watch this older Michael Salla podcast as it explains everything you need to know about these three men and why the Galactic Federation of Worlds chose them to head the production of Space Ships transports etc etc, Salla is wrong about a macronova happening the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the other Councils are preventing it from happening, They want the Earth and all of us to evolve which takes time and also they are not going to allow this to happen once we finally cleared the planet of thousands of years of evil which includes the entire Galaxy which also had to be cleared, In other videos he goes into this with Elena Dannon and Alex Collier plus speaks with Thor Han Elena’s contact at the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the other councils involved with all of this. The deep state kept putting it out to cause fear among the public and keep our vibrations low. But now you can see they are all trying to help humanity so they are now at least trying and if any of them screw up they will lose all those contracts and face the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Yes they have dark pasts but we need to try to give them support. The reason the Galactic Federation of Worlds wants this done ASAP Is to be able to defend the Galaxy once they leave they will not stay here forever and they feel the evil ones will definitely try to return and do this again which they have done in other worlds so it must be done quickly.

I am on my way out will send you the one on Antarctica later on today.

Warmest Regards.

PS Would strongly suggest in order to understand fully what is happening right now you need to go to Amazon and buy Elena Dannon’s new outstanding book called ‘the Seeders’ you will not be able to out it down. Fantastic book…Everyone on Earth needs to read this book..”


“Listen about the second huge agreements between the US and the Jupiter Accords for Space related things.

Once you listen to this after the same countries signed the Artemis Accords earlier this second meeting happened to sign bigger more important meetings One of the reasons they chose the US to lead the Space programs between all these countries it later came out how impressed they were and are with Donald Trump they felt they can work with him well and they were impressed with him and his family. Salla discuses this later in one of the videos,. You will learn a great deal the Pentagon is not telling you lol”



Salla once came to Japan to speak. However, large body guards prevented me from entering the place he was speaking or talking to him. I believe his is an employee of Lawrence Rockefeller and his son Podesta.
I will believe in med beds etc, when I see it with my own eyes. Until then it is just pie in the sky.
-Benjamin Fulford

Letters to the Editor

“Ben is 100% wrong with DeSantis and needs to fix it
He was involved with 9/11 and McCain
He’s a member of the Pilgrim Society, Black Sun and was a JAG officer he is deep state.   He did not help Florida but defended his career instead so Ben, you need to fix this one.  You are DEAD wrong”
To be honest, I do not know much about DeSantis and am not qualified to say much about him. However, he did prevent the vaccine and pandemic BS in Florida and also prevented election theft there. That is all I had to judge him on.
It will be up to the people of the United States to make a judgement on him based on the truth. That means we need to make sure people have access to the truth and your information is appreciated in this regoard.
-Benjamin Fulford

Letters to the Editor

“Always lose me when making wild unsubstantiated claims. I’ll give you the possibility Elon isn’t the saviour of free speech. Sure.

But to claim his rockets are cgi videos as a money making scam?! The completely insane amount of work and technological advances required for teslas auto piloting system. The fact StarLink is being used in the Ukraine.

Just throws your credibility in everything else you say under the bus. In my opinion.”

-Recent Video Comment

You are partially right, I used Starlink satellites myself this summer to access the internet while in the Canadian wilderness.
However, he has also been caught using computer graphic fakes like when he said he sent a tesla car into space as a publicity stunt when tesla stock prices were tumbling.
What is clear is that Musk is using DARPA technology paid for with tax payer money for private gain.
He is also a proven vaccine and fake pandemic pusher. He is a KM controlled “white hat.”
-Benjamin Fulford

Letters to the Editor

“Hi Ben, I must say you stirred a pot due to discussing the new Emperor. A comment was made to me how could a Blue eyed red head be depicted as Asian, so I decided to do a bit of research on it. I figured it might be worth a shot, because I did a report on the takedown of Mongolia around 2014 via Rio Tinto, and my other research about Haiti, revealed the Clintons hand in the attack. 

So I will give you a series of research videos I found online that explains an opinion of how the new Emperor could be Asian according to the general extensive Breeding Genghis Khan actually did. I will link the series here, I skipped part 2 because I already understand Tartaria. And I have a couple of nuggets for you as well, regarding the local election.
It is a series so you browse through it.

DNA study of the Khan

Secondly the results of the recent local body elections in New Zealand.

I received this communication through one of our members.


The Good News..
It’s official: New Zealand’s freedom community has scooped up a massive win!
The local body elections special votes have been counted and the finalized results are in, and they’re very very good..
Our tally shows that over 150 candidates succeed in gaining positions on local councils and boards with at least 4 winning positions as mayors and 2 as deputy mayors.
This is unprecedented! It’s a BIG DEAL!
More importantly, it proves what is possible when we come together to work strategically and focus our efforts with intention.
To the bold and courageous leaders who took a stand against the pervasive woke culture, we say thank you!
To those of you who helped start conversations, shared and promoted voting material, encouraged people to vote and voted yourself, we say thank you!
Never in New Zealand history have so many people united in their values and intent gained so much ground in local government so quickly.
This is what driving REAL change looks like, and it’s a beautiful thing!

Be proud of your efforts: they ARE making a tremendous difference. This result is yet another testament to that.


Finally, there is something going down in Viet Nam, where I currently live. the 90 year old leader has said he will purge the government of all the corrupt people, so I can see there is also a purge of the KM here as well.

Last week, 6 major oil companies in Viet Nam , hid their oil reserves and claimed there was no delivery. Turns out they were hiding the oil and waiting for the price to rise. The largest petrol company in VN was praised for redirecting their reserves from around the country to solve the problem in Ho Chi Minh. While the 6 that were hiding the oil had trading licenses stripped for a lengthy time going forward.

VN’s richest woman was jailed last week, along with her accomplice mogul business man husband with extensive business in Hong Kong. They also owned a series of Banks, and the CEO of a branch, in the middle, was mysteriously expired via Heart attack and the gang tried to burn the buildings that held the information and the fire stations were on alert and prevented major fires. The 90 year old leader of Viet Nam said he knew they would try it and had the fire fighters ready.  This matches what happened in the Freemason HQ in Tokyo, which you mentioned.

Could you mention something about Viet Nam in one of your reports. It seems VN has chosen the Liberation of Humanity path.

My info is fairly mainstream, but the media here admits Russia is fighting Nazis and most people understand that.

Thanks for your efforts my friend.

Take Care. “
Thanks for the information which I will share with my readers. Genghis Khan has 18 million descendants and I understand Asian and European royals mostly have some of his blood. This is why the Dragon family is not just Asian. There is also the blue dragion which is Middle Eastern along with the Red Dragon, Golden Dragon and White Dragon.
Humanity itself is under attack to we all need to unite to end this threat.
– Benjamin Fulford