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Is Eric Fiorile of the France Conseil National de la Transition an Agent? (More)

RE:  The Conseil National de la Transition – France

After examining Eric Fiorile and his team CNT acting at the Elysée during the Paris march on May 5th, it is becoming quite clear that this guy is perverting all dissidents (just like Jerome Corsi and Alex Jones have).  He is a counter-intelligence agent, acting like a Clown In America through a mix of truth and lies.  As you know, you see the speech, the website, and then the truth emerges.

In reality, Eric Fiorile is exposing the Bilderberg group.  But honestly, he supports François Fillon and makes other mistakes by using dissidents’ names like Natacha Polony, Thierry Meyssan, Gen. Piquemal, and many others.



Despite what is exposed in his Message to Humanity,

These people and journalists, scholars, and a retired general on his list—famous-name dissidents—were not in Paris with him at the Elysee or Place de la Concorde.  There were 150 activists and tourists who happened to be there in by chance.

My guess is that he is a paid counter-intelligence agent or disinformation agent and probably is reporting to the French government.  That is why he is an expert in using others, exposing the Freemasons, the justice, the United Nations letter, Mr. Valls, Macron, etc.  They use the truth mixed with lies.  He never had an arrest warrant against Macron.  He said that he gave them and he had none left with him.  Come on, he is a clown;  he disappeared in the Underground;  nobody on his team could find him later in the afternoon.

This guy is paid by an outside think tank group as a distraction, or else to take the micky of honest French people and activists through YouTube videos and to report back names to our government.  Listing dissidents does not make him a legitimate French transition president, since we do not have solid evidence from a judge and legal actions.

I would not recommend to assist any translations with his team unless there are top brass of the French judges and military with him providing evidence of a French transition team.

Exposing the Bilderberg group and his members like Mr. Valls, and supporting another one like Mr. Fillon is just a JOKE.  Give me a break!

With love and light.


Thank you;  I will post this.

Response received from Fabrice DUBOURDIEU, Conseil National de Transition de France

Dear Ben,

I don’t know who could have written that, but it’s a rather emotional and incoherent message full of the usual slander from a rival dissident group.

First of all, we aren’t and we never supported Bilderberg participants such as François Fillon.  It’s true that Marc Granié mentioned him in his very emotional video of May 3rd.  That obviously doesn’t mean we are supporting him.  I gave you news about Marc Granié in my previous e-mail.

Your source seems to have read our website, but didn’t get the key point about NTC of France.  Unlike all other dissident organizations, we are covered by the International Rule of Law, since we are a UN-registered NTC.  Only one NTC can exist per country, and this obviously can make other dissident groups jealous.  Some are criticizing our Chairman, which is all they can do because our legitimacy is made of solid iron.

The legitimacy of our NTC is a matter of constitutional law.  Indeed, since the signature of the Lisbon Treaty in December 2007, we don’t have a constitution anymore.  The apparent political regime in power in France is illegal.  If you want to know the details, you can find them in the first e-mail I sent you.  Until now we never met anybody able to legally destroy this case.  We have only met critics about our Chairman.

The good old rumor pretending that Eric Fioril is an agent of the regime is spread mostly by competition and infiltrated competition.  One of the “proofs” they give is that he hasn’t been arrested since he started this movement in 2015.  Once again, they didn’t get the point about our organization whether they know and are jealous of our immunity-like status.  If one of us is arrested, it would be very bad global publicity for the regime, exposing globally the base of our legitimacy.  So far the main asset of the regime is that very few French citizens know about it.

The other reason why it is stupid to say he is an agent of the regime is that the NCT of France is connected to the CNES (Conseil National des Etat de Savoie).  CNES Chairman Fabrice Bonnard is our Justice Adviser.  He engineered the case for the NTC of France in cooperation with our Chairman Eric Fioril.  I sent you a summary of what the CNES is about to accomplish.  Well, if you know about that, it’s totally incoherent for our regime to recruit Eric Fioril.  We are obviously in favor of the Savoy case.  Basically, taking us down would expose two of the biggest skeletons in the closet of the French Republic.  This is the basis of our protection.

The claim that Eric Fioril is an agent to ease the listing of dissidents is a stupid old-school claim;  with electronic surveillance they are all listed anyway.

We never pretended that dissidents like Natacha Polony, Thierry Meyssan, Gen. Piquemal, and others supported us.  There is a list on our website of personalities our members would like to invite to form the government once the transition is in office.

The point about the warrant shows one more time that your source didn’t get the point about NCT of France, the regime, and its judges being fake.  Our Supreme Court is the only legal justice body, so we issued the warrants on our own.  We don’t need putative judges of the regime to produce them.

You have our version about the 5th of May so I won’t write about it again.

To conclude, I’d say that of course, so far we aren’t supported by the elites of France for obvious reasons.  But all top factions controlling our country, the good and the bad, know that if they need a legal regime change, it’s going to be through the NTC of France.  We are the legal escape button of the present illegal and illegitimate regime.

Best regards,

Conseil National de Transition de France

How to explain?

Dear Mr. Fulford,

We exchanged mails close to one year ago.  I thought about writing to thank you for your response on 23 July 2017, but imagined you probably receive hundreds of emails, if not thousands, and did not want to be a pest.  Today I write to send a belated thank-you, but most of all, because I would like your opinion about what happens now that President Trump reneged on the Iran deal.  Insanity, madness, perhaps even senility seems to have overtaken world leaders.  Last year I was worried about Palestine.  Today I’m worried about the whole world.  I despair, Mr. Fulford.  The pit in my stomach seems to be filling up with acid.  What is the world coming to?

I thank you again for taking the time to reply and perhaps send a word of encouragement.  I admire you for keeping up the good fight.  I don’t know if I can do the same.

All the best,

Dear A.M.:
The ruling cabal needs fear and hate in order to stay in power.  I assume you are in the United States, where fear and hate propaganda are the most intense.  Please understand that seen from the perspective of the world at large, love is winning.  The situation in Iran will lead to some histrionics for a while, but it will not lead to World War 3.  The good guys are winning, so please relax and enjoy your life.

False images in the Barbara Bush funeral video

Hi Mr. Fulford,

I have been following your articles through Kauilapele’s blog.  Thank you for such incredible journalism.

I took a few screen captures of images from ABC’s video of the Barbara Bush funeral video you referenced.  As you can easily see in the clip you referenced (which are all stills), the Clintons are seated with Barbara Bush to the right in the row behind them.  I believe it is Jimmy Carter seated two to the left of Bill.  But according to the video, Carter didn’t attend the funeral.











This clip is obviously from another event a while ago, since Barbara Bush, Carter, and the Clintons look younger, HRC is wearing a different jacket/outfit in this clip than in other scenes of her seated in the chapel as well as in the group photo of her with Barack and Michelle Obama, Melania Trump, the Clintons, and the Bush family.

The tie Obama is wearing in the group photo is blue, while the color of this tie in the video is black or dark gray.  Weird.





















Below are other discrepancies with the casket….

In the overview shot of the chapel, there is no casket up front.  Usually the casket would be there during the entire service.











Casket of Barbara Bush, supposedly:












Also supposed to be Barbara Bush’s casket.  It doesn’t match.










Are Jews being falsely blamed?

Shalom Benjamin,

I have been receiving your newsletters from friends and associates for a few years now.  I must admit I was amazed that you had the chance to interview David Rockefeller, a man who rarely if ever speaks with any person outside the world he lives in.  Obviously you have something going on and many, as you know, were very suspicious when you got that talk, and felt that you are simply a plant and working for the Cabal and still do.

The purpose of this communication is to tell you that although some of your information is excellent and bang on, some of it is so left-field I sort of scratch my head reading or listening to it.

I am Jewish and orthodox 35 years, have lived in Israel, and have read the Torah (the actual script of God) 22 times from cover to cover.

I am also heavily involved in the Jewish religious world and know all of it well.  When you say that the Chabad religious community is trying to start World War3, I am just confounded.  You do make a distinction later between the religious Jewish community and this other group, but I must tell you that, for example, this idea that each Jew will have 2,800 slaves at their disposal is 100% complete nonsense and nowhere in any place does scripture speak of this.  There are some references to the Gentile people serving the Jewish nation after the final redemption, but this will be after the force of evil is permanently removed from the world.

For the record, the Torah is the only text in humanity’s possession that has God speaking directly to humanity in the FIRST PERSON, providing a full disclosure of how the universe was created, what happened with the first man and woman and the aftermath, a complete history of what has transpired since, a complete moral and ethical code of what God expects from us, and of course much information about the end of history which we are now approaching.

My concern is that there are millions of people who as you know are looking for someone to blame for all their misery.  The information you are producing, some of which, as stated, is completely not true, is pouring gasoline on a fire, and of course who do you think will be blamed for all the misery that is approaching?

Do not misunderstand me, I am not whitewashing the Jewish people and we both know that some of the worst people in history have been Jews, but I ask that you be very careful about this.  The exact thing happened in Nazi Germany and 6 million were incinerated.

I have met two grand master Masons in my life who admitted to me privately that the Jews are intentionally allowed to gain high-level positions just before the Establishment pulls the plug on a system they want to change.  Sadly, it’s happening all over again now.

The good news is that it’s going to end and God promises there will be divine intervention in a manner in which all nations will perceive God.  After this, God will remove the power of evil and destroy it forever; there will be a resurrection of the dead and a final judgment.  Everyone on earth will be judged.

The Torah provides us with many signs as to how we would know the end of history is coming.  All those signs exist today.  Are you ready for the greatest show on Earth?


Shalom Richard,

First of all, I want to make it clear that I have Jewish ancestors on both my mother’s and father’s side of the family.  I strongly believe I am fighting against the very same people who engineered the mass murder of Jews in World War 2.

My religious belief is that we did not create ourselves but were created by something else, therefore there must be a Creator.  The best way to respect the Creator is to respect the creation—in other words, to respect nature and other people.

As a journalist, my job is to get information directly via my Creator-given senses from the actual creation itself.  In other words, I rely on primary sources for my information and if it comes from secondary sources, I make that clear.

As far as Chabad is concerned, I am sure there are many good and devout people associated with that organization.

However, it is a fact, and I have recordings to prove it, that I was offered the job of finance minister of Japan and great wealth if I went along with a plan to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest.  They said they would do this through disease and starvation, “because war did not kill enough people.”  The person who made this offer was sent by former Japanese finance minister Heizo Takenaka.  This person told me the offer came from “the Elders of Zion.”  I have this on tape.

Since that offer was made, the regime of George Bush Jr. actively manufactured and spread biological weapons like ebola, SARS, weaponized bird influenza, etc.  This can be proven in a court of law.

Furthermore, massive subsidies were issued during the Bush regime to induce farmers to grow “bio-ethanol” instead of food, resulting in food crises in 33 countries.  This too is fact taken from the creation.

On a final note, the satan-worshipping pseudo-Jew Benjamin Netanyahu has been recorded on March 12, 2011 as threatening to use weapons of mass destruction to kill the 40 million people living in the Kanto Plain of Japan unless Japan signed over the rights to all foreign currency the country possessed.  Japanese military intelligence has the recording.

What I want to make clear is that the people behind this very real plot to create an artificial Armageddon are not Jews; they worship Set, Ba’al, Satan, etc.  They pretend to be Christian (like the Bush family), Muslim (like the Saudi Royals), and Jews (like Netanyahu), but they are not.

Our group is trying to remove them from all positions of power and expose the truth about these mass-murdering hypocrites to the world at large so they will never succeed in their fiendish plans.

Sincerely yours,
Benjamin Fulford

Spicer video is old

Someone should inform Fulford that that Sean Spicer video is a year old and he is no longer the White House press secretary!

Thanks for pointing that out.  Somebody emailed it to me and I should have double-checked the date.  Nonetheless, the comment still applies to what the U.S. is actually doing in Syria to this day.