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Content in Prepare for Change, 12/27/18

Greetings and warm wishes, Mr. Fulford,

First and foremost, thank you for all you have done and continue to do to inform the public.

I do not work for anyone or anything—I am only inquiring on matters of personal interest, as you hit on a subject I have been trying to understand for nearly 6 years.

Namely, that you had mentioned about the prophet of Islam Muhammad possibly having been involved with the Vatican.  I too have found very obscure references to such or similar as being true, one of which is that Muhammad was a Catholic Cardinal whose real name was Lothar Schmalfuss.

Please understand it is my most highest wish to see humanity recover from the idolatrous institutions of Christianity and Islam which utilize central male figures to ‘dictate’ on authority of so-called God.  Unfortunately, I only see Islam picking up steam, as I reside in Ontario, Canada and we are seeing a political party forming which intends to implement Sharia-based law.  In my own research, I have found the Qur’an to be, rather than divinely inspired, a product of many adaptations from Syro-Aramaic liturgical texts and strophic hymns.  This ‘book’ the Qur’an has absolutely wreaked havoc on the multitudes, and your mention of Muhammad’s having been tied to the Vatican gave me a small glimmer of hope.

Do you have any other information as to what might be happening regarding Islam?  It no doubt has played a crucial crucial role in the Middle Eastern crisis which, as we know, has lasted thousands of years.  It is my wish that the ‘truth’ about Christianity and Islam is exposed to the public and these old institutions disseminated and work daily to these ends.

Much regard,

The reference I had to Muhammad being trained by the Catholics originally came from the Catholic Encyclopedia.  I also was told this by the P2 Freemasons.  My understanding was that he was to disseminate a version of monotheism that was suited to the region, but then the whole project went rogue.

Did you know the Koran does not mention Mecca or the need to worship a rock there?

The actual teachings of Muhammad, as opposed to all the stuff that was added on after his death, are quite moderate and something that would fit comfortably in a Western context.

Anyway, I am not an expert on Islam or religion, but rather try to stay focused on the world as it is and how to make it better.


Previous JCS Chairman

Ben:  Enjoy your weekly newsletters and I put more credence in you than any other source.  I’m curious about your comment in last newsletter, “as the previous JCS Chairman was Army.”  I believe you’ll find that Gen. Joseph Dunford was a United States Marine.  Means a lot to us former active duty Marines!  Have a great day.

I was referring to his predecessor Mike Dempsey, since Dunford is still JCS Chairman for now.

Queensland fire twisters: a naturally occurring phenomenon

Greetings from Australia, Ben:

Thank you so much for the narrative you provide us with on a weekly basis and for your direct involvement in the demise of “malevolents” by attempting to bring equality to those presently incarnated on this beautiful planet.

The pictures below are of a naturally occurring phenomenon that usually occurs at the end of the dry season, when the atmosphere is all but devoid of humidity.

I know them as “willie-willies” and have also heard them called “dust-devils.”  They are most commonly seen on the flatter country in their dust form and will also form very readily when fire is present.

It is my belief that these are not the result of leo, DEW platforms, unlike what has been perpetrated on the populations of the West Coast of the not-so-United-States-of-America.

I have no problem, though, with the notion that a majority of the fires are being “started” and enhanced by the obvious weather manipulations that have been and still are perpetrated upon this continent (Australia) and our neighbour New Zealand for many years now.

Please keep up the excellent work you are doing, and may the tyranny that has held sway on this planet for so long be replaced by a more universally beneficial alternative way of being in the very near future.


Thanks for the information;  I will let my readers know.


Sean David Morton Update, Ninth Circuit Appeal

Hi Ben,
I’m a subscriber from Canada who has written you before.  Please see below regarding Sean Morton who has interviewed you on his show.  Kind regards, K

Begin forwarded message:
Subject:  Sean David Morton Update, Ninth Circuit Appeal
Date:  November 17, 2018

Thank you for helping Sean David Morton’s appeal.

We want to share the update to Sean David Morton’s saga with his legal battle with you—his friends, supporters, defenders, and loved ones.

When we first started helping Sean with his legal research, we thought it would be a routine task and only a month or two of work.  After beginning the research, it became clear there was a rabbit hole of hidden conspiracy within conspiracy to take him down and that it has a lot more to do with who he is and his role as a radio show host and author covering government cover-ups than actual criminality.

What we uncovered took months of long days and intense focus.  Together with your generous support enabling us to have the time to research, we were able to find the connection between Sean’s case and the Lois Lerner IRS scandal that reveals ongoing political targeting of conservatives.

We left no stone unturned, even doing background checks on the jury and witnesses, etc.  You won’t believe what we found:

The government went all out to take down Sean and silence his radio show:

  1. Hiring a government contractor to make false claims in Sean and his wife Melissa’s records;
  2. Planting Obama’s head campaign manager for the 2012 re-election campaign in the jury (expert in DoD military infiltration, political consultant and political operative who advised Obama when the IRS scandal began to sway the 2012 election);
  3. Bringing in the former IRS commissioner Mark Everson under an alias to testify to information records.  Everson ran against Trump for president and Sean’s arrest was timed to interfere with the Trump 2016 election;
  4. Blatant IRS perjury and false records were used as the only evidence;
  5. Intentionally withheld exculpatory evidence that exonerates Sean and Melissa and impeaches the government (the government already charged Sean’s tax preparers as the cause of these same offenses in two other cases then the government hid those cases to pretend Sean and his wife did the taxes and instruments themselves);
  6. Much more…  on and on it goes.

Filing Expedited Motions To Dismiss All Charges

In the meantime, this week Sean is filing his expedited motions for summary disposition to dismiss all charges forever (click the link below).  We really think he can win and beat the false charges.  Pray for justice!

Read the Court Docs Here

The Next Steps

Next, if this expedited motion for summary disposition is denied (we think it can be granted, but we know they are tricky so we are preparing for the worst while hoping for the best), we will have a full appeal brief ready to file by the due date of November 29th, 2018.

We are also starting to prepare the backup plan to help Sean file for habeas corpus in order to try every speedy remedy available because the issues in this appeal are quite extensive.  With such an extensive amount of minutia details involved, if Sean is forced into the full brief, it will likely take quite a while for the court to research and resolve such a large amount of tedious details.  The goal is to use this motion and the writ of habeas corpus to cut to the chase and get Sean out of prison as quickly as possible.

We intend to make this go quicker than a full appeal by holding the government accountable for their jurisdictional mistakes and bad motives to prosecute Sean based on his exercise of first amendment protected speech, association, and media.  So far we have helped Sean prepare six expedited motions to cover every angle, and we won’t stop until he wins.

The next couple of months will be very busy by helping Sean try to re-open the Lois Lerner emails and IRS scandal to get the proof of how Sean and his wife are both victims of the political targeting scandal against conservatives (and admitted plot to jail radio hosts like Sean).  The criminal investigation of IRS was closed because there was no injured party with evidence, but Sean was actually falsely jailed due to the IRS illegally targeting conservative political foes, and therefore he can hopefully force the case to re-open.

Sean wants to turn his hardship to light and directly challenge the Chevron deference case that allows agencies to make, interpret, and enforce their own rules.  That case is literally the most important case in American jurisprudence and why America has the highest prison population.  Overturning Chevron is Justice Kavanaugh’s plan, and why there was such a fight to keep him from being confirmed.  Now that Justice Kavanaugh is confirmed, Sean may be able to bring his Chevron challenge to the Supreme Court and finally overturn it.

The fight will not be over when Sean wins this appeal.  Freedom isn’t free, we need to demand it and insist on it for each generation and now is the time to stand up, do the hard work, and be heard.

If all goes as planned, the government will not be able to overcome the motions for summary disposition being filed now and Sean will be able to prove he is entitled to dismiss all charges with no new trial.

We look forward to the truth coming to light and to finally being able to clear Sean and his wife Melissa’s good names in an expedited way.  Thank you again so much for your support!  These motions and appeal could not have been done so thoroughly without your support and Sean sends his love and thanks to you.

ComeUnity Trust Foundation

Hi Friends, family, and supporters!  We can really use your help and support if you’re in the position to donate to the cause.

It’s been a FULL TIME labor of love to help Sean and Melissa win.  We have a lot more work we can do with your support!

Thank you again for helping!

© Copyright 2018, Interest of Justice,

Victory of the Light

The following letter was received in response to the statement in our report of 11-05-2018 which said:  “Of more interest, a female MKUltra victim who is being targeted by microwave weapons flew over from Spain to ask for WDS protection.  She appears to be working for the Jesuits, who are not necessarily enemies of the WDS.”  This letter has been translated from the Spanish.

Dear Benjamin,

I am going to write this email to you although there is no necessity, as I am going to read it to you in person, but I do it so all the people who are spying on you and me, which are a few, can read this.

First I want to thank you for all your kindness and support, but also I want to tell you to show me just one proof.  Not a million or a hundred, but just one proof that I am an agent of the Jesuits.  I am sorry, Ben, but I could only laugh when I read that.  Also, because you know you even went to the P2 Lodge of the Vatican to speak with them in person to learn their opinion in person (the extermination of 90% of humankind), and after that they even tried to kill you, showing how evil they are.

But you could not ask me while I was by your side if it were true what your sources told you.  Although I have only known you for a few days, I consider you my friend, as you have only shown me kindness and I think I also I have treated you fairly and justly at all times.  I am one of the honest persons of the planet and I totally hate lies.  And that is why I admire you and you are my favorite newspaper, because you are fighting for the truth.  And I do believe the only reason worth fighting for is love, peace, truth, freedom, and justice that for me are all one and the same.

Having said that I could only laugh when I read it in your article, because I was an atheist until recently almost my whole life, and my concept of God is that all is love and we are all one.  The only religion I always really felt a deep connection with is Buddhism, because they do not believe in gods but the enlightenment of all.  I love meditation because it means the control of your thoughts and therefore your actions and feelings.

My conclusion is:  Don’t you believe is very weird that the conspiracy book I just began to write and I have sent you (that someone broke illegally into my house to erase and the police refused to report when I went to denounce it), which begins with the financial system and groups of power and secret societies, and the only part written of this first chapter is about the Jesuits, not exactly speaking well of them, but quite the contrary?

My book is just notes now.  I wrote the Jesuit part first because in my notebooks of the conspiracy (where I have written all the interesting facts I have found over the years so I don’t forget them), I started investigating them, that’s all.  But don’t you think is very suspicious that they accuse me of being an agent of the Jesuits when the only part written of this chapter is the Jesuits?  I guess someone did not like that fact at all.  Don’t you think?  To accuse me with false accusations.  Although I believe most Jesuits may be really good people—the ones in poor areas living in a humble way with honest and pure hearts helping the most vulnerable—I also do believe that the very top is very corrupt and it is not just me, but popes, heads of state like Napoleon, and Jesuit priests themselves who have believed this throughout many centuries.  And not to forget that it was a Jesuit teacher who founded the Illuminati.

In any case, according to Cobra they have founded ISIS using the name of the Goddess of Love as a perversion to create terror and evil.  And they are at the very top of the chain of command of the planetary psychopaths (as I call them).  I am totally against any war and I am very upset about the war in Syria.  That is one of the many reasons that these people are targeting me.

I was never into any religion, secret society, or cult, although when I first started to investigate the conspiracy I was asked to found a lodge by one of my friends from my teenagers (the former Secretary of the Communist Party in Spain) and I refused.  This is another reason these people are targeting me and after I refused, the harassment started almost five years ago now.  I have nothing against Masons—probably most are really nice people—but I do not have to be persecuted just because I don’t want to be one of them.

About being an MKUltra victim—I was never a mind-controlled slave victim.  We all are, to some extent, as we have all grown up surrounded by this mind-control mental-slave matrix dictatorship.  But they are raping me while I am sleeping and unconscious, maybe drugging me, as I have woken up with needle wounds for many years now (actually since I refused to found the lodge), and I have the recordings to prove it now which I have given you.  And also I am targeted 24/7 with Direct Energy Weapons that have created in me many wounds and scars, and I can prove this with sound recordings (that you can hear during the rapes) and many pictures.

I was never trained as a programmed MKUltra slave and I am totally against it.  I hate what they do to them and I am totally against slavery in any shape or form.  I actually believe someone really free would never enslave any human being or living creature.  Someone really free just wants everybody to be free.  Only a deranged mental-slave psychopath would want to enslave others and turn them into slaves.  And although Cobra said all Lightworkers were taken to bases for programming from 1996 to 2001, I am not brainwashed and they could not stop my awakening.

In any case, I think they are harassing me 24/7 and raping me and doing experiments on me while I am sleeping because I am not a brainwashed person, I am not a sheroot—a zombie—and I am never going to be.  My aim is to be awakened, to love, share, and be honest, generous, kind, and respectful with everybody.  My aim is the liberation of all human beings, the whole universe, and myself.  The only law that should exist in my opinion is just peace and love.

To finish, I would just say something I keep repeating lately.  Ben, the truth is eternal, invincible, and indestructible, but the lie…mmm… the lie “falls by its own weight,” as we say in Spanish.  Being a good person is something you cannot hide, nor being evil either, at least not for a long time.  Like Buddha said, “There are three things that can no longer be hidden.  The sun, the moon… [no matter how many chemtrails they spray] … and


As Winston Shrout said about his false accusations, I do not need to defend myself.  The truth stands on its own, even if no one believes it.  I do not need to defend myself, as I am innocent.  I am completely sure and convinced that truth and justice shall always prevail forever.

I respect you;  I admire you.  Please publish this humble letter that although humble, is just and simply…


I wish you eternal happiness, health, love, peace, and the highest protection.  I thank you from the deepest bottom of my heart and will always be eternally grateful to you for all your help and support, and most of all for awakening millions all around the world and defending the truth and being so brave.