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Letters to the Editor

Report: Chinese President Xi Jinping Under Arrest, As 80 KM Long Line of Military Vehicles Heads to Beijing – Santa Monica Observer (

Here is a tweet from an ordinarily reliable reporter, Jennifer Zeng 曾錚@jenniferatntd: “#PLA military vehicles heading to #Beijing on Sep 22. Starting from Huanlai County near Beijing & ending in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, entire procession as long as 80 KM. Meanwhile, rumor has it that #XiJinping was under arrest after #CCP seniors removed him as head of PLA.” 

Jennifer Zheng now says her family knows a PLA admiral, who confirms that Xi has been removed as head of the Central Military Commission. However, the admiral apparently denies that Xi has been removed as President or Chairman of the CCP, so far.

Letters to the Editor

We note with sadness that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passed away.
She left this world secure in the knowledge that a transition has been arranged for a better world for all living creatures human and otherwise.

-Benjamin Fulford

Letters to the Editor

“This is a question for Mr. Fulford, and can be addressed openly if he feels it appropriate to do so; does he know if targetted individuals will be compensated specifically for their suffering and acknowledged publically with a formal apology from whatever agencies executed virtual/psychic/physical harassment against them? Another question I have, which I do hope will be addressed in open forum is, whatever happened to the children that were being saved from the DUMBs; this was being reported as something everyone was sure of as having happened, but it was never disclosed what became of those kids: are they being treated in a super secret military hospital somewhere in bum-fuck Egypt (pardon the expression), or were they treated to the same fate as those held in protective custody by Trump admin/US border control until Biden was inaugurated (in other words, put into foster care and are now being trafficked by the state)? “
US Rep says targetted individuals are not lying:
As someone who has also been the target of a sustained harassment I can testify this is a real phenomenon. The people carrying it out are usually members of a cult controlled ultimately by the Khazarian Mafia. This needs to be the subject of public hearings.
As for the kids in the DUMBS, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. This may sound weird but it is as if several different timelines are merging and when this process is finally finished we will get full disclosure about that and so many other things.
In the meantime, we all need to directly fight any injustice we personally experience in order to make sure justice is done. 
– Benjamin Fulford

Letters to the Editor

“When western scholars first examined society in India,
they struggled to locate the “Hindu” religion.
The western monotheistic template simply could not be
made to fit the complex spiritual reality of gurus, gods and goddesses
and temples and shrines on almost every street corner.
So they eventually admitted that India possessed not a
religion in the western definition of that word, but rather
was an amalgam of spiritual philosophies—more of a social philosophy
than a religion, they said.
The term religion comes from the Latin meaning “to bind back”—
a concept dear to the early church that would do whatever necessary
to bind the soul back to it.
Wherever they looked in India, westerners found all types of gurus and
adepts and mystics and masters of psychic arts capable of
reading one’s entire past and future with startling accuracy
and manifesting real objects out of thin air.
As an example, one western visitor was asked by a monk
in Tibet if he had left anything back home that he would like
to have with him.  He replied yes, his favorite pocket knife
he had forgotten on his bedroom table.
The monk later returned and handed him that same pocket knife.
Such amazing human powers could not be allowed in the west
where the church and priesthood had to be supreme in all religious
and spiritual matters.
In India, god is seen as either male or female and even both in one form.
A family might have its members choosing different ishta devatas
(forms of god) as their personal deity…one might choose Vishnu, and other
might choose Shakti, another might choose Shiva, etc.  This might not be preferred, but it was allowed. Thousands of years
of spiritual life have resulted in the wisdom that each individual is unique
and is free to imagine god and psychically connect with the supreme
in whatever form most appeals to each.
The west could not reach this level of understanding.  Westerners
only see a bewildering confusion of gods and goddesses without
understanding the truth about humanity and its endless varieties
of spiritual comprehension and preference.
To the native Indian, the western wars over whose monotheistic
god is the true god is childish.
Choosing a symbol to use for concentration upon the unseen world
of spiritual power to feed one’s connection with that power is simple
common sense.
The physical symbol itself is not worshipped.
If you hear (or chant) the 1008 descriptive names for Shiva, or Ganesha, etc. as
you are growing up, you do not confuse the stone or brass image on your
home altar or in the temple for the deity who is alive in your mind
in their permanent powers and attributes.
One doesn’t worship the telephone one uses to make a call.
But the judeo-christian west does.  Or, attempts to so worship a “son” or, in Islam,
the violent “non-image” who entreats his followers to convert or slay
the infidels.
Converting the non-believers, the “pagans” is as much the goal of
the judeo-christian monotheists as its is the islamists.  Missionaries to this
day are financed around the world to undermine the spiritual traditions of indigenous
peoples using money from Sunday donations, promises of western education and staged “miracles” to bring them to Jesus.
The genius of Mother India absorbs even these dedicated saboteurs, knowing that
they are merely passing through an early stage of development and are expressing
their understanding of the divine as best they can.
The one exception: Islam.  This religion is sworn to please their god by removing infidels
from the face of the earth.  How many millions died in India over this schism.  Tolerance ends when you live to kill me.
Muslims invaded India seven times, each time leaving mountains of heads in honor of Allah.
By contrast, India forbids proselytizing.  Even the priestly caste, the brahmins, were forbidden to travel outside of India.  Countries like Indonesia and Thailand and Cambodia adopted the Indian pantheon and practices because they observed Indian sea-faring merchants conducting their personal pujas and were inspired to learn from and emulate them.
Hence the term Indo-China.
There never was nor will there ever be a “Hindu missionary”.
So, the monotheism you describe in crisis truly is in a period of transition.
A powerful sign of this is the return of the feminine to its rightful place in civilization.
The early Church feared women because they were always having visions and channeling
entities that the people could use for guidance and inspiration.  So they excluded them
and killed many.
Even today, a monotheistic “leader” will claim publicly that women are to be kept down
because “it was Eve who tempted Adam and created the Fall”…This obviously manmade
interpretation has been used long enough.  There is a natural feminine power in men as well as women that must return to its necessary balance for the survival of all humanity.
Men can have visions too.
The Garden of Eden story predates Christianity by millennia.  It represents humanity’s awakening to its conscious mind which first sees opposites in the world.  Male and female became clear and necessary for humanity’s next stage of evolution.
In those times, the serpent was honored as the embodiment of wisdom, living as it does both in and on the earth.
It would be the wise one to give man the apple of conscious knowledge.  Man was ready for it.  It was the nurturing and mystical woman who gave it to him.
The crisis you are sensing in the monotheistic view of humanity is due to the fundamental
limitations within it.  It is too rigid and limiting and yes, sexist, to embrace the deeper truths
alive in every human heart.
Those truths are coming forward into the mass consciousness.  The universality and inclusiveness and compassion they bring separates the awakening ones from those who are not ready.
As you point out, monotheism is most susceptible to corruption due to its hierarchical
power structure.  It is also incapable of co-existing with any other religious view, especially another monotheistic one.
All monotheistic religions hold these beliefs that obviously cannot tolerate another like it:
  1.  There is but one God and He is ours, not yours.
  2.  There is but one Son or Prophet, and he is ours, not yours.
  3.  There is but one holy book given by God, and we have it. You do not.
  4.  The One God enjoins and empowers us to convert you to the One True Way or relieve the earth of your presence. Believe or die.
Our species can no longer tolerate the impossible condition these monotheistic religions
perpetrate on humanity.  We are moving beyond artificial divisions and the up-down mentality that feeds on “winning” and “conquering”.
There is a higher, universal and loving truth that lives in the human heart and it is manifesting now.
The monotheistic religions served a purpose.  Humanity’s progress is a journey out of spiritual ignorance.
Those who are attempting to use the old hierarchical delusion to install another form of psychotic monotheism based on corrupt science and invasive technology are going to be left behind.
They are our teachers.  In them we see the self-destructive fallacy we create when we
seek truth outside of ourselves and surrender our personal power to the “priests” of science and technology who do all they can to convince us to do so.
Monotheism thrived when we were experiencing the illusion that the Infinite Creator grants truth to a few and would have us follow them.  We were young in our knowledge then.
That illusion is fading into history now.  We want the truth.  Our personal inner truth.
All priesthoods are being exposed now.  Their lies no longer serve them.
We are living in the final days of the last monotheism.”
– Anon
Right now about half the world is monotheistic. Organized monotheism is very powerful militarilty because it can get an entire society to move as a single monolith. However, their dream of turning the entire planet into a monolith with only one type of thinking allowed would stifle human progress.
I think the people of the world need to come to a basic understanding:
We did not create ourselves so there is a creator
Whether you think that is God or Nature is up to you
However, to respect the creator you must respect the creation
That means respecting other living beings including humans
– Benjamin Fulford

Letters to the Editor

“Thank you for another affirming report that assures we are

I want so much to believe you, but a weakness in the white hat
progress to victory troubles me.

If I am a Swiss soldier we are asking to arrest the psychopaths
assembled in Switzerland and rid the world of the very monsters
who openly plan to kill us, I have to be sure the white hats and
the elders will protect me and my family from the real possibility
of torture and death, not to mention the loss of my career and

I will have a nagging feeling I may not have the support and protection
that would give me confidence to “do the right thing”.

Something in the predictions of white hat victory suffer from a
longstanding noticeable lack of real action that would inspire me to make a hero’s

In 1980, the Georgia Guidestones were erected on a hill in Georgia
proclaiming a set of ten guidelines inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages and a shorter message inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts.

And what do these inscriptions declare?

In the briefest and boldest words possible, the guidestones tell the world exactly
what the monsters in the Switzerland meeting took days to review and refresh.

That they will kill all but 150 million of the people on earth and enslave the rest.

No warplanes circle above these blatant and defiant promises of enslavement and death.

No soldiers patrol their perimeter to protect them.

In 42 years, other than a little graffiti, they have stood unchanged, daring
all patriots and lovers of life to do something about it.

As that Swiss soldier considers turning on the very leaders who are paying him well,
I have to ask myself:

“Why am I being asked to risk my life and my family when there is not one patriot
or white hat in the entire United States with the conviction and courage to blow those
19 ft tall abominations into a pile of rocks?”

And if I am Klaus and his minions continuing our plans without interruptions to carry out
our declared program of murder and enslavement of the entire planet, I would smile
at those who keep announcing the white hats are winning because they can’t even remove
our beloved Georgia Guidestones–a stationary unprotected target fearlessly declaring
annihilation in the faces of all humanity for 42 years.” –Anon

Destroying the Georgia Guidestones would be like destroying the concentration camps. It is better to keep them as proof of the malivolent intentions of the Khazarian mafia who seized power in the West.
In any case, my message to the Swiss soldiers is that freedom is something worth fighting for. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, “if you are willing to give up your freedom for a bit of security, you deserve neither.” – Benjamin Fulfor