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Letters to the Editor

“Babies that gestate apart from a mother’s womb will have no
emotional or psychic connection with her.
This plan is the wetdream of the transhumanists and must never
happen because it will produce parentless humans without
the natural development of normal healthy motherly love.
They will always feel detached from humanity and open
to cold, calculated control and programming.
Transhumanists long to replace mothers.
Never encourage this in any form.
It brings the end of our species.”
Mothers can tell their own children from others even when blindfolded and only touching the back of their heads with the tip of their fingers. This shows how strong the bond between mother and child is. – Benjamin Fulford

Letters to the Editor

Hello Ben:
     When I do a search on these people ruling us, all kinds of Reptilian stuff comes up. I’ve found shapeshifting, blood sacrifice, adrenochrome, Pedophiles, eating babies, if fact the inside of the Vatican looks like a Reptile. When I dowse these people souls, I get Reptilian. So, my question is. What do you think would happen if everyone learned, we are being ruled by Reptilians?
My view about reptilians is that it is that extra-ordinary claims require extra-ordinary proof. There has been no such proof put out about so-called reptilians other than fake videos. My view is that the reptilian story is disinformation put out by David Icke, He takes the very real proof that the central banks of the West are privately owned and then tacks on the story “they work for reptilians,” to make sensible people ignore the truth about the FRB etc. He fails to provide any real proof about the existence of these “reptilians.”
However, If there were reptilians, then they obviously have to hide their presence or else the people would revolt at attack them. That means they are weak.
Also, I think the reptilian story is a good metaphor for the Satan worshiping Khazarian Mafia families who own the central banks. They are weak and that is why they have been hiding. Now that they have been exposed, they are being removed.
-Benjamin Fulford

Letters to the Editor

My question is: is this KM the same entity I’m researching who often refer to themselves as a fraternity of brothers known as Jesuits? – Anon
The Jesuits are definitely involved. Peter Hans Kolvenbach, the former head of the Jesuits, bragged to me that he was Satan’s representative and was responsible for the terror attack against Fukushima on March 11, 2011.
However, under Pope Francis the Jesuits seemed to have changed their tune and were taking a softer line.
Now, Francis has been replaced with an impostor and whoever controls the Jesuits is clearly a senior member of the Satanic Khazarian Mafia as is proven by their actions. I hope genuine Christians in their rank and file will revolt against the fake Francis and his puppet masters. – Benjamin Fulford.

Letters to the Editor

“Ben.. Can not help but wonder if the Galactic Federation of Worlds and Jupiter Agreements or Artamis Agreements have something to do with this transaction. He works for the Earth Alliance and the GF of W’S now to benefit humanity as we ascend and rebuild a far better world.. It would make sense in certain ways.. Suppose we will find out soon enough..

And in case you did not hear yet Charlie Ward announced the beginning of the good financial reset I think it was Saturday last..Then during a rousing speech at the Ohio Rally, Trump or his double announced that there will be a huge announcement about his stollen election I think its sometime this week. His speech was all about how they have located and found millions and millions of fake ballots for Biden and he is saving the outcome of this for this upcoming announcement. It sort of looks like Biden is on the way out and Trump is returning shortly Have to wait and see ..but obviously something is in the works if a huge announcement is to be announced about this..” -Anon


These guys have been saying “your check is in the mail” for decades. I will believe it when I see it. In the meantime, we keep fighting to overthrow the whole damn bunch of them until they are permanently removed from control of the financial system. That is the key. – Benjamin Fulford


“Agreed the destruction of the present fake financial system is the key and it is slowly happening..Drip by drip….Today Israel replaced the Fiat USD with the Yuan as the new Reserve Currency there…Israel?? Americas biggest Parter in Crime??”


That’s interesting. I noted the Mossad propaganda site Debka has been down for a while. Something is happening. – Benjamin Fulford

Letters to the Editor

On a recent video Q & A, a caller said that Fauci is now at Gitmo.
You did not confirm or deny this statement..
Did your silence mean you agree?
Please clarify.
Than you for your strong and revealing reports.”
There is so much contradictory information out there it is hard to say. I have been told multiple times he was executed but I think it is irrelevant as long as the powers that be can put his likeness (be it CG or body double) on the corporate media and keep promoting his agenda.
We need to get the controllers like David Rockefeller Jr, the French branch of the Rothschilds etc. – Benjamin Fulford

Letters to the Editor

“Hello Benjamin

I hope this finds you well.
There is so much confusion with the world nowadays. We got two types of alternative media-one that parrots a positive version of  what is going to happen to this world, such as your site and many Bitchute channels, such as Shari Raye, McAllisterTv and Charlie ward.
We also have negative sites, such as Infowars, and several Bitchute channels such as SGT Report, Jim Crenshaw and Tangetopolous.
What I see is that intuitively, that both types of alternative media sow seeds of confusion and there is really nothing much that I can trust in anymore.
One parrots that the globalists are nearing their end goal of collapsing the economy and forever enslaving us and the other positive alt channels are claiming that we are nearing victory and the globalist endgame is being thwarted as we speak.
However, when I look at all nonsense that it still going on, such as the vaccine push, digital ID, anti protest bills such as C-100, in Ontario that was just passed, chem trails in the sky, miserable un spring like weather in much of North America, it seems like the globalists are truly winning.
I still see morons where I live in Brampton Ontario and much of the Greater Toronto Area, the vast majority of people are still wearing the masks, despite provincial lifting of the mandates. I see no hope for humanity and I think the sleepwalkers of society, which is approximately 85% of them should really perish from this earth for the simple fact that there is no use educating these idiotic morons. They deserve not to live because of their inferior mental capacity.
I know this sounds like Globalist talk but quietly frankly speaking, I can see why they want to get rid of a lot of us because they have no respect for our stupidity and gullibility. We are so easy to be tricked and fooled and so easy to be programmed. If we were a species that could think critically, we would have never been in this mess in the first place. The fact that we have fallen for their tricks, by them establishing  several establishments, such as Religion, Entertainment, Media,  Finances, School and Medicine, tells you how dumb we are as human beings. There is only 15% of the world that is awake and 15% of the world’s population will probably not be enough to destroy their plan for world dominance.
I really feel that both sides of the alternative are really controlled opposition.  There is so much confusion as to what to believe anymore.
There is one site that actually I kind of like but I also question him and that is
Many things that all types of media are telling is based on speculation only and I am beginning to think that you are also part of the cabal, to keep the confusion going.
I mean look at the grave situation amongst the G7 countries, such as Canada, America, England, France, Germany, Italy and Australia. We are worse than China in terms of freedom now. Only a civil war will finally end this nonsense and if 15% of the world takes matters into their own hands, that will be 1.32 billion people, then only will there be peace on earth. Until that happens, the chaos will continue in perpetuity.
My question to you Benjamin is, and I have been following you for over  10 years, you have been saying that the good guys are winning for just as long but nothing major or shocking has yet to happen. The EBS, Debt Jubilee, The shutting down of the internet, etc., etc., has not yet happened and everytime the dates or time keeps on moving. If the so-called “WHitehats” are in control then why are they prolonging this bull for so long? People are losing their lives, livelihoods, and if this is supposed to be a silent war with as minimal casualties as possible, it sure does not look like it when several million people are dying each month with all kinds of destruction. I am tired of the hopium and I want to see this shit finally come to an end, not today but like yesterday.
If this doesn’t end anytime soon and I mean less than 6 months, all types of media, alternative or otherwise cannot be trusted ever again. All the media is doing now is spreading misinformation, hopium and bs. If alternative media hopes to gain credibility, their words better be backed up by action, otherwise alternative media is not much different than mainstream media.
I hope you understand because the truther community is getting tired of being misled!” – Anon
You are right to be skeptical of hopium in the alternative media. However, you need to realize that things are going badly mostly in the G7 countries because they are the last stand of the cabal. The rest of the world is actually already mostly free of these people.
In the G7 it is a civil war and there are clearly powerful forces in the military and intelligence community who are trying to overthrow the Khazarian mafia. The National Security Agency, for example, could shut down all alternative media but instead work to make sure they are allowed to flourish.
The problem is the corporations, central banks, compromised politicians and the families that own them. They are under attack from the rest of the world and facing defeat. From outside of the West it looks like a hostage situation that could lead to a murder suicide event. The KM would rather take their slaves with them than allow them to be free. That is why Covid, vaccine mandates etc. is taking place in the West. However, a growing percentage of the population is now waking up.
In China too the KM seem to control the communist party and they are also fighting against their own people in a desperate attempt to survive.
To conclude, there is a war going on and we all need to keep fighting until humanity is liberated. I am opitimistic the people will win because my sources in the military and agencies around the world are mostly with the people.  Just do not give into despair or negativity because that is what the KM wants. 
-Benjamin Fulford

Letters to the Editor

“I know you live in Japan, but please be precise for Japanese info. My wife is Japanese, and we pulled the info on childhood vaccines, and clearly kids are vaccinated before 2 years old in Japan. We love you but if your research is faulty, it’s hard to lend credibility for the rest of the articles.” – Anon

You are right. The information sent to me about this was exaggerated. The Japanese babies get very limited and proven safe vaccines. It is a fact that Japanese infant mortality is the lowest in the world – Benjamin Fulford

Letters to the editor

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has already passed over to the other side, according to a CIA source. He was taken out by the KM satanic cabal. They are trying to come up with a cover story now.  Let’s see how long they keep silent about it.


Letters to the Editor

“Good Afternoon,

Today I again canceled my subscription. the comment is entertaining sometimes, but when I read things like Pfizer was taken off the nyse, it reads like the company was delisted.

it was apparently a small issue of bonds and nothing to do with the stock. Grand headlines, but I don’t get how or why you say things the way you do. Gives a lot of pause and doubt to some of the more substantial claims make in your letters.”



Thanks for alerting us to the mistake. In this case a CIA source told us that Pfizer had been delisted and sent us the link. However, we did not check it carefully enough. We always issue corrections or clarifications when we are made aware of mistakes. We are grateful to readers who point them out.

-Benjamin Fulford

Dutch Parliament to discuss Geo-engineering

Dear Editor,
In 2006, I started the Stop Chemtrails and Weather Manipulation Now citizen initiative. In October 2021, we reached the required 40,000 signatures to present it to the House of Representatives of the Netherlands. Initially to the Committee on Petitions and Citizens’ Initiatives. On March 22 between 13.45 and 14.00 we are going to offer it to the Committee on Petitions and Citizens’ Initiatives of the House of Representatives. Then it will go through some more procedures before we can start advocating the Citizens’ Initiative in the House of Representatives.
This Dutch initiative has worldwide importance and impact, because geo-engineering is a worldwide operation.
When I heard about it in 2006, I was not surprised; I had noticed the changed skies and sky for some time. And I had already experienced more in my life, so I could place it well. At first there was only a paper version of the Citizens’ Initiative, of which we collected 1200 signatures by then. Later when the signatures could also be collected digitally we collected 43,000 signatures so far via So a total of 44,200. It may sound like a long time, but this time was apparently needed so that people became more aware of what is going on. It is as it is, but I am super happy that we can finally offer it and that the House of Representatives now can not ignore it, there really is something to do. See above:
In these 16 years, I and colleagues have collected many pages of sources through research. We have also compiled a list of 35 experts and people involved who can be heard. Many studies and books have been written worldwide and several scientists have investigated the total picture and/or subareas. There have also been several hearings and conferences about it and the Netherlands signed the ENOD UN Convention in 1983. Since 2006 it has been pushed into the conspiracy corner by the media and we have been called out for ‘aluminium hat’ and ‘wappy’. Since then, despite many requests and emails, the Parliament has never given it serious attention or asked questions about it. Serious attention and action could have prevented much pollution and disease. There are many sources, including military that acknowledge that Weather Modification and manipulation has been going on for decades. With this Citizens Initiative we ask for nothing more or less than the truth and an immediate stop of all activities (Chemtrails/Weather manipulation) in any case above Dutch territory and above the Leeward and Windward Islands. And we ask for a Parliamentary Inquiry so that the politicians, scientists, (civilian) researchers and military personnel involved can be heard under oath.
At the plenary, we will give an extensive presentation and share our many sources.
For this  presentation on march 22, I have written a summary poem, naming all the elements, which I will recite. It is attached as an appendix. You are allowed to publish it in your media or website with my name.
The offering will be on March 22, 2022 between 13:45 and 14:00 and afterwards there will be time for questions from the media in the States Hall of the House of Representatives. The address is Irenepad 1. The Hague.
Kind regards,
Elbert Westerbeek
Initiator and administrator
Citizens Initiative Parliamentary Hearing on Weather Manipulation
Stop Chemtrails and Weather Manipulation Now.

Poem: Chemtrails-Weather Modification-Albedo-SynBio-Mind Control
Again I see those expanding stripes,
and heave a deep sigh.
Who does Heaven belong to, anyway?
Why are you allowed to spray in the sky without our consent?
Who has been taken in by this madness anyway?
The sky used to be deep blue, now a whitish chemical, electromagnetic puddle
blankets and swirls.

Why does the Sun have to be stripped away all the time?
Whereby, for example, algae growth is inhibited,
people lack Vitamin D and are influenced and tamed via harmful waves &
Whales disoriented beaches and forests burning intensely?
Nano particles are found in soil, roots, flowers, lungs and brains?
Why is this, despite many scientific sources, laughed off and dismissed as a

Why do you allow the control of the weather and use it as a weapon?
This seems to be the real explanation for climate change!
In Geopolitics by using weather extremes to impoverish, blackmail and hijack
From HAARP and fanning stripes to the hole in the Ozone layer and Global

New diseases have unfortunately been created,
new types of clouds invented.
But no chemtrails can’t exist can they?
Weather modification already going on for decades, has already raped the
natural weather.

We want the “bio-terrorism” to stop and peel off the onion,
since weather modification is made up of many rings and layers.
The weather now seems out of whack to be able to predict it correctly.
That is why 44,000 residents are now coming to ask for a Parliamentary

This citizens’ initiative is deadly serious!
Go hear the many scientific and citizen researchers.
Stop the depressing puddle mongering, there is no choice.
Don’t let the secret services and defense ring you.

Investigate all available evidence, all sources.
Geo,- Bio,- & space weapons do not belong in the defense arsenal.
Through the UN Convention 1976* it is already forbidden, so do not act so
Heaven and Earth do not belong to the Military-Industrial Complex, but to all
of us!

Elbert Westerbeek, 22-02-2022.
Citizens Initiative Stop Chemtrails and Weather Manipulation Now!
Written on behalf of the presentation to the Dutch Parliament on 22-03-2022.