Letters to the Editor


Anna states that the QFS is a CIA creation originally called
Crimson Gate because it is intended to turn over the
US financial system to China.

IMO, it is obviously the door opener to total control
of humanity.

How can you be so sure it is a benevolent system? – Anon

To be honest I am not sure it is benevolent. I just report what they say so that readers can be informed and think about it for themselves. – Benjamin Fulford

That is a disappointing reply Ben.

You tacitly endorse what you report unless you provide
information or at least your professional opinion
that qualifies what you choose to print as
possibly true, especially on a crucial subject like
the QFS.

The statement you provided by the “creator” of the QFS
reads and feels like a high-sounding sales pitch.

He does not address the all important question of the absolute
control the QFS
puts in the hands of those who have been manipulating
us and stealing our wealth.- and killing us.

The QFS is the introduction of humanity into the
horror of the Chinese social credit system.

Is this so difficult to see?

As Catherine Fitts, Ed Griffin and Joseph Farrell emphasize, (and common sense
declares) unless there is a
real, tangible currency in your pocket that is exchangeable
for a real asset, there is no real value in the “money”.

Digital money can disappear with the flick of a switch.

I assume you must know this.

Please look more deeply into this QFS thing Ben.

It is obviously a con.

Anna reveals it.

And, she offers an alternative – a real people’s bank that is not a criminal
enterprise devoted to taking our wealth and our very lives as their own.

What the elites say to each other and concoct as their “negotiated”
resolution that saves humanity from the life-sucking system the
elites themselves created is worthless and will be ignored.

I am remembering what Q said:

“Gold will destroy the central banks.”

What do you think?

The list of demands by the Alliance in your report reads like
a wish list from a child to a grownup.

It comes from a position of weakness, not strength.

As long as the power to grant those wishes resides in the
hands of the criminals and we have to negotiate for
them, nothing will ever be solved. Tricky deals like the
QFS will continue.

Either the people control their world and decide how to live
well in it, or the baby killers will continue to do it for us.

The criminals must go and their power claimed by the people.

Then, the list of demands will no longer read like requests to Mommy and Daddy
but will be statements declaring what we the people are creating that
replaces the psychopaths masquerading as worthy of sitting
across the table and negotiating with us.

Bottom line: There is nothing to negotiate. The criminals must lose
everything. None of it was ever rightfully theirs.

You have said yourself that “These people are trying to kill you.”

And you endorse negotiating with them?

We need you to use your long experience and deep knowledge
of the criminal enterprise sold to us as a banking system to strip
it publicly of its deceits and help prepare the world for throwing off the
parasites that are using you to repeat their deceptions. – Anon


These are real demands backed by real force. They have lost. Events will prove it. Watch and see.
As far as the QFS is concerned, look at my answer to Ms. Von Reitz.
The thing you must remember is it is impossible to eliminate real stuff like gold and silver. Digital is only a reflection of reality, not reality. As soon is it disconnects from reality it loses all value. – Benjamin Fulford

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