Letters to the Editor

Hi Ben,
but there were (and not so long time ago) good generals that were on the top of the US army and that you wrote about. Where are they now? How can the bad guys have so much power – I mean the bad guys (the Bullshitmakers Inc.) that they compromise everybody and stick their long noses into everything? Now I believe it is the AI that is behind all this and it is, I believe, the extraterrestrials that want to dominate this world and enslave it. But it is the Devil part of the extraterrestrials. Because I learnt there are two kinds of the extraterrestrials – the first ones want us to be free, happy and immortal and the second group wants to enslave us. This second group must be the fallen souls – the fallen angels that want to be independent from the God, but in order to survive as there is not enough of them, they need our energy to have the control over the others and therefore they are enslaving us and cause us this misery throughout the human history, including death. What do you think? When will the good ones finally win?
Somebody clever said this our life is not real. It is just a holograph. And it is us from the future that is replaying our mistakes from our history trying to learn and understand what we/them have done wrong. Because apparently we/them in the history (about 15-20 thousand years ago) have made huge mistakes including the thermonuclear war and now we/them are trying not to repeat the same mistakes again and therefore we/them act in the process of replaying the same era. We are just approaching this crucial crossroad. Will we/them succeed this time? What do you think Ben? Can this be just a show for healing the historic traumas of the past? Because to me this life so far really looks like a deviant show for a deviant audience. Doesn’t it? But if it is settled for the purpose of a deep understanding and learning it suddenly starts looking differently. I only wish it will end soon and mainly with the great and happy end.
– Anon
Some people at the Pentagon’s psychic warfare division did show me evidence that civilization has been destroyed several times. I have also heard the planet was destroyed by us and rebuilt by aliens to give us another chance.
However, my view is that if you use Occam’s razor, there is no need to bring in aliens. We just need to deal with an ancient culture that lives by enslaving other humans and who have been trying to enslave the entire planet.
They control major parts of the West but they have lost control of most of the rest of the world. It is up to us humans to overthrow them and end their cultural tradition. We are close to permanently defeating them. We must keep fighting until they are defeated and not sit around waiting for giant spaceships to come and rescue us.
As far as AI is concerned, we can always pull the plug on it it we have to. – Benjamin Fulford
Hello Ben!
So what is behind the Gnostic knowledge that this world is not a God’s creature but the one of the Devil’s. The Nag Hammadi scripts say that this world is a bad copy of the God’s world full of mistakes. That this world is a simulation, an illusion which we must escape. Other sources claim the extraterrestrials – meaning “us” from future have set this simulation to cure the past mistakes and traumas, including the nuclear war that happened here many thousand years ago. What do you think? – Anon
Usually I avoid this esoteric stuff. However, I have been informed telepathically that this planet was destroyed by us once and that extra-terrestrials put it back together to give a chance to get it right this time.
The bottom line though is we are stuck in this 3D reality and need to deal with the world we actually experience.  There is no God because no God would allow so much misery and suffering. However, there is a creator and it created us. It is now up to us to make the creation more like the paradise it is supposed to be. – Benjamin Fulford
Hi Ben,
what is actually happening in Israel right now? Is it a WWIII beginning? And what will happen with Ukraine as well under these circumstances? Do the Jewish people and the Palestinian people know they are just part of a very crazy theatre? Why do we have to experience these all when we live just in a simulation? What is the main purpose of this all and who benefits from this madness? Is it just an experiment? But for whom? What is the goal? Where is the ratio in this all craziness? -Anon
The real world evidence shows that a cult known as the Sabbatean Frankist Jews has taken over the highest ranks of power in the West. They believe it is up to them to stage the end world prophecies of the bible in order to bring on their messiah. Part of this scenario involves staging Armageddon or World War III so they constantly try to provoke such a war.
In the case of Gaza, they are trying to provoke a war between Israel and its’ Muslim neighbours in the hope it will trigger a larger war between the G7 (Gog) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Magog).
Their plan calls for the war to kill 90% of humanity after which they will enslave the survivors. At the end, according to them, each Jew will have 2800 slaves.
This is madness and is contrary to the real teachings of Judaism which state that only God can do God’s work. 
They are what we now call the Khazarian mafia and they are religious fanatics who cannot be reasoned with. That is why they are being hunted down and brought to justice
The rest of us try to follow the Golden Rule and do unto others as we would have others do unto us. – Benjamin Fulford

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