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Coverup of the Hercules Cave discovery by Alberto Canosa

Dear Mr. Fulford,

We are pleased to offer you the press releases from Alberto Canosa about his discovery of the Hercules Cave in Toledo, Spain.  Please follow this on the Facebook page of Virtu Pontes Sánchez to stay informed about our upcoming event.

Best regards,
Press Office of Mr. Canosa

Press release from Alberto Canosa:

After several unsuccessful attempts to contact the Mayor of Toledo, Spain, Mrs. Milagros Tolón Jaime, and despite sending her some documents confirming the importance of this meeting with her, she has refused to make an appointment.  Therefore, I’m obliged to present the necessary documentation, a total of 50 documents, to the General Anticorruption Attorney and organized crime, with the hope definitively to resolve the theft of my discovery of the Hercules Cave in Toledo.

In the past, José Manuel Molina, former mayor of Toledo, stole the archaeological discovery called the Cave of Hercules in Toledo under duress and threats to my lawyer, Oscar Marín, and myself.

I believe that this discovery must be made public because of its historical importance and the demonstration of the true history of humanity.  It is the heritage of humanity, and bearing in mind that it is my responsibility to show the world everything in this place.

I attach the registered letter and its acknowledgment of receipt, as well as my first two press releases.

The most important document is the press release of October 1, 2018.  You will find my invitation to meet again in Toledo on January 26th, 2019 to reveal my discoveries in Toledo (this meeting was unfortunately cancelled).  If you are interested in knowing more about our research, I am sending you links to the video of my collaborator and researcher, Virtu Pontes Sánchez, about her discovery in Jordan:

… as well as a summary of the same in English:

You can provide this information to biologists to confirm the accuracy of the information provided there.

Alberto Canosa

Great press release of the 1st of October 2018

Second press release – Special press release

Prosecutors Special Office against corruption and organized crime

Certificado de la carta envida al Fiscal anticorrupción


Hi Ben,
I think you or your Vatican source have been fooled by an ICO scam.  The adrenochrome ICO thing cannot be real.

First of all, it is a simple Squarespace website registered via GoDaddy with a video on YouTube.  How hard do you think it would be for the authorities to find out who is behind it and shut it down?

Secondly, the website claims to be creating a secure cryptocurrency on the Ethereum platform, but nothing on Ethereum is secure.  All transactions on Ethereum are visible to the entire world by design.  People on the Darknet use private cryptos like Monero and Zcash.  They would never use Ethereum.

It’s difficult to say why this website exists.  It is well-produced.  It could be a Darknet joke like the ICO for Jamie Dimon coin with advisor Benis Fartman.  It could also be anti-crypto propaganda.  One of the banking cartel’s arguments against cryptocurrency is that it can facilitate illegal activity.  They need justification for maintaining tight control over the financial system.  In this sense, you may be helping to spread their propaganda.

The page could also represent a real scam.  Perhaps there are greedy people who think they are smart because they have heard of adrenochrome and who want to try to profit from it.  The website could be a way to scam those people.  It could even be a way for the authorities to ensnare those people.

Of course it could also just be the work of a demented individual.  There are a lot of things that it could be.  What it cannot really be is a serious project.  It wouldn’t even make economic sense to create such a currency anyway.  The world does not need a currency dedicated to that stuff, just like it doesn’t need a currency dedicated to dentistry.  (There actually is a currency called Dentacoin.)

I would advise you to be careful when commenting on the crypto space.  It is a complex arena and is a minefield of different kinds of scams.  In 2017 one of your sources said:

“As we both know, the real creators of Bitcoin (not the alleged Satoshi Nakamoto, the Japanese computer science inventor) built a back door into the system from the onset.  When the time is right, they will empty ALL of the Bitcoin wallets as a start and walk away with more than $100 billion, which is the value of Bitcoin now.  Probably it will be much more, especially if they hack all the rest of the blockchains.  Who is behind the curtain, pulling the levers—the real Wizard of Oz?  The same group (different alphabet-soup characters) that created the Internet so that sensitive data could be sent over cyberspace undetected, from base to base, quickly and quietly.”

This statement is provably false and demonstrates a deep lack of understanding.  If Bitcoin wallets started to be drained, it would hit the news very quickly and the price of Bitcoin would plummet.  There is no way to “walk away with more than $100 billion.”  If you steal Bitcoin, then you need to find someone to sell it to.  But who can you sell it to in a chaotic scenario where all Bitcoin wallets have just been hacked and drained?  It’s nonsense.

I am available anytime if you want to consult on cryptocurrency.

Best regards,
General Milan

The source who said they would take money out of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies said this at a time when they were all reaching record highs.  Subsequently they all crashed to a fraction of their peak prices.  It sure looks to me like someone took money out of the cryptocurrency world.  It is also a fact that the semiconductors used to run the cryptocurrency financial ecosystem all have back doors built into them that the authorities can access.

My view is that only physical assets in your own possession and well hidden are safe from the powers that be.

What’s Happening in Venezuela? Just the Facts

On January 23rd, following massive protests of President Nicolás Maduro in the streets of Caracas, Venezuela, national assembly speaker Juan Guaidó swore himself in as interim president.  Shortly afterwards, the U.S. recognized Guaidó, followed by all other nations in the world with the exception of Russia, Iran, Mexico, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Cuba.  China said it would remain neutral.

Maduro claims that, “The imperial government of the United States is leading a coup attempt against [Venezuela] in order to install a puppet presidency.”  Abby Martin, whose “Empire Files” show on teleSUR was until recently financed by Maduro’s regime, has claimed that Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis was manufactured by the local elite colluding with the U.S. with economic sanctions.  Über-conspiracy oracle Ben Fulford recently wrote, “The cabal are now fighting desperately to stay in power by stealing the oil reserves of Venezuela, because they are doomed if they lose control of the financial system and thus their ability to hire protection.”

Everyday people are right to be concerned about U.S. interventionism in Venezuela, given the horrible history of U.S. meddling in Latin America and with oil-rich countries around the world.  It’s not out of the realm of possibility that what’s occurring in Venezuela is a massive asset-stripping event by both sides, in a scramble to control the world’s largest underground oil reserves through economic warfare.

Everybody has a political axe to grind about what’s happening in Venezuela and the escalation of events has led to strange bedfellows, with the Hillary cheering squad of the Fake News media suddenly in agreement with Trump’s State Department, but for the vast majority of people who have to live in Venezuela and their neighbors, it is widely agreed that the string of bad decisions that have culminated in this chaos were made by Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro and that attempts to assign blame elsewhere are just not true.

To settle what she sees as a lot of disinformation swirling around out there, Venezuelan-American comedian Joanna Hausmann made this video.  Hausmann has a popular YouTube channel with funny clips about South American culture, and she apologizes that this one isn’t particularly funny.

As a Venezuelan citizen whose journalist uncle was imprisoned in 2016 for reporting on an anti-government protest, Hausmann wants to explain what’s happening, as she sees it:

“1.  What is happening in Venezuela is not a U.S.-backed coup.

“2.  This is not a fight between the Venezuelan Right Wing and the Venezuelan Left Wing.  This is a fight of the great majority of Venezuelans to democratically get rid of an illegitimate and punitive dictatorship, a dictatorship responsible for countless human rights abuses.

“3.  The people of Venezuela are seeking fair, democratic elections, using the laws written in our Constitution.

“4.  Juan Guaidó did not just “declare” himself President out of nowhere.

“Interim President Juan Guaidó is not a right-wing politician, but a Liberal representative in Congress.  Guaidó was elected by the Venezuelan people to be a representative in Venezuela’s national assembly.  He is acting as Interim President—as in, temporary president—until democratic elections can be ensured, as dictated by law when a president is deemed illegitimate.  In other words, this is not a coup.

“Why is President Nicolás Maduro illegitimate?  In 2017, the Supreme Court that was handpicked by Nicolás Maduro’s party nullified and stripped the National Assembly or Congress of their powers.  The National Assembly was chosen by vote and was the only government institution that was run by an opposition majority.

“Imagine, when the Democrats took the house, if Trump was like, ‘No, I don’t like this anymore.  The house is no longer a legitimate part of government and here’s another house that I made up with everyone that agrees with me’?  Americans would be furious!  So, too, are Venezuelans!

“Venezuela erupted in protest.  Hundreds of protesters, most of them teenagers, were detained, some of whom were tortured and murdered.  Meanwhile, despite these protests, Maduro made his own Congress that he could control, just like that.

“Fast-forward to May 20th 2018, where this illegitimate Congress called for presidential elections.  Now, during these elections, the most popular opposition candidates were either jailed, exiled, or banned from running.  In other words, there was no legitimate way for the opposition to run.  So these sham presidential elections were held anyway by Maduro’s government, where only 20% of the population voted.  However, a lot of the 20% were public employees who were intimidated into voting by threats from the government.

“These were called illegitimate elections, not just by the Venezuelan people, but by the international community.  Everyone was on board, saying, ‘Yeah, this shit’s f*cked-up—and if it’s anything, it’s definitely undemocratic.  Now, if you’re wondering how the Venezuelan people truly feel about this, here are some statistics, according to recent polls:  Over 80% of Venezuelans disapprove of Maduro’s government, because there is a lot to disapprove of.

“Maduro took the minimum wage from $350 a month to $7 a month.  Meanwhile, inflation hit 1.7 million percent in 2018, with the IMF projecting 10 million percent in 2019.  So the daily minimum wage can’t buy two eggs.  According to UN projections, over 5,000,000 people have left the country, causing a refugee crisis of Syrian proportions.  That’s more than 10% of the Venezuelan population.

“There is such a shortage of medical supplies that people are dying from previously eradicated diseases like polio because there aren’t any vaccines.  The economy is a disaster, in a country that sits on the world’s largest oil reserves.

“So where’s all this money going?  To people in Maduro’s government.  Venezuela is the top 10 most corrupt country in the world, according to the Corruptions Perception Index.

“The media in Venezuela, who should be reporting on this sh*t, are censored and dissidents are jailed.  Over 5,000 people since 2014 have been detained for speaking out against the government, and just since last week when Guaidó was elected, 791 people have been jailed.

“So, what is happening now?  Interim president Juan Guaidó has been backed by the international community.  Yes, this includes the United States, but do you know who else backs Guaidó that isn’t Trump?  Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Germany, the Socialist Party that runs Albania, Canada’s progressive prince, Justin Trudeau, Australia, Paraguay, and the government run by the Socialist Party of Spain whose president said, ‘What is going on in Venezuela is the opposite of Socialism?’

“The list goes on.  So that was a lot of information and I am exhausted—and I’m not exhausted because I had to explain this to you.  I’m exhausted because the situation in Venezuela has been talked about in the forms of political ideologies and politicians and political leanings, but the conversation has completely strayed away from what actually matters, which is the Venezuelan people.

“On a personal level, as to my immediate family—my father is exiled from going back home.  My extended family goes out on these protests.  My uncle is in jail for being a journalist who tried to shed light on what was going on.  My cousin had to leave Venezuela because they were after him as well.

“This has affected everybody on a human level, and it doesn’t matter what leanings you have, from an ideological or political standpoint.  This is about people.  This is about people wanting their country back.

“That’s it, and if you have any more questions, ask a Venezuelan and they can tell you from their personal human level how it’s affected them.  Please listen.”



Thank you for that information.  I will admit I am not an expert on Venezuela and I appreciate that the people there are suffering.  However, my view is that they are victims of a power struggle between two huge factions who are fighting over control of the world financial system and of Venezuela’s oil reserves.

The people fighting to overthrow Maduro are the 13 bloodlines who control the Federal Reserve Board.  The people supporting Maduro want to use Venezuela’s oil to back a cryptocurrency free from bloodline control but possibly under Gnostic Illuminati control.

I think the Venezuelan people need to take sovereign control of their own oil reserves and not have either of these foreign factions take control.


Another reader writes:


Very confused after reading your newsletter post of 2019/1/28, where you stated that the Cabal had lost the fight to control Venezuela’s oil reserves, which would have ensured some stability in the Cabal’s attempt to hold on to their petrodollar.

Zero Hedge reported, two days in a row, articles that say that Trump is making moves that are in support of the “bad guy” Guaidó and against Maduro.

Isn’t it your position that Trump is the good guy waging war against the Cabal?

If so , how can Trump’s apparent public support of Guaidó be a good thing?  Won’t the oil reserves be, in effect, captured by the Cabal if Guaidó comes to power and is seated as the president?

Inquiring minds want to know,

Good question, Ron,

If you look at Trump’s government, you will note that all the military people left it as of January.  Also, if you look at the government shutdown, you will see it did not affect the U.S. military.

So it appears Trump realized that without U.S. military support, the U.S. Corporation (as opposed to the Republic) of which he is president, will go bankrupt unless he can get funding for the Federal Reserve Board and the 13 bloodline families who own both it and the U.S. Corporation.

When he hired that criminal Elliott Abrams, he showed that in the end he does not have much power.

I am afraid to say that despite the great work he has done, Trump is destined to play a role similar to that played by Boris Yeltsin with the Soviet Union, and that is to preside over the collapse of the old, rotten system so that there can be a true rebirth of the Republic of the United States of America that was founded in 1776, and an end to the UNITED STATES CORPORATION that was founded in 1871.


Fighting to stop child abuse in Australia

Dear Mr. Benjamin Fulford,

Many thanks for all the work you do and the risks you take to bring out this information.

I have a comment regarding your last post.  You quoted a “European royal family whistleblower” regarding the satanic ritual that occurred in Australia.  Please look into the work of Fiona Barnett, Facebook page ‘Fighting2 stop child abuse in Australia’.

[Note:  This page appears to be at this link:]

I read her first-person account of this event a few years ago.  Your whistleblower seems to have simply repeated her account in all its terrible detail, virtually word for word.  I am sure that if you contacted Fiona, she would be able to give you a very full picture of the satanic network operating here.

Kind regards,
—SC of Australia


Hello, Ben:

Having read all of Peter Duesberg’s book called Invention of the AIDS Virus, based on his reputation as a Nobel Prize-winning microbiologist and participant on the first teams to investigate the cause of AIDS, I have little doubt that there is no such thing as HIV. There may be something that has been given to the Africans, but not HIV.

In his book, Duesberg deals thoroughly with the fraud of African AIDS, wherein eager young epidemiologists had been trained to reconstruct reality with engineered data-recording forms which allowed them to assign virtually all diseases previously known to be the diseases of poverty and to systematically and fraudulently allocate these same diseases to be counted statistically as “AIDS-related xyz.”  As the South African president at that time said, “If we are so devastated by AIDS, why aren’t my coffin-makers busier?”

Indeed, it appears that “African AIDS” was simply another lie. Yes, people there are dying—of the same old things, only renamed. I strongly recommend Professor Duesberg’s book;  it’s 700 pages of brilliant reasoning.


A close friend of mine died of AIDS/HIV and she got it from an injection given to her at a clinic in Africa.  Also, I was once contacted by a doctor who thought he was giving 2,000 homosexual men a vaccine to prevent Hepatitis and they all died of AIDS.  It is real, and no attempt to whitewash this will work.