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We are on the same page with this one.  However, I would add that the goal here is to incite Iran to act.  This may happen when Israel gets the upper hand or if they put US troops on the ground in Israel.  There is a strong Ukrainian connection here, please watch this video:
Now we know why Zelensky was parading around the world asking for weapons and money, more on the money part later, but he was selling US made weapons all over the planet and most likely to Hamas and Hezbollah.  Zelensky is supporting Israel which is serving many aspects.  One he is Jewish and two, he wants the evidence destroyed that he was sponsoring terror.  Best way for that to happen is to make sure Israel wins in a big way.  The Biden administration will also need to make sure Israel comes out on top.
Let’s continue?
So, the Clinton Foundation and the Pope are talking “humanitarian aid”?  How noble of them.  I would like to ask you guys where are they getting the money to help Ukraine?  US Tax payer?  Or the Vatican and the Church?  Try the collateral accounts and the gold backed bonds that Hillary told the Chinese to use prior to the 2016 Presidential election.  “Go ahead use the bonds, I will be President soon and i will support this.”  Paraphrasing.  This we know from David Crayford’s writing back then and it was at least $3 trillion there.
So, how much do you want to bet that Hillary had gold backed bonds for her use?  Therefore, is it reasonable to assume that she needs the Ukraine to help clean those funds?  I would say a most definite YES.
On top of all this the EU has the Russian assets frozen in the amount of $300 billion, which I am sure they will confiscate and use (and mask their abuse of the collateral account bonds).
How do we stop this?  Find the bank wire transfers to all the recipients in the US Congress.  Lists were floating around the net, but I bet that Zelensky and Putin know exactly.”
– Anon
Yes the trail leads to the Clintons who are really Rockefellers. They also control the WHO and the much of the UN. They are now making a desperate push to create a world dictatorship controlled by them.
The bribed congress people are low on the pyramid. The key is to get the military to arrest the Rockefellers, Rothschilds etc. The way to do that is to follow the forensic trail of the vaccine crimes. – Benjamin Fulford
“Ben, by now everyone in the military knows about the vaccine injuries and deaths.  Yet, no substantial arrests have been made and arresting a Clinton will not be an easy task.  If you go after their minions in the US Congress and the Parliaments around the world, then things can happen when they cannot pass laws to support their own agenda, which is control.  No one man can save humanity and it is ill advised that a Trump return will solve our problems, however, it is a step in the right direction.  What are your thoughts on Trump and his approval and continued support of the vaccines?” – Anon


What I am going to do is file criminal charges against Japan’s health and welfare ministry. That will force the US military into action.
Many other legal actions around the world are closing in on them.
Trump needs to either come clean about the vaccines or he too will be removed. – Benjamin Fulford

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