Letters to the Editor

“The “High level planning agency” might be able to assert
its decisions on a few countries that have not tasted
anything resembling elections that reflect the will
of the people, but the countries where such popular
will has been incorporated into the mindset of that nation,
the planning agency will have no real effect.
Exactly who would be the members of such an agency?
Another club of self-chosen elites?
Possessing 5 trillion$ is not enough to win the hearts and
minds of people who have had their revolutions against
tyranny, as in America and France and Poland, etc.
The future belongs to the people at the grass roots level:
the hard working and patriotic ones who will never turn their
lives and the lives of their children over to any elite planning
The elitist “top/down” thinking that continually runs through
your reporting will change, I predict.  It will hit the stone wall
of the people’s will to be self-governing.
This is awakening throughout the West and although it lags
in fat and sleepy America, it is stirring into a recognizable
The powerful spirit and writings of Anna von Reich should
be your guide, IMO.  The assemblies of all 50 American
states are in session and working through their growing
pains toward a return to the original Republic that was
stolen by the oligarchs and royalty of England and the
When the truth of what has been stolen from them reaches
deep into the national consciousness, all “High Level
Planning Agencies” will have to speak to the true
representatives of the people for their authority, and they
can keep their gold and trillions of $.
That said, I continue as one of your constant readers and
admirers Benjamin.  Your courage is exemplary.”
The type of planning agency we are proposing would be controlled by the people. It would exist to serve the people and anybody would be free to apply. This type of planning agency has the best track record for maintaining decades of high level economic growth even as it reduces income disparity between the rich and the poor. This type of agency let Japan have the highest standard of living in the world even as it had the lowest gap between the rich and the poor in the entire developped world. It also ensured harmony between the economic system and the environment.
Japan was forced to dismantle this system by the KM after the murder of many Prime Ministers and government employees. The result has been decades of economic stagnation and a declining birth rate.
We are going to undo this injustice and also at the same time, remove the KM stranglehold on the rest of the world. 
-Benjamin Fulford

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