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Some very thorough questions were sent by a reader do we will respond by dividing the questions and answers below.


Represents a 8 Nov 2016 meeting at Antarctica, at which “the real Trump” accepted an offer, from “them”, to have his previous “indiscretions” kept hidden, so long as he plays ball with “them”.

I’ve heard him make this representation before. Like most everything else that falls within this “domain of secret knowledge” that someone claims to have, what is Fulford willing to disclose, to lend any credibility to this assertion?


Answer: Two people who were present at that meeting told me. One is a relative of Admiral Byrd of Antarctic fame. I went to his house and he had pictures of himself shaking hands with all US presidents until Ronald Reagan.

The other source is the current head of MI6 whose name is not to be made public but who has sent me documents signed by Queen Elizabeth II to confirm his role. The public MI6 head is just a figurehead.

In addition to this, Sasha Zaric, aka Alexander Romanov, who claims with some evidence to be a grandmaster of the gnostic illuminati also told me about that meeting but he was not there.



  • Represents that after the 2020 election, Trump locked himself up at Cheyenne, and we’re only seeing a doppleganger. And Fulford knows this how?  Studying / analyzing fotos? Really ??? Many of us are way past that strategy. AI and its extensions put that opportunity to shame. Certainly Fulford has a better answer than that.



It was a source at the NSA who told me this. A Mossad source told me the same thing. I was able to confirm with my own eyes that when Trump was president he appeared different at different press conferences. At two out of three appearances he was loose jowled and had white around his eyes. At the other ones he was accompanied by Melania and looked younger and fitter.



  • The Trump people / White Hats claim to have the receipts proving the 2020 election was a fraud. I knew it was a fraud Nov 4th, when the announcement was made, and no receipts were publicly known. I just knew – observations of the previous 9 months. How does Fulford explain away these receipts – every state, 80% of the vote – that are about to be revealed? Watermarked ballots, satellite communications with foreign entities, and much more. Why the CoG that has been in place? Does Fulford believe Trump is our President, or not? And if he is, then why the need for a doppleganger? Personal, guaranteed safety being in Cheyenne, until the dust settles?



There is no doubt Trump won the 2020 election. That means he is still president and commander in chief. It is a fact Joe Biden never got to ride Air Force one or command anything but a Nazi rump of the military loyal to the traitor Mark Milley.

However, the United States would have been forced to go publicly bankrupt vis a vis the rest of the world if he had taken power. Instead, the Rockefeller family carried out a massive bribery campaign targeted at military and agency types to allow the fraudulent Joe Biden administration to take public power on the corporate media. If you look at the Biden cabinet you can see it is composed of members of the Rockefeller controlled Council on Foreign Relations.

The Rockefellers and Rothschilds financed this fake regime by using a fake pandemic to force countries around the world to buy their vaccines. The also laundered trillions of dollars via the World Bank and IMF to bribe leaders around the world to go along with this scam,



  • Fulford emphatically represents that GESARA / NESARA is nonsense. QFS is already operating; I don’t doubt, but I fail to see the nexus between QFS already functioning, and G/N being nonsense. The documents exist; without signatures, because the signed dox are obviously under key and lock. Convenient excuse? Perhaps. We’ll see.


NESARA was a good idea proposed way back in the 1980’s but never signed into law. Instead it got taken over by con artists who sold Vietnamese Dong, Iraqi Dinars, Zimbabwe dollars etc. and told everybody they would soon rise dramatically in value. They have been saying the money is about to be deposited “this week” literally for decades.



Fulford emphatically represents that there won’t be any wild-eyed, nonsensical aspirations for currency exchanges, nor bond redemptions. He doesn’t explain how he has acquired that information, nor from whom. How does he explain the current, ongoing dismantling of nation-financing-Treasury institutions across the globe, with open representations of currency revaluations?

And was a Gold Treaty reached between Chinese Elders (who are represented to have immeasurable wealth in gold), and, over 200 nations, for the purposes of revaluation of all currencies, to put all countries on a par / level playing field, said Treaty fully executed in March, 2013, reaffirmed at the G7 later that year? If true, what does that Treaty represent, according to Fulford’s knowledge?


My sources for this include Bank of Japan governors., MI6, the CIA, members of the Asian Dragon family etc. It is an obvious fact that by going to any bank or currency exchange that no significant re-evaluations have taken place.

However, you can also confirm that major currencies around the world have been linked to a basket of commodities and only minor changes in value between currencies have been allowed.



Is our country bankrupt? How can that be? And why? Can’t the Fed just keep on printing more money? Does the Fed even exist anymore? Why is their entire DC building completely boarded up, and has been for over a year? Why are all countries around the world refusing the dollar, except Canada and Mexico?



The US has been running trade and budget deficits for many decades. The rest of the world has decided to stop financing this because the money was being spent on endless wars.

During the Obama administration the US tried to devalue the dollar by 50% by replacing them with Ameros. The rest of the world refused because they paid for all the dollars they had with real stuff. So they decided instead to quarantine any new US dollars created by the Fed.

The Fed, however, was still able to launder new dollars through the stock market and also by handing them over to American citizens. The Canadians and Mexicans were also forced to keep accepting them. The rest of the world refused and that is what has been behind the financial war that has been raging.



Is BRICS for real? Are there a significant number of countries seeking acceptance into BRICS? Why? What has happened to the US dollar hegemony? Why is our financial system imploding? Who’s behind this?


If you read the news or go in person to the various BRICS meetings you can confirm this is for real. They now control over 80% of the world population and world GDP. They control the US dollars traded outside of the US so technically it is now a BRICS dollar.

The financial system is imploding because your real economy has been hollowed out so there is not enough real stuff to back all the numbers inside the computers of your financial institutions.


Reader comment:

I would really like to hear Fulford address all of these points. He might be able to clear up many wild rumors floating about. It appears that the next few months are going to be extremely significant to his reputation. That can be unnerving – a lifetime spent building up creds. But it is what it is. Would like to know.



Events will prove if what my sources are telling me is true. I will continue reporting what is happening in the real world but that does not mean I support everything that is going on.

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