Obama letter

Interesting information from a reader who claims to know Barack Obama Sr.


The writer, who credibly claims she knew Barack Obama Sr. pointed out that the passport photo we published of showing Barack Obama was born in Kenya belonged to senior, not the former president.

Here is her letter edited for brevity


Barack Sr. was the first African to visit and study in Hawaii.  I was 16 when we met and he was 23.  We met at a dance at the University of Hawaii so the passport you showed in your subscriber part was Senior’s passport.  Unlike the awful things that have been said about him, he was a class act, very dignified, modest, enormously intelligent, good at everything he did, and there was never a trace of arrogance.  All he ever wanted was to return to Kenya to help his people.  He was not interested in either religion or politics, just economics.


My mother adored him and asked him to call her “mom”.  She was as Swedish as they come so imagine heads turning when out in public when this very dark man called her “mom”.  Hawaii was small and provincial in those days and gossip was very hard to suppress.


I went to Japan in 1962 and returned to Hawaii in the summer of 1963.  Barack and I picked up where we left off:  dancing, playing tennis, studying together, going to the beach, coming back to my place for dinner with my doting mother who always referred to him as world class, perfect gentleman and so easy to be around.  He went to Harvard and I went to Yale, so I went to Cambridge to see him once in a while.  Whether we were dating or brother and sister is sort of hard to say.  He treated me like I was his angel.


Years passed, I was horrified when I heard about his death, clearly an assassination for testifying against a corrupt official.


Then, my best friend, Gail Barber, a concert harpist, told me to turn on my TV and listen to the next president of the United States.  I asked, “What’s his name?”  You can imagine how shocked I was.  Immediately, I looked up everything I could about him, before the rubbish was deleted from the web.  The first link was to his church in Chicago and there was awful hate speech about white people, the United States, and so on.  One picture showed Obama with the pastor and Gaddafi in Libya, so “I never knew anything about my pastor’s politics” does not hold water.  Next, I looked up his birth date, and it was when Mrs. McCabe was gossiping.  I thought to myself, “This can’t be.”  Cutting as much slack as possible, I thought maybe there was a one night stand, but even that would have generated a lot of gossip.  The original info was that Stanley Ann Dunham was a student at the U.H. and was specializing in Indonesian studies.  We had to take one South or Southeast Asian language and one Far East Asian language.  There were five people in my first year class, three in the second year, and only me in the third year.  Was it even remotely possible that Stanley Ann was in any of those classes and we were dating the same man?  I think this is absolutely beyond imagination given that there were only 33 students in the Asian Studies program in the early days.  I was in the first graduating class.


Later, all this was denied.  Stanley Ann was at the University of Washington where Malcolm X was a major influence among some free thinkers in those days.  Having this story and feeling that Barack was being maligned, I have had a lot of correspondence with people who thought they knew enough to hate Barack:  deadbeat dad, etc.  All ghost written rubbish to appeal to the political base.  I argued ferociously with some people, and one person asked if Barack could be bribed or blackmailed or bought.  I said, “Like many from third world countries, what he wanted most was an education so a scholarship to Harvard might have been very tempting.”  For sure, Barack never mentioned this to me, but, of course, he was very happy to be going to Harvard.  


One theory, and there is not much to go on, is that Stanley Ann’s mother was actually Obama’s mother, but she had a husband.  This is far-fetched, but a psychic in India, uncle of a friend of mine, said “Obama will only become president if his grandmother dies before the election.”  Remember, he went to Hawaii and his grandmother died almost immediately.  It raises questions.  Stanley Ann would have been the same age as me, born in 1942.  According to some reports, Obama was born in a home for unwed mothers in Canada and there is no reference at all to his name having been Barack Hussein Obama.  He was registered as a foreign student using the name Barry Soetaro at Occidental College.  There are many fake passports, but the one you had surely belonged to senior.


There are a couple of pictures of Barack and Stanley Ann, but they could be photoshopped.  A simple hypothesis might be that the Dunhams arranged for Barack to get into Harvard, and he paid a visit to them years later when visiting Hawaii on official business.  Years ago, I am not sure what is still online, there were many interviews with East-West Center students, all of whom described Barack as friendly, intelligent, and fun to be around.  He really was a sweet man, not a deadbeat in any shape or form.  He studied extremely hard, took very heavy course loads, and found time for friendship and sports.  He was a truly fabulous dancer!


So, the three candidates for who the father might be would be Senior, Malcolm X, or Frank Marshall Davis.  By looks, body language, etc., I would go for Malcolm X.  Senior was very dark and X was more like Obama.  In Hawaii, we call this hapa-haole.  I think that Obama would be many shades darker is Senior were his father.


Your theory is that Obama is seeking asylum and Kenya is one option.  Indonesia was another, maybe even Pakistan was worth a try, but I know several people who work in Kenya and helped one Kenyan get into Harvard Law School.  They are very proud that a Kenyan became president of the United States, but they are not sure about the back story.  As you well know, anyone can say anything online, but the Hawaiian birth certificate is fake.  One investigator spent a fortune digging and found that the addresses used on Obama’s records were never occupied by him or by Senior. The address used for the Honolulu birth certificate was on Kalanianaole Hwy, but the occupants were confirmed as having nothing to do with Dunham or Obama. All the rental records were checked going back to 1959 and none of the addresses were valid for Senior, Stanley Ann, or Junior.  Many addresses were ridiculous like 1234 Main Street.


I don’t know what all will come to light.  You have your sources, but sometimes they are feeding you what they want to circulate rather than straight fact.


This is long, but if I made it shorter, you might not have the picture in focus.  


Best wishes!

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