About that April fool’s article.

First and foremost, I sincerely apologize to those that took the post made on April 1st, 2023 literally and were offended. The post was made entirely as a joke for the American holiday April Fools (April 1st). I have never been blackmailed nor partaken in such things. It has caused confusion and disgust among many readers.

What I was trying to say is that you can take something as innocent as petting a kitten and make it look depraved by twisting words.
The reason I wrote it was I was given a cat to take care of. It was the emotional support animal of a friend who was having issues and could no longer take care of it.
I have had cats before but this one really insisted on my petting it all the time because it was going through the emotional distress of having been dumped by an owner who had apparently conditioned it to being constantly petted.
It did seem a bit strange to me that I was petting a castrated three year old male animal but I felt sorry for it. It is very common to castrate baby male cats. That locks them into a state of perpetual childhood and makes them easy to groom as cuddling animals.
When I had a male kitten I let it grow a pair and it went around impregnating the local female cats. His descendants still roam the neighborhood.
What the Satanists are trying to do with their trans agenda is what old ladies have been doing to male cats. They are trying to castrate or sterilize pre-pubescent children and groom them into being sexual playthings for old perverts. This is EVIL and I am totally disgusted by the people that partake in things of this nature.
I hope this clears things up and again I sincerely apologize to those that were offended and took the post literally as that was never my intention.


Thank you to all of you for supporting me and allowing me to continue the fight for the good of humanity.

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